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Aero Pro LED Trailer Light Kit for Trailers Over 80" Wide - Submersible - Driver and Passenger

Aero Pro LED Trailer Light Kit for Trailers Over 80" Wide - Submersible - Driver and Passenger

Item # TLL36RK
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Trailer Lights TLL36RK - Rectangle,Kit - Optronics
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Waterproof trailer light kit includes 2 combination tail lights and 2 clearance or side marker lights to serve 8 functions on trailers wider than 80". Universal mount with stainless steel hardware. 25' Harness with 4-pole connection. Lowest Prices for the best trailer lights from Optronics. Aero Pro LED Trailer Light Kit for Trailers Over 80" Wide - Submersible - Driver and Passenger part number TLL36RK can be ordered online at etrailer.com or call 800-298-8924 for expert service.
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Optronics Trailer Lights - TLL36RK

  • Tail Lights
  • Rectangle
  • Kit
  • LED Light
  • Red and Amber
  • Surface Mount
  • 8L x 3W Inch
  • Optronics
  • Submersible Lights
  • Stop/Turn/Tail
  • Side Marker
  • Rear Clearance
  • Side Reflector
  • Rear Reflector
  • License Plate

Waterproof trailer light kit includes 2 combination tail lights and 2 clearance or side marker lights to serve 8 functions on trailers wider than 80". Universal mount with stainless steel hardware. 25' Harness with 4-pole connection.


  • Combination trailer light kit serves 8 functions when properly mounted on trailers over 80" wide
    • Stop, turn, tail, side marker, rear clearance, side reflector, rear reflector, and license plate light
    • Great for marine trailer applications
  • 2 Aero Pro Combination LED tail lights (STL36RB and STL37RB)
    • Driver's-side light includes license illuminator
  • 2 Sidemarker and clearance lights (MCL91AK)
    • Single wire design grounds through mounting hardware
    • Plastic base with chrome finish
    • Gaskets for weathertight seal
  • Sealed, waterproof construction is submersible
  • LEDs makegreat replacement for incandescent lights
    • Last 50 times longer
    • More efficient - provide better light with less power output
    • No bulbs to replace - no brittle filaments
  • Durable polycarbonate housing and acrylic lens
  • Corrosion-resistant license plate bracket
  • Universal mount
    • Stainless steel mounting hardware
  • 25' Wiring harness with 4-pole connector
  • P2 rated clearance/marker lights
  • DOT approved


  • Application: trailers over 80" wide
  • Dimensions of combination tail lights (STL36RB and STL37RB): 7-7/8" long x 3-1/4" wide x 2-7/8" deep
  • Dimensions of clearance and side marker lights (MCL91AK): 2-1/2" long x 1-1/4" wide x 7/8" deep
    • Dimensions with bracket: 2-7/8" long x 1-1/2" wide x 1-1/4" deep
  • Diodes:
    • Driver side tail light: 23
    • Passenger side tail light: 17
    • Side marker and clearance light: 3 per light
  • Lifetime warranty on LEDs

Optronics TLL36RK Aero Pro LED Trailer Light Kit for Trailers Over 80 Inch Wide Diagram

Note: Over 80" Federal Regulations require additional clearance lights (like MCL93RB or MCL84RB - sold separately). Also, if using with a tilting trailer you may need to route a separate ground wire from the clearance lights to a metal part of the trailer frame since tilting trailers sometimes use rubber isolators in the tilting mechanism.

Sealed, Waterproof Trailer Light

The waterproof construction of this light makes it ideal for use on trailers that may be submerged, like a boat trailer. The circuit board is sealed, which means that water will not damage the diodes or circuit board.

Combination Lights for Trailers Over 80" Wide

Flatbed trailer over 80" wide with combination tail lights

If a trailer is 80" or wider at its widest point, then it requires rear clearance lights in addition to basic trailer lights. These clearance lights indicate the width of the trailer when it is viewed from the back.

To meet these requirements on a flatbed utility trailer where the bed extends past the wheels, you can install combination trailer lights that include the rear clearance function. For proper mounting, the lights must be installed at the widest points on the rear of the trailer - one on each corner.

