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Replacement Spindle Washer - Tang Type for E-Z Lube

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TruRyde Accessories and Parts - 5-101

  • Width: 1/32"
  • Inner diameter: 1"

Customer Reviews

Replacement Spindle Washer - Tang Type for E-Z Lube - 5-101

Average Customer Rating:  4.9 out of 5 stars   (56 Customer Reviews)

- 5-101

by: WT H.02/06/2014

Perfect fit. My trailer was borrowed and came back with a replaced hub - while servicing the hubs I noticed that the replaced hub did not have one of these installed. Scary. Ordered one from Etrailer and had it a few days later, shipping was cheaper than running all over town trying to run this part down. 115902


Thanks for taking the time to follow up with me. Ive only put a few hundred miles of use on the trailer but everything is working great. Ive actually recommended etrailer to my father, a friend of mine and anyone at work who would listen made easier by the fact that I had everything I ordered shipped to my job instead of home. Barring an emergency situation that requires an immediate solution you have my business in the future.

WT H - 02/20/2015


- 5-101

by: Bob N.03/28/2011

Please see the attached picture of the broken parts I found when inspecting the wheel bearing on my boat trailer. I was unaware of the tang wheel bearing washer assembly until I visited your website and watched the installation video. I had never seen any other method than the cotter pin assembly to retain the bearing on the axle. I was glad to see the the actual way the washer was manufactured. It didn't seem right that the small tab alone cold retain the bearing. Thank you for the video and the prompt delivery of the needed parts. 10524

- 5-101

by: Brian C.10/20/2014

Absolutely phenomenal customer service! Made my order, but realized I needed 2 seals.. sent them an email to change my order, and recieved a phone call and they fixed it for me. FAST SHIPPING! and GREAT packing. I ordered 2 bearing/seal sets, 2 seals, 2 spindle washers, and 2 axle nuts and package came with a box with paper padding, then 3 separate padded envelopes with my orders... Couldn't find a place with better prices... I will be an customer for life. 156988

- 5-101

by: SKIP S.04/26/2014

Service is great! I just ordered wheel bearings, races and the above item. It wasn't until I received the items that I noticed M.I.C. My fault, just did not see it when placing the order. I wish it were made more clear and MADE IN USA items were offered! The help on the phone was also great, thanks for all the help and good attitude. GO WITH USA. 127485

- 5-101

by: Wayne02/04/2013

I received the package exactly on schedule and was exactly what I wanted. I wasn't sure about shipping "sure post" (ships UPS to the nearest postoffice, then postal service delivers) but it worked out ok. It adds a couple of days compared to shipping entirely with UPS but if you are not in a hurry it's less expensive. . 64960

- 5-101

by: Robert Q07/08/2011

Not a highly sophisticated product I needed - spindle washers - but in this hick town of Duluth, MN they were impossible to locate. Etrailer's service was exceptional and the next time I need a more substantial item, this is the place I will go. Thank you. 18895

- 5-101

by: Bill B. in Michigan09/13/2011

EXCELLENT...... START TO FINISH. Fantastic service, great prices, quality products. So much better than trying to clean up the old bent ones. I'll need to order more to have on hand. Thanks again, Bill Borland in Michigan 23875

- 5-101

by: Jim A02/11/2013

This washer was not availiable in our area, I found it on the etrailer web site with no problem. I order the part and it was delivered very fast. With this easy to use website and the fast shipping I will be back. 65725

- 5-101

by: Jim M.06/18/2014

Even though it was a very small order put just as much time and effort into it as if it were hundreds of dollars. Without these washers the trailer is useless. Very pleased with service and product. 136458

- 5-101

by: Tim K05/02/2014

This is a great replacement part for my need. I took my grinder and fine tuned the hole size and the tangs just a bit to make it fit just right. Great price, super fast shipping made this a great purchase. 128694

- 5-101

by: Jim Wilson12/05/2013

What can I say? Fast response to order, Fast shipping, Great communication. Reasonable shipping charges. And it was a very small inexpensive Item. Just Great!!!!!!!!!! 109273

- 5-101

by: K.J.04/16/2012

Hard to find good customer service even dealing face to face, much less over the internet. Good experience, good price and fast shipping. 37395

- 5-101

by: oldnumber2003/23/2015

etrailer had all the parts I needed at a much better price than the auto parts store. Super fast shipping at a good price. 180362

- 5-101

by: Chas S.05/24/2012

Should have been included with the drum package as I forget to add them to first order. No worries. Thanks etrailer. 41579

- 5-101

by: Jeremy07/01/2014

Not an item that needs replaced in most instances unless you had a failure or they are worn, but cheap insurance. 138491

- 5-101

by: Matt W.01/17/2014

Have to say this was great service product arrived on time. Will definitely do order from again. great service 114089

- 5-101

by: Mark G08/01/2011

I was re packing my bearings, and found this broken, ordered a new one, it fits my trailer as it should. 20823

