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  6. Mounts to Valve Stems
TST TPMS for RVs - Color Display - Signal Booster - 4 Tire Sensors

TST TPMS for RVs - Color Display - Signal Booster - 4 Tire Sensors

Item # TST-507-RV-4-C
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TPMS Sensor
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TST-507-RV-4-C - Standard Sensors TST RV,Trailer
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TPMS monitors your RV's tire pressure and temperature and sends real-time info to a wireless color monitor. Tire sensors run checks every 12 seconds and send alerts to monitor. Presets let you monitor up to 4 separate vehicles or orientations. Lowest Prices for the best tpms sensor from TST. TST TPMS for RVs - Color Display - Signal Booster - 4 Tire Sensors part number TST-507-RV-4-C can be ordered online at etrailer.com or call 800-298-8924 for expert service.
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TST TPMS Sensor - TST-507-RV-4-C

  • TST
  • RV
  • Trailer
  • 4 Sensors
  • Mounts to Valve Stems
  • Standard Sensors
  • Monitor Display

TPMS monitors your RV's tire pressure and temperature and sends real-time info to a wireless color monitor. Tire sensors run checks every 12 seconds and send alerts to monitor. Presets let you monitor up to 4 separate vehicles or orientations.


  • TPMS lets you monitor your RV's tire pressure and temperature via included monitor
    • Also works great with your motorhome, 5th wheel, motor coach, or trailer
  • Full-color, wide-screen monitor provides early warning detection with visual and audible alerts
    • Detects blowouts, significant pressure changes, and tire temperatures exceeding 158 degrees
    • Refreshes automatically with new tire information every 5 minutes
    • Presets let you monitor up to 4 separate vehicles or orientations
  • 4 Sensors check tire pressure and temperature every 12 seconds
    • Brass construction designed for use on rubber, steel, chrome, or nickel valve stems
    • Easy installation onto your tires' valve stems
    • Theft-resistant covers require use of included cap wrench for removal
    • Additional sensors (sold separately) let you monitor up to 38 tires
  • Multiple mounts allow optimal monitor positioning
    • Easy-to-use suction cup mount lets you stick monitor to windshield or dashboard
    • Non-slip, rubber cradle mount lets you set monitor on dashboard
  • Micro USB cable and adapter let you charge monitor with your vehicle's 12-volt accessory outlet
  • Booster strengthens sensor signal and eliminates electronic interference


  • Tire sensors:
    • Dimensions: 1-1/8" diameter x 1-1/8" long
    • Pressure range: 0 psi - 196 psi
    • Operating frequency: 433.92 MHz
    • Operating temperature range: -40 F - 176 F (-40 C - 80 C)
    • Storage temperature range: -40 F - 185 F (-40 C - 85 C)
    • Battery life: 12 months - 18 months
  • Monitor:
    • Overall dimensions: 3" tall x 4-1/2" wide x 1" deep
    • Screen dimensions: 1-5/8" tall x 3-1/4" wide
    • Battery life: 5 days - 7 days on a full charge
    • Battery recharge time: 4 hours
  • Booster dimensions: 2-1/2" tall x 3" wide x 5/8" deep
  • Booster lead wire length: 57"
  • Monitoring capacity with included sensors: 4 tires
  • 3-Year limited warranty


This TST tire pressure monitoring system monitors the pressure and temperature level of the tires on your RV, motorhome, 5th wheel, motor coach, or trailer. The system utilizes sensors that attach to the valve stems of your tires. When a tire sensor detects an anomaly, it will wirelessly transmit an alert to the included digital color monitor. Your monitor will emit flashing lights and an audible alert to notify you of an issue, and it will display details regarding the anomaly. A booster is included to strengthen and amplify the signal that the sensors are sending to the display monitor.

Initial Setup

The TST TPMS is easy to set up and includes all mounting hardware and tools for installation. First, assign the tire sensor positions through the monitor's Learning Mode. Label each sensor with the corresponding numbering code sticker so that you know which sensor is programmed to which tire position. When you are setting up the sensors make sure the one you are programming is at least 2' away from the other sensors. Otherwise the other sensors will interfere with the sensor you are attempting to program. Once the tire sensors have been recognized by the monitor, attach them to the valve stems of your vehicle's tires. Next, install the booster and connect it to a 12-volt power source on your vehicle or trailer.


