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TireMinder i10 TPMS for RVs and Trailers w/ Signal Booster - 10 Tire Sensors

TireMinder i10 TPMS for RVs and Trailers w/ Signal Booster - 10 Tire Sensors

Item # TM56FR
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TPMS Sensor
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TPMS individually monitors the tire pressure and temperature of your RV's tires. The monitor can store data for up to 4 vehicles. The repeater boosts signal between sensors and monitor for longer RVs and trailers. Great Prices for the best tpms sensor from TireMinder. TireMinder i10 TPMS for RVs and Trailers w/ Signal Booster - 10 Tire Sensors part number TM56FR can be ordered online at or call 1-800-940-8924 for expert service.
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TireMinder TPMS Sensor - TM56FR

  • 10 Sensors
  • RV
  • Trailer
  • TireMinder
  • Mounts to Valve Stems
  • Standard Sensors
  • Monitor Display
  • Waterproof

TPMS individually monitors the tire pressure and temperature of your RV's tires. The monitor can store data for up to 4 vehicles. The repeater boosts signal between sensors and monitor for longer RVs and trailers.


  • TPMS lets you monitor your RV's tire pressure and temperature with the included monitor
    • Works with your motorhome, 5th wheel, motor coach, or trailer
  • 10 Brass, waterproof and dustproof sensors let you monitor each tire individually
    • Check the tire pressure and temperature every 6 seconds
    • Can be used on aluminum, rubber, steel, chrome, or nickel valve stems
  • Easy-to-use, color LCD monitor provides you with visual and audible alerts for up to 10 tires at once
    • Warns you of changes with tire pressure, tire temperature, sensor and monitor batteries, and sensor signal
    • Enables you to set tire pressure and temperature settings
    • Lets you monitor up to 20 sensors - additional sensors sold separately
    • Can store pressure and temperature information for up to 4 vehicles, or 40 tires
    • Includes 12-volt, micro USB charger
  • Repeater extends the signal between the sensors and the monitor
  • Simple installation
    • Sensors are secured onto the tire's vale stems
    • Monitor holder mounts to the windshield or dashboard using a suction cup
    • Repeater installs onto the exterior of your RV or trailer
    • 20 Batteries, 10 locking nuts, 10 O-rings, zip ties, and a wrench are included


  • Tire sensors:
    • Pressure range: 0 psi - 199 psi
    • Operating temperature range: -4 degrees F to 185 degrees F (-20 degrees C to 85 degrees C)
    • Battery voltage: 3V DC
    • Battery life: 9 to 14 months
    • Accuracy: ±1 percent
  • Monitor:
    • Overall dimensions (including antenna): 4-1/4" wide x 7/8" deep x 4" tall
    • Screen dimensions: 5-1/4" diagonally
  • Repeater:
    • Overall dimensions (including antenna): 2-1/2" wide x 3/4" deep x 4-1/4" tall
    • Wire length: 6' 7-1/4"
    • Wire configuration:
      • Black: ground
      • Red: power
    • Input voltage: 12V or 24V DC
  • Monitoring capacity with included sensors: 10 tires
  • 3-Year warranty

Note: Not designed for use on low pressure rubber valve stems rated for less than 65 psi.

While on the road, it is very important to regularly maintain your tires and make sure they're inflated correctly. If your tires are underinflated or overinflated, they'll develop irregular tread wear and become prone to overheating and blowing out. The TireMinder i10 TPMS helps protect your investment and keep your family safe by monitoring your tires and alerting you of any signs of danger before disaster strikes.

10 Waterproof Sensors

TireMinder i10 TPMS Waterproof Sensors

This TPMS includes 10 sensors that let you individually monitor each tire on your application for changes in pressure and temperature. These brass sensors are able to work on rubber, steel, chrome, or nickel valve stems. Every 6 seconds, they will check the pressure and temperature again. These durable sensors are waterproof, which means that they can be used on boat trailers and other marine applications.