P2-Rated Lights

Diagram of light spread for P2 rated light

A P2-rated light produces a 45-degree angle of light to either side of its centerline for a total of 90 degrees of coverage. This beam pattern can be seen straight on, but it cannot be seen clearly from the side. So this type of light can be used as either a side marker light or a clearance light, but it cannot function as both. If you need both functions, then you must install 2 separate lights on your trailer - one as a front or rear clearance light and one as a side marker light.

TLL36RK Optronics Aero Pro LED Combination Tail Light Kit for Marine Trailers over 80" Wide - Submersible - Red Lens - Driver and Passenger Side - 25 Ft Harness

Alternate part number: TLL-36RK

California residents: click here

Video of Aero Pro LED Trailer Light Kit for Trailers Over 80" Wide - Submersible - Driver and Passenger

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Optronics Submersible Aero Pro LED Trailer Light Review

Speaker 1: Today we'll be having a look at and showing you how to install the Optronic Submersible Aero Pro LED trailer light kit. Part number TLL36RK.Now what's great about this kit is not always in the LED kit, but it comes with everything you need in order to wire up a trailer properly. With multiple LEDs inside of it. LEDs are great because they draw less power than standard incandescent lights and they last up to 50 times longer.This is also a waterproof submersible assembly. It makes it an ideal candidate to use on your boat trailers. On the side of our tail light assemblies, we have a side marker light, plus our reflex reflector.On the bottom of our driver side assembly, we have our license plate light to illuminate our license plate, which mounts on the provided license plate bracket.

This will help keep your trailer legal, so make sure that your license plate light is illuminated.Not only do these lights have our license plate lights on the driver side, our marker lights and our tail lights and running lights, but we also have our turn signals and brake lights on them.Now, in the front of our trailer, we have our clearance lights here. They have three built in LEDs to really help illuminate and let others know where our trailer's at behind our vehicle. These clearance lights have a nice amber color. They also have a built-in reflector and we have a nice chrome base to help give our trailer a nice finished look. These clearance lights, just like our back lights are submersible and waterproof.Now, for a few measurements to see if these will work for your trailer.

We're looking at about 7-7/8 of an inch and width on our light assemblies, we're looking at about 3-1/4 inches tall and about 2-3/4 of an inch deep.Now, on our clearance light assemblies with the chrome housing, we're measuring about 2-7/8 of an inch wide. We're about an 1-3/8 inch tall. With the gasket, we're measuring about 1-1/8 inch of depth.Now that we've gone over some features of our lights, we'll show you how to get them installed. To begin our install, we'll start at the front of our trailer. Make sure that we can route our wires to the back, making sure we have enough slack for our four pole connector in the front.Now, when we route our wiring, we have two sets of wires.

We have a green and a brown and this is for our passenger side and a yellow and a brown and that's for our driver side. Now, when you route these, you want to make sure you route them in a way that they're not going to interfere with any moving parts in the suspension and they're not going to get snagged on the ground on anything. We just routed ours to the existing wiring channels on our trailer.Now the white wire that comes off of our four pole connector, we need to attach this directly to our trailers frame. This serves as our ground. I'm going to make a pilot hole in the frame of our trailer with a small drill bit.Now, we'll take our white wire, strip off a little of the insulation, place on a ring terminal, crimp that down.Now, we'll secure our ring terminal where we drilled our pilot hole with a self tapping screw.

