Trailer Tire Sizing

8 - 9 - 10 - 12 - Inch Trailer Tire Sizing

Older SizeTire SizeRim WidthLoad RangeOverall Diameter
-4.80/4.00-83-3/4 inch

B: 590 lbs at 60 psi

C: 760 lbs at 90 psi

16.1 inches
-5.70-83-3/4 inch

B: 715 lbs at 50 psi

C: 910 lbs at 75 psi

D: 1,075 lbs at 100 psi

18.1 inches
16.5 x 6.5 - 8165/65-85-3/8 inchC: 800 lbs at 70 psi16.5 inches
18.5 x 8.5 - 8215/60-87 inch

C: 935 lbs at 50 psi

D: 1,165 lbs at 70 psi

18.3 inches
-6.90/6.00-94-1/2 inch

C: 1298 lbs at 60 psi

21.1 inches
-205/50-106 inch

B: 665 lbs at 30 psi

18.3 inches
20.5 x 8 - 10205/65-106 inch

B: 910 lbs at 35 psi

C: 1,100 lbs at 50 psi

D: 1,330 lbs at 70 psi

E: 1,650 lbs at 90 psi

20.5 inches
-4.80-124 inch

B: 785 lbs at 60 psi

C: 990 lbs at 90 psi

20.5 inches
-5.30-124 inch

B: 840 lbs at 55 psi

C: 1,045 lbs at 80 psi

D: 1,250 lbs at 105 psi

21.9 inches
-145/80-124 inch

D: 1,220 lbs at 65 psi

E: 1,520 lbs at 80 psi

21.3 inches

13 - 14 - 15 - 16 - 17.5 Inch Trailer Tire Sizing

Letter SizeMetric SizeRim Width RangeLoad RangeOverall Diameter



175/80-134-1/2, 5, 5-1/2

B: 1,100 lbs at 35 psi

C: 1,360 lbs at 50 psi

D: 1,610 lbs at 65 psi

24.1 inches



185/80-134-1/2, 5, 5-1/2

C: 1,480 lbs at 50 psi

D: 1,725 lbs at 65 psi

24.4 inches



205/75-145, 5-1/2, 6, 6-1/2

B: 1,430 lbs at 35 psi

C: 1,760 lbs at 50 psi

D: 2,100 lbs at 65 psi

26.3 inches



215/75-145-1/2, 6, 6-1/2, 7 C: 1,870 lbs at 50 psi26.7 inches
-8-14.5MH6 inch

E: 2,540 lbs at 85 psi

G: 3,070 lbs at 116 psi

27.7 inches



205/75-155, 5-1/2, 6, 6-1/2

B: 1,480 lbs at 35 psi

C: 1,820 lbs at 50 psi

D: 2,150 lbs at 65 psi

27.1 inches



225/75-156, 6-1/2, 7

C: 2,150 lbs at 50 psi

D: 2,540 lbs at 65 psi

E: 2,961 lbs at 90 psi

28.4 inches
-7.00-15LT5, 5-1/2, 6

E: 2,403 lbs at 70 psi

29.4 inches
-235/80-166, 6-1/2, 7, 7-1/2

D: 3,000 lbs at 65 psi

E: 3,500 lbs at 90 psi

30.9 inches
-235/85-166, 6-1/2, 7, 7-1/2

E: 3,640 lbs at 95 psi

F: 3,960 lbs at 110 psi

31.6 inches

D: 2,590 lbs at 60 psi

E: 2,926 lbs at 75 psi

F: 3,168 lbs at 85 psi

31.8 inches
-215/75-17.56-3/4 inch

H (single): 4,805 lbs at 123 psi

H (dual): 4,540 lbs at 123 psi

30.2 inches

Questions and Comments about this Article

Mel K.

Hello, I'm trying to figure out what tires and wheels I need for a odd trailer that has a sun room type building on it ( mostly glass) it's sitting behind a house I purchased and I want to move it. I have the axles and springs in place and need to purchase the spring bolts somewhere and decide what tires to use, its a double axle with 30" between spring bolts, the bolt pattern on the hub is 4.25 from lug to lug. There;s about 8.5" distance from the spring bolt to the bottom of the trailer frame. 98225

Reply from Jon G.

