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  4. Mounts to Valve Stems
  5. RV
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TST TPMS for RVs - Color Display - Signal Booster - 4 Flow Through Tire Sensors

TST TPMS for RVs - Color Display - Signal Booster - 4 Flow Through Tire Sensors

Item # TST-507-FT-4-C
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TPMS monitors RV tire pressure and temperature and sends updated info to wireless color monitor every 5 minutes. Flow through design lets you inflate tires without removing sensors from valve stems. Presets let you monitor up to 4 separate vehicles. Lowest Prices for the best tpms from TST. TST TPMS for RVs - Color Display - Signal Booster - 4 Flow Through Tire Sensors part number TST-507-FT-4-C can be ordered online at etrailer.com or call 800-298-8924 for expert service.
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  • 4 Sensors
  • TST
  • Mounts to Valve Stems
  • RV
  • Trailer
  • Flow Through Sensors
  • Monitor Display

TPMS monitors RV tire pressure and temperature and sends updated info to wireless color monitor every 5 minutes. Flow through design lets you inflate tires without removing sensors from valve stems. Presets let you monitor up to 4 separate vehicles.


  • TPMS lets you monitor your RV's tire pressure and temperature via included monitor
    • Also works great with your motorhome, 5th wheel, motor coach, or trailer
  • Full-color, wide-screen monitor provides early warning detection with visual and audible alerts
    • Detects blowouts, significant pressure changes, and tire temperatures exceeding 158 degrees
    • Refreshes automatically with new tire information every 5 minutes
    • Presets let you monitor up to 4 separate vehicles or orientations
  • 4 Flow through sensors check tire pressure and temperature every 12 seconds
    • Flow through design allows tires to be inflated or deflated without removing the sensors
    • Brass construction designed for use on steel, chrome, or nickel valve stems
    • Easy installation onto your tires' valve stems
    • Theft-resistant covers require use of included cap wrench for removal
    • Additional sensors (sold separately) let you monitor up to 38 tires
  • Multiple mounts allow optimal monitor positioning
    • Easy-to-use suction cup mount lets you stick monitor to windshield or dashboard
    • Non-slip, rubber cradle mount lets you set monitor on dashboard
  • Micro USB cable and adapter let you charge monitor with your vehicle's 12-volt accessory outlet
  • Booster strengthens sensor signal and eliminates electronic interference


  • Tire sensors:
    • Dimensions: 1" diameter x 7/8" tall x 2-1/8" long
    • Pressure range: 0 psi - 196 psi
    • Operating frequency: 433.92 MHz
    • Operating temperature range: -40 F - 176 F (-40 C - 80 C)
    • Storage temperature range: -40 F - 185 F (-40 C - 85 C)
    • Battery life: 12 months - 18 months
  • Monitor:
    • Overall dimensions: 3" tall x 4-1/2" wide x 1" deep
    • Screen dimensions: 1-5/8" tall x 3-1/4" wide
    • Battery life: 5 days - 7 days on a full charge
    • Battery recharge time: 4 hours
  • Booster dimensions: 2-1/2" tall x 3" wide x 5/8" deep
  • Booster lead wire length: 57"
  • Monitoring capacity with included sensors: 4 tires
  • 3-Year limited warranty


This TST tire pressure monitoring system monitors the pressure and temperature level of the tires on your RV, motorhome, 5th wheel, motor coach, or trailer. The system utilizes flow through sensors that attach to the valve stems of your tires. The flow through design lets you inflate or deflate your tires without removing the sensors. When a tire sensor detects an anomaly, it will wirelessly transmit an alert to the included digital color monitor. Your monitor will emit flashing lights and an audible alert to notify you of an issue, and it will display details regarding the anomaly. A booster is included to strengthen and amplify the signal that the sensors are sending to the display monitor.