Okay, now that it's secure, we have a proper ground.Here we are at the back of our trailer. Now our trailer at one point in time had round lights in it. Not a big deal. We'll use the plate that the lights are mounted to, to secure our new lights.I went ahead and marked out two locations that are four inches apart from each other and even with the top of our trailer flan assembly here. We'll drill two pilot holes and enlarge them to secure our light assemblies.Where the pilot holes are made, we'll now enlarge them to a quarter inch in diameter.Now we'll take our driver side light. It's the one with the yellow wire coming out of it and a clear spot on the bottom. We'll take two of our carriage bolts and we'll slide those into the slots that are in the outermost location. Now most applications you'll pick one of the outer ones and the center one and you won't use one of the other outer ones, and your holes will be drilled two inches apart versus our four inches, but for our situation, since we're going over a round hole, we need to use the four inches so we have the most room.Now I'll take our light assembly, guide the wires through our round hole and then go through the two holes that we drilled. Now this is our license plate frame bracket here. Most applications you would go through the outer hole and then the bolt that we're not using in the middle to secure it in place, but because the way our trailer's designed we won't be able to use that in this particular application. We'll deal with this later. Place the lock washer on our bolt, followed by one of our nuts. Do the same for the other bolt.Now we'll take a 10 millimeter socket and we'll snug down our nuts. We don't need to go overly tight because if we go too tight, we'll just crack our plastic assembly.We'll go ahead and repeat our same process on the passenger side to mount our light assemblies. Now we can start making our wire connections. Here's our wire that we ran back from the front and the wires from our light. We're going to measure off how much of each we're going to need and cut off the excess. Separate our brown and yellow wire that we brought back and strip back the insulation from each end of our wires. We use some blue, 14 to 16 inch gauge heat shrink butt connectors that we have available on our website. The reason we're using these over the wire nuts that come with our kit is because these will provide a more weather tight seal so you don't have to worry about the elements causing corrosion, which could cause a short.Now we'll just match our wire colors up. Our yellow wire will go to our yellow wire. This is for our left turn signal and left brake light.This is our ground wire. We need to attach this ring terminal directly to our frame on the trailer. Now what I'm going to do to give us the cleanest and most professional install is measure off how much we're going to need to attach to this stud here. Cut off the excess. Strip back some insulation. Take a 14 to 16 gauge ring terminal, which we have available on our website. Stick on the wire and crimp it into place.I'll remove our nut, stick it over the stud and place a lock washer in the nut and snug it back down.Now we use a heat gun, which we have available on our website to shrink down our butt connectors. You'll want to use a heat gun over a cigarette lighter because it's an indirect source of heat versus and open flame. It won't damage the connectors.All right, for our particular application for our license plate bracket, we secured it in place with a couple self--tapping screws and some fender washers. This gives us a nice solid mount and the light will be able to shine down onto it still, thus illuminating it and keeping us legal.Now we will go ahead and wire up our passenger side the same way we did the driver side. The only difference is since we're on the right side now versus the left, our turn signal and brake light wire is now a green wire versus a yellow.So for our clearance lights, we're locating those on the side of our trailer towards the front. We took our bracket that they mount to, set it over where we wanted it and made a couple pilot holes through here and here for our self-tapping screws. Then right above this spot right here, we drilled a larger hole in the frame so we have a spot for our wires to pass through so they won't short out.We'll take our gasket, sit it on the back of our bracket. Take our self-tapping screw, go through one of the holes, line it up with the hole that we drilled. Get it to start. Line up our second self-tapping screw and get it started.Now we'll take our clearance light, our wire lead. We'll push the wire lead into the top location of the clearance light, feed our wire through the large hole and snap it into place.Okay, this is some extra black 16 gauge wire. We have this available on our website as part number 16-1-1. It's sold by the foot. You may or may not need this depending on your application. We'll strip off one end. That wire. We'll strip off the power lead from our clearance light and we'll combine the two with a butt connector.Like we've done before on all of our butt connectors, we'll use a heat gun. Now the brown wire from our four pole flat wiring that we routed into the back earlier, we'll cut right in the middle, strip back the insulation from both ends. Measure off how much of the wire that we added to the clearance light we're going to need. Cut off the excess. Strip off some insulation from it. Tie that in with one end of the brown wire. Take a butt connector, crimp it. We'll place the other end of the brown wire inside the butt connector.Now we will go ahead and wire up our passenger side the same way that we did the drive side. Now that we have everything installed, we'll test it all out. If we're using a tow doctor trailer tester to make sure everything's working right. Start by testing out our tail lights. Our tail lights are working and so are our clearance lights.Do a left brake light now. That's working. Also, doubles as our left turn signal. We'll do our right brake light again, which doubles as a right turn signal and that's working, too.That completes our look at and showing you how to install the Optronic Submersible Aero Pro LED trailer light kit. Part number TLL36RK.

Customer Reviews

Aero Pro LED Trailer Light Kit for Trailers Over 80" Wide - Submersible - Driver and Passenger - TLL36RK

Average Customer Rating:  4.7 out of 5 stars   (182 Customer Reviews)

Waterproof trailer light kit includes 2 combination tail lights and 2 clearance or side marker lights to serve 8 functions on trailers wider than 80". Universal mount with stainless steel hardware. 25' Harness with 4-pole connection.


