1. Weight Distribution Hitch
  2. Husky
  3. 400 lbs
  4. 500 lbs
  5. WD With Sway Control
  6. Fits 2 Inch Hitch
Husky Center Line Weight Distribution w/ Sway Control - Trunnion - 6,000 lbs GTW, 600 lbs TW

Husky Center Line Weight Distribution w/ Sway Control - Trunnion - 6,000 lbs GTW, 600 lbs TW

Item # HT32215
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Weight Distribution Hitch
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HT32215 - Electric Brake Compatible,Surge Brake Compatible Husky WD With Sway Control
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2" Hitch ball and shank are included. A tightly torqued system head and chainless brackets that offer steel-on-steel friction work together to firmly hold your trailer in line with your tow vehicle to help prevent sway. Lowest Prices for the best weight distribution hitch from Husky. Husky Center Line Weight Distribution w/ Sway Control - Trunnion - 6,000 lbs GTW, 600 lbs TW part number HT32215 can be ordered online at etrailer.com or call 800-298-8924 for expert service.
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Husky Weight Distribution Hitch - HT32215

  • 400 lbs
  • 500 lbs
  • WD With Sway Control
  • Husky
  • Fits 2 Inch Hitch
  • Prevents Sway
  • Allows Backing Up
  • Includes Shank
  • Electric Brake Compatible
  • Surge Brake Compatible
  • 4-Point

2" Hitch ball and shank are included. A tightly torqued system head and chainless brackets that offer steel-on-steel friction work together to firmly hold your trailer in line with your tow vehicle to help prevent sway.


  • Evenly distributes weight over axles of tow vehicle and trailer for improved stability and control
    • Creates a more level ride for both tow vehicle and trailer
  • Built-in sway control limits side-to-side movement
    • Tension in the system head and a rigid connection to the frame keep the trailer in line
    • Steel-on-steel friction in brackets further prevents any sway that may occur
    • No lift chains - eliminate unwanted movement
  • Tapered spring bars transfer tongue weight evenly to the tow vehicle
    • Heat-treated steel construction ensures durability and flexibility
    • Interchangeable with other Center Line spring bars (sold separately) to raise or lower weight capacity
  • Noticeably quieter than similar systems
  • No-drill, clamp-on brackets can be adjusted along the trailer frame to accommodate frame-mounted items
  • Desired head tilt is achieved with traditional washer design
    • Add or remove washers from spacer rivet to tilt head up or down
  • Hitch ball is pre-installed and torqued to the correct specifications
  • Hardened and forged steel components are extra durable
    • Powder coated to resist corrosion
  • Spring bar lift tool allows you to maneuver the spring bars safely onto and off of the brackets
    • Square cutout on lift tool can be used to loosen or tighten the bracket bolts
  • Low maintenance
    • Only 1 bolt in each trunnion needs to be greased
    • Head assembly is made of 2 pieces that come apart for easy servicing
  • System includes: head assembly, chrome hitch ball, adjustable shank, spring bars, frame brackets, spring bar lift tool, and all necessary hardware


  • Tongue weight: 400 lbs - 600 lbs
  • Maximum gross towing weight: 6,000 lbs
  • Application: 2" x 2" trailer hitch receivers rated for use with weight distribution systems
  • Sway control bracket positioning: 28-1/2" - 30-1/2" from center of ball socket on coupler
  • Distance from center of hitch pin hole to center of hitch ball: 13"
  • Maximum trailer frame height: 8"
  • Minimum trailer frame height: 4"
  • Minimum trailer frame width: 4"
  • Ball size: 2"
  • Shank length from center of hitch pin hole to center of adjustment pin hole: 7-3/4"
  • Total height adjustment along shank: 4-1/4"
    • Maximum rise: 5-1/2"
    • Maximum drop: 1-1/4"
  • Lifetime limited warranty

Included w/ SystemRequired - Sold SeparatelyOptional Add-Ons
  • Adjustable Shank
  • System Head
  • 2" Torqued Hitch Ball
  • 2 Sway Control Brackets
  • 2 Spring Bars
  • Spring Bar Lift Tool
  • Necessary Installation Hardware

Create a more stable ride for your tow vehicle and trailer with a weight distribution hitch. Adding spring bars to your towing system applies leverage, which transfers the load that is pushing down on the rear of your vehicle to all the axles on both your tow vehicle and your trailer. This distributes the weight evenly to reduce the strain on the vehicles and give you a level ride. It also improves your braking ability and allows you to tow the maximum capacity of your hitch.

Selecting a Weight Distribution System

The tongue weight rating is the most important factor in determining which size weight distribution system you should use. If the bars of the system you choose are rated too high for your setup, they will create a rigid ride, which can result in a bouncing trailer. If, on the other hand, the bars are not rated high enough, the system will be unable to properly distribute the weight, rendering it virtually useless.

