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Grease Cap Plug for E-Z Lube Grease Caps - Qty 2

Item # RG04-010

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Product Images

truryde accessories and parts  grease cap plug for e-z lube caps - qty 2
truryde accessories and parts trailer bearings races seals caps grease cap plug for e-z lube - qty 2

In Use/Installed

accessories and parts truryde plug rg04-010
accessories and parts truryde plug in use
accessories and parts truryde trailer bearings races seals caps in use

Customer Photos

truryde accessories and parts trailer bearings races seals caps rg04-010
truryde accessories and parts trailer bearings races seals caps rg04-010
truryde accessories and parts trailer bearings races seals caps rg04-010
truryde accessories and parts trailer bearings races seals caps grease cap plug for e-z lube - qty 2
truryde accessories and parts trailer bearings races seals caps rg04-010
truryde accessories and parts trailer bearings races seals caps rg04-010
truryde accessories and parts trailer bearings races seals caps rg04-010
truryde accessories and parts trailer bearings races seals caps rg04-010
truryde accessories and parts trailer bearings races seals caps rg04-010
truryde accessories and parts trailer bearings races seals caps rg04-010
truryde accessories and parts trailer bearings races seals caps grease cap plug for e-z lube - qty 2


  • Trailer Bearings Races Seals Caps
  • Plug
  • TruRyde
Call 800-298-8924 to order TruRyde accessories and parts part number RG04-010 or order online at Free expert support on all TruRyde products. Guaranteed Lowest Price and Fastest Shipping for Grease Cap Plug for E-Z Lube Grease Caps - Qty 2. Accessories and Parts reviews from real customers.

TruRyde Accessories and Parts - RG04-010

Replacement Trailer Grease Cap Plugs for E-Z Lube Grease Caps
  • Rubber lube plugs for 1.18" dust cap hole
  • Quantity: 2

RG04-010 TruRyde Rubber Lube Plugs for 1.18" Lubed Dust Cap Hole

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Video of Grease Cap Plug for E-Z Lube Grease Caps - Qty 2

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for TruRyde E-Z Lube Grease Cap Plug Review

Speaker 1: Today, we're going to be taking a look at the TruRyde rubber lube plug that fits the 1.18-inch lubed dust cap. It's sold as a quantity of one. Part number is DC-RP. For the quantity of two, part number is RG04-010. These dust plugs are very inexpensive, but very critical component to any trailer hub system with the E-Z Lube axles. These, you can see we've got one missing here.

Our design to cap this off preventing water, dirt, and debris from getting inside the hub where it can cause major problems. In your hub you've got bearings that are going to ride on races. You can see the grease in there that keeps those working properly. Once dirt and debris gets in there, it starts wearing on those. The life of our bearings is going to be greatly reduced.

At the extreme side of that, it could cost us an entire axle. It's a very and simple thing to install.You can see the lip all the way around the outside here. That's going to go right inside the metal ring. Place them in. Push it in all the way around and that's going to be sealed up at that point.

We'll not have any issues with moisture or debris getting in there, causing us headaches. Now here's another great example of a dust cap that needs replaced. You can see it's kind of deteriorating here. We can start to see cracks in it. It doesn't fit properly all the way around.

That allows an area for the moisture to go right in. To remove it, it's quite simple. You just pop it out. Grab our new one and we'll put it in place. That'll complete our look at the TruRyde grease cap plug for the E-Z Lube grease caps.

Customer Reviews

Grease Cap Plug for E-Z Lube Grease Caps - Qty 2 - RG04-010

Average Customer Rating:  4.9 out of 5 stars   (437 Customer Reviews)

- RG04-010

by: Jim C06/30/2014

I tried this product for an aviation application. I own a DHC-2 Beaver aircraft that has a tail wheel axle that is 1.125 inch ID. I wanted an end cap that was removable because the axle tube is used to steer the aircraft with a hand held bar during some ground movement. So far the rubber cap seems to work. It has remained on during several flights. It is easy to remove and insert. The only problem may occur if the cap mounting area of the axle become oily or greasy which may allow the cap to slip off. It seems to need a friction fit to stay on. 138273


Same as described above.

Jim C - 06/30/2015


- RG04-010

by: Cliff Hubbard08/26/2014

As a racer our trailer is one of our most valuable assets. Etrailer delivered my parts dead-on. Suzanne was a pleasure to talk to and extremely knowledgeable. Will be spreading the word on what a great company. Thanks again Cliff Hubbard 4X33 T/D 148737


The grease caps worked perfectly thanks so much for your help. I would always contact you for any of my trailer needs and have recommended your company to all my friends and racing community. Talk to you soon

Cliff H - 08/31/2015


- RG04-010

by: Bruce A.04/18/2014

The service has been great, the communication is excellent, and the shipping is fast. Who could ask for more? We have found everything we need to replace or upgrade parts for our trailer, and the product information and video demonstrations are very helpful. 125945


Everything is going great! It is good to know that we can get what we need in a timely fashion and it will be reliable.