What is the distance from the center of your hub to the trailer frame? It sounds like you have a 5 on 4-1/2" bolt pattern. You can confirm this with the attached article. Typically the bolts used to attach the leaf spring to the hangers has a 9/16" diameter so a wet bolt like part # 126B2 can be used. You'll need to confirm this on your end though. 73100

Reply from Mel K.

@JonG sorry just got back in town, this frame has a unique structure on it (is it possible to send a picture?) Not sure on the wheel diameter and tire size, yes it is 5 lug, . 73398

Reply from Mel K.

@MelK I measured the 5 lugs again and sure looks like 4.25 from lug to lug. The distance from hub to bottom of trailer frame is 16" but the building on the frame drops down 3" and it looks like the tires will hit, so from the center hub to the structure its 13" From face of the hub out there is 3.5" clearance and from face of hub to the frame there is 5.5" clearance. Do all the 9/16 bolts come with a grease fitting? 73456

Reply from Jon G.

@MelK If it really is 4.25" then I'm afraid we won't have any rims that are compatible. As far as tires go I think your best bet is the Taskmaster 4.80R12 Radial Trailer Tire - Load Range C (990 lbs at 90 psi) # TT48012C , but you'll want to make sure that 990 lbs (per tire) is enough capacity for your trailer. You basically just want to make sure that your combined tire rating is at least as much as your axles. It varies if the wet bolt actually comes with the grease (zerk) fitting. Here is a link to our selection of 9/16" bolts that you can filter through. 73571


I have a 1991 Excel 5th wheel 29 foot. But someone put vehicle tires on it. I need to figure out what size tires it supposed to have 98180

Reply from Jon G.

Look for a sticker either on the frame, in a compartment, or elsewhere on the RV. Sometimes there will be a sticker that shows what size tires the RV should have. If the tires right now don't have a clearance issue you can let me know what size they are and I can tell you what the equivalent would be for trailer tires. 73099


I currently run 225 75R15 tires I want a little taller tire to improve ground clearance .... I’m looking at new axles but thought I’d try the tire route first if possible 98105

Reply from Jon G.

You'll get a little bit of ground clearance with larger tires but you really won't see that much of a difference. Your 225/75R15 tires have a diameter of 28.4" and even if you installed 235/85-16 tires which have a larger diameter of 31.6" you're really only gaining half of that in height. So you're looking at an increase of about 1.5". You'll see the most increase by using an over-under kit like part # K71-385-00 or by installing taller hangers. 73098


Can I put 13 inch tires on my 8 ft trailer instead of the 12 inch going to FLA pulling my golf cart 97304

Reply from Jon G.

As long as you can have 4" of clearance between your tire and the fender as well as 2" of clearance between your tire and the trailer frame you can definitely upgrade the tire size. Here is a link that I think you'll find helpful. 72734


I bought a utility trailer with ST205/75/15 tires. I am an inch to tall to back the trailer into my garage (with a UTV on it) and was wondering if its possible to put on smaller tires (maybe a size 13) to save a few inches? This assumes the load rating supports it. 97216

Reply from Jon G.

Yeah it's definitely possible as long as the load rating supports it like you said. I'd go with a 185/80-13 like the Kenda Karrier # AM10208 which is rated for 1,710 lbs at 65 psi. 72733

Robert M.

Can I change my 14inch to 15 inch rims and tires on a star craft ar one 17 rd year 2016. I want a load range e tire. Thanks 96462

Reply from Jon G.

As long as you can retain about 4" of height clearance between the tire and fender and then at least 2" of clearance from the sidewall to your trailer frame you are good to go. 70797

Shane N.

Trying to determine the right size tires for a 2013 Gulf Stream Conquest 323 TBR that I just bought. 95794

Reply from Jon G.

I wasn't able to find anything either. I'd try reaching out to Gulf Stream Coach with your VIN as they should be able to tell you what came on your trailer. 70796


What rim size is recommended for a 16’ tandem axle utility trailer. 95363

Reply from Chris R.

This is really dependent on the actual loaded weight of the trailer, along with what kind of clearance you actually have available below the fenders. Do you know what size is currently used on the trailer? 70413

Gary H.