Great product... easy install. 591274


I plan on replacing the lights on my 97 King boat trailer with the new ones I bought from etrailer. I especially appreciated the fast delivery, it helps a lot. 587869


Good kit, would be better if they included machine screws as an option for mounting the marker lights, sheet metal screws don't work well if you are mounting on 3/16" steel. 693801


These fit my 1998 Ranger r91 sport boat trailer perfectly and a re a great upgrade. The screws needed to be pushed all the way to the very top of the channels and the lights look like they are a factory fit. Easy to install and a great product! 122124


The stop/turn rear lights seem to be great quality and sealed well. The marker lamps itself is a sealed unit, but separate from its chrome mounting plate, so I guess thats OK. I'll be using some black silicone to install the lights; after I pilot drill the screw holes I'll put a healthy amount of silicone on the back of the unit. This will get a little goo in the threads to help seal them and fill any voids between the housing and trailer frame it sits against to prevent a little pool of water from being stuck in there. The stainless hardware to mount the main lights is good, but the rest of the stews suck. I'm going to pick up some better stainless screws that are longer, my trailer frame is thick. The plastic wire connectors are crap, throw them out (the little blue ones that pierce the wire for the marker lights). How is that water proof? Get some heat shrink butt connectors and adhesive lined heat shrink tube is this is for a boat trailer installation like mine. 152245


After installing a wiring harness on my Honda Fit (which was fairly tricky!) I enlisted the help of my father and uncle to help me install this on a small ancient boat trailer for a newly built sailing dinghy. Installation was a breeze but we did have a hell of a time creating a good grounding contact with the trailer. On a newer trailer, this likely would have been easier. I would also recommend just wiring a full ground from the wiring harness at the car end and not messing with a metal-on-metal contact. I trailer and launch my boat in salt and fresh water and maintaining that ground connection throughout a season of regular use has proved challenging! The lights never come on at first but then bounce on after I go over a few bumps and stay on. The lighting kit has been great and I've had no problems whatsoever, just the standard issues of keeping the rust off the ground contacts and keeping the wiring in good shape as it's mounted on the outside of (round!) trailer supports. etc. The lights are bright and look nice and haven't filled with water or had any problems. You may need to invest in some larger/sturdier zip ties if you end up needing to run this on the outside of your trailer versus threading it through the frame. 585275


Well made product overall. I would have a few suggestions for the manufacture though. First the screws that came with it were not self tappers as described in the instructions. Luckily this was replacing old busted lights and no new holes needed to be drilled. Second the connections for the main wires to the wires on lights them selves should not be done with wire nuts. Luckily I had some heat shrink connectors . I launch my boat primarily is salt and brackish water and know hot gas saltwater can eat through most metals. Plus no submersible trailer should have connections with wire nuts. Third both sides should have clear back up lights on bottom of lights not just driver side I don't know about most people but I do use both mirrors backing up and most every one of my back downs take place well before daylight since this was for my duck hunting boat. 172747

Well, that light is for the license plate, NOT for back up lighting. Thought Id clarify that.
-- comment by: Ashley J - 11/09/2015



These lights did exactly what they said they would do. They work, thank you. I bought the fenders also at one third the price of the manufactures cost. Had to drill my own holes but no big deal. 259416


I purchased these lights to replace and upgrade the incandescent set that came on a 20’ boat trailer. I chose this set because I liked the way the taillight side markers protrude out rather than being flat. I felt that this would help with visibility at night. The only thing I’m not particularly fond of is the way the amber marker lights that came with the set are designed. The light itself I like. It uses a plug in wire design rather than a sealed wire that is already attached like the taillights. It’s more or less a matter of preference. I mounted these on the fenders facing forward to help see where the trailer is in dark and rainy weather. 528869

I’m still happy with the product and would recommend it to future buyers.
Charlie - 07/03/2019



There seems to be some confusion (myself included) about the spacing of the mounting channels on the rear of the tail lights. So gather round and learn from my mistakes: ALL of the spacing between channels is 2". The difference is the distances from the channel to the side of the lamp assembly! Note the attached picture. The bottom lamp is for an over 80" trailer and the top is the one I mistakenly purchased. NOTE THE DIFFERENCES FROM THE SCREWS TO THE EDGES OF THE LAMP. BIG DIFFERENCE! Also note that the over 80 lamp (bottom) is shaped differently on the right side, while the top under 80 lamp has straight sides. Happy trailering! Keith 33502


