An oval, black PVC grommet needed for flush mounting 6-1/2" oval lights. This PVC grommet gives shock mount protection that extends the life of the lamp. Along with the sealed light, a 3-wire pigtail is required to complete the installation. Call 800-298-8924 to order Optronics accessories and parts part number A70GB or order online at Free expert support on all Optronics products. Guaranteed Lowest Price and Fastest Shipping for PVC Grommet for 6-1/2" Oval Trailer Tail Lights. Accessories and Parts reviews from real customers.
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PVC Grommet for 6-1/2" Oval Trailer Tail Lights

Item # A70GB

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Optronics Accessories and Part
Optronics Accessories and Part
Optronics Accessories and Part

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Optronics Accessories and Part
Optronics Accessories and Part
Optronics Accessories and Part
Optronics Accessories and Part
Optronics Accessories and Part
Optronics Accessories and Part
Optronics Accessories and Part
Optronics Accessories and Part
Optronics Accessories and Part
Optronics Accessories and Part
Optronics Accessories and Part
Optronics Accessories and Part

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Optronics Accessories and Parts - A70GB

An oval, black PVC grommet needed for flush mounting 6-1/2" oval lights. This PVC grommet gives shock mount protection that extends the life of the lamp. Along with the sealed light, a 3-wire pigtail is required to complete the installation.


  • PVC grommet for flush mounting 6-1/2" oval lights
  • Shock protection extends lamp life
  • Open back gives easy access for wiring
  • Requires a three-wire plug (A45PB or A47PB) along with the light to complete installation
  • Dimensions: 7-5/8" L x 3-3/8" W x 1-1/8" D

Manufacturer Cross Reference
Grommet will work as an exact replacement for:
Wesbar # 226088
Truck Lite # 60700
Grote # 92420
Peterson # 421-18
Bargman # 40-06-020

Manufacturer Specifications

Black PVC grommet allows oval lights to be flush mounted. Provides shock mount to lengthen bulb life.

dimensions of rubber grommet

A-70GB Optronics Rubber Grommet for 6-1/2" Oval Trailer Tail Lights

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Video of PVC Grommet for 6-1/2" Oval Trailer Tail Lights

Videos are provided As a guide only. Refer To manufacturer
installation instructions And specs For complete information.

Video Transcript for Optronics Accessories and Parts A70GB Review

Today we'll be reviewing part number A70GB. This is the Optronics Rubber Grommet for 6 1/2 inch Oval Trailer Lights. It is designed for flush mounting those lights. It's going to provide shock protection. This is going to extend the life of your lamp. It's going to feature that open back design that's going to give easy access for wiring.

This does require a 3 wire plug along with the lights to complete installation. Those are going to be sold separately. Couple different plugs that we would recommend is part number A45PB or A47PB. Let's go over the dimensions of the grommet. It's going to give us an overall length of 7 5/8 of an inch. Overall width of 3 3/8 and then an overall depth of 1 1/8.

That's really easy to install, a light I have in right here for our demonstration. Once you have your 6 1/2 inch over light, all you got to do is place it through the grommet. Then just push it into place. The grommet comes up over the light and that's all there is to it. The light is nice and secure in there.

Again, you have the open back for easy access to the wiring. That going to do it for today's review of part number A70GB. This is the Optronics Rubber Grommet for 6 1/2 inch Oval Trailer Lights. .

Customer Reviews

PVC Grommet for 6-1/2" Oval Trailer Tail Lights - A70GB

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (304 Customer Reviews)