Have a boat trailer withe 2 tires size 185/70R13, must be a discontinue size, what is the closest size tire they may be a little smaller but not bigger because of fender, needing a spare. 95249

Reply from Chris R.

The closest alternative to that size we have available is an ST185/80-13 like the Kenda # AM10208 . This will be just a tad larger than what you currently have, but only by 1/2". That means the new tire will creep closer to the fender by just 1/4". 70412

Reply from Gary H.

@ChrisR Found a plate on boat trailer that calls for P175/80B13, should I change both tires to that size and just keep old tires for spares. 70458

Reply from Jon G.

As long as the 175/80-13 tires have enough weight capacity to handle the trailer then go for it (see attached link). I only recommend using a different sized spare to hobble along a mile or so to your next exit. It would be best to have all of your tires the same size that way if you have to swap one out you can continue on your travel until you can find a tire shop. 70795


I need new wheels(rims/tire) for a homemade trailer. The tire size is 205/75R15 The hub is a 5 lug 4-1/2 but the center hub hole is only 2-1/2 inches across, Do you have any wheels that will fit this. I do not see a way to filter by hub/pilot size. All the ones I see are 3.19 inches or larger. 94404

Reply from Chris R.

All of our wheels are lug-centric (which is almost always the case with trailer wheels), which means they center and secure to the hub using the lugs - not the hub itself. That's a long-ish way of saying the pilot hole diameter doesn't matter. I've linked our full selection of radial ply 205/75R15 tire/wheel combos below. 69935


I just bought a 1998 sportsman camper trailer 26 ft and wieght 4500 with dual axal its a bumperpull it has 4 diffrent size tires on it i would like to know what it the actuall manufacturer size to go on it i cant find anything on google searchs untill i found this site hopefully. Yall can help thanks 86546

Reply from Chris R.

Unfortunately there's no way for me to verify what the factory/stock tire size was for your 1998 Sportsman trailer, though you will definitely want to change out the tires so that they are the same ASAP. I might just match to the largest tire size you currently have mounted to ensure sufficient weight capacity. 68322

Udo M.

I have a trailer with 5 on 4 1/2" and 12" Mickie mouse wheels. I need to go larger not for the load 1 (Motorcycle ) but for the tow vehicular. I like to go with 14-15 " wheels. To see what will fit, I need the backspacing (offset) for the 14"x 6" wheel and 15"x 6" 86399

Reply from Chris R.

Are you looking at a particular model wheel? Most of the wheels we have available have a zero offset, which is pretty standard for trailers. 68321

Reply from Udo M.

@ChrisR 0 offset means there have the bolting surface in the center. If this is the case I can figure out what I need. Need to take some measurements. 68337


I have just bought a 2017 RAM 3500 to replace my 2013 F150 EcoBoost to pull my fifth Wheel and I may have to raise the trailer up a few inches. I was thinking about getting the taller tires first But I cant find a suitable tire to replace the ST225/75/R15's. Any suggestions besides investing in 16 inch rims? I only have 4" clearance for upward travel in the wheel wells and 4.5" between tires. The axle is already under the leaf springs! I appreciate your help, Danny 86152

Reply from Chris R.

Taller tires will increase the trailer height a bit, but the problem is that you'd have to get significantly larger tires to really make a difference - and it doesn't sound like you really have the fender clearance to make that possible. To raise the trailer 3" just from new tires would require tires that are 6" larger in diameter/height than what you currently have (since half of the tire sits above the axle). My best recommendation for raising the trailer would be to simply cut off your current hangers and replace them with longer ones. I've linked our full selection below. 67915

Steve S.

my current pop up has a 20.5x8-10 tires which I believe is a 5 x 4.5 bolt pattern. I have heard radials are much better and a smoother ride. Is it possible to upgrade to radials and what sizes would I be looking for? 84805

Reply from Chris R.

A radial ply tire is definitely a better option, especially when it comes to highway travel. In your existing tire size we only have bias units available, but if you upgrade a bit you could go with a 145/80R12 like the Kenda # AM31202 . This tire/wheel will be about an inch larger in diameter/height but around 2.7" smaller in width. It features a maximum load of 1,220 lbs at 65 psi. 67913

George C.

currently have goodyear 195/75r14 on utility trailer what is an inexpensive replacement? 82138

Reply from Chris R.