Initial Setup

The TST TPMS is easy to set up and includes all mounting hardware and tools for installation. First, assign the tire sensor positions through the monitor's Learning Mode. Label each sensor with the corresponding numbering code sticker so that you know which sensor is programmed to which tire position. When you are setting up the sensors make sure the one you are programming is at least 2' away from the other sensors. Otherwise the other sensors will interfere with the sensor you are attempting to program. Once the tire sensors have been recognized by the monitor, attach them to the valve stems of your vehicle's tires. Next, install the booster and connect it to a 12-volt power source on your vehicle or trailer.


Use the included suction cup holder to mount the color monitor on your windshield so you can monitor your tires while you drive. You can also use the included rubber, non-slip cradle mount to set the monitor on your dashboard.

TST Color Monitor Display

App Diagram

  1. Current Tire Selection - The tire icons indicate the position of your tires. A solid tire icon indicates that tire is programmed into your current setup. A blinking tire icon indicates that tire is experiencing an anomaly.
  2. Sensor Low Battery Alert - This displays when one of the sensor's batteries is low. The corresponding tire light will also flash to indicate which sensor's battery is affected.
  3. Display Battery Level Indicator - Shows the charged level of the internal battery. When this icon shows one bar it is recommended to charge the display as soon as possible. It takes approximately 4 hours for the battery to fully charge.
  4. Out Of Parameter Alert - This icon will flash during a high or low pressure alert, a high temperature alert, or a fast leak alert. In conjunction with this flashing light, the affected tire light will flash, the HI or LO PRESSURE, HI TEMP, or FAST LEAK indicators will light up, and an audible alert will sound.
  5. Display Alerts - These icons, along with the specific tire icon, will light up to indicate HI or LO PRESSURE, HI TEMP, or FAST LEAK. The bottom row indicates which programming mode you are in.
  6. Red LED Indicator - Lights up during an alert.
  7. Antenna - The multidirectional antenna helps eliminate electronic interference when paired with the signal booster.
  8. Temperature Indicator - Displays the current temperature of the selected tire in Fahrenheit or Celsius. This will also display your selected high temperature parameter during programming.
  9. Tire Pressure Indicator - Displays the current tire pressure of the selected tire. This will also display your selected high and low pressure parameters during programming.
  10. Power Switch - Lets you turn the monitor on and off.
  11. Charging Port - Plug the included USB cable into this port to charge the monitor. The side power switch will not turn off the display when constant power is applied to the unit.
  12. Backlight and Motion Detector - The backlight turns on when the vehicle is in motion, and there is little ambient light. It will sense periods of inaction and the display will "go to sleep" until the vehicle resumes motion.

TST Color Monitor Function Buttons

App Diagram

  1. GO Button - Press the GO button to tell the system where to "go". When pairing the sensors, once you have the tire icon flashing that you want to code, hit the GO button to tell it to get its unique code. If you only want to code a trailer, press the GO button to tell it to go to the trailer. When moving from axle to axle to set your warning pressures, hit the GO button to go to the next axle or next trailer.
  2. SET Button - Press the SET button to program your warning parameters, or to go into coding and set your configurations. This button locks in all specific settings.
  3. BACK Button - Press the BACK button to leave programming, or take the system back to the previous screen. If you need to remove a sensor code, use this button in the coding section to take the sensor position back to the factory settings.
  4. + Button - Press the + button to increase the temperature and pressure settings from the factory defaults. You can also scroll forward through your tires. Press the + button in conjunction with the GO button to drop your towing vehicle from a setting and add it back in.
  5. - Button - Press the - button to decrease the temperature and pressure settings from the factory defaults. You can also scroll backward through your tires. Press the - button in conjunction with the GO button to drop your towed vehicle from a setting and add it back in.

Multiple Wheel Layouts


You can program multiple layouts into the monitor, and you can scroll through each setup on the screen. This system can support up to 4 tire layouts and up to 38 tires total. Make sure to set your high and low pressure alarms for each layout that you are using. Some examples of popular layouts are shown above.