Simple Setup with Color LCD Monitor

The color LCD monitor will provide you with visual and audible cues to warn you of dangerous changes in tire pressure and temperature, as well as alert you of changes with the monitor battery, sensor battery, and sensor signal. Before you begin setup, make sure the monitor has been charged and the repeater and sensor batteries have been installed.

TireMinder i10 TPMS Waterproof Sensors

Select your RV or trailer configuration or the locations of the tires you want to monitor. Then select one tire location, install a sensor on the corresponding tire on your RV or trailer, and the current PSI will automatically appear on the screen. With the purchase of additional sensors (sold separately), you can monitor up to 20 tires, which is perfect for a fleet. This system can display up to 10 tires at a time, alternating between the tires of the "front" or drivable application and the tires of the "rear" or towable application. Sensors can be added, moved, deleted, or replaced at any point, even after initial installation.

You can set the tire pressure in psi, Bar, and KPa. If you choose psi, you can set the tire pressure anywhere from 0 psi to 199 psi. As for the temperature, you're able to switch between degrees F and degrees C, and the system will alert you if the temperature exceeds 167 degrees F. With the app, you are also able to disconnect and reconnect to different vehicles, RVs, or trailers. This is useful for those who switch between different applications, such as a Class A motorhome who sometimes tows a car. It also can store pressure and temperature information for up to 4 vehicles, or 40 tires.

RHINO Repeater Boosts Signal

TireMinder TPMS RHINO Repeater

This repeater helps improve signal strength and range of the sensors. It has dual Hi-Db antennas that let the booster cut through signal interference coming from wireless electronic devices used in surrounding automobiles. It also ensures that the link from the sensors to the monitor is strong and continuous. The unit has a green light on the front panel to indicate it has power and a blue light that blinks when it transmits a signal.

Easy Installation

TireMinder i10 TPMS Installation

This TPMS system includes 20 batteries, 10 locking nuts, 10 O-rings, zip ties, and a wrench. Once the batteries have been inserted and covers have been re-installed, remove the cap of your valve stems, thread the locking nuts onto the valve stems, and install the sensors. Lastly, secure the locknuts against the sensors with the wrench.

The weatherproof and dustproof Bluetooth repeater can be installed anywhere on the exterior of your RV or trailer between the rear axle and king pin. The optimal mounting location for a towable camper is toward the front whereas the optimal mounting location for a drivable RV is toward the rear. it is not recommended to install the repeater inside your vehicle, as you might experience signal blockage. Use either the adhesive (included) or hardware (not included) to attach the repeater and wire it to a power supply line. In order to reduce vibration, make sure it's securely mounted. Then connect the black wire to ground, and the red wire to power. Zip-ties are included to fasten the booster and wires to your RV or trailer.

TM22143 TireMinder RV Tire Pressure Monitoring System - 10 Transmitters

Model number: TPMS-i10-10

Customer Satisfaction Score:

Customer Reviews

TireMinder i10 TPMS for RVs and Trailers w/ Signal Booster - 10 Tire Sensors - TM56FR

Average Customer Rating:  4.7 out of 5 stars   (114 Customer Reviews)

TPMS individually monitors the tire pressure and temperature of your RV's tires. The monitor can store data for up to 4 vehicles. The repeater boosts signal between sensors and monitor for longer RVs and trailers.


Easy set up, has a nice dash mount. Put this on my new to me 2021 Thor Miramar Class A Motorhome. Have not gone on a trip with it yet but will soon.


Good explanation of installation included with product. Works great with refreshing pressures every couple minutes alternating between RV and vehicle that is being towed. Tweak your high and low range so alarm in RV isn't easily triggered.


These have been great and support from tire minder themselves has been fantastic. I tried to call them no realizing it was after hours for them, I got a call the next morning from them wanting to know how they could help. They walked me thru setup again as I just skimmed thru it when initially setting them up. Once done, there were no more false alarms.