An oval, black PVC grommet needed for flush mounting 6-1/2" oval lights. This PVC grommet gives shock mount protection that extends the life of the lamp. Along with the sealed light, a 3-wire pigtail is required to complete the installation.
- a70gb

by: oval trailer tail lights03/29/2014

Great looking taillights wish I had bought them sooner. thanks 122823


just like a TIMEX watch takes a licking

oval t - 03/21/2015

- a70gb

by: Steve05/03/2017

I purchased these Submersible LED bulbs for my boat trailer for two reasons. The first is so road traffic is aware of my intentions of backing up and the second is to make it easier to back my trailer into my driveway at night. The only thing that I find disappointing about this product, is that the wires are not sealed. You have to plug a pigtail in to power the bulb. Although they say it is watertight, I still plan on sealing the plug with some marine grade silicone sealant. Otherwise I am very satisfied with the way these bulbs light up my path of travel. 376428

- a70gb

by: Tim O01/08/2016

I have purchased from etrailer several times and I find the selection of parts very good I think their attempt to help customers with video and a good tech department is very unique and beneficial The quality of the lights I received is good but I do feel it was not the same quality as the original "Grote" brand lights my trailer came equipt with... Also the quality of the rubber grommits was definitely thinner and not as robust as all the original grommits used on the trailer originally... these parts were made over seas and the oems were all American made... This is not meant to be a "DONT BUY" I'm just stating the facts the parts are not the same quality but the price was great and the parts did work just fine but just bear in mind there is a difference but for my used trailer rebuild they were just fine the jacketed wire was top notch BTW I would buy from etrailer and these same parts again 234981

- a70gb

by: Dale J.08/03/2016

Great product! My right brake/turn signal stopped working on my trailer, so I purchased a new ST70RB 6-1/2" oval trailer light, along with the wiring plug and this matching grommet, installed them in about 30 min, and it works great! The package arrived quickly and was packed nicely. I found out my fuse was blown on my 2016 Traverse for the right trailer stop/turn signal, but that was most likely from the old light which I think was leaking. I didn't know there was a fuse just for that so I learned something new. I will definitely purchase trailer products again from! 279369

- a70gb

by: Wholesale Window & Door Co.02/03/2014

I was extremely happy with your web site, which helped me to know the exact tail light I needed. The product came quickly and was of very good quality. It fit right in the old trailer we use for our business. Steve 115561


The parts are still working well!

Wholesale W - 02/03/2015

- a70gb

by: Tommy06/15/2015

Product came exactly as described. It is good quality. Shipped and arrived fast. Great seller. Would order from again. 203556


All is well. Its still works fine.

Tommy - 06/14/2016

- a70gb

by: Craig09/30/2016

What do y'all want a follow up to? If i had a nickel for every item I've ordered off of ETrailer, I wouldn't have to work for a few months... I keep coming back because the prices are fair, shipping is free and fast, and ETrailer has everything I need. I do wish you sold trailer kits though. Being a welder, I have built a few trailers in my free time and sold them for a small side business. Why isn't there an axle, fender, brakes, springs (shackles and all hardware) tires and wheels kit? It would be nice to not have to go and click and add to cart all the multitude of items I need to build a trailer individually. Just saying... 301677

- a70gb

by: Kevin04/08/2014

dont fit as snug as the original ones my trailer has, but they work fine. 124381


Still working just fine.

Kevin - 04/08/2015

- a70gb

by: Ken M10/04/2013

Made it a professional looking job! 102529


Holding LEDs in place, no signs of dry rot.

Ken M - 10/05/2014

- a70gb

by: Austin M.11/30/2016

I have been trying to rebuild an old Big Tex trailer for the past month through local vendors. We needed springs, hardware, brakes, lights ect. We use this trailer for feeding cattle out on the range and the window was closing. Everytime I got a part from the local company it was wrong. Finally I found etrailer and everything was so simple to find myself and order. The service was outstanding and the delivery was a day ahead of schedule. I ordered all my suspension hardware and lights from them, it was quick and easy, quality looks great. Thank you 321632

- a70gb

by: Jim s.09/20/2013

Grommet fits perfect. 100758


no problems after a year.

Jim s - 09/20/2014

- a70gb

by: Jeff.B07/25/2014

Just what i needed,fit pefect. 142933


Great product.