Tire Sensor Installation

Tire sensor Install Diagram

  1. Screw the anti-theft hex nut onto your tire's valve stem threads until it bottoms out.
  2. Screw the sensor onto the valve stem. Tighten the sensor until the air stops leaking and the sensor bottoms out on the valve stem. Give it a slight twist to seat the sensor while being careful not to over-tighten.
  3. Use the included wrench to tighten the hex nut counterclockwise until it is snug against the sensor.
  4. Screw the tire's valve cap onto the sensor.

Note: To inflate or deflate a tire it is not necessary remove the sensor. Simply unscrew the cap.



The booster - or repeater - amplifies the signal strength that the sensors send to the monitor. Booster installation requires a 12-volt power source. It is waterproof and can be mounted inside or outside your vehicle with the included mounting hardware. On a trailer, you can mount it in the battery box in front of the propane bottles. On a 5th wheel, you can install it in the house battery bay underneath the overhang. You will want to place it below the bank of mirrors so they don't bounce the signal back and cause the system to malfunction. On coaches with towed vehicles, you can install it in the back battery bay. The power draw is so minimal that you can leave the booster installed without running the battery down. If you decide to unhook it for storage remember to reconnect when you are ready to hit the road. A red light on the repeater indicates that the unit is connected to power and operating correctly.

TST-507-FT-4-C Truck System Technologies RV Tire Pressure Monitoring System w/ Color Display - Repeater - 4 Flow Through Transmitters

Installation Details TST-507-FT-4-C Installation instructions

Video of TST TPMS for RVs - Color Display - Signal Booster - 4 Flow Through Tire Sensors

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Review of TST Tire Inflation and Repair - TPMS - TST-507-FT-4-C

Today we're going to take a look at the TST Tire Pressure Monitoring System for RVs with the full color display, signal booster, and the four flow-through tire sensors. Now, this TPS kit will let you monitor your RV' tire pressure and temperature with the included full color LCD display unit. It works great with your motor home, fifth wheel or trailer. It is a nice full color, widescreen display, provides early warning detection with visual and audible alerts.Now, just to show you, we're going to zoom in a little bit, so you can see what the full color display would look like. Good ahead and turn that on, and you can see with it on, the full color display. Now it does detect blow-out, significant pressure changes and tire temperatures exceeding 158 degrees.

It does refresh automatically with new tire information every five minutes, and to set it, if you just hold down that set button, it'll beep. Once it beeps, you can set your different settings. It has a plus and minus button right over here. Each time you push it, it will go through each different setting. Now the pressures you can set are psi or bar.

The temperature you can set is Celsius or Fahrenheit.Again, just to show you, there's the full color display. Now, the sensors they use, the four sensors, they'll check the tire pressure and the temperature. They are of brass construction. They are designed for use on rubber, steel, chrome or nickel valve stems and these sensors install very easily on your tires valve stems. They are theft-resistant.

I want to show you how that works. I happened to pull a . Here's a rubber valve stem that you would connect them to and basically what you would do is they give you a little bag of the nuts, the washers, o-rings, but basically you take the nut and you just tighten that on. Take your flow-through sensor, and go ahead and tighten that on. Oops.And just go ahead and spin that until it tightens up and you want it to seal, and then just rotate this lock nut all the way up and then they give you, there's two of these cap wrenches here and what these are used for is it just wraps around the sensor and then you would just tighten it up a little more and lock it into place and basically what happens is when somebody sees these and they might think, "Oh, we can take those off." May go to try to remove and they can't and they can't really access that lock nut.