The TPMS has been a great help to be able to see and watch pressure and temps on tires and know when a tire is having a problem....


Install and set-up went well. Installed on 5th wheel trailer an pickup. As soon as sensor was screwed on, correct tire pressure was displayed. Haven't used on the road yet, but look forward to the next camping trip!



After the first year, Im still pleased with the security provided by TMS. Made the mistake of leaving the original rubber valve stems in place instructions warn against doing this one cracked and the system warned of the leak. Battery replacement is simple, just unscrew the battery cover and replace. Great peach of mind.


I have had two instances where my TPMS alerted me to a pending tire problem. One was on my 5th wheel that had a cracked valve stem aleaking nd the other was a rear tire on my F250 while towing the 5th wheel. I would not tow my 5th wheel without a TPMS…..


All yinz need do is read the instruction book and it's game on. Best set of instructions I've enjoyed reading and I am not one who reads instructions. Seriously, the most enjoyable and easy to read

Device set up was very easy and to date, all is functioning as expected. The real road test begins on 06/24 when a 5000 mile round trip begins

We're traveling in a 40' MoHo gasser pulling a toad and expecting weather temperatures to be in the triple digets.

With this kind of highway miles and high temps, our "Tire Minder" system lends to less worry about our tire condition.

ShoutOut... A big thanks to George who prepped our order, Nicole in customer help who responded quickly to my inquiries, annnnd all the other good folks at etrailer, responsible for getting the order delivered in a timely fashion.

... did I mention I'm a retired truck driver and the Tire Minder monitor do look good sitting on the dash... 10-4


Installing the sensor on inside duals on rear axle was impossible without pulling the outer rear tire and wheel. Once installed on a dual, putting air in the inside tire means you have to pull the outer tire. There's no way a guy with average size hands is going to be able to hold the sensor and get in there with the wrench to tighten the locknut. The book says flow-through sensors are available but I don't see kits that include them, so if you have a motorhome or pickup with duals, plan on an extra expense. Info is vague on whether they clip to the outer dual so that the sensor isn't flexing and stressing the valve stem or flopping around and damaging the sensor. Also, the installation manual mentions different sensors depending on whether you have metal or rubber valve stems but the product description when ordering doesn't give info or options. I'm not sure whether I have the best product for my application.


It is grand . I do have one sensor not working that I haven’t got replaced yet.

Etrailer Expert

Katrina D.


Oh, well let's get you over to customer service before your 3 year warranty is up. You should hear from them in the next 24-48 hours.


Great product, this is a must for larger trailers and haul vehicles


This product is ok but the booster rarely picks up all 8 tires on bus and the 4 on the road at the same time.


Works well! Make sure you install/use the range extender! I used on a 42' 5th wheel and it had constant connectivity and accurate pressure compared with two hand gages. The sytstem helped me realize when I was overdoing it on a hot summer day and I needed to remove some pressure from the trailer tires...saved me a potential blowout. Running 60/80psi in my Chevy3500HD and 110PsI in G rated tires on 5th wheel (16,200lb with two axels).



Multiple issues. Two sensors are broke replaced batteries without fixing the issue and the screen cover fell off mfg replaced and then the new unit would not charge after 6 months


Work well and easy to install. I lose signal on one from time to time, but it comes back. So far, so good.


Even though my trailers are single axle, I purchased the i10 model with 10 sensors so I could place two on my travel trailer, 2 on my boat trailer and two on my utility trailer and still have backups in case of loss or breakage. The Tireminder is smart enough to automatically switch to and monitor whichever set of monitors is in range as I tow, thereby giving me peace of mind regardless of which trailer I am towing. I am happy to report that there has been no breakage or loss despite several thousands of miles traveled, just the occasional battery change. The Tireminder has alerted me to low tire pressure situations a few times so I could avoid potential blowouts. It has also taught me how much tire heat and pressure can fluctuate from a cold start to heating up on the road, especially here in Michigan. I now know what to set my cold tire pressure to so I can avoid too high of pressure once it heats up. One more positive is that the sensors are very water tight so I don’t have to remove them when I back my boat trailer into the launch ramp.