Use the included suction cup holder to mount the color monitor on your windshield so you can monitor your tires while you drive. You can also use the included rubber, non-slip cradle mount to set the monitor on your dashboard.

TST Color Monitor Display

App Diagram

  1. Current Tire Selection - The tire icons indicate the position of your tires. A solid tire icon indicates that tire is programmed into your current setup. A blinking tire icon indicates that tire is experiencing an anomaly.
  2. Sensor Low Battery Alert - This displays when one of the sensor's batteries is low. The corresponding tire light will also flash to indicate which sensor's battery is affected.
  3. Display Battery Level Indicator - Shows the charged level of the internal battery. When this icon shows one bar it is recommended to charge the display as soon as possible. It takes approximately 4 hours for the battery to fully charge.
  4. Out Of Parameter Alert - This icon will flash during a high or low pressure alert, a high temperature alert, or a fast leak alert. In conjunction with this flashing light, the affected tire light will flash, the HI or LO PRESSURE, HI TEMP, or FAST LEAK indicators will light up, and an audible alert will sound.
  5. Display Alerts - These icons, along with the specific tire icon, will light up to indicate HI or LO PRESSURE, HI TEMP, or FAST LEAK. The bottom row indicates which programming mode you are in.
  6. Red LED Indicator - Lights up during an alert.
  7. Antenna - The multidirectional antenna helps eliminate electronic interference when paired with the signal booster.
  8. Temperature Indicator - Displays the current temperature of the selected tire in Fahrenheit or Celsius. This will also display your selected high temperature parameter during programming.
  9. Tire Pressure Indicator - Displays the current tire pressure of the selected tire. This will also display your selected high and low pressure parameters during programming.
  10. Power Switch - Lets you turn the monitor on and off.
  11. Charging Port - Plug the included USB cable into this port to charge the monitor. The side power switch will not turn off the display when constant power is applied to the unit.
  12. Backlight and Motion Detector - The backlight turns on when the vehicle is in motion, and there is little ambient light. It will sense periods of inaction and the display will "go to sleep" until the vehicle resumes motion.

TST Color Monitor Function Buttons

App Diagram

  1. GO Button - Press the GO button to tell the system where to "go". When pairing the sensors, once you have the tire icon flashing that you want to code, hit the GO button to tell it to get its unique code. If you only want to code a trailer, press the GO button to tell it to go to the trailer. When moving from axle to axle to set your warning pressures, hit the GO button to go to the next axle or next trailer.
  2. SET Button - Press the SET button to program your warning parameters, or to go into coding and set your configurations. This button locks in all specific settings.
  3. BACK Button - Press the BACK button to leave programming, or take the system back to the previous screen. If you need to remove a sensor code, use this button in the coding section to take the sensor position back to the factory settings.
  4. + Button - Press the + button to increase the temperature and pressure settings from the factory defaults. You can also scroll forward through your tires. Press the + button in conjunction with the GO button to drop your towing vehicle from a setting and add it back in.
  5. - Button - Press the - button to decrease the temperature and pressure settings from the factory defaults. You can also scroll backward through your tires. Press the - button in conjunction with the GO button to drop your towed vehicle from a setting and add it back in.

Multiple Wheel Layouts


You can program multiple layouts into the monitor, and you can scroll through each setup on the screen. This system can support up to 4 tire layouts and up to 38 tires total. Make sure to set your high and low pressure alarms for each layout that you are using. Some examples of popular layouts are shown above.

Tire Sensor Installation

Tire sensor Install Diagram

  1. Place the included wrench around the sensor. You must use the wrench to install or remove the sensor from your tire's valve stem.
  2. Screw the sensor onto the valve stem. Tighten the sensor until the air stops leaking and the sensor bottoms out on the valve stem. Give it a slight twist to fully seat the sensor while being careful not to over-tighten

Note: To inflate or deflate a tire you must remove the sensor.



