Measure Your Trailer Wheel Bolt Pattern

How to Measure Your Trailer Wheel Bolt Pattern

If you're replacing your trailer wheel, you've no doubt realized you need to know something called the bolt pattern (also called the lug pattern or bolt circle).An 8-lug wheel needs to be replaced by another 8-lug wheel, but the number of bolt holes or lugs is only half the equation. The bolt pattern of a wheel is defined by two numbers: the number of bolt holes and the diameter of the circle (in inches) they form. Measuring for your pattern is pretty simple, but to make things even easier, you can use a bolt pattern template or print one.If you'd rather measure it yourself, however, it's pretty simple to do. Below, we'll show you how to measure a bolt circle to determine the correct wheel bolt pattern of your trailer wheel.
Determining Your Trailer Wheel Bolt Pattern

Determining Your Trailer Wheel Bolt Pattern

The first step in determining your wheel bolt pattern is counting how many bolts (or lugs) your wheel has. Typically this will be 4, 5, 6, or 8. Next, you'll measure how many inches apart the bolt holes are. These two steps together will give you your bolt hole pattern. For example, if you have a wheel with 5 bolt holes and they form a circle with a 5-1/2" diameter, you have a wheel with a 5 on 5-1/2 bolt pattern.So how exactly do you measure between the bolt holes? The process differs a little depending on if your wheel has an even or odd number of holes. We'll go over the process for each below.

Bolt Patterns for Wheels with Even Bolt Holes

(4, 6, or 8 Holes)To measure between the holes on a wheel with an even number of holes, simply measure from the center of one bolt hole to the center of its opposite to determine the diameter of the lug pattern.
Bolt Patterns for Wheels with 4 Bolt Holes
Bolt Hole Pattern - 4 Lugs
Common bolt patterns for wheels with 4 bolt holes are:
Bolt Patterns for Wheels with 6 Bolt Holes
Bolt Hole Pattern - 6 Lugs
Common bolt patterns for wheels with 6 bolt holes are:
Bolt Patterns for Wheels with 8 Bolt Holes
Bolt Hole Pattern - 8 Lugs
Common bolt patterns for wheels with 8 bolt holes are:

Bolt Patterns for Wheels with Odd Bolt Holes

(5 Holes)Measuring the diameter of a bolt circle with an odd number of lugs isn't as straightforward. You can't measure straight across because there is no opposite bolt hole. However, there a few ways to get around this and figure out the bolt pattern you need for your new wheel.
Option 1 - Measure from Center to EdgeAn easy way to determine bolt hole circle diameter on wheels with 5 bolt holes is to measure from the center of one bolt hole to the farthest edge of one of the two farthest holes.
5 Lug Pattern Trailer Wheel
Option 2 - Measure to Imaginary Bolt Hole CenterMeasure from the center of one bolt hole to a point on the rim where the bolt hole would be on an odd-lug wheel. You must guess where this point is located if you want to measure the diameter this way.
5 Lug Pattern Trailer Wheel
Option 3 - Measure Adjacent HolesYou can also measure the center-to-center distance of adjacent holes. Then, compare the distance to those in the list below to find the circle diameter.
If the distance is:2-5/8" - bolt pattern is 5 on 4-1/22-3/4" - the bolt pattern is 5 on 4-3/43" - the bolt pattern is 5 on 53-1/4" - the bolt pattern is 5 on 5-1/2
5 Lug Pattern Trailer Wheel
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Questions and Comments about this Article

Kirby F.

I'm looking to replace my wheels/rims on my trailer. But the hubs need to be replaced. I'm thinking its a old car axle. The spindle is a taper type and the inner bearing is 1.250(LM 67048) and outer bearing is .750(LM 11949). Was wondering if there are hubs to fix this problem. Looking to go most common 5 lug bolt pattern. 105406

Reply from Jon G.

The only hub assembly that we have to match the specs you mentioned is the part # AH15450ECOMP which was designed for agricultural use. This is for a 3,000 lb axle that uses the spindle # TRU54FR so if you have something else then unfortunately we don't have a solution other than to recommend replacing your axle. If you are open to going this route let me know and I can help you find what you need for that. 76248


I have an axle with 5x5 pattern. Problem is center hole is 3.75 and I can't find wheels. Old axle. 103189

Reply from Jon G.

Unfortunately we don't have anything that fits those specs either. The closest thing is one of our 15" wheels that has the 5 on 5" bolt pattern and a 3.31" pilot hole diameter. You'll likely need to either get new hubs or a new axle. If you can let me know what bearings your hubs use I can see if we have something that is compatible. 75725

Daniel B.

I have two single axle trailers. Both have 205/75/15 tires. One is a 5x5 bolt pattern and the other has a 5x4.5 bolt pattern. Is there a universal wheel that can be used on both of these trailers to be used as a spare. I have seen universal wheels elsewhere. Thanks 95673

Reply from Jon G.

We don't have anything like that, but we do have tire/wheel combos that fit both applications. I've attached a link to our selection that you can check out! 70693

Guy C.

I like the tires and rim you have 225 75 15 76118

Reply from Chris R.

Me too! I linked our full selection below. If you have a specific question about any of them please let me know and I will be happy help. 62179

Vince K.

I have come by an unusual 2 wheel homemade trailer with a 42 tire center to center and a differential! Rims have been customized from 4 on 4 to fit on the hubs, which are 4 on 3.75.Where can I find rims with the 4 on 3.75 pattern? Can rims be bought without holes, for custom drilling? 72721

Reply from Chris R.

That's a really unusual bolt pattern. We don't have anything with that pattern and I'm not sure where something like that would be available. You might be able to find a specialty tire shop that can make custom wheels/bolt patterns - but they would be more geared towards automobile applications. Unless you're able to find a matching rim assembly from a local trailer shop or possibly an online re-seller, I think your best option here is to replace both your hubs and wheels so you can go to a more common pattern. If you can tell me what inner and outer bearing your existing hubs use I will be happy to make a specific recommendation. 59659


Does the hole where the hub comes through the wheel have to fit perfectly if the lug holes match up 70144

Reply from Chris R.

As long as your trailer has lug centric wheels (almost all do). the pilot hole doesn't need to perfectly match the hub or be identical to the hole on your previous wheels. It just needs to be large enough for the hub bore to fit through, which typically isn't a problem. 57171



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