It's great peace of mind traveling down the road and being able to monitor the motorhome tires. Only problem so far is I keep getting a no signal alert on my towed vehicle and each time a new battery fixes it. Been through 4 batteries with just my first time use.


Setup is very easy. The sensors at constantly losing conection with the display. The sensors don’t give correct readings on pressures, compared to a tire gauge! I have little faith in what it is telling me, Have called the manufacturer and told to reprogram sensors. Works for a while than lost sensor!


I literally just walked in from installing the sensors and I can say a few things for certain .... first, it appears to be a good system but we will learn more as we use it .... second, if yours has a booster, install it first and make sure its working .... third, when you are ready to install the sensors everything ready and have it at hand (everything meaning tire pressure gauge, air hose/pump, a chair and a small table you can move) .... reading the manual first is critical but not for the reason you may think .... before doing anything, call TireMinder and tell them you need help installing your system .... reading the manual first will help you understand what they are telling you to do .... if you try to install it by yourself, good luck .... doing so will most likely end up costing you considerable time, effort and increase your frustration level .... their support is very patient and without there help, I'd not be anywhere near finished ... the 3 star rating comes from the install .... I haven't used it enough to rate the system's performance



One Year Later .... our system still performs well ... I still find it necessary to call customer service to walk me through making changes .... they still cheerfully and efficiently provide assistance


I don’t really want to give a bad review, but I want to be honest. The system works, and maybe it works too good, because it sounds off all the time. It is quite annoying, and it makes you think something is wrong all the time. For instance, you set your tire pressures at 75 lbs. , when they see 80 lbs they are alarming, even though that is pretty normal for tire pressure to increase as it warms up. It does do good on alarming when the temperature gets too high, but to me it just annoying to hear it all the time when the pressure goes up from normal driving. It’s just way too expensive to be that annoying with little benefits. I’ve been pulling trailers for years, and I have always been good to keep a close eye on the tires anyway. I would not buy it again , or I really don’t think I could recommend it to others , because of the price and the sense of inaccuracies in the unit. Sorry I’m just not a fan....

Etrailer Expert

Thomas M.


I will have Tire Minder contact you. The baseline pressure mode can be be adjusted to keep you from getting so many alarms and they can walk you through the process.


When they work, they are nice, but battery life is short (IMHO) and sensors are flakey...they latch a setting, then don't reset, or simply do not register all the time. Better than nothing, and when they work, they are nice, but sort of buggy.

Etrailer Expert

Katrina B.


There are a few issues it sounds like you are having, and it would be easier to speak to you over the phone. I will send you their contact information via email.


Just installed the TireMinder TPMS System. It was very easy. This should take a load of concern off my mind while trailering.


Well after reading the instructions and charging the control module I tried to resister the first sensor, but it wouldn’t connect. So I tried another sensor and that one worked and then went around the RV and added all of them. Followed the finish up instructions and all worked as stated. First trip tomorrow to check it’s operation.



Great, highly recommended for piece of mind


Operationally, it's been good, in general. You do have to change the sensor batteries at least once a season, as I started to get some spurious PSI indications/warnings on one tire until I changed the battery. The batteries were 8 mos. old. My one real complaint is that, during the daytime, the display is not bright enough to read easily. I have mine mounted on the dash right behind the steering wheel (and not in my line of sight to the roadway), and just normal daytime ambient light makes it almost unreadable. And with sunglasses on, forget about it. The only way to read the display, then, is to move my face right in front of it. Possibly it needs a hood to keep the ambient light off of it. The display, for me, is a negative.


Arrived in less than 2 days. Looks like excellent quality. Looking forward to use this spring.