Jeff.B - 07/25/2015

- a70gb

by: Terry M05/07/2013

Didn't fit the holes in my trailer, although LED lights fit and were same size as original. Measure the cut out in your trailer before ordering. Product was fine but my assumption was it was a standard size. My fault - they will go in the trash now. 79286


I just had the same experience, needed a thicker or bigger gasket, even trailer manufacturer confirmed this issue, not sure where to get the thicker gasket from? Like You, I thought these were all the same size, the lights to go into the gaskets are...but not the gaskets?

-- comment by: todbnla - 05/20/2013


Do you have the part number from the old gasket? Should be molded on it somewhere. That may help shed some light.

-- Patrick B - 5/20/2013

- a70gb

by: Keith G.07/08/2017

Used these grommets to install lights on my cargo trailer that I pull behind my motorcycle. I wanted lights that would be sealed from leaking and these grommets allowed me to do that. Easy to use and they hold the lights as expected. Will definitely use these again if I need a similar set up. 403015

- a70gb

by: Mike R05/11/2017

Products received were high quality as advertised and the customer service was awesome. US postal service as the delivery method was less then impressive. Found my package laying on the ground by my mailbox roadside. This by no means was Etrailers Fault but something to consider when they chose a delivery method for their customers. The experience with Etrailers other then this was awsome. Will be ordering more for sure. 380540

- a70gb

by: Jimmy B09/01/2016

A perfect match and a perfect replacement for my old light gasket. I used this with the new stop/turn/tail light assembly that I bought. Easy to install, works great. No issues. Make sure you look closely when installing this. The lip has to be pulled out all the way around to securely attach this gasket and keep everything in place. There is a lip that keeps this in place on both sides of the metal bracket. 290199

- a70gb

by: Brandon06/28/2016

Used with the BUL72GB led light along with the BK70BB bracket. It fit ok and was easy to install but I wonder if It will pop out pulling the trailer out of the water. I don't think that the intended purpose of the light, gasket, bracket combination was intended to be installed on a boat trailer but I'll see if it works over time. I may have to secure the light with a little something extra if it's an issue. 266103

- a70gb

by: Andrew D.06/11/2016

It was easy. I went on there web site typed in the part no. on my old light. the one that got to close to my brush fire. A very good picture and description of the light came up. clicked and ordered. I was emailed that the part was shipped and giving a tracking no. I received the two lights in a few days. Great follow threw. Would recommend this company. 260367

- a70gb

by: randy09/29/2016

Review the PVC Grommet for 6-1/2" Oval Trailer Tail Lights: Good construction, no mold seams that prevented them from seating properly into the trailer. Wiped a little bit of water with my finger around the inside which helped to slide the LED light into place. Tight waterproof seal. ETRAILER.COM sent it quickly. Good price for this item. 301668

- a70gb

by: Jhansen05/09/2017

Couldnt find an exact match to the part number of the break light I needed, so I searched this site and found a similar size light after browsing through one of the Q & A sections. Ordered two, and they fit perfectly! Also, I went ahead and ordered from this site because other customer reviews were very positive about their experiences. 378472

- a70gb

by: Robert01/25/2017

My order came boxed very nice. All contents were there as promised. Chris was excellent to order from. She understood what I needed and had my order out that afternoon. I'd buy again from this company. All my lights are of premium quality, no junk. My converted ( incandescent to LED ) snowmobile trailer will be seen now. 338333

- a70gb

by: Charles Langdon04/25/2017

Item exactly as ordered, received promptly, sealed for boat trailer, almost identical to original equipment, pre-wired and easily installed. Local retailers unable to provide same length of unit at competitive cost. Also ordered and received a PVC grommet for my 6 1/2" oval 3 way stop-turn and running light 371992

- a70gb

by: gary h11/20/2013


- a70gb

by: Dannie G.05/03/2017

Lights were easy to install. Twenty minutes and both backup lights were done. 376559