So you do really need to have this cap wrench to do that and then to remove it, just go like that, that'll loosen it. Once that's loosened, then you can unscrew your sensor. So it's a nice theft resistant design, so it does require the use of those cap wrenches for removal.Now the sensor itself, it is a flow-through design, if you noticed when it's installed. It has a cap up here, so it does allow you to inflate or deflate without having removed the sensor from the valve stem. I did mention this little bag of the o-rings, screws and the nuts. Basically, your battery is in this sensor, and there's two screws there, so if you remove the screws, take that out, if you ever need to replace the battery, they give you more screws and o-rings that when you take that out, put your new battery in and put new screws and o-rings in there to seal it. So those are all included also.Just going to scan back out here. Now the monitoring capacity on this kit, it includes the four sensors, so it can handle four tires. Now we do sell additional sensors separately on our website that will let you monitor. This display will let you monitor up to 38 tires, so you can buy extra sensors to do that and that might sound like a lot, but what's nice about that is you can put those sensors on your motor-home, your fifth-wheel, your trailer, have it all on all of them and then just use this display to monitor them all.It does include these included display mounts, which will allow for optimum positioning of your display. First starts with this easy to use suction cup for windshield or dashboard mounting. Basically, you can see, I'll just slide that on, it locks into place. You can rotate it up and there's also, you can rotate it sideways, so you've got multiple mounting angles. The other option is this cradle mount for flat surface and you can see you can set that down and it's made to where it doesn't slide and you can just take your display and put it right in there. So both of those are included.Now, the repeater and a signal booster, that's included. This will strengthen and amplify the sensor signal forward to the display and eliminates electronic interference. Right here on it, there's a red light that when you hook it up, when this illuminates, that shows you that it's working and this unit is waterproof, can be mounted inside or outside and it does mount with this included screws. Does offer a micro-USB cable and an adapter, which is for using your vehicle's 12-volt outlet. You just push this in there, plug in your USB port, plug this into your display and it will charge it. The display has a rechargeable lithium battery.A few specs on this. We'll start with the monitor. The run time is five to seven days on a full charge. Battery recharge time is about four hours. The overall dimensions on this, it's going to be 4 1/2 inches wide to the top of the antenna, three inches tall and about one inch deep. The screen dimension width is right at 3 1/4 inches wide and 1 5/8 inches tall. Now, the tire sensors themselves, the pressure range on those is 0 psi to 196 psi. The operating temperature range is -40 degrees Fahrenheit to 176 degrees Fahrenheit. Storage temperature range, -40 degrees Fahrenheit to 185 degrees Fahrenheit. Battery life is about one to one and a half years. I did mention you can replace the batteries when need be. They use a replaceable part number CR1632.Dimension on the sensor itself are about 2 1/8 inches long by about one inch wide and about 7/8 inches tall. The repeater or the signal booster right here, the dimension on that is about 2 1/2 inches tall, three inches wide and 5/8 of an inch deep.It does come with a nice owner's manual that'll describe how to hook this all up and how it operates. But that should do it for the review on the TST Tire Pressure Monitoring System for RVs with the full color display, the signal booster and the four flow-through tire sensors.

Customer Reviews

TST TPMS for RVs - Color Display - Signal Booster - 4 Flow Through Tire Sensors - TST-507-FT-4-C

Average Customer Rating:  4.2 out of 5 stars   (9 Customer Reviews)

TPMS monitors RV tire pressure and temperature and sends updated info to wireless color monitor every 5 minutes. Flow through design lets you inflate tires without removing sensors from valve stems. Presets let you monitor up to 4 separate vehicles.

- TST-507-FT-4-C

This product was hardly usable. The screen was not clearly seen in ANY hint of daylight unless you cupped hands around it to block the light which is impossible when driving. The alarms failed to alert at all when temps reached 150-160 degrees which resulted in 3 tire failures in 2100 miles (the tire guy set us up for failure too) but we bought the TPMS system to be ultimately prepared and in control for towing the large 5th wheel. The unit did show reliable inflation numbers but the temps were showing 40+ degrees cooler than the temp gun we also were using and ultimately the high temps caused the tire failures. We are getting new G rated tires and ultimately will replace the TPMS system for something reliable. 659236