I liked it so much i recommend it toy friend and she ordered one from etrailer also. Good product fair price.



No problems. Has worked great for me and gives me piece of mind when traveling.i love being able to check my tire pressure without having to go outside!


We had a blowout on Eastbound I70 in Glenwood Canyon, CO where there was no shoulder available. Thankfully the sensor sounded & showed 0 pressure(we didn't hear the blowout) so we knew immediately. There was a rest area exit at Grizzly Creek within a half mile and with the quick alert we knew in time to immediately slow down, avoiding trailer and wheel damage, and take that exit where we safely got the tire changed.


Ordered the TireMinder i10 4/12/2021, didn’t receive it until 6/4/2021 because it was out of stock until 5/28/2021. I did receive it fast after etrailer got in stock though. Haven’t installed it yet but order came packaged well and the TireMinder looks great and the valve stem transmitters are smaller than I expected which is good I think. Will give a review on its installation and function after install and I use it awhile. Thanks etrailer for another good value and great looking product.



The TireMinder i10 has worked as claimed. My set up had issues with the car I was towing behind my motorhome would lose connection with monitor occasionally. I contacted TireMinder about the problem and the tech said it could be the length of my RV causing it so they shipped me new batteries and a booster transmitter to put in my car to help reach the one under my RV for free. I’ve never had any issues since. TireMinder are good people with excellent business sense and an excellent product that gives you peace of mind out on the road. Thanks TireMinder