The booster - or repeater - amplifies the signal strength that the sensors send to the monitor. Booster installation requires a 12-volt power source. It is waterproof and can be mounted inside or outside your vehicle with the included mounting hardware. On a trailer, you can mount it in the battery box in front of the propane bottles. On a 5th wheel, you can install it in the house battery bay underneath the overhang. You will want to place it below the bank of mirrors so they don't bounce the signal back and cause the system to malfunction. On coaches with towed vehicles, you can install it in the back battery bay. The power draw is so minimal that you can leave the booster installed without running the battery down. If you decide to unhook it for storage remember to reconnect when you are ready to hit the road. A red light on the repeater indicates that the unit is connected to power and operating correctly.

TST-507-RV-4-C Truck System Technologies RV Tire Pressure Monitoring System w/ Color Display - Repeater - 4 Cap Transmitters

Installation Details TST-507-RV-4-C Installation instructions

Customer Reviews

TST TPMS for RVs - Color Display - Signal Booster - 4 Tire Sensors - TST-507-RV-4-C

Average Customer Rating:  4.9 out of 5 stars   (39 Customer Reviews)

TPMS monitors your RV's tire pressure and temperature and sends real-time info to a wireless color monitor. Tire sensors run checks every 12 seconds and send alerts to monitor. Presets let you monitor up to 4 separate vehicles or orientations.

- TST-507-RV-4-C

I'm not a "gadget freak" and actually trying to simplify my life at this point, but I'm almost ecstatic about how well this system works! After buying my first pick-up truck at age 60, we were finally able to take our 24' travel trailer on out-of-state trips where traversing multiple hills/mountains would be called for. After having been saved by the vehicle's TPMS when returning from a local camping trip last summer after one our 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee's new tires was punctured by a metal shard, I'd made a firm decision to buy a system to monitor the trailer tire pressure given the severe damage (or worse!) that would likely occur if a trailer tire were to fail while traveling at interstate highway speeds. I chose this particular system after researching various systems as well as evaluating numerous customer reviews. After studying the manual which I'd downloaded before ordering it, I was able to quickly get it set up and "installed" after it was received. Put simply, I literally couldn't be more pleased with how well it works. I opted to use the silicone rubber stand to position the display/control unit in the center dash-top well of our new F250 crew cab diesel, as I already had an Escort 360 and Garmin Nuvi hanging out on the windshield. The receiver was able to consistently receive the transmissions from each of the cap sensors without having to use the repeater, and the display was clearly visible even when I was wearing sunglasses during midday driving under a cloudless sky. I've always prided myself in monitoring my vehicle's dash gauges while driving to help ensure that I'll at least have a chance to preempt an unnecessarily disastrous situation from occurring, so the ability to accurately monitor the pressure and temperature of all four trailer tires without posing an undue distraction while driving is arguably some of the best insurance that I could buy. Of note is that I opted to purchase a system with cap sensors instead of flow-through sensors since the cap sensors have much less mass (i.e. they're much lighter) and therefore more suitable for use on wheel rims with rubber valve stems. 717479

This TPMS system is still working great, and I havent even had to replace the batteries in the cap sensors yet. I decided to recharge the battery in the control unit for an upcoming trip, so I took the control unit upstairs in our house and plugged it into a 12 volt power supply. A short time later when I checked on it I was amazed to see that it was displaying the outputs from 3 of the cap sensors on the trailer thats parked out in our back yard! Without a doubt this is a system that I strongly recommend to anyone who owns a travel trailer.
Tom A - 10/16/2020


- TST-507-RV-4-C

etrailer is a great place to shop with low prices, a lot of places claim to have low prices only to make up for the low price with high shipping! Not etrailer, you know up front what the price and shipping are. Shipping is usually free depending on what you buy 673140

- TST-507-RV-4-C

I have used this exact product (older version) for three years. I am here to tell you that the peace of mind you get from knowing how your tires are doing every second while towing is priceless. I damaged the monitor for the TPMS and ordered a replacement (updated) system that day. 611227

- TST-507-RV-4-C

This is one of those items that is a must have. It's easy to install and setup. I also watched the product video and the spokesman was very detailed on programming. I would recommend watching it. I installed the repeater in the battery compartment located in the front of my trailer. It does not have a switch but you can unplug the inline fuse if your trailer is going to sit for some time. I trimmed the included rubber monitor support to fit the top dash tray for my Colorado. 656807

