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  1. Trailer Leaf Springs
  2. Universal Group
  3. Double Eye Springs
  4. 25-1/4 Inch Long
  5. 1-3/4 Inch Wide
  6. 5000 lbs
4-Leaf Double-Eye Spring for 5,000-lb Trailer Axles - 25-1/4" Long

4-Leaf Double-Eye Spring for 5,000-lb Trailer Axles - 25-1/4" Long

Our Price: $75.80
Trailer Leaf Springs
Shipping Weight: 14 lbs
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Double-eye leaf spring acts as part of a trailer's suspension system by providing an attachment point for a 5,000-lb axle. Spring flexes to resist shock and also ensures a smooth ride. Includes bushings with 9/16" inner diameter. Great Prices for the best trailer leaf springs from Universal Group. 4-Leaf Double-Eye Spring for 5,000-lb Trailer Axles - 25-1/4" Long part number SP-218275 can be ordered online at or call 1-800-940-8924 for expert service.
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Universal Group Trailer Leaf Springs

  • Double Eye Springs
  • 25-1/4 Inch Long
  • 1-3/4 Inch Wide
  • 5000 lbs
  • 4 Leaf
  • Universal Group

Double-eye leaf spring acts as part of a trailer's suspension system by providing an attachment point for a 5,000-lb axle. Spring flexes to resist shock and also ensures a smooth ride. Includes bushings with 9/16" inner diameter.


  • Leaf spring acts as part of your trailer's suspension system
    • Provides attachment point for your trailer's axle
  • Multiple leaves allow flexibility to absorb road shock
    • Allows for a smooth ride
    • Reduces wear and tear on trailer
    • Ensures level ride on bumpy and uneven surfaces
  • Sturdy steel construction
  • Nylon bushings included
  • Pre-mounted hangers or aftermarket hanger kit (sold separately) required for installation
    • Spring attaches to hanger mounted on trailer frame at one end
    • Other end connects to shackle straps suspended from hanger or equalizer


  • Quantity: 1 leaf spring
  • Spring capacity: 2,500 lbs
  • Axle capacity: 5,000 lbs
  • Length from center of spring eye to center of spring eye (unloaded): 25-1/4"
  • Spring width: 1-3/4"
  • Eye diameter with bushing: 9/16"
    • Eye diameter without bushing: 11/16"
  • Leaf thickness: 3/8"
  • Number of leaves: 4
  • Additional dimensions: see table

Double-Eye Spring

Part NumberABCD

Note: To ensure proper axle alignment and suspension performance, leaf springs should always be replaced in pairs.

Leaf springs are an integral part of your trailer suspension system. The leaf springs provide the attachment points for your trailer's axle, suspending it from the frame of your trailer. Each spring flexes to absorb road shock as you travel, allowing the axle to move somewhat independently of the rest of your trailer. This helps to reduce wear and tear on the trailer and also ensures a smooth ride.

Double-eye leaf springs attach to hangers that are welded onto your trailer. One end of this spring will attach directly to the hanger with a suspension bolt. The other end will attach to shackle straps that are suspended from a hanger. These straps allow the spring to move and pivot so that it can better compensate for uneven pavement. If you have a tandem- or triple-axle trailer, the shackle straps will be attached to the equalizer that connects multiple springs.

To mount this spring, you will need hangers, shackle straps, and suspension bolts. If you are simply replacing a spring, you may still have hangers welded onto your trailer. You should, however, replace your shackle straps because they are usually the first component to wear out. You may choose to replace old suspension bolts as well. It is recommended that you replace the other leaf spring in your setup at the same time. Because springs can sag and elongate as they wear, this new spring may not exactly match the old one, and the alignment of your trailer could be affected.

If you are fabricating a trailer, you will need to purchase a hanger kit for installation. To determine the type of hanger kit that you need, you must know the specific type of leaf spring that you have, as well as your axle capacity. Depending on the hanger kits used with them, springs can be configured to work for single-, tandem- or triple-axle applications. Hangers and other suspension components can also be purchased separately if there isn't a complete kit that works for your setup.