- 5-101

by: Bobby09/02/2014

They do the job. Just a really poor design for holding castle nut. Should be replaced every time. 149507

- 5-101

by: Tom Nicholson11/05/2014

Washer was just as described Paid for 3 day shipping had it in. 2.Awesome place. Thanks Tom 159439

- 5-101

by: George L04/15/2014

Product was an exact replacement for the original item. Fast shipping at a reasonable cost. 125188

- 5-101

by: Matt S.12/24/2013

I wrecked the spindle washer taking the hub off and this replaced it perfectly. Thanks! 111070

- 5-101

by: Guinn J06/26/2013

Items were exactly as advertised, Excellent prices doubt if you can beat them anywhere. 86256

- 5-101

by: william m.05/08/2014

This product was exactly what I needed and could NOT find it around here where I live. 129655

- 5-101

by: Sid03/15/2014

just right, auto parts store said they did not make this spindle washer anymore 120852

- 5-101

by: Joe B.08/07/2014

Not easy to find these so I ordered extra and the price isn't bad either. 145009

- 5-101

by: Allen07/30/2014

The product was exactly what I needed. The order process was easy. 143341

- 5-101

by: James B10/13/2014

This is just the part I needed fit great and was the correct size 155698

- 5-101

by: Ron J.07/26/2013

This is a really low-tech piece of equipment. It works. 91833

- 5-101

by: Doug L.11/06/2013

Great item and I have not been able to find it locally! 106492

- 5-101

by: Casey B06/15/2011

As described. Great price, and shipping was very fast. 17002

- 5-101

by: Tim S.11/07/2014

Very happy, it's a good product. Very fast shipping. 159798

- 5-101

by: John Triplett11/11/2014

Great product fast shipping would do business ahain 160477

- 5-101

by: Gary R.11/11/2013

Great service, great product, great pri ce! Thanks 106988

- 5-101

by: Ben07/28/2014

These spindle washers were exactly what I needed. 143170

- 5-101

by: Derren F.10/12/2013

Great product at a great price with fast delivery 103556

- 5-101

by: Ray07/03/2013

Very hard item to find where I live. Thank you 87468

- 5-101

by: Teresa W09/05/2014

Worked as planned. Fast service from et railer. 150238

- 5-101

by: Phil P.09/29/2014

Just what I ordered. Exact fit. Thank y ou 153498

- 5-101

by: Dan05/27/2014

Awesome product and great/fast shipping 132497

- 5-101

by: Jeff J07/20/2014

Simple product.. it has to work right. 142281

- 5-101

by: Greg M.09/16/2014

Exact replacement. Worked great. 151209

- 5-101

by: Robert R.07/31/2013

Great price for a great product. 92571

- 5-101

by: MDM04/30/2014

Great product at a great price. 128195

- 5-101

by: jd08/07/2014

quick delivery part exact fit. 144858

- 5-101

by: mark L06/28/2014

easy to put on, easy to remove 138191

- 5-101

by: AK01/24/2014

Great Company to work with.... 114659

- 5-101

by: Barry W07/25/2011

Just what it is suppose to be. 20247

- 5-101

by: Mike L07/24/2012

Perfect fit & Quick Shipping! 49175

- 5-101

by: Pat W.03/07/2014

arrived promptly no problems 119792

- 5-101

by: Carl B.12/17/2013

Shipped quick, fit great. 110218

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  • Is a Spindle Washer Needed Between the Spindle Nut and Outer Bearing on Dexter 5 on 4-1/2 Hubs
  • Yes, there should be a washer of some type between the spindle nut and the bearing on your trailer. The washer protects the back side of the bearing from the edges and points on the back side of the spindle nut. There are several types of spindle washers available depending on the spindle configuration on your trailer. The Washer For 1 inch Spindle, # SW1000, is typically used on spindles that have a castle nut, like # 165686, and a cotter pin, # 165649. A D washer, # 5-23, would...
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  • Spindle Nut Kit # RG05-100 Recommendation for an Older Style EZ Lube Spindle
  • I spoke with my contact at Redneck and he informed me that yes, the Spindle Nut Kit # RG05-100 should work well on your trailer that the Tang Washer part # 5-101 is recommended for.
    view full answer...

  • Which Lock Washer Do I Need For My Dexter 5,200 lb. Trailer Axle
  • For a lock washer for your Dexter 5200 lb axle, you will need Washer, part # 5-23. If you need a tang style washer, you will need part # 5-101 The tang style washer is used on E-Z Lube spindles and functions the same as a cotter pin, but designed for the E-Z Lube Spindles. If you need a replacement spindle nut, you will need Trailer Spindle Nut, part # 165686. The lug nut you will need Trailer Wheel Lug Nut, part # X1023R, which is sold in a quantity of 1. The item you selected,...
    view full answer...

