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Dodge Ram Pickup Slide Out Cargo Trays Videos

CargoGlide 1500XL Sliding Tray Installation - 2009 Dodge Ram

Today we will be installing our Cargoglide Sliding Tray on our 2009 Dodge Ram Quad Cab, part number cg1500xl-7548. To begin with you will want to clean the bed of your truck out. Next, youll want to position the cargo slider in the bed of the truck and youll want to center it between the wheel wells, as well as setting it about a half inch from the front of the bed. You will want to get the help of at least three other friends to help you set this unit into the bed of your truck. You will notice that the feet on this particular unit all bolt on the outside of the rails, and all of the locations are on the top section of the bed rib. Now that you see where the bolts will be drilled through, youll want to look under the bed and make sure there will be nothing in the way when you drill through.

CargoGlide Sliding Tray Installation - 2009 Dodge Ram

All right, today on this 2009 Dodge Ram pickup, we'll be installing part number CG1000-7548, from CargoGlide. First thing we're going to do is go ahead and take the assembly and go ahead and place it into the body of the pickup. We'll go ahead and put it into place and make sure we have it centered from left to right, and front to rear. You want to keep it at least a half inch away from everything around the bed of the truck. Once we have it centered the way we want it, we'll go ahead and slide it back. We'll pull back on the lash, then pull back on the cargo bed itself, leaving the frame in the bed of the pickup.