UNA-218 Universal Group Double Eye Trailer Leaf Spring - 4 Leaf - 2,500-lb Capacity

Replaces PR4

Item # SP-218275

Video of 4-Leaf Double-Eye Spring for 5,000-lb Trailer Axles - 25-1/4" Long

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Universal Group 3-Leaf Double-Eye Spring Installation

Hey, guys, Kevin here with etrailer, and today, we're gonna be taking a look at and showing you how to install the Universal Group line of trailer leaf springs. Leaf springs are one of the most essential components of your trailer suspension. It's what your axle's actually gonna be attached to, and it's going to help kinda cushion that ride, so it doesn't feel like you're hitting every single bump super hard. It's super easy to replace. It's super easy to figure out exactly what you need. A lot of people really like to get hung up on the amount of leaves that are in a leaf spring, but that really doesn't mean anything.

You just need to check what the actual weight capacity is on it, and one of the easiest ways to figure out the right one for you is to first know exactly what your axle is rated for. So you're gonna wanna get down below your trailer, look for that axle tag, and then you can find out exactly what the capacity is and then, go from there to find the correct size. And if you'll looking on the description on the leaf springs, you're gonna notice that it shows a little bit higher than what it actually is. So when the leaf springs are written up, it's gonna show you the capacity for that axle. So in our case, we have 4,000-pound trailer leaf springs, but that's including both leaf springs, so that's gonna be 2,000 per leaf spring, and these are all gonna come in the quantity of one, so you will need to order two.

You definitely don't want to replace only one side, 'cause that can kinda throw off your suspension a little bit if you have an old one and a new one on the other side. So if you're ever planning on doing this, make sure that you just replace all of 'em, just to keep everything nice and new. So to find the correct size, you're going to measure from eyelet to eyelet. So on double leaf springs, we'll go from center to center on the eyelets, and then, we can take that measurement and we can go back to our fit guide and then find the correct lengths. Whenever you're replacing your leaf springs, there are a couple other components that you're gonna wanna check and/or replace.

Typically, you're gonna have to always replace your U-bolts. Anytime that you remove your U-bolts from your axle, they kind of conform to that axle and get kinda bent as you torque 'em down, so you're gonna want to take those off, trash 'em. Typically, they get real seized up anyway, so you usually have to cut 'em off just to get 'em off. Other than that, you're also gonna wanna take a look at your shackle straps and your wet bolts, or standard bolts, if you have that, both on our equalizer side and on our hanger side. Your equalizer's another thing that you can look at.