- TST-507-RV-4-C

The TST tpms has been a great buy. It has been a great addition for safety and reducing stress while pulling my Cedar Creek Hathaway 34IK. Being able to watch the temperatures and pressures of my tires while traveling makes it one less thing to be concerned about. Absolutely would recommend TST product for anyone who wishes to tow safely. 937185

- TST-507-RV-4-C

Excellent product! Product alerted me to a slow leak in one of my Airstream tires. 936110

- TST-507-RV-4-C

Product received today. Will be installing this weekend. 934029

- TST-507-RV-4-C

Installed this and 4 additional sensors on our 36ft 5th wheel and tow vehicle. Works great and not one issue! An investment in our safety when hauling a 12,000 pound camper that is worth every penny. 931218

- TST-507-RV-4-C

I'm really happy with this system. I'm looking to get more sensors for the truck now. 919734

- TST-507-RV-4-C


- TST-507-RV-4-C

Easy setup does exactly what it says tire temperature and pressure. It quietly runs in the background unless it senses a problem. I recommend this system for RVs 916446

- TST-507-RV-4-C

This system worked perfect. Although it came with a windshield mount the dash mount fit perfectly on my F-250. It was easy to program and worked perfectly on our first trip. It was great not having to wonder about the tire pressures. 867600

- TST-507-RV-4-C

Towing an rv is stressful enough. TST TPMS gives me the peace of mind that my tires are operating properly and safely 867125

- TST-507-RV-4-C

This is a great product. Very easy to install and set up. Ordering was easy and shipping was extremely fast. 855667

- TST-507-RV-4-C

I use it with a 26’ travel trailer and it works great. Already avoided 1 disaster by detecting low tire pressure when I ran over a screw. I was able to change the tier before leaving the campground and hitting the highway. 855233

- TST-507-RV-4-C

Very well designed system. Can be expanded to handle up to 4 different trailers. Watch the video to see how easy it is to program. 845100

- TST-507-RV-4-C

I purchased the tire pressure monitor system from etrailer.com after blowing a tire on my camper and doing considerable damage. The system was easy to install and operates great. It gives me peace of mind when I am now towing my camper. I highly recommend this company. 838041

- TST-507-RV-4-C

Product works great. Monitoring RV travel trailer tires. Setup was easy. Would like to see an off switch on repeater when in storage. Not sure what the battery draw if left on during storage. Solved problem by taking out fuse when not in use. 831212

- TST-507-RV-4-C

Having my first blowout on my old 5th wheel and the resulting body damage to my rig made me a believer in purchasing this set for the peace of mind. We just purchased a new 2020 Grand Design Solitude and I was able to swop the sensors right over to the new rig and do a little reprogramming to the new rigs specs. Love it. 828640

- TST-507-RV-4-C

Great service, received product in 3 days, thanks. 812088

- TST-507-RV-4-C

After a year of using the TST tire pressure monitoring system I must say it is one of the best investments and upgrades I’ve ever made. After experiencing a blowout on my 5th wheel camper (which I experienced even though I always manually looked over and checked the pressure of my camper tires at every stop), having this tire pressure and tire temperature monitoring system gives me a very secure piece of mind while traveling down the highway. I know that nothing is 100%, and I could still have a catastrophic tire failure, but having this system eliminates 99% of the worry when you don’t have a tire monitoring system. It’s well worth the money spent for the safety and piece of mind it brings. 811806

- TST-507-RV-4-C

This is the first tech product that my husband hasn't found fault with. It works flawlessly. Seriously, if you want a product that your spouse might actually like...buy this system! 804234

- TST-507-RV-4-C

I have been pleased with this TPMS. Installation was relatively straightforward and it seems to perform well in my non-professional opinion. Gave it 4 / 5 stars because I don’t have the expertise to judge this product against any others out there. 798660

- TST-507-RV-4-C

A fellow camper recommended installing a tire pressure monitoring system after I had two blow outs on the same trip, one of which, caused $1,500 in damage to our travel trailer. In addition to upgrading my travel trailer with Goodyear Endurance tires (one-year later with no issues), I purchased and installed the TST system for our trailer. So far, the system has worked as advertised, was easy to install, and I now have some piece of mind when we're on the road. 795360

- TST-507-RV-4-C

Have not have the time to installed but thru research and recomendations ot shoul be great. 793019