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  • Can TireMinder i10 TPMS be Used on Boat Trailers that Get Submerged
    We've checked with Tireminder in the past about this question and they have told us that the Tireminder kits like the i10 part # TM56FR can be used on boat trailers but you don't way to leave them submerged for more than 30 minutes.
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  • Will TPMS For 10 Tires Show All DIsplayed on Screen at Once
    There is a tire pressure monitoring system that will allow you to view all 10 tires you monitor on a single screen, from TireMinder: - TireMinder i10 TPMS for RVs and Trailers w/ Signal Booster - 10 Tire Sensors # TM56FR
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  • Tire Pressure Monitoring System for 2007 Ford F-250 Super Duty
    If you are looking for a Tire Pressure Monitoring System for the truck and the 5th wheel both, I recommend the TireMinder i10 TPMS for RVs and Trailers w/ Signal Booster, # TM56FR. This TPMS includes 10 sensors that let you individually monitor each tire on your application for changes in pressure and temperature. These brass sensors are able to work on rubber, steel, chrome, or nickel valve stems. Every 6 seconds, they will check the pressure and temperature again. The color LCD monitor...
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  • Is There A Standard Temperature Operating Range For Goodyear Trailer Tires?
    There is not a listed temperature operating range for these tires. A good rule of thumb is that while you are going down the freeway, tires should top out around 158 degrees F. We always recommend filling Trailer tires to the max PSI rating listed on the tire. Unfortunately, there is not really a standard low/high temperature in which a tire becomes unsafe to drive on. Generally anything over195 or 200 degrees would be cause for alarm. The actual operating temperature of a trailer tire...
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  • Installation Location and Power for Tire Minder TM79FR System
    The TireMinder i10 TPMS for RVs and Trailers w/ Signal Booster - Bluetooth - 10 Tire Sensors # TM56FR will allow you to use a USB power port in your vehicle instead of using the 12v power adapter to USB. The signal booster draws 12 volts at 23.7mA. The optimum Mounting location for the booster is near the rear of your motorhome close to the outside side edge. I've attached a photo to assist.
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    Image 1 for
  • Will the TireMinder i10 TPMS for RVs and Trailers Work With Factory TPMS
    Yes, you can use the TireMinder i10 TPMS for RVs and Trailers part # TM56FR on top of any factory TPMS sensors. It will simply screw on to the valve stem. The factory TPMS sensors will be inside the tire. The two will work together just fine, no issues at all and I have tested this for myself as well.
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  • Tire Pressure Monitor System For A 2013 Thor Daybreak Motor Home
    For your 2013 Thor Daybreak I recommend Tire Minder Item # TM56FR. This kit is for a ten tire set up but come in other kits for for vehicles with fewer tires. I have installed and used these on different motor homes as well as motor homes with flat towed vehicles. They are easy to set up and monitor your tire pressure on all tires at one time. They have high and low pressure settings that will provide an alarm if the tire pressure drops below or raises above the set amount as well as many...
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  • What is Max Temperature for Trailer Tires
    Most will say that 195 degrees is the hottest you want your tires to get to so that would be the max temperature rating I would use on your monitoring system like the TireMinder i10 TPMS for RVs and Trailers # TM56FR.
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  • Can TireMinder i10 TPMS for RVs and Trailers Be Used On Towed Vehicle w/ Built In TPMS Sensors
    The TireMinder i10 TPMS for RVs and Trailers w/ Signal Booster # TM56FR will work just fine with a towed vehicle that already has built in TPMS sensors. The sensors for the vehicle's built in TPMS are inside of the wheel, and the # TM56FR threads onto the valve stem allowing both sensors to be used. I included a video of the # TM56FR being installed for you to take a look at.
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  • Replacement Nuts And Wrench For Tire Minder Sensors
    We do not currently sell those items separately. You would have to buy a whole new kit under TireMinder i10 TPMS for RVs and Trailers w/ Signal Booster - 10 Tire Sensors Item # TM56FR.
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  • Is There a TireMinder Monitoring System that Comes with 10 Sensors
    Yes, we have a TireMinder system with 10 sensors, the TireMinder i10 TPMS for RVs and Trailers w/ Signal Booster - 10 Tire Sensors # TM56FR.
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  • What Is The Maximum Temperature In Fahrenheit For Trailer Tires
    The maximum recommend temperature for any tires is 195 degrees Fahrenheit. The manufacturer of your tires might have a differing maximum but this is the industry standard. The TireMinder i10 TPMS for RVs and Trailers w/ Signal Booster # TM56FR you were looking at can sense temperature and allow you to set a maximum to alert you that there may be an issue that needs to be checked out before it becomes a blowout situation.
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  • Would TireMinder i10 Interfere with Tire Pressure Sensors of 2019 Chevy Equinox
    The TireMinder i10 # TM56FR would not interfere with the integrated tire pressure sensors of your 2019 Chevy Equinox. Your pressure sensors are built in to the vehicle's wheel and these attach to the valve stems so they wouldn't interfere. Putting the signal booster in the rear cargo area of your RV would be a great solution.