Product arrived as ordered and on time. Pros: 1) Once installed, everything works and looks great. Cons: 1) Installation istructions included with the kit were a bit limited at times, especially if you had never done this sort of thing before (like me). For example the instructions to install the base-snap-on post-style amber marker lights were OK but not explicit in terms of pointing out that it's important to orient the light the right way before snapping it in place. Again, a reasonably bright person can figure it out, but a bit more guidance would have been helpful. 2) Kit does not include the three rear clearance LEDs to replace the ones on my trailer. It is clear that these are not in the kit and I'm not dinging etrailer.com for this. Just know that if you want to replace these, you are on your own to find them. For me it was a bit of a challenge since I wanted LED versions that fit where the old ones went without drilling new holes. I needed ones with mounting 'ears' with holes 2 3/4 inches on center. I found what I needed at a local retailer. To the credit of etrailers.com, this website is great in that specs like mounting hole spacing is usually right there for you. In searching online for the clearance lights I wanted many sites don't put that sort of info up for you. Bravo to etrailers! Don't let the 'cons' I listed dissuade you. This seems to be a good product (I haven't put the trailer in the water yet...), installation was pretty easy, and etrailers.com has good online info to help in most cases. 83065

These trailer lights are awesome! They work and look great and seem to be well sealed. After many trips to the lake they still look brand new with no sign of water entry. LED is the way to go.
Steve W - 06/04/2014



Being a new boat owner I was quickly overwhelmed by what I didn't know. Re-wiring, re-lighting my trailer was my first project. etrailer has a wide range of products, but most important to me, was their added product information and instructional information which helped me make the right selections to get this done. Add to that is their very competitive prices. etrailer will be my go to source for my future trailer needs. 313881


Hi. I’m satisfied with the trailer tires but I wasted a lot of time and trouble getting the bead seated because they were so narrow, I guess due the packing and storage process. I went from referral to referral hearing the same line, “maybe they can do it”. On my fifth service shop, a place that sells and services tractor trailer semi tire, they were finally able to do it. On top of that, I had to pay a little over $20 per tire to get them beaded. I could have bought the tires already mounted on new wheels from you for the price I paid for the tires and mounting. I meant to mention this to you last year, maybe you should mention this potential problem so that other customers might avoid running all other the place trying to find someone to mount them. Thanks for your concern. 498916


I recently decided to replace my existing lights with LED's on an enclosed 5 x10 ATV/Motorcycle trailer. This kit worked great for the job. Install was simple for the most part, but may require some small modifications based on existing wire and lighting locations. Lights are very bright and make trailering a breeze. The only reason I gave it 4 stars was that it was short several pieces of the install hardware and I chose to improvise rather than contact Etrailer customer service and wait for replacements. Certainly recommend and will be a returning customer. 555752


The lights are very bright and visible and I am happy with the product as a whole. The directions are absolutely worthless. If you have installed trailer lights before you will have no problems, if you haven't and are not "handy" with this sort of thing, you will struggle. I opted not to use a majority of the electrical connectors provided as i don't feel they are suitable for use on electrical systems that will be subjected to the elements. All in all I am happy with the kit, the true test will be the durability of the lights and I am hopeful they will be the last set I put on my trailer. 12097


Exactly what I ordered. Fast shipping! 802207


Works as expected. Lights are super bright and large enough to see from a distance. It is easier to buy a wiring harness from trailer for your vehicle than to use the provided harness and having to splice to your vehicles rear electrical connection. Use wiring diagrams for 4 wire light kits to understand the install of side markers. Also, when installing on a travel trailer, you can tie all the grounds together to ease the install as the short white wires of the tail lights most likely won't reach the frame. Provided Directions for side markers not as clear as the regular light instructions were, hence the reccomendation of looking at third party wiring diagrams. 795561


I needed to replace a wiring harness on my skiff's 20+year old trailer; a harness which had been spliced to many times to count. Upon receiving my trailer light kit, it was discovered the required "pig tail" wires for the side clearance lights were not in the package. One call to the customer service dept. quickly rectified this. Paula S. was incredibly professional and polite assuring the missing wires were immediately mailed out to me. Installations was very easy, and there are video's on line which also review installation should one need a tutorial before taking on the task. Excellent product/customer support, and follow up. One of the best companies I've worked with in a very long time. 794608