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Ask the Experts about this TST TPMS Sensor

  • Can TST Flow Through Tire Sensors Replace Standard Sensors
    To replace the standard sensors of your TST TPMS for RVs # TST-507-RV-4-C you need the standard Brass Tire Sensors # TST-507-RV-S4, but you can absolutely upgrade your system to use the flow through tire sensors. I recommend doing this because you don't have to remove flow through sensors to add air to your tires, making it much easier. To add 4 of the flow-through sensors you need to order a quantity of 2 of the Flow Through Tire Sensors for TST TPMS # TST-507-FT-S2. It sounds like...
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  • How To Add Additional Sensors to the TST TPMS for RVs TST-507
    In order to add TPMS sensors to your tow vehicle to use with the TST TPMS for RVs part # TST-507-RV-4-C you will also need the Brass Tire Sensors for TST TPMS part # TST-507-RV-S4. The only other thing I recommend for you is extra batteries, the Replacement CR1632 Batteries part # MRI-CR1632. The above will include everything that you need to get setup and hit the road.
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  • Are Sensors On The TST TPMS For RVs Rechargeable
    The TST TPMS for RVs # TST-507-RV-4-C monitor has an included USB recharger so you can recharge that to any computer or device with a USB port. The sensors themselvs use CR2032 batteries that do not recharge but are easily available for replacement at most retailers. TST estimates these batteries last 1-1.5 years between replacement. Included is an overview video for more information.
    view full answer...
  • Should I Fill My Trailer Tires To Max PSI Even In Hot Climates
    In regards to trailer tire inflation, you'll want to as you mentioned fill the tires to max psi listed on the side wall of the tire regardless of ambient temperature. This rating already takes into consideration most of these environmental factors. That said, if you find yourself towing long distances is hot climate then you are really going to want a way to closely monitor both pressure and temperature as this way you can better work to prevent blowouts. The TST TPMS for RVs part # TST-507-RV-4-C...
    view full answer...
  • Does the TST TPMS System Have An Alert for a Low Sensor Battery?
    Yes. The Truck Systems Technologies TPMS for RVs # TST-507-RV-4-C has a low battery monitoring system will let you know when one of the batteries on the sensors is low or completely dead. I've attached a photo of the monitor that shows where you can find the Sensor Low Battery Alert on the screen as a reference.
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  • Is the Signal Booster Required On the TST TPMS for RV Part TST-507-RV-4-C
    It is recommended to install the signal booster that is included with the TST TPMS for RV part # TST-507-RV-4-C. This does help when used with longer trailers yes but its main purpose is to improve the quality of the signal even if not being used over a long distance. The signal booster only has two wires so it's easy to install and it only draws milliamps of power so you don't have to worry about it draining the battery. For your 5th wheel, I recommend you install it in the house battery...
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  • Do I Need to Have My Tires Balanced After Installing Tire Minders
    You really won't need to get trailer tires balanced after installing the # TST-507-RV-4-C, but you can. Because trailer tires are designed to be load bearing as opposed to tires that are used for steering, having them balanced isn't really necessary.
    view full answer...
  • Does Signal Booster of TST TPMS for RVs # TST-507-RV-4-C Have to Install
    Yes you will want to install the signal booster that comes with the TST TPMS for RVs # TST-507-RV-4-C that you referenced when installing on a Class C motorhome. You actually can't install it without the repeater/booster.
    view full answer...
  • Is 125 PSI Inside a Load Range G 235/80-16 Trailer Tire Too Much While Warm
    The recommended cold psi rating for your Westlake 235/80-16 Tires will take into consideration the increase in both temperature and pressure as they warm while in travel so no, you should not be concerned. I don't really have a max psi while warm but if the temperature inside the tire reaches more than around 160 degrees then you could be at risk of a blowout. If you want to be more cautious of your tires then your best option is to install the TST TPMS for RVs part # TST-507-RV-4-C which...
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  • Does Signal Repeater of TST TPMS for RVs Have to Be Installed