Bruce A - 04/20/2015


- RG04-010

by: Tom D.06/17/2015

I couldn't find the hub seals at the neighborhood parts store, they wanted me to do a complete replacement which would have cost much more than what it cost at I am very satisfied with the product, the cost and the quick shipping. 204151


The fit was perfect so I have no complaints. No grease leaks even in the hot weather. They are on my Pace American enclosed trailer.

Tom D - 06/16/2016


- RG04-010

by: vanmanhh10/13/2015

Great savings over manufacturer's replacement parts,plus excellent service! Quick ship-excellent OES. Great follow-up, requesting feedback. Thanks guys!!! 229868


Excellent! The campers been on the road most of the summer over 5,200 miles-no problem, no splits, no leaks unlike the previous set purchased from a local RV dealer. Thnkas again.

Harry - 10/12/2016


- RG04-010

by: Jim B.04/23/2015

Needed grease cap plugs for my trailers and knew where to go. Etrailer had the part I needed at a good price and shipped fast! I've never been disappointed and will continue to purchase from them in the future! 187755


just popped them out, greased bearings and popped back in. Still working as intended!

Jim B - 04/25/2016


- RG04-010

by: Larry05/07/2015

everything with the transaction went very smoothly....I was looking for a product that is very difficult to find....e trailer had and had excellent shipping and in a very timely matter....Great business to work with and will definitely us them again.....AAAA+ company 191184



Larry - 05/06/2016


- RG04-010

by: Brian A.07/26/2015

Once I figured out that these fit my ez lube as described, they fit my hub as described. Thank you. 214506


After one year, everything still works fine.

Brian A - 07/25/2016


- RG04-010

by: Dean S.05/18/2015

Fast delivery, fit perfect, just as des cribed. 194189


Product is still working great. Better than the oem.

Dean S - 05/26/2016


- RG04-010

by: Mike T04/15/2014

It was a perfect fit. It is thicker than the original so it should last longer. 125322



Mike T - 04/16/2015


- RG04-010

by: Paul N06/27/2015

A perfect fit with a great price! Also great shipping!! 207665


GREAT no problems

Paul N - 06/26/2016


- RG04-010

by: Anthony05/06/2014

These are the caps that get removed to pump grease into an Ultra-lube hub. Perfect fit on my trailer with AL-KO 8490 axles and 10x2.25 brakes. Very nice price for a product that can be hard to find locally. I can't prove it, but my research suggests these cross reference to: + 85-10 + AL KO #568067 + Hayes #09213611 + TruRyde RG01-010 + Dexter 085-001-00 129297

- RG04-010

by: Frank12/25/2014

Great item , saved my grease caps from being replaced . 166921


still perfect !

Frank - 12/25/2015


- RG04-010

by: Ken T.01/29/2015

Good price. Thumbs up! 171754


Still doing the job.

Ken T - 02/06/2016


- RG04-010

by: Len09/01/2015

No problems. Received quickly. 223323


very good

Len - 08/31/2016


- RG04-010

by: Richard I01/07/2014

Service was great and timely. Wasn't sure if I ordered the right size but it fit perfectly. Will use etrailer again if needed. Thanks 112028

- RG04-010

by: Patrick M10/24/2012

The original OEM rubber caps on my trailer lasted less than 6 months and were cracked allowing water to seep in my trailer wheel hubs. These new grommets fit perfectly and are heavier rubber and seem like they are heavy duty. I recommend these to anyone. I also want to say upgraded my delivery at no extra charge and I received my order in three business days. My order included a very heavy tire and wheel. I call that a notch above great service. I will be shopping here from now on for all the products I need. 58022

- RG04-010

by: paul s.05/18/2015

worked like a champ 193954



paul s - 05/26/2016


- RG04-010

by: Hernando L.05/05/2015

Installed the grease caps on my trailer today for a perfect fit !!. Great live customer assistance not to mention your excellent website which not only shows the customer a set of photos with zoom to help the customer with a visual match of what he needs. Great detailed product description to make sure you are getting the right part the first time. The prices are great and shipping and delivery in much less time than expected. I look forward to shop at etrailer in the future. Thanks etrailer staff. 190625

- RG04-010

by: Dave W.06/29/2016

Just before making an order for a wheel and tire I noticed that two axle grease cap covers had cracks in them. I searched the ALKO/Hayes part numbers and etrailer was the only site ( other than the mfg ) to list/cross ref the covers AND they were in stock for a low price. I made the order on Tuesday and they arrived Friday which is real good for free shipping from Missouri to N.E. Pa ! Parts arrived securely packaged and in perfect shape. I am very satisfied with this order. 266201


Product still fits well and is pliant. Very satisfied with this product and etrailer.