Great product. 783500


Have not used it as of yet but the service was outstanding 776665


Now I hope I can follow directions, get back to ya 767779


Lights worked great. Easy to install and still going strong. Would recommend to anyone. 754861


they fit and work as said.no problem with wiring or side mount ,good buy 749048


Exactly what I needed to get my trailer in tip top shape! Super fast shipping and great prices are always a bonus. Many Thanks E-Trailer!!!!! 736554



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    The LED trailer wiring kits we offer like the part # TLL36RK do only have one set of clearance lights that come with them but you can easily add additional ones with like the # MCL-91AK and you'd have all 4 that you'd need. So you'd want to order the # TLL36RK and two of the part # MCL-91AK and you'd be set.
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    Sounds like you need something like the Submersible Over 80" Aero Pro LED Trailer Light Kit w 25' Wiring Harness, Item # TLL36RK. The lights in this kit are sealed and have a waterproof construction. The LEDs are very efficient and last 50 times longer than incandescent bulbs. This kit is for trailers that are over 80 inches so if your trailer is under 80 inches then you can use a similar kit, Item # TLL9RK. Since you want something waterproof that will hold up in salt water, I...
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  • Trailer Wiring Kit Availability for Older Boat Trailer that Measures 22 feet
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  • Replacement LED Trailer Taillight Kit for Coachmen Q49b Catalina
    It might be a good time to just go with a whole new LED trailer light kit like the part # TLL36RK which comes with new LED taillights, clearance lights, a license plate bracket and wiring.
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  • Wire Gauge Used on Optronics Aero Pro LED Trailer Light Kit # TLL36RK
    I spoke with my contact at Optronics regarding the Aero Pro LED Trailer Light Kit # TLL36RK referenced in your question. He stated that the kit features 20 gauge wiring for each of the wires. I have attached a couple short video demonstrations on this light kit that you can also take a look at.
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  • Recommended Replacement Light Kit for Wesbar 3504 Trailer Tail Lights on Enclosed Trailer
    I have a lighting kit that will work well for your utility trailer. The kit I recommend is the Optronics Waterproof, Over 80 Inches LED Trailer Light Kit with 25 Foot Wiring Harness # TLL16RK. This kit includes LED waterproof taillights that will illuminate the license plate under the left side taillight. The taillights measure 8-1/16 inches wide x 2-7/8 inches tall x 2-13/16 inches deep. The depth of these taillights is more than the 2-1/4 inch to 2-1/2 inch depth you provided, but...
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    You can see all of our submersible LED type lighting products on the linked page. You can also refer to the linked article on trailer lighting requirements to see exactly what lighting is needed for your particular trailer. For taillights, click on that category at the top of the page; then select the shape, mounting type and dimensions most closely matching your requirements. We even offer complete LED lighting kits for trailers over 8-inches wide, part # TLL36RK from Optronics.
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  • Solution to Add Auxiliary Brake and Tail Light to Truck Camper With Light Obscured by Bike Rack
    It is a smart idea to add an auxiliary light set to your truck camper bumper, and the LED Combination Tail Light Kit for Trailers # TLL36RK is option, though there is a more cost-effective and easier to install option with magnetic tow lights, which are normally used for flat towing vehicles but would be perfect for your application. The Heavy Duty Magnetic Tow Lights # TL21RK will plug right into a 4-way and could also work even if you have plugged your 7-way into the camper, so long...
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  • Running Taillight Wiring Externally Outside of Frame Member on Old Trailer
    The wiring harness included with the # TLL36RK LED Trailer Lamp/wiring kit would work perfectly fine zip tied to the trailer frame (or you could use the clips included with the kit). I'd recommend running the wires on the inboard side of the frame members if you can, so they're well protected. I used this method to rewire my PWC trailer about 5 years ago, and it still works great. I've had absolutely no problems regarding wire exposure.
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  • Replacement LED Boat Trailer Light Kit
    The side marker lights are LED and the Over 80 inch description is for DOT regulations. Trailers over 80 inches wide are required to have two side marker lights, one each side.
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  • How to Tow a Trailer with Reverse Lights 2013 Nissan Leaf
    Yes, the Submersible, Over 80" Aero Pro LED Trailer Light Kit part # TLL36RK, Light Guide LED Backup Light part # BUL602CB, 25 ft. Wishbone 5-Way Trailer Harness part # A25W5B, and Right Angle 3-Wire Pigtail for Optronics Trailer Lights part # A47PB will all work together and give your trailer reverse lights. The Submersible Tail Light Kit part # TLL36RK comes with a 4-way wiring harness and since you will be using a 5-way wiring harness, the more cost effective solution would be to...