To determine the proper weight rating for a weight distribution system, you must first determine your trailer's tongue weight. Then add to that the weight of the cargo behind the rear axle of your tow vehicle. These two measurements make up the tongue weight rating for a weight distribution system.

Dependent Sway Control

Weight Distribution Built-In Sway Control

The Husky Center Line TS is a weight distribution system that works to keep your trailer in line with your tow vehicle to help prevent sway before it begins. Most of this work is achieved in the system head, which is responsible for about 75 percent of the tension in the system. Because the Center Line TS has so much tension in the head that holds the trailer steady at the connection point rather than relying on the frame brackets to keep the trailer in line, there is less popping and shifting while you drive. This weight distribution system is also noticeably quieter than similar models, which depend mostly on the steel-on-steel friction of the spring bars in the frame brackets to prevent sway.

Center Line TS Anti-Sway Frame Brackets

The spring bars attach to the trailer frame with fixed, sturdy steel brackets. They sit on top of the brackets instead of being suspended by chains like the bars that are on traditional weight distribution systems. The chain suspensions typically allow a good deal of side-to-side play in the system. The Center Line TS brackets eliminate that unwanted movement of the spring bars to better hold your trailer in line. In addition, the Center Line TS brackets create the steel-on-steel friction discussed earlier, which chain suspension systems are incapable of doing. When each spring bar on the Center Line TS system moves forward or backward, or side to side, it rubs along the bracket and creates friction. The resistance created by this action limits the movement of the spring bar, thus preventing further side-to-side movement of the trailer. So, while the Center Line TS's system head prevents most of the sway before it starts, the frame brackets create a backup system to help prevent any additional movement.

Head Tilt Adjustment

Washer-Style Head Tilt Adjustment

The Center Line TS system uses the traditional washer-style adjustment method to achieve the perfect tilt. Controlling the head tilt helps you to fine-tune the leverage and maximize the amount of tension in the whole system. To adjust the tilt, simply slide washers onto the spacer rivet and insert the rivet into the head assembly. To increase the angle, add a washer. To reduce the angle, remove a washer.

Weight Distribution Hitch Shank Attachment

Once you get the desired tilt, bolt the head onto the weight distribution shank and slide the shank into your hitch receiver. The shank has multiple bolt holes, which allow you to raise or lower the head so that you can get the hitch ball in a good position to connect with your trailer. The hitch ball comes attached and pre-torqued. The weight distribution shank is included, but a standard shank from any manufacturer will also work with this system.

Tapered, Steel Spring Bars

Trunnion-Style Spring Bar Stabilizers

The Center Line TS spring bars are made of hardened, heat-treated steel. Thermal and mechanical energy are applied to the steel, resulting in a finished product that is durable and resilient to impacts. The thick, round ends of the spring bars work within the limits of the tight trunnions in the system head.

Tapered Friction Sway-Control Spring Bars

As they extend out, they taper down to flat, wide bars that sit securely on the frame brackets. The result is a system that is rigid enough to effectively distribute the weight of your trailer, while still allowing enough flex within the bars to ensure a smooth ride. Husky Center Line spring bars are interchangeable with each other. If you buy a new trailer or tow vehicle and you need to increase or decrease your capacity, you can simply buy new spring bars instead of purchasing a whole new system.

Attaching the Brackets and Spring Bars

The frame brackets of the Center Line TS are easy to install and simple to use. They clamp securely onto your trailer frame, and easily adjust up and down for multiple height options. Conveniently position them anywhere between 28-1/2" and 30-1/2" back from the center of the ball socket on your coupler. This helps to avoid frame-mounted objects such as gas tanks, toolboxes, generators, or battery boxes.

Center Line TS Spring Bar Lift Tool

The included spring bar lift tool is designed to make it easy to put the spring bars in place on the brackets.

Spring Bar Lift Tool Handle

The handle of the tool is round instead of flat for a more comfortable grip as you lift the bars. On the opposite end of the lift tool is a square cutout that can be used to tighten the outer bolts of the frame brackets.

L-Shaped Spring Bar Retaining Pin

Once you position the spring bars onto the brackets, each bar is secured with a removable L-pin. This pin is tethered to the bracket so that you won't lose it. Each Center Line TS bracket has built-in pegs near the end of the platform that help to hold the spring bar in place so that the L-pin doesn't have to. These pegs also act as a buffer between the spring bar and L-pin to limit any shifting and rattling. This also keeps the spring bars from rubbing against the L-pins, which could cause them to wear down and develop sharp edges.

Low Maintenance

Steel Trunnion Bearing Bolts

The system head is made of 2 pieces that come apart for easy maintenance. The trunnion hex bolts come lubricated and can be greased occasionally as needed. After 500 miles, you should check the torque on the trunnion hex bolts and the shank bolts to keep the system operating effectively.