Dave W - 07/06/2017


- RG04-010

by: Ben M07/08/2013

These caps did not fit as tight as the original Dexter's that I removed, so I was disappointed at first. I could press these in with my fingers, whereas the Dexter's I had to beat in with a piece of wood and rubber mallet. I've only put on a couple hundred miles on the trailer so far (6000lb tow behind RV), but it seems to be holding up and I don't see any concerning grease leakage. Based on this, I will replace the other three and see how they hold up as a set. 88282

- RG04-010

by: Aaron07/22/2013

I had purchased this same item previously and they fit great. Unfortunately, I had one crack after about a year of use. Given the inexpensive price, I decided to replace all 4 needed for my trailer. I bought 8 pairs (16 total) so that I would have plenty of spares for the future. I plan to change them out yearly just to be on the safe side. My shipment was delivered within a week. Good product, good price, good delivery ... what more could you ask for. 90954

- RG04-010

by: Steve z03/04/2017

Great replacement part for my greaseable hubs.Perfect fit. 348540

- RG04-010

by: JDM06/19/2017

After 5 years of storage, my original caps were in poor condition, but that was mostly due to the cotter pins behind being too long and cutting the caps from the back. Having no other option, I had to buy a set of the chrome dust caps just to get the rubber caps. So I was delighted to learn I could just order the rubber caps from etrailer! I have yet to install them, but in comparing them to my original caps, I don't see where I will have a problem. 395891

- RG04-010

by: Condoc09/22/2015

Product fit the hubs easily. It is a good idea to order a few of them. I took the trailer to the shop and after they had packed the axles, I noticed that one plug had popped off and the other had a lot of air pressure behind it by the time I got home. Bleed some pressure, from the plugs, if you are using your trailer brakes a lot and the drums get hot or you may be losing a bunch of them. 227075

- RG04-010

by: LJ08/23/2017

The elements take their toll on these more than it probably ought to, but the cost of em is so inexpensive that it's not a big deal to change em. I change them every time I repack the bearings or at least once/year. Even though they are small and inexpensive, they play a very important role in keeping dust & moisture out of my trailer bearings. It's really cheap insurance to keep em fresh. 424040

- RG04-010

by: Lou07/21/2015

I ordered the EZ-Lube grease caps by telephone because I wasn't sure the caps would fit my Bear trailer. I received excellent service by the phone rep who informed me that the caps would fit all such bearings. The cap was installed with minimum persuasion, and I am very satisfied with the product. I launch my boat in both fresh and salt water, and a good fitting grease cap is important. 213325

- RG04-010

by: Dan - MN05/16/2011

Worked great, could not find them locally and found them here. Always afraid to order from a site I did not know but received order confirmation very quickly along with a name and number to call with questions! Very nice, wish some of my more complicated purchases offered service like that. Anyway, they arrived very quickly and they worked. Not much you can say about a rubber plug. 14406

- RG04-010

by: Bill Benson08/16/2013

I needed new bearing covers for fishing trip to Canada. On a WEB search yours was the only covers to show up. With your quick delivery the trip was on time and trouble free. 95442

- RG04-010

by: Chris C06/20/2016

Great web site - easy to navigate - fast delivery - no hassle If you need trailer parts this is the site to use. The only thing I know that can make it easier is if you had some kind of log of products you bought last time so you didn't have to search for the item. Other that that this is a good site. I bought trailer grease caps before and needed them again. 262842

- RG04-010

by: Dennis I.09/11/2017

Product was exactly what I ordered, the only problem was I ordered I think on a Mon. and did not receive it until the following Fri. 9 days later was supposed to come UPS they past it on to the post office, as slow as the post office is it would have been better to send it by the post office in the first place, Kansas City, Mo. to Minneapolis, Mn. 431370

- RG04-010

by: Chris03/19/2017

Product was what I needed. Only needed one, but ordered extra just in case. I am glad I did, disappointed with shipping, wouldn't order again if I needed in reasonable time, would have been better if they would have just shipped first class post office would have got sooner, would have been cheaper for company too. Did Ups surepost took like week. 355767

- RG04-010

by: Frank12/02/2014

I really like these grease caps compared to the original caps that came on my boat trailer. The original caps fit loosely and were allowing some water intrusion to the bearings. These caps fit tight like caps should and they were the perfect size. I will order these every time a cap needs to be replaced and to keep a couple of spares on hand. 162992