You wanna make sure that you're not getting any holes started in the hanger. So if it's sitting there and rubbing, or even on the equalizer itself, it'll kinda wear through it. I've seen plenty of equalizers where they start dropping down because the bolt in it is eating up the equalizer itself. Now, ours is dirty today, but it's not bad. It's still in an okay condition. Another thing you can check as well with that is if you're gonna reuse your hardware, just check your bushings, make sure that all of 'em are still in good shape, or you can get those swapped out. If you need any help finding the correct U-bolts, shackle straps, bolts, or even just the trailer leaf springs, then please reach out to us via our Customer Service line or through our Ask the Expert line, and I or one of my other coworkers will help find the correct leaf spring or other suspension items that you need for your trailer. Universal Group's line of trailer leaf springs are all made of a sturdy steel construction. They have a nice powder-coat finish on 'em, so it's gonna help resist rust and keep these living a whole lot longer. And on the inside of our eyelets, we also have nylon bushings. Now, you can't see it, because our bolt's already in place, but those bushings are gonna help keep it lubricated and kind of being able to easily move back and forth as you go over road bumps. As far as installation goes, it isn't too hard, especially with smaller trailers like the one that we have today, it is just a lot of prep work and it's just kinda tedious work once you get under here. As you can see looking at the floor, it is super dirty, depending on the trailer. A lot of rust builds up, a lot of grime from the road, so make sure that you have on clothes you don't care about. Definitely want some gloves, some eye protection. And then, you're gonna need an assortment of jacks, because you need to lift up your trailer and let the axles hang, and then slowly support those axles. And I tend to use a bottle jack just to make it easier, so I can lift 'em up and down, 'cause you do have to move the axle up and down quite a bit while you're trying to get those new leaf springs on. So as you can see, it looks like the leaf spring that was on here originally has been welded back together. Looks like it probably snapped right about here, and they just came down the side of it and put a little tab over the top. Extremely unsafe. Don't ever do that. Just go ahead and replace your leaf spring. It's gonna be a whole lot cheaper replacing that leaf spring than anything else that could break if the leaf spring broke while you're going down the road with a heavy load on your trailer. Now, we've taken a look at that, we'll just kind of break down our suspension here. So we're gonna have to remove our bolts that go into our shackles right here and our shoulder bolts on the edge of our axles, for each side. We're also gonna have to replace our U-bolts. So when you take these off, typically you can't really reuse them. They typically don't wanna come off either, so I usually have to cut these off. So we're gonna go ahead, we'll cut those off, we'll get some new ones, some new leaf springs. And since our neighbor is not replacing their bolts or their shackles and they're not in too bad of condition, they're just really dirty, we're gonna go ahead and reuse those. So we're gonna be careful, as we're taking 'em off, that we don't strip the bolts, strip the nuts or destroy the ends of our bolts hammering 'em out. If your bolts are as dirty as ours today, go ahead and take some penetrating oil, (aerosol oil spraying) let that soak on there and it'll heat up some of that grime. Makes it's a little bit easier. (aerosol oil spraying) So on the backside on our bolt head, I have my breaker bar, and I've got it kinda wedged up against the frame of the trailer so it can't move. We don't want that bolt to sit there and slide, because it's got these teeth that bite into the shackle, and we don't want that to sit there and grind that out and then, have the shackle be loose, 'cause if the shackle gets loose, it's gonna sit there and kinda wobble out and get an oblong hole through it, and then the shackle is gonna end up breaking. We'll go ahead and start breaking these off. (breaker bar ratchet clicking) (metal clanging) You wanna make sure that you're loosening the nut and not the bolt. (breaker bar ratchet clicking) All right, now I'm getting my jack in place. That's gonna hold up our axle, once I get these leaf springs loose. That way, we won't have our axle come crashing down. If we push up a little bit on it, it's gonna kinda help release some of that tension that's on that shackle strap too. (jack clanging) Okay, right off, just letting the screwdriver. And now's a good time to take a look at your shackle strap. Looks like we're pretty good. It's not starting to get oblong in there at all. It's not really chewed up. Does look like it's kinda been rubbing against the frame, probably right about there, but all in all, pretty good. If you wanted to, this would be the perfect time to go ahead and swap out your bolts, especially