32215 Husky Center Line TS Weight Distribution Hitch with Shank and 2" Hitch Ball - 6K

Installation Details HT32215 Installation instructions

Customer Reviews

Husky Center Line Weight Distribution w/ Sway Control - Trunnion - 6,000 lbs GTW, 600 lbs TW - HT32215

Average Customer Rating:  4.6 out of 5 stars   (120 Customer Reviews)

2" Hitch ball and shank are included. A tightly torqued system head and chainless brackets that offer steel-on-steel friction work together to firmly hold your trailer in line with your tow vehicle to help prevent sway.

- HT32215

etrailer service was very fast, received the hitch within 3 days. Hitch is very well made and looks quite strong. Installation took about 3 hours, which included multiple adjustments to fine tune the level of my tow vehicle and trailer. Instructions could have included some more info in this regard. I have not towed my trailer yet so cannot comment on performance. I have a 2018 R Pod trailer (3800# gross wt) towing with a 2013 Honda Pilot (4500# tow rating). 644060

- HT32215

Install on this was fairly straight forward. The included shank did not have enough drop for my application but my truck is lifted a little bit so I don't fault Husky, I've gone about 15-20 miles on the hitch and it is a nice unit, quiet, works well and being able to reverse is very convenient. Will report back after more miles but so far so good 619425

- HT32215

After 1 year of ownership and somewhere around 5,000 miles, I can say this weight distributing hitch is a game changer for towing our vintage trailer! The installation & setup instructions for this hitch were great. It's definitely a little more work to hook and unhook the trailer for towing, but well worth it for the stability. It became MUCH faster after we installed an electric tongue jack as well. The only negatives are the paint wore off the torsion bars and bracket they sit into pretty quickly, but that's cosmetic as we leave ours outside on the ground and they don't seem to be wearing much beyond that. Also - 5 stars for etrailer support as they've been excellent with every touch point I've had with them. I wouldn't buy from anybody else, especially since they offer price matching. 855452

- HT32215

We have had the hitch for about a year. We have made 10 or 12 trips, ranging from 20 minutes to 3 hours around us here in Indiana. So far, we are very happy with it. The hitch was fairly easy to set up, the instructions were straight forward and easy to understand. The only recommendation I might add for the instructions is to read them carefully and realize that you will need 2 wrenches, not 1 (or a socket and a wrench) I mis-read and had to borrow another wrench. Luckily one of the techs from the service department at the dealership was willing to let me borrow one while they were cleaning up and getting ready to go home on a Saturday afternoon. The list mentioned (1) 3/4, (2) 15/16 and (1) 1 1/8 wrench, so that's what I took with me when I went to set it up. . Since this was my first time with a WDH, It took me a little bit to get it all set up, but after that hooking up and taking off are simple. We just plug the ball in the receiver, back it up, drop it on the ball and pop in the arms. If the arms are tight, you can play with the tongue jack to raise or lower to find the sweet spot that lets you pop them in without fighting. The hitch has definitely made a difference for my rig. The camper we bought was closer to the limits of my vehicle than we really wanted, but there was nothing in the size/weight range we were looking for that matched up with what we wanted, so we decided to go a bit longer and heavier than our initial plans. Without a WDH, I don't think I would have been as comfortable towing our camper as much or as far as we did with the previous tow vehicle. During the winter, I upgraded to a heavier truck, and the hitch was easy to switch over. You can get replacement hardware kits online with new shims, washers, nuts & bolts. The first time out on the road, we got into an unexpected wind storm, with nowhere to pull over or stop for about a 20 mile stretch. We were rolling through sustained winds up to 35 mph, with gusts near 60 and getting passed by trucks in both directions on a 2 lane and the trailer followed me much better than expected. On a few of the big sweeping bridges and overpasses it got a little white-knuckled, but I think that was more my expectation and anticipation of problems than from actual problems. Once we got to the site and got set up, we were able to laugh about it. I would definitely recommend this hitch, after using it for a year. The materials seem decent, there a a few spots where the bars rub that have taken the coating off, but all in all everything has held up. We will see how it does over the next year or two to decide if it needs replacement. I would say if you are on the fence about this one, go for it. This was a decent hitch at a decent price and has done what I expected it to do. 849379

- HT32215

Cailee is super! Excellent customer service AAA+++* 822441

- HT32215

Works well. My SUV hitch is too tall and I didn't have time to get a lower drop shank so I had to take it apart a few times and keep making adjustments to lower the trailer tongue. Goes down the road nicely, sway almost eliminated and going over bumps and such barely any does anything now with my 17' 4,200lbs camper with my Durango. If I had put it on my Ram truck it would have worked first try following the directions. The hitch is very heavy 75lbs or more so not for those with a bad back. Does make a creaking noise when turning at low speeds as did any other camper I saw pulling out of the gas stations with any other brand. 819247