- RG04-010

by: Rebuild Item08/26/2014

Was rebuilding my utility trailer and these plugs were rotten and needed replacing. Found these replacement parts on your site, and the description was perfect and the price was right. Will come back when I need trailer parts in the future and will let all my freinds know about your site. My work was made easy using Thanks 148626

- RG04-010

by: John S.02/18/2017

I bought 4 four grease caps for my utility and boat trailers. They are a perfect fit and very easy to install. Having gotten several items from etrailer made this the right place to buy. All I could buy locally was a kit but I only needed the caps. The price was excellent and the items arrived promptly. I highly recommend etrailer. 343272

- RG04-010

by: KungFuDonkey10/05/2013

Great product and great price. Seems to be of better quality than the original (thicker material) but nonetheless it fits perfectly. Super easy to install and seats itself in the dust cap very securely; no worries about them popping off while traveling. Best of all no more grease being thrown all over the wheels and tires. 102691

- RG04-010

by: Fred10/02/2017

Iwould reccommend etrailer for evryone's parts, as they know hwat part you require and are prompt in shipping. All parts we have purchased have been what was advertised, the size ordered and correct fit. If you need parts for an RV, this is the place to get them at reduced prices. Thanks etrailer!! Keep up the good work. 438672

- RG04-010

by: Tom D.10/04/2016

The Grease Cap Plugs were a perfect fit, the only problem is they only last about a year but that's ok, as they are inexpensive enough that I buy a couple sets at a time to replace them. I can't find them in any local parts store and I use them on my boat trailer, atv trailer and covered cargo trailer. 303150

- RG04-010

by: Rick M.11/18/2013

I was having difficulty locating these simple items locally, but they were promptly delivered after ordering. Also - I have ordered multiple Hitch Kits and Wiring Harnessed over the years and have yet to come away other than fully satisfied. Whenever I'm looking for something, I look here first. 107660

- RG04-010

by: Paul Parker05/16/2017

Looked around for a grease plug that would fit my fifth wheel bearing buddies at three different local stores, no one could help me. Found etrailer's on line contacted them and they were able to help me out, good friendly and helpful service, I would recommend this company to anyone of my friends. 381140

- RG04-010

by: Kirk A.08/22/2011

Have original EZ lube caps. The rubber on the caps have rotted and now grease is getting all over my tires. Ordered these and they went right in place of the originals. These seem to be a little thicker than my originals (good thing) but they dont have "EZ Lube" engraved on them (bad thing). 22532

- RG04-010

by: Ritchie Caldwell08/13/2013

etrailer is the best place yet I have found they have everything I need I just recently bought a 33ft travel trailer and am getting it setup for reliable towing the service/customer support/helpful product videos and amazing fast shipping has made me an customer from now on 94766

- RG04-010

by: Nice Solution10/14/2017

Bought these to replace the originals purchased years ago. My trailer sits outside so the get weathered. Popped these new ones in and though I thought they could have dirt a bit more snugly, they were easy to insert and time will tell if the looser fit will allow grease leaks or not. 442715

- RG04-010

by: Ken02/22/2016

I purchased these grease caps for 7000 lb axles on my horse trailer. They were a perfect fit and good quality. This is not my first purchase from Etrailer and it will not be my last. They have the products that I need at a resaonable price. And there shipping, can't be beat. 238454


The grease caps are still working great after a year of use.

Ken - 02/21/2017


- RG04-010

by: Bryce02/25/2013

Item was exactly as described. My hub caps on my boat trailer were leaking due to the orginal cap plug not sealing from age. New caps seem to fit much tighter and more secure (I haven't pulled it yet to see if it still leaks). Recieved the item fast after the order was placed. 67729

- RG04-010

by: Andrew B.07/28/2016

These were a little smaller than what came on my trailer with 5200lb axles from the factory, but they fit better than what came on it originally too. I've ordered a lot for this site. Quick shipping, great communication, and good prices. Will continue to be a return customer. 277224

- RG04-010

by: Racer Bruce07/08/2012

I have used these same caps before (purchased from They do dry out eventually and tend to crack so I ordered some more when I ordered another part just so I had some on hand when the caps on the trailer eventually need replacing. As usual, very fast shipping. 47124

- RG04-010

by: Russ P.09/14/2017

I recently had a grease cap plug fail on my boat trailer and needed to replace it a quickly as possible. etrailer had the item in stock and sent it right out as soon as I ordered it. This is the second time I have used etrailer and am very happy with their prompt service. 432398

- RG04-010

by: David Scott09/17/2013

Easy to order, arrived on time, easy to use/install, worked great. 100296

- RG04-010

by: John B05/31/2011

Product was not available in my small town, but they had it at a reasonable price with quick delivery. This is the second time within the past two years that I have used them for hard to find parts, low price, many products, quick delivery what more could you ask. 15779

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