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  • Does Tire Minders TM56FR TPMS System Include New Rhino Signal Booster
    The Tire Minder # TM56FR that we're currently offering does include the upgraded Rhino repeater. The system includes the 5-1/4 inch color display (measured diagonally). I've linked to a video showing a typical installation.
    view full answer...
  • Where is a Good Place to Install the TireMinder i10 TPMS Signal Booster on an Alliance Paradigm 5er
    I recommend trying to grab power for the signal booster for the TireMinder i10 TPMS for RVs and Trailers w/ Signal Booster # TM56FR from your battery bank so you may nee to run some leads under your 5th wheel to the desired location for the booster under your RV. We don't have specific locations for different trailers since each application is different - there are just some generic guidelines to try to follow like making sure the booster is further back on your 5th wheel and that it's...
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  • Will TireMinder With 10 Tire Sensors Sync With Other Systems on Motorhome
    The TireMinder i10 TPMS for RVs - LCD Monitor - Signal Booster - 10 External Tire Sensors # TM56FR is not able to sync with any other external systems on a motorhome. The system comes with a monitor which you'll need to use for monitoring your tires. There isn't a system with 8 sensors, so the best option is the i10 with 10 sensors, giving you a couple spare sensors on hand if you ever need them. I have added a link to a video review for you to check out as well of the TireMinder i10...
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  • Recommended Tire Pressure Monitoring System with 10 Sensors for RV and Flat Towed Vehicle
    I recommend using the TireMinder i10 TPMS for RVs and Trailers w/ Signal Booster - 10 Tire Sensors # TM56FR, which comes with 10 sensors and will work well for your Class A and flat towed vehicle to allow you to monitor all of the tires in your setup. This is a really nice value system comes with an easy to read color LCD monitor but this system is only rated for tires with low pressure valve stems, up to 65psi. If you need something for higher pressure valve stems then you'll need the...
    view full answer...
  • What is Difference Between TireMinder Kits TM79FR and TM56FR
    The difference is basically the monitor setup. The part # TM79FR comes with a monitor whereas the # TM56FR is designed to sync to a smart phone. The # TM79FR does not have a way to connect to smart phone.
    view full answer...
  • 10 Sensor RV Tire Pressure Monitor Recommendation for Towing Sunseeker RV
    The TireMinder i10 part # TM56FR that you referenced would be a great option. It has 10 sensors like you need that are easy to install and a monitor that has a solid range and and easy to ready display. If you prefer a setup that can display on your phone we also have the TireMinder part # TM79FR as well.
    view full answer...
  • Will TireMinder A1AS TPMS for RVs and Trailers Interfere with Bluetooth Backup Cameras
    The TireMinder A1AS TPMS for RVs and Trailers part # TM79FR uses Bluetooth so it does operate on a 2.4Ghz frequency as well. Therefore, there is a potential for interference. I spoke to TireMinder about this and they said to keep the monitors a few feet apart and there should be no issue but we do also carry systems which operate on a different frequency, the TireMinder i10 TPMS for RVs and Trailers part # TM56FR for example operates on a 433MHz frequency.
    view full answer...
  • Are the TireMinder A1AS TPMS Sensors Waterproof?
    The TireMinder A1AS TPMS for RVs and Trailers w Signal Booster # TM86FR you're looking at are not waterproof, however the TireMinder i10 TPMS for RVs and Trailers w/ Signal Booster # TM56FR is. This kit is a bit larger containing 10 sensors as oppose to 6, however you do get just about everything you'd get with # TM86FR minus the Bluetooth capabilities.
    view full answer...
  • Can TireMinder i10 be Used with Multiple Single Axle Trailers
    You could use the TireMinder i10 part # TM56FR for your three trailer setup and it would work great. The sensor spots on the display that aren't being used would just show blank and the other sensors would still show up like you'd want to. Non-flow through sensors like this would work just fine for your setup since you don't plan to be adjusting air pressure frequently. Essentially these would be basically like valve stem caps. Removal is not difficult. To do a smart phone setup similar...
    view full answer...
  • Tire Monitor Recommendation for Motorhome and Trailer with 10 Total Tires
    We have two really great options for monitoring 10 motorhome and trailer tire pressures with the part # TM56FR which comes with its own monitor or the # TM79FR which syncs to your smart phone and displays the pressures of all tires on your phone screen or with included display. These kits have signal boosters so that you can for sure get the reception needed for all tires to the display and was intended for setups like yours where there's a motorhome and a trailer as well to keep track...
    view full answer...
    Image 1 for
  • Flow Through TPMS Sensors For TireMinder i10 TPMS
    Since the TireMinder TPMS kits are not available in an 8-pack, your best option is to use the TireMinder i10 TPMS with 10 Tire Sensors, item # TM56FR and the 2-pack of Flow Through Tire Sensors for TireMinder TPMS, item # TM66FR. This gives you 10 standard sensors and the two flow through sensors you want. This option gives you two extra standard sensors if one happens to get damaged or lost while traveling. The other option would be to use the TireMinder i10 TPMS with 6 Tire Sensors,...
    view full answer...

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