- HT32215

This hitch is fantastic - towing our travel trailer with it make my truck ride like the trailer wasn't there. Was easy enough to install with the detailed instructions that came with it. The knuckle is a bit on the heavy side making it a bit of a chore to install in the receiver. 791779

- HT32215

The hitch was easy to install and is easy to work with. Sometimes the site angle makes it hard to get the sway bars in place since you need to raise the trailer and tow vehicle to install them. Just wait to install bars till you get to a level spot. 772732

- HT32215

This hitch definitely helped with both sway and load leveling. It was pretty nerve racking bringing the camper home using just a regular hitch because of the sway. Before, the truck bumper dropped over 3" when connecting the trailer but with the new hitch, it was well under an inch. Plus the camper is within a quarter inch of level while being towed. As for stability, I can still feel the camper back there but the sway was almost completely eliminated. Also, it's no problem to back up the camper without removing the bars and I didn't notice a lot of noise. All in all, the hitch performed as well as I had hoped and it didn't break the bank to purchase it. 647220

- HT32215

What a delight. Installed the Huskly WD hitch in 2 hrs, with a few adjustments to get the setup correct. Today was first trial run, winds blowing at 15-25 and the truck reacted to wind, but trailer was steady. No more tail wagging, no more semi blows. Great Hitch and does more than advertised. 627730

- HT32215

Warning that the installation manual for the HT32215 has changed. Husky now has printed on the front of the manual (not the electronic version linked from eTrailer.com's website): "This product only fits trailer frames that are 4", 5", 6", 7" & 8" tall." In my extensive pre-purchase research, I did not uncover this fact and eTrailer was not aware of the manufacturer's limitations either...until the product was delivered and I looked at the delivered manual. It should also be noted that the eTrailer.com web listing for this hitch contains information that indicate both 2" and in another location 2 5/16" hitch ball comes with the hitch. The 32215 comes with the 2" ball. However, while I never installed the hitch, I did partially unpack it and the materials are all heavy duty, finish looks excellent, and I am fairly confident it would have performed well if it were not for the fact that my trailer frame was not tall enough. eTrailer itself had excellent customer service. They price matched (plus 10%) when I found the exact same hitch on another site for a lower price with no hassle at all. Plus when I discovered the issue with the hitch not fitting my trailer they discussed with me in detail, agreed to return the hitch, and helped me source one that would better fit my needs. I assume the refund process for the husky will go smoothly and I will have the opportunity to write a good review of both the new hitch and another eTrailer good news story shortly. So, -1 star for lack of clarify of minimum trailer frame height (systemic site wide) and the contradictory information regarding hitch ball size. Otherwise, looked like a good product and excellent customer support! 491862

- HT32216

Review from a similar Center Line in Weight Distribution Hitch

Great service, next day delivery. 707428

- HT32217

Review from a similar Center Line in Weight Distribution Hitch

Have not had a chance to tow with this hitch yet but, very good instruction for install. Customer service at eTrailer could NOT be better ! Add to that their "Low price " pledge, which they honor, and shipping faster than the speed of light, why would you ever shop anywhere else ? Katie you have a customer for life !!!! 265539

The best decision I have made regarding our travel trailer. No sway and quite. etrailer is the BEST !!!
David A - 06/28/2017


- HT32218

Review from a similar Center Line in Weight Distribution Hitch

I haven't had a chance to use it much other than taking the trailer from where we bought it to where we store it, but it was pretty quick and easy to setup. Only took about 30 min or so without really knowing what I was doing to get it all hooked up. Once hooked up, my 1500 was able to pull the 31' camper without too much issue. While I only got going 45-50 mph, I didn't have any issues with swaying or anything and was able to keep everything hooked up while trying to squeeze it into the parking spot at the storage place, which made doing that less painful. 530140

- HT32218

Review from a similar Center Line in Weight Distribution Hitch

Easy install on my 26’ Featherlite car hauler. Filled with six full size Harley’s, gear, and luggage pulled behind my Chevy Dually and I couldn’t be happier. Level ride, no sway whatsoever, and easy on off. Best pricing around. Customer for life! 493392

- HT32218

Review from a similar Center Line in Weight Distribution Hitch

With my 1/2 ton truck I was not very impressed with this hitches performance. I don't like using the tt electric Jack to lift the truck , still don't. Sway control not great. Now I have a one ton and and the hitch works well , no sway. Still don't like lifting truck with tt electric jack. Waiting for a jack failure as I feel I'm just asking for it. Overall I wish I had my old Reese back . The husky is showing wear at one year old . My Reese was 10 yrs old and didn't look like it was hardly used 337756

- HT32218

Review from a similar Center Line in Weight Distribution Hitch

Towing a 19' toy hauler with a 10K pound rating. Would sway at highway speed in the wind or while passing/ getting passed. Hitch works great. Made a huge difference in reducing trailer sway. Appears to be well made with heavy duty material. 433918