if you wanted to upgrade your wet bolts, makes it super easy to lube it. But our neighbor today wants to keep their hardware, so we'll go ahead and just pop it out and save it, sway it out a little bit. (hammer banging) And go ahead and do the same thing over on our other side. (hammer banging) (metal clanging) Now that I've got my leaf springs separated from my hanger and my equalizer, I've gone ahead and lowered the axle just a little bit, so it's a little bit easier to get at the hanger with the grinder. I'm gonna go ahead and cut these U-bolts off. Now I'm just raising my axle up out of the way, as I try to put the leaf spring in. I'm gonna lower it back down once we have everything ready to go. It doesn't really matter which side gets the retention clip. I always just try to put it towards the rear of the trailer, just to kinda keep everything uniform. But we'll go ahead, we'll grab our hardware, (metal clanging) and I'm gonna flip this around just on the shoulder bolts to be able to hammer it in. I prefer hammering it from the outside in, just because once you get under there and you start banging, it really vibrates and makes a whole lot of noise under there. Line it up, pop it in place. Now we can go ahead, and we're gonna hammer in the teeth that are on the bolt. Get you a little bit closer to look, you can see those teeth right there bite into the hanger and prevent the bolt from moving. (metal clanging) So get that back in place, and then, go ahead and stick a nut on it and then we will start hammering it in. That nut's just gonna kinda help it from popping back off, 'cause a lot of times when you hit it, it'll wanna smack back out. (hammer banging) We're nice and flush, so we can go ahead and start tightening up the nut. I'm just gonna do it hand-tight for now, as we get it connected on the other side with our equalizer. So I'm gonna grab that shackle strap, and I'm gonna get this in tow with our equalizer. Possibly, that other leaf spring's fighting us. It's okay though, we can just go ahead and stick it in on the lower side and we'll flip it over using a pry bar. Go ahead and we'll place our shackle strip, and then our nuts. That's about as tight as I can do it with my hand. Go ahead and we'll tighten that up just a bit more, using our wrench and our breaker bar. As we're tightening these down, we don't want 'em to go too tight, we just want it tight enough so there's no play with the shackle strap, but we do need a little bit, to where we can still have it loop back and forth, so as the suspension swings, as you're going over bumps in the road, it's not gonna get stuck. (ratchet clicking) All right, now we're tight, but we don't have any play in there. Let's loosen up, but we should be able to still have our shackle straps kinda swing back and forth. We'll grab our pry bar and we'll flip this back over. (metal clanging) I want that flipped back up. That's gonna make our spring stack more straight here, so that it's easier to put our U-bolt kit on. So I'll go ahead and lower my axle back down a bit. (ratchet clicking) (metal clanging) I'm trying to get it lined up. I need to drop it just a bit more. All right, we're kinda on there. It's just a little bit crooked. It's probably fighting us on the other side. So what we'll do is just. Yeah, the equalizer on the other side's kinda aiming down, so it's throwing us a little crooked. No problem though. As we start tightening down the U-bolts, it'll kinda pull it back into place. So we'll have our U-bolt plate with our edges facing down. We'll get that center in the bolt on our spring stack. We'll place our U-bolt over, slip 'em into the holes, and then we're gonna use our flange nuts. Now, these kits aren't gonna come with the leaf springs. This is something that you have to buy separately, and it's all based on the axle capacity. So if you need help finding that, you'll wanna go to the trailer suspension facet on our website, and look up your axle capacity, that'll give you a good idea. You may have to make some measurements, just to see, 'cause there are a few oddball axles out there that'll be a different diameter. Now we're gonna go ahead and tighten these down, and torque 'em down as well. As I do it though, I'm gonna go evenly across all four of 'em. If you start doing one side more than the other, it'll kinda throw it and wanna pry the plate a certain way, and then it makes it harder to get it on correctly, so a good way to do it is just kinda look at the amount of threads you got. So we're gonna go ahead (ratchet clicking) working it down. (metal clanging) All right, I've gone ahead and tightened down our hanger as well. On those, we also just wanna make sure that it's snug, but not too snug, 'cause this does have to kinda roll back and forth. Now that I've got this side done, I'm gonna go over to the other side, and then once we have that all complete, we can go ahead and throw our wheels on and that'll complete the installation. Well, that pretty much does it for today's look at and installation of the Universal Group's line of trailer leaf springs. My name's Kevin. Thanks for watching.