- a70gb

by: Denise H.04/24/2015

I ordered two new lights for my boat trailer and two new rubber grommets to go with them. The rubber grommets were too small and the light and grommet would fall out of the hole. I ended up using my old grommets with the new lights. They were very inexpensive but worth zero. 187798

- a70gb

by: Ken Price05/10/2017

I'm extremely pleased with every aspect of my recent order. The price was good, the package arrived on time and the product worked great. I will be purchasing from etrailer again. I highly recommend doing business with etrailer to anyone looking for products they sell 378676

- a70gb

by: Nathan C.09/30/2013

This is a really nice quality grommet that works perfectly with the Optronics series of lights. You cannot beat the price on these - it makes reusing the old ones silly because you will inevitably tear, stretch or otherwise destroy the old ones taking the lights out. 102047

- a70gb

by: Brian J11/04/2016

I ordered more parts (lights for my motorcycle trailer) than really needed but now I have plenty of spares. These parts were exactly what I needed and were very reasonably priced. The shipping was quick and the order was filled correctly. Great Job !!! 316781

- a70gb

by: shawn b.04/08/2013

Product is good quality and was shipped quickly - only issue I didn't measure well enough and the grommet is about 1/4" too small. But that's my own fault! 75005


Theyre still going great so far. With trailer lights up here I need stuff thats durable. So far so good.

-- comment by: shawn b - 04/10/2014

- a70gb

by: Lew N04/06/2017

These are just what I wanted for my customers trailer. He is very pleased with the products and can't wait for me to get it all together so he can start using the trailer. What was on there before was total junk. Half worked and half didn't. Great company! 363537

- a70gb

by: John S.07/18/2016

What can I say gotta have em and they hold it very well 273253

- a70gb

by: Armando A.06/28/2017

This tail light is exactly as advertised and really makes it a lot safer for you because how bright they are! I don't know of any better place than etrailer to get parts at great prices and super fast delivery along with great customer service! 401263

- a70gb

by: Randy B03/27/2017

Products I bought from Etrailer were shipped quickly. Was replacing existing lighting and went to the led lighting. Description of part was accurate. Good choice for me. Price was better than I could get locally. Good company to do business with. 362198

- a70gb

by: Matt W09/27/2013

Its a rubber grommet. It holds the light in nice and tight. Not much else to say besides they're priced cheap and a whole lot better than the sun rotten ones I just threw away. Not quite as thick as the original, but who cares,its $0.95 and works! 101749

- a70gb

by: Sean06/26/2017

Replaced the old reverse lights in my 2009 Mastercraft trailer. Grommets fit well and needed replacement over my factory dry rotted and cracked ones. Old grommets kept losing my lights. Snug fit with new light (item BUL72CB). 399085

- a70gb

by: gary h11/08/2013

it was exactly what i was looking for exact match; very affordable and delivery was only 4 working day;s. i have made another purchase yesterday and will be using e-trailer site again when needed thank you 106698

- a70gb

by: Paul05/26/2017

Ordered a LED tail light, bkt, grommet and harness set, received an incorrect harness, called etrailer and the correct harness was sent to me. Very nice tail lights, bright, low current draw and excellent customer service. 386589

- a70gb

by: LCS06/23/2013

I got exactly what I needed - a replacement tail light for my 13 year old trailer. I'm so happy with - they had what I needed when I needed it and at a reasonable price. And they shipped it right away, too. 85634

- A70GB

by: Marty08/28/2012

My purchase of the water proof tail light assembly was handled excellently, but better yet it shipped on the day I ordered (Sunday). Good email communications with memebers of etrailer. I will use them again. Marty 53353

- A70GB

by: Marty08/28/2012

My purchase of the water proof tail light assembly was handled excellently, but better yet it shipped on the day I ordered (Sunday). Good email communications with memebers of etrailer. I will use them again. Marty 53352

- a70gb

by: Don S10/22/2015

Had a dead line to meet. Product arrived exactly as advertised. Very pleased with etrailer. Have used them before with the same outstanding results. Courteous and prompt with the correct item makes for easy ordering. 230488