Flawless after a year.
Ronald G - 09/19/2018


- HT32218

Review from a similar Center Line in Weight Distribution Hitch

Works w treat. Keeps my rig nice and level and keeps everything in line; no sway even when having had to make sudden directional changes. Can't offer any comparisons with similar products but would go with this setup again. Some 8,000 miles on towing and all is good. 725915

- HT32218

Review from a similar Center Line in Weight Distribution Hitch

Have had for about a year. Tow 10k Toy Hauler. Works very well, happy with build quality. There is some rust on pieces that rub together/Sway bars. So gonna touch that up with paint before this camping season. Some minor sway still when I have UTV loaded in rv/trailer, not sure if because of extra weight in rear end/behind trailer axles. 481393

- HT32218

Review from a similar Center Line in Weight Distribution Hitch

I've used this hitch for about a year now, and it is everything the description says it is. The instructions are very complete and lead you through all the steps for correct assembly. I discovered that the tension required to control the sway for my trailer was less than I imagined. But, that will vary based on your trailer weight. Hooking up is much easier and less problematic than I thought it would be, and goes very quickly after some repitition. The ONLY off-putting thing in the entire process is the required torque setting for the bolts for the trunion head. [specs] !!!!!!!!!! I took mine to my local mechanic and we managed to torque them with his impact wrench, as mine wouldn't reach the required torque. That is actually a minor thing, because once it's set, you won't be resetting it/redoing it unless something goes wrong. Just be aware of it! I can back up, tow more quietly than my chain type, and it just works!! 359273

- HT32218

Review from a similar Center Line in Weight Distribution Hitch

I just returned from a 500 mile round trip on interstate, state, and county roads across three state towing a 700 lb. tongue weight, 8000 lb GVW, 30' RV with a 2003 GMC Sierra 2500HD 4x4. One way without the Husky, the way back with the Husky. I will never pull a trailer again without my Husky! The truck was level and noticeably more stable on all road surfaces and conditions. 511244

- HT32218

Review from a similar Center Line in Weight Distribution Hitch

This is a great hitch assembly. I bought the heaviest rating even tho my trailer is only 5000 lbs. It is so stable when towing it gives me great confidence...no sway AT ALL. It creaks when making sharp turns, but that is simply the friction and torque of the anti-sway bars moving in the brackets. I get some looks in campgrounds when turning...doesn’t bother me a bit. If I decide to upgrade to a heavier trailer I’m all set. Old school beliefs that you need a 5th wheel to achieve great stability is no longer valid, thanks to this heavy duty hitch. 680059

- HT32218

Review from a similar Center Line in Weight Distribution Hitch

The weight distribution and sway control work great and have held up well (over 6,000 miles on it). I was not prepared for how loud this hitch is. I have set it up different ways and it still pops and bangs every time I turn. So much so that people will come up to me and tell me the trailer was making a lot of noise. Without the bars it's a quite ride 581565

Over all it has been great. It has stopped the trailer from swaying, leveled the truck and trailer when loaded, and stopped the porpoising. The only down side I have is it is louder than I thought it would be. It pops and bangs so loud that its embarrassing to drive through my neighborhood at night
Dean - 11/10/2019


Thank you very much for the review, and I'm glad to hear that this weight distribution system is helping you to tow safely! The noise caused by metal-on-metal friction can be loud and is an unfortunate side-effect of weight distribution systems. I know it's not ideal, but you might consider removing the arms from the brackets prior to entering your neighborhood if you want to avoid the extra noise at night since you'll be moving slower through a neighborhood.

-- Jon G - 12/19/2019

- HT32218

Review from a similar Center Line in Weight Distribution Hitch

I love this weight distribution system! I have a F150 (stock rear springs/hitch) which is pulling a 7'x16' enclosed aluminum trailer, which probably weights close to 5,000-6,000 lbs depending on how much I load it. Without this system, the trailer was tongue heavy and the truck had a noticeable rearward lean, handled poorly, etc. With this system, the truck sits within 1/2" level (the system is incredibly easy to adjust to achieve proper leveling depending on weight/loading), and I just got back from driving 1000+ miles towing the trailer, and the driving was incredibly easy compared to without this system. Those miles included highway, poorly paved highway, dirt roads, dirt roads with bad spring ruts/pot holes, tight parking lots, windy conditions etc. This system performed in all of them. Passing semis or vice versa? No sway whatsoever. There were even some nasty bumps at highway speeds (70mph) which induced some slight trailer wobble, which this system corrected right away. This system also allowed for tight turns, both in drive and reverse. The thing is quiet too! Detaching the system is very easy as well when the trailer is not in use. The torsion bars easily disconnect from the trailer brackets via the tool provided, and once off, you only have to remove the pin from the hitch side to remove the torsion bar. That way you don't have to carry the weight of the full system all at once back to the garage. All in all, I would highly recommend this product to anyone in the market for a weight distribution / sway control system. 245991