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  • Available LED-Type Trailer Lighting to Convert from Incandescent Bulbs
    Converting trailer lighting to the LED-type is a great way to both increase visibility and reduce power demand on the vehicle wiring system. LEDs are roughly 10x more energy efficient than incandescent lights. In some cases the trailer turn signal lights will need a load resistor to prevent what is called hyper-flashing (overly fast blinking of the turn signals) but this is something you really have to try to know. The other lighting circuits definitely will not need a load resistor...
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  • Troubleshooting Installation of Optronics Trailer Tail Light Kit TLL36RK
    The first thing you can check on your trailer tail light installation with Optronics kit # TLL36RK is the ground wire, which is the white wire. A bad ground will prevent operation of all lights. This white wire from the 4-pole flat connector must be firmly attached to a clean bare metal surface on the trailer frame. You can try sanding off any paint or rust to get down to the bare metal. Make sure the white ground wire is very firmly secured to the trailer frame. You also need to...
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  • Recommended LED Trailer Light Kit for a Small Utility Trailer
    I recommend the Optronics LED trailer light kit # TLL36RK. The kit includes 2 LED tail lights, 2 amber side marker and clearance lights, license plate bracket, wiring harness and stainless steel mounting hardware. I also recommend getting a deluxe wiring installation kit # HM51020 because it includes all the necessary essentials for rewiring a trailer. I included a trailer diagram for you too.
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  • Trailer Keeps Blowing Running Light Fuse on Tow Vehicle Even Though All Wiring is New
    There is definitely a short somewhere or some major back feeding that is causing that running light circuit on the tow vehicle to blow. Usually this is caused by a frayed wire touching bare metal. Even though your wiring is new it is possible that when the skin was put on some wires got pinched but allowed the wiring to work for awhile. After a few trips towing the trailer and it moving around while traveling the wires could have gotten rubbed and frayed causing the short. Another possible...
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  • Side Marker Lights Are Causing a Short on the Trailer
    The side markers that are included with the LED Wiring Kit, # TLL36RK, install exactly as you have described. The issue definitely sounds like a short, as you mentioned, if you are blowing a fuse. The short could be cause by the connector from the short black power wire for the clearance light touching the trailer frame. I made a short video explaining what I am talking about. The solution for this would be to drill a hole in the frame large enough so the connector does not touch the frame....
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  • Recommendation for 24 Volt Trailer Lights
    We do have some lights that are designed to work on a 24 volt system but none that are available in a kit. I recommend using light # STL23R24B. There are a few ways to mount this light. You can use a grommet and flush mount it using # A45GB. Or you can surface mount it with a bracket, # BK45BB. You will also use a wiring harness, # A47PB.
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  • New Blazer Brand Trailer Tail Light Only has 2 Wires But Old Peterson Light had 3 Wires
    If you look at the back of the tail light assembly you purchased it should tell you the functions of the wires. My guess is that your old light had a separate ground wire and the new one grounds through the mounting studs so it doesn't have a ground wire. You can email me some pictures of the light you want to wire in or tell me the the model number and I should be able to tell you for sure how it wires in.
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  • Do LED Trailer Lights Cause Hyperflashing Blinker Circuits
    LEDs only cause blinking issues when they are installed on a vehicle that previously had incandescent bulbs. LEDs on trailer don't cause any issues like this. There are only a few German vehicles that have trouble with trailers with LED taillights. Typically LEDs work great as trailer lighting since they draw such a small amount of amperage and last basically forever. A light kit like the part # TLL9RK would work great for you as long as your trailer is less than 80 inches in width....
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  • Recommended LED Light Bar For The Back of An Enclosed Trailer
    The LED light bar strip I recommend is # MCL93RB. Each strip has 3 LED lights on the base. They are sealed, waterproof and corrosion resistant. Contains both lead wire and ground wire for mounting to all surfaces. The LED light bar strip # MCL93RB is a two wire system meaning you will have one wire with a ring terminal for your ground, and a 50-inch power lead wire. You will connect the white wire to your ground and the brown power wire lead to your power supply. I included an FAQ...
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  • Troubleshooting Low Voltage/Dim LED Trailer Lights from New Harness