    Yes, you would need to install the signal repeater that comes with the TST TPMS for RVs # TST-507-RV-4-C that you referenced to ensure the monitor always has signal/reception. Especially since you plan to use it with a trailer as well. The repeater needs to be install in a location that's protected from the elements. So in a storage compartment is your best choice if installed on a trailer, but if you can install it elsewhere that's also protected that would be sufficient as well.
    view full answer...
  • Double Beep Heard When Coding Sensors on the TST TPMS TST-507
    I suppose it is possible for the batteries to be dead in your new sensors but this is unlikely. However, I took a look in the manual for the TST TPMS for RVs part # TST-507-RV-4-C and on page 5 it states the following: "Note: If a double beep is heard and the “FFF FFF” does not change, try quickly pushing the “CODE” button once again. This may have to be done a few times for the code to appear. If the sensor does not code, check the battery voltage, be sure other sensors are not close...
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  • Does the TST TPMS for RVs Monitor Trailer Bearing Temperature
    The TST TPMS for RVs part # TST-507-RV-4-C is a very useful device that not only allows you to monitor tire pressure but also tire temperature which is a big one. It will work just fine on a boat trailer as well even if submerged under water. I will say that the device will help to monitor hub temperature but not as directly as it does for the tires. I am however not aware of any such device specifically for the hubs so this is your best option.
    view full answer...
  • How To Add Air to Tires When Using TST TPMS for RVs
    In regards to the TST TPMS for RVs part # TST-507-RV-4-C, yes, you simply will unscrew the sensors to add air to the tires and then screw them back on when you're done. They should then recalibrate to reflect the change in PSI.
    view full answer...
  • How Does TST TST-507-RV-4-C Tire Pressure Monitoring System Know What Tire Pressures Should Be
    You will program the required pressure parameters into the system during the setup procedure, which is outlined in the installation instructions I've linked for you, beginning on page 3 and 4. The # TST-507-RV-4-C TST TPMS system is easy to set up and use, and provides you invaluable information about the condition of your tires as you're rolling down the road. I've linked to a product description video for the TST tire pressure monitoring system.
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  • Does TST TPMS for RVs Interfere with Tire Pressure System of Honda CR-V
    The tire pressure sensor setup of your Honda CR-V would not interfere with the TST TPMS for RVs # TST-507-RV-4-C. The frequency of this kit would not be affected by anything on your CR-V.
    view full answer...
  • Recommended TPMS System for 40 Foot Long 5th Wheel Trailer Pulled by Long Bed Crew Cab Truck
    According to the folks at ASA Electronics, due to the combined length of your fifth wheel and truck the # NCTP100 iN-Command TPMS system wouldn't be the best choice for your setup. The system would work perfectly on your truck tires, but performance would be inconsistent for your 5th wheel, especially for the back axle. We do have a system that would work very well for you though. I'd recommend the # TST-507-RV-4-C from Truck Systems Technologies. This system provides 4 theft resistant...
    view full answer...
  • Deciding Between Flow-Through and Cap Style TPMS Sensors for an RV
    If you have valve stems with a metal body like the Americana Metal, Bolt-In Valve Stem part # AM20906 then you will want to use flow-through sensors but if you have valve stems with a rubber body like the Americana Rubber, Snap-In Valve Stem part # AM20903 then you will want to use the cap style sensors. The TST TPMS for RVs part # TST-507-FT-4-C and part # TST-507-RV-4-C are my recommendations.
    view full answer...
  • Recommended Tire Pressure Monitor System for Rubber Valve Stem with Brass Threads
    The TST TPMS for RVs - Color Display - Signal Booster - 4 Flow Through Tire Sensors # TST-507-FT-4-C as our product page states is brass construction designed for use on steel, chrome, or nickel valve stems. These flow through sensors are larger and require that metal stem for support like # AM20906. The TST TPMS for RVs - Color Display - Signal Booster - 4 Tire Sensors # TST-507-RV-4-C on the other hand is brass construction designed for use on rubber, steel, chrome, or nickel valve...
    view full answer...
  • Is TST Tire Pressure Monitoring System Color Monitor Compatible with EEZ Brand Sensors?