I spoke with my TST representative, who had some comments and questions. The TST TPMS reports the air temperature inside the tire cavity. There is no way to use an IR gun to read internal air temperature, thus, the customer most likely read tread temperature, which should be substantially higher dependent on ambient air temperature and road surface temperature. An overloaded tire will run much hotter - as small as a 10 overload can cause a 20° or more increase in tread temperature. Because theyre not right there looking at your tires and the system, here are some troubleshooting questions: IR Gun: Is the IR gun calibrated? Was it tested again after this to verify its accuracy? How was the gun used while driving? The rig and tires: Brand and age of the rig? Is it properly serviced? Have the bearings been serviced according to manufactures specs? Have the brakes been serviced according to manufactures specs? Were the brakes and bearings inspected after the blow outs and eliminated them as causes of heat? Has the rig been weighed? Has the rig been been weighed at each tire position after being loaded to the maximum capacity and as it was ultimately used? Was the pressure in the tires set according to the tire manufacturers data chart for the weight of the heaviest corner tire position of the rig after being loaded for use? What is the brand, rating, pressure of the original tires that blew? Were these the correct tires for this unit, do they match the manufactures recommended loadweight rating? Were they driving in extreme outdoor temperatures? Were they descending a steep grade or multiple grades? If you can get back to me with some additional information, Ill provide it to TST.
-- Mike L - 07/25/2019


- TST-507-FT-4-C

Excellent product. Easy to set up and use. Verified accuracy with two other pressure gages. Very convenient to adjust tire pressure without removing sensor. A couple of items that could be improved: 1) The screen is hard to read in daytime conditions. 2) The monitor reads one tire at a time and takes about 10 seconds to scroll through all (4) tires. Too long to take your eyes off the road. Displaying all four tires simultaneously would be a safer option. Otherwise a very good product. I would purchase again. 795255

- TST-507-FT-4-C

My husband orders a lot from etrailer, and is very happy with the products and service. I jut pay for what he wants! LOL! 774022

- TST-507-FT-4-C

There great, pressure reading is off a few pounds from accurate. Alarm is a great feature. Low and high pressure alarm as well. I set mine to account for the in accurate tire pressure. 773073

- TST-507-FT-4-C

When I bought these I didn't read the part about these required metal valve stems. I put them on and with in a 100 miles I had a tire loosing air, these TST sensors are to heavy for standard rubber valve stems. After putting the new metal stems on I haven't a minutes problem. These read out pressure as well as temperature per tire, they do alarm when pressures drop,they areare worth every penny. I do recommend these for anyone pulling an RV or boat. Also you can purchase more of the sensors 762803

- TST-507-FT-4-C

Excellent product. I have a one axle trailer so knowing early when a tire is having a problem is critical. This monitor was easy to set up and has worked perfectly. I did not need to use the extension antenna...it reaches the cab of my truck no problem. Continues reading on temp and pressure. I went on a cross country trip and this product was well worth the money. 758726

- TST-507-FT-4-C

Easy to set up Quick delivery 724712

- TST-507-FT-4-C

Just as requested 674314

- TST-507-FT-4-C

Good product altogether. Easy to setup and get running. Once setup it synchronized with the trailer tires within a few minutes. My truck already has TPMS, and I'm wondering if I can get it to synch with the TPMS monitors that are already in place in the truck. 647470