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Customer Reviews

4-Leaf Double-Eye Spring for 5,000-lb Trailer Axles - 25-1/4" Long - SP-218275

Average Customer Rating:  4.9 out of 5 stars   (293 Customer Reviews)

Double-eye leaf spring acts as part of a trailer's suspension system by providing an attachment point for a 5,000-lb axle. Spring flexes to resist shock and also ensures a smooth ride. Includes bushings with 9/16" inner diameter.


I ordered these to replace 4400# springs on our fifth wheel that are 10 years old. I was expecting the ride height to increase but it did not. They appear to be of acceptable quality but as with most products time will tell. We haven't used them yet but are planning a long trip next month.

Randy R.


Its been a year now. One long trip out west and no issues. No sag at all. Overall positive results with these reasonably priced springs.


I had a leaf spring break on my travel trailer and had some difficulty finding a local dealer for the parts. After doing some google searching, I came across etrailer. I matched the spring size and weight capability with one on etrailer and they shipped it super fast. I also ordered the suspension upgrade kit to go along with the new leaf springs. Ordered on Saturday and got it on Wednesday. I will be coming back to etrailer. Thanks for helping me get my camper back on the road.


Worked with Quinn to get these delivered to us ASAP as we were broken down many miles from home in a very small remote town in Arizona. Everything went exactly as planned. Springs arrived yesterday and we are repaired today. Thank you etrailer



Still going strong. We have put a lot of miles on since this repair and there have been no issues


Total refit. Three axles, six springs, all pivot point bolts, bushings and link plates. Excellent pricing (the best I found). Super quick delivery, like three days. And free shipping on an order weighing close to fifty pounds?

Best of all the company followed up a year later to see how it went. It went great, which why I'm writing this review. Quality, fitment, price, delivery, support. Five stars.


The web site is great. Easy to locate items and order. I ordered 4 leaf springs and 4 u-bolt kits.
The order was very quickly processed and shipped. I ordered on a Saturday and had them by Thursday. Awesome!
The packaging could have been better. All items were placed loose in a box. By the time it showed up the box was very beat up from the loose springs sliding around in the box. Two large holes were torn in the box with the ends of the springs sticking out. One of the packages with the u bolts and nuts was damaged and a couple of the nuts were rattling around loose in the box. Surprisingly none had fallen out of the box.
If UPS had treated to box a little more carefully it probably would have been o.k. but when you have 70 pounds of steel sliding around loose something is going to happen.
Still love etrailer though!


Excellent product, perfect fit and very easy to install. Attached is the pics of the new leaf spring, with my old and broken leaf springs. Thanks etrailer for getting my camper back on the road.


The springs were installed without any problems. The wet-bolt bushings pressed into the spring eyes as they should, with no deformation such as what had been the case with the springs supplied with the OEM axle.


Changed out 4 broken springs for 4 new ones. They were a perfect fit and pretty easy to change. As far as customer service is concerned I wasn’t on the phone for more than 5 minutes and springs were on the way. I will definitely use etrailer again on my upcoming boat trailer project!!


After 1 year still no issues with spring kit


My first order showed up empty. Someone had stolen my leaf springs. etrailers process what smooth and simple to get me new leaf springs sent out right away. The customer service line was impressive. Most company's are cutting corners with useless chat bots. Top notch team. Keep it up


I've purchased several items from etrailer all have been top quality and received them all very quickly, the springs added give my trailer more support, the hubs I changed allowed my to add the wheels I wanted, the new fenders allowed for the larger tires and the lights made it brighter and improved safety

Everything fit perfectly and at a great price
I highly recommend them
Thanks Shell

Shell H.


Still very satisfied with the products I purchased from retailer thanks again


Unfortunately, these are Chinese, like just about everything else these days. Prior to installation, I sprayed them with liquid galvanizing compound, and followed that with a rust preventative paint. Within a month, they were a rusty mess. To be fair, I live on an Island, and salt air is the norm, but the trailer is thoroughly rinsed in fresh water after each use. They still work, we’ll see for how long.


I received my new springs in a short time, they were exactly what ordered, I measured the old ones very careful with no load on them, wanted to get it right the first time. I have a 2014 25' Keystone 5th wheel, the springs were starting to sag and I was worried one might break, they were for 3,500# axles so I ordered springs for 5,000# axles, I installed them, they increased the height about 2 inches but they will settle a little after hitting a few bumps. One thing about this RV, you won't find anything in it that's an overkill.

