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Drop Hitch on Tow Vehicle

The Best Trailer Drop Hitches Money Can Buy

Drop hitches. They're also known as ball mounts, and perhaps better known as the hunk of metal you sometimes bang your shin on behind your vehicle.Whether you're a first-time drop hitch purchaser or a veteran looking to replace your old rusty model, you may be surprised to know your options are many and varied these days. Various ball mount technology exists for different levels of towing, from the classic powder-coated mount for the occasional hauler, to the mount with the built-in tongue weight scale for those who frequently change trailer loads, to the heavy-duty stacked receivers built for the work site.With more technology and convenience available than ever before, this is a great time to choose the best drop hitch for your towing setup. Here at etrailer, we've tested, installed, and reviewed hundreds of drop hitches. To make the choice easier for you, we've narrowed down our top choices for the year in three categories: best value drop hitches, best premium drop hitches, and best heavy duty drop hitches.Is your next drop hitch waiting to be discovered below? Read on to find out.

What's the Best Drop Hitch You Can Buy?

Curt Drop Hitch
Curt Class III Drop Hitch

Curt Class III Drop Hitch Kit

WHAT WE LIKE: MADE IN USAThis Is For You If:Our Curt starter kits include everything you need to get going and towing. These kits are for you if plan to tow a single trailer, you want the component-picking process to be as simple as possible, and you want to get your trailer from Point A to Point B without spending a small fortune on parts. The powder-coated drop hitch, pre-torqued hitch ball, and pin and clip are all included (all you need is the hitch receiver and trailer).If you're someone who finds peace of mind in purchasing from well-established brands, you'll appreciate Curt's place as one of the leading brands in the industry and one of the most trusted among the trailer-towing crowd. Even better, Curt products are made in the USA, so if you're in the US and prefer homegrown products, this Curt kit is perfect for you.This Is NOT For You If:As one of our value kits, the Curt drop hitch starter kit has everything you need, but if you're planning on towing frequently or towing multiple trailers, you'll be better served with one of our premium or heavy duty product picks. If you're looking for additional comfort or convenience, keep reading below for a more suitable drop hitch.
Draw-Tite Class III Drop Hitch

Draw-Tite Class III Drop Hitch

WHAT WE LIKE: Affordable Price TagThis Is For You If:If you're purchasing a drop hitch for one-time or infrequent use, this is a great option, especially if you already have a hitch ball and pin/clip. In fact, Draw-Tite ball mounts are some of our bestsellers. Why? Because we all like getting a quality product without paying extra for features we don't need.Draw-Tite's black powder coat finish covers an a-coat base for excellent rust protection. Plus, a limited lifetime warranty protects your purchase from the moment it's yours. The angle-cut end makes for easy installation. And really, what more can you ask for than a rust-resistant, warrantied, easy-to-install product?This Is NOT For You If:Again, if you're looking for fancy features like built-in scales and locking mechanisms, you'll want to skip down to the premium section.Also note that this drop hitch does not come with a hitch ball or pin/clip combo. (Again, if this is what you're looking for, keep reading for the Curt mount below.)
Premium Drop Hitch
B&W Tow & Stow 3-Ball Drop Hitch

B&W Tow & Stow 3-Ball Drop Hitch

WHAT WE LIKE: STOW-AWAY DESIGNThis Is For You If:If you're going to be frequently switching between trailers with different rises/drops and different hitch ball sizes, you owe it to yourself to get an adjustable drop hitch like the B&W Tow & Stow. Most Tow & Stows are $250 - $375, which is a bargain when you consider you're basically getting every drop hitch you're going to need all at once. Just choose your hitch ball size (3 are included), slide the drop hitch up or down the shank to achieve the right rise or drop, then secure it in place. This makes it easy to switch things up—tow your jon boat to the lake for some sweet solitude, then take the family out in the camper. Whatever the job, the Tow & Stow has you covered.Why go with the Tow & Stow over the other adjustable drop hitches on this list? If you prefer a less, shall we say, obtrusive design, the Tow & Stow allows you to store the drop hitch beneath your receiver when you're done towing. This is also great if you're someone who finds themselves tripping over things often, because chances are you will bang your shin on this bad boy if you don't stow it...and drop hitches leave a heck of a bruise (ahem, so we've heard).If you're in the USA, you'll also appreciate that the Tow & Stow is made domestically.This Is NOT For You If:If you only plan on towing a single trailer, or you plan on switching very infrequently, you probably don't have a need for the Tow & Stow and may be better served with one of the value drop hitches above.If you drive at particularly steep angles, you may have ground clearance issues when this drop hitch is in the stored position (though this isn't common).
Fastway 2-Ball Hitch