  • Replacement Spindle Washer For 3,500 Lb EZ Lube Spindle
  • For a 3,500 lb EZ Lube axle, the replacement spindle washer you will need is part # 5-101. This washer has an inside diameter of 1 inch, so you may want to measure the spindle diameter to be certain. We do offer other replacement spindle washers, like part # 5-71 for 1-1/2 inch spindles, and part # 5-59, which is for spindles that measure 1-2/4 inches.
    view full answer...

  • Spindle Nut Washer and Grease Seal for a Dexter 3500 Pound E-Z Lube Trailer Axle
  • The Replacement Spindle Washer, # 5-101, was designed specifically for E-Z Lube axles, so that should be the correct washer for you. You can make sure that your spindle has a 1 inch diameter at the end where the washer will be. It sounds like you have a #84 spindle which is for 3500 pound E-Z lube axles. The correct seal would be # RG06-050, for a pair of double lip seals. To be sure, you would need to find the bearing numbers of the inner and outer bearings. The numbers are stamped...
    view full answer...

  • Availability of Trailer Spindle Washers with Tabs
  • If you are talking about a washer like # 5-101, we have them. I cannot speak for any auto parts store but etrailer is here for you. We also have some other tang washers: # 5-59 or # 5-71.
    view full answer...

  • Replacement Spindle Washer for a Trailer that Uses L44649 Inner and Outer Bearings
  • We currently offer several different spindle washers and I have included a link to them for you. However, none of then have an inner diameter of 1-1/16 inches. I recommend using a set of digital calipers to take the measurement because it needs to be as accurate as possible and traditional measuring devices are not quite accurate enough. You mentioned that the trailer takes L44649 bearings. If both the bearings are the same size then the washer associated with the size spindle that takes...
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  • Replacement Bearing Kit for a 1995 Timeout Dart Motorcycle Trailer
  • What you can do is get the parts separately because the parts in the bearing kits cannot be swapped out for other parts. You would need a total of 4 bearings # L44649, 4 races, # L44610, a pair of the correct seals, # RG06-010, 2 cotter pins # 165649, and 2 spindle washers # 5-101.
    view full answer...

  • Replacement Hubs, Castle Nuts, and Tang Washers for a 2010 Venture Boat Trailer
  • I believe the correct hub for your Venture boat trailer is # 34822BX. It uses L44643 inner and outer bearings that have a 1 inch diameter. Based on your picture you have the same 4 on 4 bolt pattern as this hub. It is compatible with 10 to 13 inch tires. This hub is associated with a BT8 spindle which uses a 1 inch castle nut # 165686. And it sounds like you have tang washers such as # 5-101 which is used instead of a cotter pin.
    view full answer...

  • Looking for Replacement Bearings for Axle Using # L68149 Inner Bearing
  • The # L68149 bearing you mentioned is most commonly used with the # L44649 outer bearing, but it is sometimes used with the # LM67048 outer bearing, as well. If you can't read the reference number of your outer inner bearing, you can always use a digital caliper to measure the diameter of the spindle where that bearing rides. If that diameter is abut 1.06, you'll need the L44649 bearing. If the diameter you get is about 1.25 inches, you'll need the # LM67048. The # BK2-100 bearing...
    view full answer...

  • Availability of 1 Inch Keyed Spindle Washer
  • We have a few washers that would work for you. If you want the tang style that can be bent over the notch in the castle nut, go with # 5-101. If you're looking for the D washer used on EZ lube spindles, use part # 5-23. For a spindle with the grooved keyway in it, use part # 165863.
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  • Inner Wheel Bearing Recommendation for a Number 84 Spindle
  • The inner and outer bearing surfaces on a number 84 spindle are different diameters. The outer bearing will ride on a 1.00 inch diameter surface and the inner bearing will ride on a 1.378 inch surface. It sounds like you have the correct outer bearing and now are in need of the correct inner bearing. For that you would want the part # L68149 that you referenced. You will want to use a spindle washer. The washer protects the back side of the bearing from the edges and points on the...
    view full answer...

  • Wheel Bearings for Old Moore Sled Trailer
  • I don't have any information available that would tell me which bearings your trailer used, but I can certainly help you figure it our for yourself. Closely examine the old bearings, looking for a part number engraved on the bearing cage. Get the numbers off both the inner and outer bearing. If you can't read the reference number, you can use an accurate measuring device like a digital caliper to measure the diameter of the spindle where the inner and outer bearings ride, as well as...
    view full answer...

  • Should There Be a Washer on Trailer Spindle Between Spindle Nut and Outer Bearing
  • There really should be a flat washer between the outer bearing of your hub and the nut that holds it on. The washer protects the back side of the bearing from the edges and points on the back side of the spindle nut. The Washer For 1 inch Spindle, # SW1000, is typically used on spindles that have a castle nut, like # 165686, and a cotter pin, # 165649. A D washer, # 5-23, would be used on a spindle that has a flat side and uses the same castle nut and cotter pin setup. A Tongue...
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  • Replacement Spindle Washer for an EZ Lube Spindle
  • We have several styles of spindle washers available. To see them all check out the link I attached to the right. You will need to pick the style that's as close to yours as possible.
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