- HT32218

Review from a similar Center Line in Weight Distribution Hitch

This hitch was perfect for my RAM 1500 Hemi and Mallard 28’ travel trailer. No sway and equal weight distribution provides excellent handling at highway speeds. Solid, heavy duty construction. 663549

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  • Pro and Cons of Air Bags Versus a Weight Distribution System for a 2018 Jeep JL Wrangler
    For your 2018 Jeep JL Wrangler, I recommend using a weight distribution system, the Husky Center Line Weight Distribution part # HT32215 for 2" hitch ball or part # HT32216 for 2-5/16" hitch ball. The main reason I recommend a weight distribution system over airbags like the Air Lift AirLift 1000 Air Helper Springs for Coil Springs part # AL60829 is because the weight distribution system has integrated sway control. Now, you may not think that because you have a light trailer that trailer...
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  • Pole Tongue Adapter for Husky Center Line Weight Distribution System
    For your application you can use the Reese Pole-Tongue Adapter # RP58393 which works with lift brackets from all manufacturers that mount approximately 30" back from hitch ball. Since your Husky Center Line # HT32215 falls within that category and is rated for 6K (where the adapter is rated for 7.5K) this is the perfect option for you.
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  • Can 2 Hitch Ball on Husky Center Line Weight Distribution be Replaced with 2-5/16 Hitch Ball
    Yes, you can swap the 2" hitch ball # HT33853 on your 6K Husky Center Line Weight Distribution # HT32215 with the 2-5/16" hitch ball # HT39386 since your newer trailer has a larger coupler size. You just need a 1-7/8" socket like part # ALL643216 to remove your older hitch ball and install the new one.
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  • Best Value Weight Distribution for 2004 Niagara Camper Towed by Jeep Commander
    Thanks for all the details on your towing setup! You will be the most happy with the Husky Center Line system part # HT32215. This is by far the best weight distribution and sway control for the money so it will do a great job to improve your towing setup and prevent the sway you are experiencing from winds and passing vehicles. The 4 point sway control isn't overkill at all. If you were on really tight budget the Pro Series friction sway control part # 83660 would help curb the sway...
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  • Shank with 4 Inch Drop for Trunnion Bar Husky Weight Distribution System
    So if the top of your receiver is 24 inches and the bottom of your coupler is 20 inches then you do need a 4 inch drop with your Husky Center Line Weight Distribution System # HT32215. To get this, you will in fact need to use the Husky Weight Distribution Shank - 10" Long - 4-1/2" Rise, 6-3/4" Drop # HT31518 you mentioned. I have added a link to a video review for you to take a look at as well.
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  • Why Would Weight Distribution System Not Remove all Sag from Tow Vehicle When Set Up
    Sounds like either you don't have enough spring bar tension in your setup, you have a weight distribution system with too low of a tongue weight range and the system you have is basically just not effective, or you are trying to tow a trailer that is too heavy for the towing capacity of your vehicle. You said you have the Husky Centerline part # HT32215 which has a tongue weight range of 400 to 600 lbs. The next highest rated system is the part # HT32217 which has a tongue weight range...
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  • Is A Weight Distribution System Needed for a 2021 Nu Camp [email protected] 400
    For a 2021 Nu Camp [email protected] 400, I recommend the Husky Center Line Weight Distribution System part # HT32215 because it's an all inclusive unit with the hitch ball already torqued down so you will be ready to roll. The use of a weight distribution system especially one with integrated sway control is never a bad idea. The weight distribution properties are going to help immensely with stopping and the integrated sway control is going to help you feel much more confident while out on the open...
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  • Recommended Weight Distribution System for a Intech Explore Trailer with Toyota Highlander Vehicle
    I do recommend you use a weight distribution system on the Intech Explore Travel Trailer while towing with your 2018 Toyota Highlander. The reason for this is because the weight of the trailer will be over half the weight of the vehicle which is the rule we use for determining whether or not a system is needed. The tongue weight as you mentioned could also cause the vehicle to sag if not for a weight distribution system and this sag really will have a negative impact on the vehicle's braking....
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  • Recommended Weight Distribution System for 2019 KZ Escape E191BH
    The Husky Center Line Weight Distribution System part # HT32215 is my recommendation for a 2019 KZ Escape E191BH. This is one of the best value options on the market. It features bolt-on installation and has integrated sway control which will be needed for these lighter trailers as they have the tendency to get rather loose while out on the highway with passing trucks. The system also comes with the hitch ball pre-torqued so you'll be set.
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  • Do I Need a Weight Distribution System Towing An R-Pod With a 2019 Toyota Highlander
    The rule we use for determining whether or not a weight distribution system is required is that if the weight of the loaded trailer exceeds half of the weight of the vehicle then the use of a weight distribution system is recommended. The weight of your trailer is over half the weight of your vehicle so yes I do recommend a weight distribution system. In regards to requirements, the owner's manual for your 2019 Toyota Highlander says you must have sway control for a trailer over 2,000 lbs...