Stephen B.


The springs are working fine, I also installed the bronze bushings with grease fittings, we have traveled about 3,500 miles, very happy with the new springs.


Order arrived on time with no issues. Springs were easy to replace using existing bolts and shackles (not worn out). These heavier duty springs provided my trailer and boat the protection needed from chuck holes and bumpy RR crossings. The only thing I would like to see is a sekection of longer heavy duty shackles to improve clearance for the tire from the fender wheel well on my Rangertrail.


Excellent company fast shipping great product would absolutely buy again





Almost exactly a year after I installed this on one side of my travel trailer, the one on the other side broke. Lesson learned — replace both sides at the same time.


Had to replace a broken leaf spring on an older dump trailer. Having previously purchased products from etrailer I looked at their website first. Quickly found what I was looking for and made the purchase. There was also helpful information on their site to insure I ordered the correct springs.

Craig I.


The leaf springs are still working as intended


Used these to replace some over loaded 3500 springs on a tall cargo trailer. Perfect fit and finish and the trailer pulls significantly nicer now!


I replaced my leaf springs, drums, brakes and added the Dexter E-Z Suspension kit to my Keystone Cougar Fifth Wheel trailer last year. This was my first time working with etrailer and I can’t say enough about how well it all went from the ordering to the install.
Tammie P did a amazing job with knowing what parts would work best on my trailer. Tammie also gave me updates on my deliveries that I appreciated. I had a trip planned short after I received my parts. So having someone at their end checking on arrival dates helped. In the future I will definitely use etrailer for all my trailer needs. Thanks again for all the help! Great Team....


Replaced the springs on our 38' 5th wheel before travelling from VA to CA. The customer service and speed of delivery was exceptional!
The quality of the springs, however, was not. Out of 4 spring packs, the first separated and bent beyond all hope somewhere along I 90 stranding us at a truck stop at midnight. Sourced a local replacement the next day. The second pack did the same just south of SF. I was able to bash the lower springs back into place and tie wire them until I could get them repaired.
I purchased these as the were " heavier duty" than the factory originals, and I didn't want to drive cross country on 20 yo springs...should've left well enough alone. Oh well....2 out of 4 made it!


My 36 ft travel trailer was sagging 3-4" low on the drivers side. The problem was those 2 springs were flatter than the passenger side. It was noticeably lower. I jacked the frame up and installed the springs one at a time, didn't have any real problems. Installation for 4 springs took a couple hours, TT is setting level now. Great product.


I replaced all 4 springs under my 20' trailer and what a difference. Made it like new and at a very affordable price. The tables, charts, diagrams and descriptions given with all etrailer parts makes it so much easier to figure out what is needed and the correct parts. Had the order in my hands in less than 4 days from ordering. This is the fourth, or fifth, order I've placed with Etrailer and I will continue to order from them in the future, as the need arises. The products have been quality, price is unbeatable and shipping is quick. The tech support is also outstanding. Questions answered in a timely matter with a detailed answer and part references. Great Company to deal with. Thanks, Ken


After towing our rig 35,000 miles it was time to change the suspension. The old springs were flattened out and since I was doing the shackles and equalizers, for the cost, it was a no brainer to also do the springs. They fit perfectly and have performed flawlessly.


the springs worked great i needed a little extra beef under my trailer
and were very easy to change over from 3500 lb. springs

Dave W.


the heavier springs were just what i needed


I have been buying products from etrailer since 2009. I come back because the customer service in helping me find the right part or return a part is always, year after year, excellent! I needed 6 leaf springs for my toy hauler and couldn't find a part number. I called and Sandy helped me find a great replacement spring. I needed the springs quickly so we could go on a planned trip. Ordered them Tuesday, they arrived Thursday in perfect condition. I installed them and wow, the ride height restored, the camper sits square and wheels all straight. THANK YOU Sandy and etrailer. I will keep coming back. Michael

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