The closest trailer tire size we have available to that is a 205/75R14, which will be a little under an inch larger in diameter/height than your existing tires. The Contender # C20514C is an excellent, economical option. It features a max load of 1,760 lbs at 50 psi and an 81 mph speed rating. 67278

Jeff B.

I have a trailer that was built on an axle (home made) and the tires are 245/50 R16. Could you recommend a trailer tire size that would work? 82002

Reply from Chris R.

The smallest 16" trailer tire size we have is a 235/80R16 like the Prodivder # TTWTRTM2358016E . This tire will have an overall diameter/height of around 30.7" and a width of 9.25". 67277

Hunter L.

My camper has 7.00-15LT tires and I'm having trouble finding a replacement size, it needs to be really close to the same size so I dont have to flip the axles under the springs to make sure it doesnt sit too low, thank you for the help in advance. 81891

Reply from Chris R.

We have that exact size available. I highly recommend the Kenda # AM10414 , which features a maximum load of 2,403 lbs at 70 psi. 67276

Tony S.

My old trailer PRYOR 1988 has st205/75d14 needs tires replacement, can you advice a good and cheap replacement tires. 80761

Reply from Chris R.

The Contender # C20514C is a high-quality, cost-efficient unit that will work perfectly as a replacement on your PRYOR trailer. It features a maximum load of 1,760 lbs at 50 psi and an excellent 81 mph speed rating. 66505

Raven D.

Just acquired an old EZ Haul trailer. Numbers on the tires are 8 15 15. No letters. I did not find this on the chart. Does anyone know what size tires I should be looking for? 80552

Reply from Chris R.

I've not heard of that tire size listing before. Are there by chance any other numbers printed anywhere else on the tire's side wall? 66265

Mike B.

Will a 14" tire and rim fit under my fenders on a Kar Kaddy? I currently have 13". 80398

Reply from Chris R.

It depends on how much fender clearance you currently have available with the 13" tires. The Kar Kaddy dollies we have in stock actually come with 14" units attached, so I'm thinking you'd be okay but I definitely recommend checking to be sure. We recommend maintaining at least around 4-1/2" of space between the top of the tire and fender. The smallest size 14" tire/wheel we have available, a 205/75-14 like the Kenda # AM32156 , has an overall diameter/height of 26.3". 66264

Taryn R.

I have a trailer with tires sized 175/70/14 84T but I think I need something that is higher loadbearing, what size will fit the wheel? 77366

Reply from Chris R.

A 175/70-14 tire size isn't too common on a trailer. A close alternative that will fit your existing rims and hopefully offer a higher load capacity (I'm not sure what your existing tires are rated for) is a 205/75R14 like the Kenda Karrier # AM10235 , which features a 2,200 pound limit at 75 psi. This will be just over 2" larger in diameter than your current tires. 63009


What is a different size tire that could be used to replace an a 8 x 14.5 ply 14 tire for a mobile home trailer? 75831

Reply from Chris R.

The only tire we have available that will fit your existing 14.5" wheel is the same 8-14.5 unit like the Kenda K39 # AM10321 . Any other size would require you to change wheels as well. If you're okay with this, an ST205/75R15 size like the Provider # A15R6WSD would be really close to what you have. This would be smaller in diameter/height by just over a half inch and the width is essentially the same. 61962

Tresa S.

What is 2 sizes up from 4.80-8 75817

Reply from Chris R.

We only have one 8" tire size larger than your existing 4.80-8 unit, and that is with a 5.70-8 like the Kenda # AM10013 . This tire size features an overall diameter/height of 18" (compared to 16.1" on your existing tire) and a width of 5.8" (compared to 4.6"). Anything larger would require a new wheel as well. 61961


Old 10.00 x15 lowboy tire what is diameter need tire size for 17.5 Dayton wheel 70097

Reply from Chris R.

A 10.00-15 size tire will have an overall diameter of around 36" and a width of 10.8". It's designed to fit 15" x 7.5" wheels so it's not going to work on your 17.5" rim. For this size wheel you will need something like the Provider 215/75R17.5 # TTWP15175 , which has a 30.2" diameter and a width of 8.31". 57151



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