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  • Recommended Sway Control System for a Little Guy Mini Max Trailer
    The friction type sway bar that you are using now is a good cost effective solution to help combat trailer sway but they do require frequent adjustments and can wear out over time which sounds like what is happening to yours. The best upgrade we have for this is a weight distribution system with integrated sway control. I know you may not think you need a distribution system if you aren't already using one but the sway control built-into these systems are the most advanced and work the...
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  • Weight Distribution System Recommendation for Trailer that Weighs 4,000 lbs
    Typically tongue weight for a travel trailer is right at 10 percent of the total trailer weight and sometimes up to 15 percent. So for a 4,000 lb trailer you'd most likely have a 400 lb tongue weight but could possibly have a 600 lb tongue weight. The great news is that the Husky Centerline kit part # HT32215 has a tongue weight range of 400 to 600 lbs just like what you'd need so this kit would work well for you. If you can find a scale near you for measuring the weights of vehicle...
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  • Weight Distribution Recommendation for 2019 Jayco 12UD with 240 lbs of Tongue Weight
    If you use a weight distribution system that's rated too high for the tongue weight of a camper you won't damage anything but you will have a very harsh ride quality. It would be so harsh you'd end up not wanting to use the system at all. The # HT32215 has a tongue weight range of 400-600 lb which is much too high for your trailer that has a TW of 240 lbs. A much better solution would be the Reese Steadi-Flex part # 66557 which has a tongue weight range of up to 400 lbs and has friction...
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  • Will the Husky Center Line Weight Distribution HT32215 Work with a 3,500 GVWR Trailer
    Yes, the Husky Center Line Weight Distribution part # HT32215 would be perfect for a trailer with a GVWR of 3,500 lbs. This system will accommodate the trailer when empty or fully loaded, it even gives you a bit of room for the weight of any cargo behind the rear axle of the tow vehicle which gets added to the total tongue weight figure. I actually really like the Husky Center Line because there aren't many better options for the money.
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  • Difference Between Husky Center Line Weight Distribution Systems HT32215 and HT32216
    The only differences between the two Husky Center Line Weight Distribution Systems you referenced is that part # HT32215 comes with a 2" hitch ball pre-installed on the head unit while # HT32216 comes with a 2-5/16" hitch ball. Apart from that both systems are the same, with a total tongue weight capacity between 400 lbs and 600 lbs and uses trunnion bars that create friction to control sway and keep your trailer under control.
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  • Are Special Tools Required To Install Husky Center Line Weight Distribution System?
    The Husky Center Line Weight Distribution w/ Sway Control - Trunnion - 6,000 lbs GTW, 600 lbs TW # HT32215 is a 4 point anti-sway system. The bars have metal on metal friction at the head as well as at the brackets on each side. The hitch ball comes pre-installed and torqued, so you do not need high end tools or special sockets to install. The system will require a basic torque wrench and standard sockets for installation.
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  • Is It Normal for the Husky Center Line Weight Distribution System To Make Noise While Turning
    The Husky Center Line Weight Distribution System part # HT32215 uses friction to help level the tow vehicle and then reduce/prevent trailer sway. Therefore, it is not uncommon for there to be noise while turning. That is more or less just the nature of these types of systems. If the spring bars are parallel to the trailer frame, the system is not too tight.
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  • What are the Differences Between Trunnion and Round Bar Weight Distribution Systems
    Both round and trunnion bar systems are equally as effective, but a round bar system won't have as much ground clearance under it as a trunnion bar system. This is because the bars attach to the weight distribution head from underneath. If your tow vehicle is a full sized pick-up or SUV, a round bar system would work just fine. If you're towing with a small crossover or a minivan (anything with little ground clearance) you'd definitely want to go with a trunnion bar system. Round bars...
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  • Husky Centerline Weight Distribution Recommendation for 2021 Keystone Passport
    Since your trailer is going to weigh around 4,800 lbs and typically tongue is right at 10 percent of the total weight of the trailer the Husky Centeline part # HT32215 that you referenced would be a great solution. This has a tongue weight range of 300-600 lbs which your tongue weight would fall right into the middle of.
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  • How To Prevent Rear End Sag While Towing with a 2020 Kia Telluride
    The best option I have for you to help prevent rear end sag while towing with a 2020 Kia Telluride is with a weight distribution system which can be equipped with integrated sway control that I strongly recommend because of the tendency these smaller travel trailer have to sway. The Husky Center Line Weight Distribution w/ Sway Control part # HT32215 is what I recommend. This will do the best job of helping to level the vehicle and can be transferred to another trailer if needed. In...