    You will need to get at or very near 12 volts in order for the Optronics Trailer Light Kit part # TLL36RK to illuminate properly. What I would recommend you first do is check the grounds of the trailer and the assemblies themselves. You want to make sure the main trailer ground is connected to a clean metal surface on the trailer frame. This is the ground strap that runs from the connector on your trailer to the frame. The ground wires of the assemblies need to be connected to a clean...
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  • Some of the Diodes Not Lighting Up on Newly Installed LED Trailer Tail Lights
    There is either an internal problem with the LEDs themselves or there is a bad ground so that the circuit is not 100 percent completed causing only some of the diodes to light up. Many boat trailers use aluminum frames which do not offer the best ground. I recommend extending the ground up to the main trailer connector ground or to a steel component such as the axle. If this does not solve the issue then there is likely a problem with the LEDs themselves and the tail lights will need...
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  • Turn Signals and Brake Lights Not Working After Installing LED Lights on a PWC Trailer
    First make sure that the trailer connector is functioning properly with no trailer connector. Use a circuit tester to test the connection. If the brake and turn signals are not working without a trailer connected check to be sure there are no blown fuses on your vehicle and that the converter box has power if your vehicle requires one. Then on the trailer make sure that the wires are connected to the correct circuits, and that the white wire is properly grounded, at the trailer tongue...
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  • Adding 2 Wire LED Clearance Lights to a Boat Trailer
    First, if you are switching to LED lights on the trailer, make sure to replace all of the incandescents with LEDs. Mixing the two styles can result in some of the lights not working and/or malfunctions. Clearance lights, LED or otherwise, that have 2 wires use one wire for power and the other is the ground that attaches to the trailer frame. Clearance lights run off of the running light circuit, the brown wire if you are looking at trailer light kit # TLL36RK. The wires from the old...
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  • Adding External Trailer Brake Lights to a 2009 Honda Pilot
    It sounds like you want to add additional lights to the 2009 Honda Pilot. The best solution would be to install a 4-Way trailer wiring connector on the back of your Pilot using # 118491. Then you could plug in a simple magnetic light kit such as # C-ATL20A. If the Pilot already has a 4-Way flat then you would not need to install # 118491. If the Pilot has a 7-Way trailer connector then you would also need an adapter, # PK12716, which plugs into the 7-Way and then you would plug the 4-Way...
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  • New Trailer Lights have 1 Wire and Old Ones Used 2 Wires
    The new lights with the 1 wire ground through the mounting hardware. If you want you could attach a ring terminal such as # DW05702-1 to the ground wire on the trailer and run the hardware through it so the ring terminal is between the light and the trailer frame. You would only have to do this if the trailer has an aluminum frame. The other wire is the power wire.
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  • Why Would Power Make it to New Trailer Running Lights Installed but Not Light Them Up
    How are you powering the new lights? Are you powering them in series or parallel with the old lights? You'll want to power them in series which means the power wire of the lights run to the power wire of the current lights and not in series which would mean the power wire of the new lights gets ran to the ground of the old lights. It sounds like you are powering them in series which would be your problem. You can only do this with lighting if the lights all are exactly the same.
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  • Troubleshooting Trailer Lights That Blow Fuses When Connected to Tow Vehicle
    If each light assembly is grounded individually there won't be an issue with mixing LEDs and incandescent bulbs on a trailer. What is most likely happening is that the trailer light circuit is shorting out somewhere on the trailer frame due to exposed wire touching the trailer frame. That is most likely why your fuse is popping. The main ground strap from your trailer frame to your trailer connector needs to be connected to a clean metal surface. The light assemblies ground to the...
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  • Amber Marker Lights Not Working in Optronics Aero Pro LED Trailer Light Kit # TLL36RK
    The red tail lights included in the Optronics Aero Pro LED Trailer Light Kit # TLL36RK include a separate white ground wire with ring terminal to make their ground connection. However, the amber side marker lights use one of their mounting screws to establish the ground connection to your trailer. This kit includes stainless-steel mounting hardware designed to help make a good electrical connection. Please refer to the linked photo which shows the rear of the amber side marker light...
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