Works well, occasionally one sensor s out temporarily.
Matt C - 05/29/2020


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  • Recommended Tire Pressure Monitor System for Rubber Valve Stem with Brass Threads
    The TST TPMS for RVs - Color Display - Signal Booster - 4 Flow Through Tire Sensors # TST-507-FT-4-C as our product page states is brass construction designed for use on steel, chrome, or nickel valve stems. These flow through sensors are larger and require that metal stem for support like # AM20906. The TST TPMS for RVs - Color Display - Signal Booster - 4 Tire Sensors # TST-507-RV-4-C on the other hand is brass construction designed for use on rubber, steel, chrome, or nickel valve...
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  • Is the 507 TST Tire Pressure Monitoring System for RVs Available with a Grayscale Monitor
    Yes, we have the TST TPMS for RVs # TST-507-FT-4-C available with the grayscale display listed as part # TST-507-FT-4 on our site. This includes the signal booster and the 4 flow through tire sensors as well.
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  • How to Monitor Tires on 2018 Ford F-250 with TST Tire Pressure Monitoring System for Trailer
    The TPMS on your 2018 Ford F-250 are using their own system and it won't be compatible with the TST TPMS # TST-507-FT-4-C that you are using for your trailer. If you wanted to use the TST to monitor the tires on your F-250 as well then you'll need to install some TST sensors on your truck tires. You can either use more of the Flow Through Sensors # TST-507-FT-S2 (which comes with a quantity of 2 sensors) or you could mount the Internal Sensor # TST-507-INT-S1 on all 4 wheels but this option...
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  • Can Rubber Valve Stems be Swapped to Metal to Use TST Tire Pressure Monitoring System
    We actually have had customers make the swap from rubber valve stems to metal valve stems so they can use the TST TPMS for RVs - Color Display - Signal Booster - 4 Flow Through Tire Sensors # TST-507-FT-4-C. I added the cut out of that review for you to check out so you will have no problem whatsoever making that change. Just be sure the valve stems are steel, chrome or nickel. You can use the Americana Metal, Bolt-In Valve Stem # AM20906 which fits either of the standard hole sizes...
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  • Recommended Tire Pressure Monitor and Flow Through Sensors For Fleet
    The TST TPMS for RVs - Color Display - Signal Booster - 4 Flow Through Tire Sensors # TST-507-FT-4-C will allow you to monitor up to 38 tires on the single monitor. For your additional sensors you can simply use # TST-507-FT-S2 and then you can use # TST-507-R for each vehicle or trailer. If you want multiple monitors you can use the Color Monitor for TST TPMS Systems # TST-507-D-C.
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  • Can TST TPMS for RVs # TST-507-FT-4-C Be Used on Boat Trailer
    Yes, the sensors of the TST TPMS for RVs # TST-507-FT-4-C are waterproof so you could use them on a boat trailer and submerge them. This comes with a signal booster so you would not need to use one with it.
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  • Can TST TPMS for RVs # TST-507-FT-4-C be Used with 2019 Ford F-350
    The TST TPMS for RVs # TST-507-FT-4-C could be used with your 2019 Ford F-350 but it won't tie into the factory dash display your truck has. It will only display the info on the included monitor. We don't offer a similar solution that will display on your truck dash either.
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  • Are Flow Through Tire Pressure Sensors Better for Trailer Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems
    Flow through tire pressure monitoring systems are the way to go as you can inflate the tires without having to remove the sensors. They do not add a significant amount of weight either. So for a tandem camper trailer like you have the part # TST-507-FT-4-C.
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  • Easiest to Install/Use Tire Pressure Monitoring System for Trailer Application
    The tire pressure monitoring system I would recommend for a "beginner" or anyone looking for the easiest to setup and easiest to use in general is the TST TPMS part # TST-507-FT-4. The reason I recommend it is because it installs easier by attaching to the valve stems (others mount in the tire), it's a flow through design which means you can inflate/deflate the tires without removing the sensors, and because it has a grayscale display instead of color which helps with the cost. If you...
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  • Difference Between TST-507-FT-4 and TST-507-FT-4-C Truck Systems Technologies Tire Pressure Monitors