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  • Recommended Weight Distribution System with Sway Control for a Winnebago Micro Minnie 2106FBS
    The weight distribution system with integrated sway control I recommend for a Winnebago Micro Minnie 2106FBS is the Husky Center Line Weight Distribution part # HT32215 which is cost effective, has integrated sway control, and comes with the hitch ball torqued down already so it's ready to go. In regards to towing capability, the 2011 Cadillac Escalade can be rated as high as 8,300 lbs so you will be fine to tow a Winnebago Micro Minnie 2106FBS.
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  • Which Husky Centerline Weight Distribution for Trailer that Weighs 4,400 lbs
    Husky does offer a Centerline weight distribution that will work great with the weight of your trailer but the one that was recommended to you is going to be way too harsh since it's rated too high. Instead the part # HT32215 is the way to go as it has a tongue weight range of 400-600 lbs. If a weight distribution system is rated too high the ride quality will be very harsh but if it's rated too low. The best way to pick out a weight distribution system is to base it off of the loaded...
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  • Tight Spring Bars on the Husky Center Line Weight Distribution Systems
    The bolts on the Husky Center Line Weight Distribution w/ Sway Control part # HT32215 should definitely be torqued. However you do not need to torque them yourself. They will be preset from the factory. If they are stiffening up use a good lubricating spray to free up the joint. It is likely some corrosion has creeped in there causing your issue.
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  • Which Husky Weight Distribution System Recommended for 590 lbs Tongue Weight
    Check to see if your vehicle has a higher capacity when used with weight distribution as that is often times the case. If you are absolutely sure your tongue weight would never exceed 590 lbs when load the Husky Kit part # HT32215 would work but since you are going to load it with additional weight and tongue weight also includes the weight of any cargo behind the rear axle you are going to need a higher rated system. Instead the part # HT32217 would be a better choice has it has...
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  • Troubleshooting Bounce at Front of Tow Vehicle with Husky Weight Distribution System
    It sounds like your existing Husky Center Line Weight Distribution System # HT32215 either just needs to be adjusted a bit more or its 400 to 600 pound tongue weight capacity is actually a bit under-rated for your setup. The bounce you're experiencing during travel is likely the result of the front of the Enclave sitting higher than the rear with the trailer connected. If you notice that the rear fender of your Enclave is sitting lower than the front fender with the trailer attached...
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  • Weight of Husky Centerline HT32215 Versus Fastway e2 FA92-00-0600
    The shipping weight of the Fastway # FA92-00-0600 e2 system is right at 90 lbs, with the Husky # HT32215 system weighing in at around 105 lbs, a pretty minimal difference. Either would be a good choice, but I'd give the Husky system an edge becasue its sway control component is a bit more effective. The Husky system use a 4 point sway control system, with friction resistance provided in the head where the trunnion bars attach and at the contact point between the frame brackets and the...
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  • Recommended Weight Distribution System for 3,100 Lb Trailer with Sway Control
    The weight distribution system with built-in sway control that I recommend for a 3,100 lb trailer with the ability to reverse in mind is the Husky Center Line Weight Distribution System part # HT32215. This system has built-in sway control, is cost effective, has a pre-torqued hitch ball, and can be used in reverse without disengaging the spring bars. That said, you do need to pay attention to the reverse angle as you will need to be in a relatively straight line but that's a rule of all...
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  • Needing Deeper Drop Shank for Husky HT32215 Center Line Weight Distribution System
    The shank originally supplied with your Center Line weight distribution allowed for a maximum of a 1-1/4 inch drop. Since the shanks are brand-interchangeable with identical spacing of the adjustment holes, you'll just need to find a shank that has a deeper drop. The # EQ90-02-4200 from Equal-i-zer would provide up to a 4 inch drop or the # EQ90-02-4300 would provide up to 6 inches of drop.
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  • Recommended Weight Distribution System for StarCraft Travel Star 19CK
    The weight distribution system I recommend for a StarCraft Travel Star 19CK is the Husky Center Line Weight Distribution part # HT32215 which has integrated sway control. This system is one of the best value options on the market and it comes ready to go as the hitch ball is already torqued down for you. This is a very popular system and well reviewed so I know you will be satisfied with it.
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  • Can my 2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser Tow a 3000 lb Pontoon Boat
    According to what I was able to find in my research, the towing capacity for the 2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser is 5000-lbs, so you are able to tow a 3000-lb boat without any issue. With that being said, you should always consult your owner's manual to confirm this towing capacity. When towing a load that is more than 1/2 of the total weight on your tow vehicle, it's usually a good idea to tow with a weight distribution hitch. This is going to help distribute the weight more evenly across the...
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