    Yes the Color Monitor for TST TPMS Systems # TST-507-D-C is the newest monitor. It is not interchangeable with the EZZ RV tire pressure sensors as they are different brands so the transmitters and receivers are different. You'd need to get the entire system for compatibility. Options include: -TST TPMS for RVs - Color Display - Signal Booster - 4 Tire Sensors # TST-507-RV-4-C -TST TPMS for RVs - Color Display - Signal Booster - 6 Flow Through Tire Sensors # TST-507-FT-6-C -TST...
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  • Does Signal Booster for TST TPMS Come With Inline Fuse
    I reached out to the manufacturer, TST, about the Signal Booster for TST TPMS # TST-507-R, who told me the following: 1) The repeater does come with an inline fuse on the positive (red) wire. 2) All current repeaters do come with ring terminals. 3) When mounting the booster inside (such as in a bay) you can use any SPST (Single Pole Single Throw) switch. For this I recommend the Pollak Heavy-Duty Toggle Switch - SPST- On-Off # PK34212. The booster can be added to or used...
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  • Is TireMinder Smart TPMS Compatible with Sync 3 Bluetooth in 2018 Ford F-250
    From what I could find it doesn't look like the Sync 3 system from Ford will support the TireMinder App just yet. You may still be able to use the TireMinder # TPMS-APP-4 that uses the Smartphone display but I don't think you'll be able to utilize it with your 2018 Ford F-250 unless you are somehow able to install the app on your truck. If you can't download the app and/or it doesn't work with the Sync 3 then we have the TST System # TST-507-RV-4-C which uses the standard sensors or...
    view full answer...
  • Will Tire Pressure and Temperature Increase a Lot When Driving Long Distances With 225/75-15 Tire
    The psi and temperature are going to change based on the tire and the temperature outside for your ST225/75R15 tire like the Westlake # LHWL304. So it is not surprising at all that the psi climbed based on your long trip as well as the significant rise in ambient temperature, as that is completely normal. The 112 degrees your tires were is absolutely safe and normal, as tire pressure monitoring systems don't signal alerts until they are much hotter, such as the 158 degrees of the TST...
    view full answer...
  • What Battery Size Do the TST TPMS Systems Use
    Yes, the batteries on the TST TPMS for RVs - Color Display - Signal Booster - 4 Flow Through Tire Sensors Item # TST-507-FT-4-C can be replaced with a CR1632 battery. You do not need to be moving for the sensors to be working, but the flow through stems are not compatible with rubber valve stems- only steel, chrome, or nickel valve stems. Instead you would need to use the # TST-507-RV-4-C which can be used on rubber, steel, chrome, or nickel valve stems and use CR2032 batteries.
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  • Are the TST TPMS for RV and the Furrion Vision S Wireless RV Observation Camera System Compatible
    Yes the Furrion Vision S Wireless RV Observation Camera Systems like part # FCE48TASL-07 and the TST TPMS for RVs part # TST-507-RV-4-C are perfectly compatible and will not interfere with each other. While they do both use wireless systems but use different signals and have proven to work well together with out one effecting the other.
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  • Do Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems Require Metal Valve Stems?
    The Goodyear Endurance ST225/75R15 Radial Tire w 15" White Spoke Wheel - 6 on 5-1/2 - LR E # 724857519A does not require changing the valve stem to use a screw on TPMS like the TST # TST-507-RV-4-C. There are people who want the metal valve stem # AM20906 because it makes them feel more secure, but it isn't required by the manufacturers.
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  • What Tire Pressure Sensor Kits Does Signal Booster for TST TPMS Use
    The only brand of tire pressure sensors the Signal Booster for TST TPMS # TST-507-R can work with is TST. This will boost the signal for the following sensor kits: # TST-507-RV-4-C, # TST-507-RV-6-C, # TST-507-FT-4-C, and # TST-507-FT-6-C I attached a review video for this signal booster for you to check out as well.
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  • Recommended Tire Pressure Monitor System for Double Towing
    If you are just wanting to monitor tires, then a Tire Pressure Monitoring System is the way to go. I recommend the TireMinder TPMS for RVs - LCD Monitor - Signal Booster - 4 Tire Sensors # TM-A1A-4. The monitor is able to support up to 22 tires. The TST TPMS for RVs - Color Display - Signal Booster - 4 Tire Sensors # TST-507-RV-4-C is a color monitor option that supports up to 38 tires. You can use the Brass Tire Sensors for TST TPMS - Qty 2 # TST-507-RV-S2 or the Brass Tire Sensors...
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