    The only difference between the Truck Systems Technologies Tire Pressure System # TST-507-FT-4-C and the # TST-507-FT-4 is that the # TST-507-FT-4-C features a color display monitor and the # TST-507-FT-4 uses a black/white display monitor. Other than that, they're identical. I've linked to a product demonstration video featuring the # TST-507-FT-4-C.
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  • Is TireMinder Smart TPMS Compatible with Sync 3 Bluetooth in 2018 Ford F-250
    From what I could find it doesn't look like the Sync 3 system from Ford will support the TireMinder App just yet. You may still be able to use the TireMinder # TPMS-APP-4 that uses the Smartphone display but I don't think you'll be able to utilize it with your 2018 Ford F-250 unless you are somehow able to install the app on your truck. If you can't download the app and/or it doesn't work with the Sync 3 then we have the TST System # TST-507-RV-4-C which uses the standard sensors or...
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  • What is Max Safe Tire Temperature
    The typical tire should run about 158 degrees (Farenheidt) once you get going down the road, but this can vary greatly depending on the weight of the trailer, how fast you're traveling, and also driving habits. So while 158 is probably "normal", it isn't really a standard to try to stay at. I will say that you do want to avoid hitting the 167 mark as that is usually when problems start to arise when you go over that. 200 degrees is when you need to stop and check things out. If you have...
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  • What is Difference Between TST Tire Pressure Monitor Systems # TST-507-FT-4 and # TST-507-FT-4-C
    The two kits you mentioned are basically the exact same with exception being the color of the display. The # TST-507-FT-4-C has the color display that puts the alert messages in red if there's high or low pressure as well as temperature whereas the gray scale # TST-507-FT-4 would display everything in the same gray-like color. Either kit works great on rubber valve stems. For the second trailer you'd need additional sensors with # TST-507-RV-S4 and you'd be able to use it with the same...
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  • What Tire Pressure Sensor Kits Does Signal Booster for TST TPMS Use
    The only brand of tire pressure sensors the Signal Booster for TST TPMS # TST-507-R can work with is TST. This will boost the signal for the following sensor kits: # TST-507-RV-4-C, # TST-507-RV-6-C, # TST-507-FT-4-C, and # TST-507-FT-6-C I attached a review video for this signal booster for you to check out as well.
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  • Tow Mirrors and Other Accessory Recommendations for Towing with a for 2020 MB GLS450
    That is a bit of a loaded question so I'll try to make my list condensed, but we do have everything to help you feel comfortable while towing your 25' Airstream trailer with your 2020 Mercedes-Benz GLS450. While we haven't test fit any towing mirrors on a GLS450, the K-Source Universal Mirrors # KS3891-2 should work just fine as they fit just about any side mirror out there that is within 4-1/2" - 11-1/2" tall. These clip on the mirror house and then have protection wherever there will...
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  • Can WheelMaster Valve Extender Be Left On and Installed with TPMS
    Yes the Wheelmaster valve extenders like the # WM80294 can be left on when driving. They are designed to be a permanent so they would be perfectly fine to be left on. If you were going to use them with a TPMS sensor you'd want to use a sensor that is "flow through" like the # TST-507-FT-4-C and would install it between the extender and the valve stem.
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  • Is TST Tire Pressure Monitoring System Color Monitor Compatible with EEZ Brand Sensors?
    Yes the Color Monitor for TST TPMS Systems # TST-507-D-C is the newest monitor. It is not interchangeable with the EZZ RV tire pressure sensors as they are different brands so the transmitters and receivers are different. You'd need to get the entire system for compatibility. Options include: -TST TPMS for RVs - Color Display - Signal Booster - 4 Tire Sensors # TST-507-RV-4-C -TST TPMS for RVs - Color Display - Signal Booster - 6 Flow Through Tire Sensors # TST-507-FT-6-C -TST...
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  • Does Signal Booster for TST TPMS Come With Inline Fuse
    I reached out to the manufacturer, TST, about the Signal Booster for TST TPMS # TST-507-R, who told me the following: 1) The repeater does come with an inline fuse on the positive (red) wire. 2) All current repeaters do come with ring terminals. 3) When mounting the booster inside (such as in a bay) you can use any SPST (Single Pole Single Throw) switch. For this I recommend the Pollak Heavy-Duty Toggle Switch - SPST- On-Off # PK34212. The booster can be added to or used...
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