Fastway 2-Ball Drop Hitch

WHAT WE LIKE: INTEGRATED LOCKS This Is For You If:If you tow multiple trailers and value a good security system, the Fastway Adjustable Drop Hitch is an ideal fit.Like the Tow & Stow above, the Fastway is a heavy-duty adjustable drop hitch built to handle any towing situation. The two stainless steel balls are perfect for switching between your 2" boat trailer coupler and your 2-5-/16" camper coupler.Where the Fastway differs is with its integrated locking system. If you're the kind of person who misplaces their keys on a regular basis, the Fastway hitch's built-in locks are made for you, since they're completely self-contained inside the ball mount and can't be lost. The system automatically locks the ball mount to your receiver tube and the ball platform to the ball mount—so would-be thieves are defeated in the face of your gear. You may also appreciate this drop hitch even more for its lightweight aluminumm construction (construction, we might add, that takes place in the USA).This Is NOT For You If:Again, if you only plan on towing a single trailer, or switching trailers infrequently, this drop hitch may be more than you need. If it's the security you're after, you can always purchase a hitch lock separately (and just keep really good track of it).You may also want to consider a different drop hitch if you prefer lifetime-backed products. Unlike B&W, Fastway offers only a 1-year limited warranty.
Heavy-Duty Drop Hitches
BulletProof Hitches Adjustable Drop Hitch

BulletProof Hitches Adjustable 2-Ball Drop Hitch

WHAT WE LIKE: SO STRONG, IT COULD HAUL A T-REXThis Is For You If:Our friend William said it best in his review of the BulletProof drop hitch: "Two words describes this thing; Bad A**." So we suppose this is for you if you want a bad-a** drop hitch on the back of your vehicle.In all seriousness, the BulletProof Drop Hitch is designed for hard, heavy-duty work. In particular, these drop hitches are ideal for commercial work in agriculture or industrial fields, with a capacity up to 36,000 lbs. They're perfect for hauling equipment to the construction site or hauling lumber at a logging expedition. (For fun, we Googled the average weight of a T-Rex, and it turns out the BulletProof hitch could haul one, no problem. You know, if Jurassic Park ever becomes a reality.)On the other hand, that doesn't mean they can't also be used to haul a camper. If you have a hefty trailer, you can choose from dozens of "lighter duty" (we use the term loosely) BulletProof drop hitches rated as low as 10,000 lbs. Basically, BulletProof is all the drop hitch you will ever need if you want to tow something huge (and want your truck to look good while doing it).What makes it so rough and tough? It all starts with the thick channel plates and welded gusset, which lend strength and sturdiness to the mount. BulletProof Hitches provide the highest weight capacity on the market and are held to such a high standard of testing that the manufacturer has never experienced a failure with a BulletProof drop hitch. In fact, these drop hitches are used by the US military, so they're certainly up for any trailer or agricultural application you have in mind.BulletProof drop hitches are made in the USA and include a lifetime warranty.This Is NOT For You If:If you don't need the crazy weight capacities provided by the BulletProof Hitch, your money may be better spent on a more modest drop hitch at a lower cost. (But come on, who wouldn't love bragging that their drop hitch could haul a T-Rex?)
Gen-Y Torsion Drop Hitch with Stacked Receivers

Gen-Y Torsion 2-Ball Drop Hitch w/ Stacked Receivers

WHAT WE LIKE: STACKED RECEIVERSThis Is For You If:If your life is going to involve frequent towing and hauling, it will be made a hundred times easier with a Gen-Y hitch. If you appreciate the best, you'll love the built-in shock absorption and torsion technology that limits chucking and jarring for a smooth ride.Like BulletProof Drop Hitches, these Gen-Y products are ideal for — well, anything, really. If you're going to be towing your 40' rig down the highway and want to take your bikes along, the Gen-Y is up for that. If you're going to be towing your camper with your pickup one weekend and your SUV the next, the Gen-Y makes this a breeze. If you're going to be hauling equipment around a farm or a construction site, the Gen-Y won't break a sweat.What makes these drop hitches so versatile? Gen-Y's unique stacked receiver design makes it easy to switch between trailers or tow vehicles and achieve the right rise or drop. This design also allows you to both tow a trailer and carry a bike rack or other accessory (yes, at the same time!). Forget the clunky dual hitch extenders that reduce your hitch capacity by 50%. The Gen-Y drop hitch allows you to use one receiver for your accessory and another to pull your trailer without reducing your weight capacity (a weight capacity up to 32,000 lbs).Gen-Y hitches also come equipped with an integrated tongue weight scale (which is a HUGE bonus!) and are made in the USA. Basically, this is the last drop hitch you'll ever need.This Is NOT For You If:The Gen-Y hitch is not what you'd call budget friendly. This is the drop hitch you purchase when the alternative is buying several separate drop hitches for different purposes. For the price, you also only receive a 10-year warranty, whereas other brands (like BulletProof) offer a lifetime warranty on products that cost much less. So if you aren't ready to spend the cash upfront or prefer lifetime-backed products, you may want to consider another drop hitch.
3 Questions to Ask Yourself When Choosing a Drop HitchStill not sure which drop hitch model you need? Here's a quick and dirty guide to choosing the best drop hitch. Before purchasing, ask yourself these 3 crucial questions:
  • Is the drop hitch size compatible with your hitch receiver?
  • Does the drop hitch have the required weight capacity?
  • Does the drop hitch have the required rise/drop?
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@John I recall that we offered a ball mount of that type, but it was discontinued several years ago. I wish we had better news for you! Some folks find that using a rear view camera system like # HM50002 is helpful.



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