- a70gb

by: Kevin B08/16/2013

Here is a photo. 95410

- a70gb

by: Doral J05/14/2013

This was a very good shopping experience. The light, wiring harness, grommet were easy to match up and the price was right! This will dress up my three wheeler nicely and keep me safe on the road!! Thanks 80306

- a70gb

by: Chuck R12/23/2016

I completely rebuilt my boat trailer and used a lot of parts from e trailer Every part was of great quality. Very good prices and fast shipping. I would use them again for all my trailer needs. 328691

- A70GB

by: John11/12/2012

I was so happy to work with etrailer!!!! They (John the sales rep.) were VERY helpful and patient with me. I received everything and my trailer lights up and looks awesome with the new LED lights! 59264

- a70gb

by: kevin j01/22/2016

Good quality for the price. The vinyl is not as soft and 'rubbery', especially at cold temperatures, as the Grote and Petersen I have used in past, but quite functional for homeowner trailers. 236077

- a70gb

by: Gene C.06/10/2014

Just what I needed. My old lights and grommets were original (1989) and the rubber was all dried out. These fit the new lights and into the frame of my boat trailer with no problem. 134974

- a70gb

by: Doc s Marine05/04/2015

This product was great. No problems at all, fast delivery and very friendly efficient people you deal with. As a female they didn't make me feel bad at all like some places. Thanks 189693

- A70GB

by: Terry Nola08/15/2012

Parts were just what we were needing for a special Customer requirement; parts shipped in a timely manner and were very competitive price wise; will use this Website again for sure. 51782

- a70gb

by: Greg B.04/07/2017

Products were spot on and service was better than I could ask for. Every order I have placed the service has amazing. They really go out of their way to help in any way possible. 366809

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  • How to Cut a Grommet Hole for Installation of the Oval Trailer Tail Lights # STL22RB
  • The easiest way to cut the oval hole for the Rubber Grommet, # a70gb, in my opinion, would be to use a Light Mounting Bracket for 6-1/2 inch Oval Trailer Lights, BK70BB, as a template and then use a hole saw the correct size to cut a hole on each end of the mounting location. Then, use a angle grinder with cut off wheel or a reciprocating saw with metal cutting blade to cut the straight top and bottom sides of the hole. The correct width for the grommet is 2-5/8 inches, but I have found...
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  • How to Remove Flush Mount Taillights and Grommets in a Square Tube Snowmobile Trailer Frame
  • It sounds like your trailer has the 6-1/2 inch Oval stop turn and tail lamps and some side marker lamps that use a rubber grommet like the 6-1/2 inch oval tail lights grommet, # A70GB. Since the area where your lights are mounted is not accessible from the back side, you will need to pry the light out of the front of the grommet with a small screwdriver or other similar tool. If you could find a plastic pry tool that might work better and keep you from damaging the rubber grommet. Another...
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  • Which Trailer Wiring Connector Has a Pin for Reverse Lights
  • In order to add reverse lights to a trailer would would need to have a 7-Way on the trailer, like # 50-67-008, and a 7-Way on the vehicle. On the vehicle side, if you are looking at the back of the 7-Way where the wires connect, the reverse light circuit is the center pin. It will need to connect to a reverse light wire behind one of the vehicle tail lights. On the trailer side the matching pin is again the center pin. So from that pin, you would route wire to reverse lights. Reverse...
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  • How to Install Tail Light and Grommet into Trailer Light Mounting Bracket # BK70BB
  • I went out to the warehouse and pulled a # BK70BB bracket, a 6 inch oval tail light and the A70GB grommet. I found that it is much easier to install everything if you push the grommet fully into the bracket until it is fully seated and then push the light into the grommet until it bottoms out. At that point, you will have a fit tight enough that the lamp is securely held in place. Make sure the grommet is pushed FULLY into place before inserting the lamp.
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  • How to Replace Optronics Taillight Part # STL70RB on a Cargo Trailer
  • If your trailer has flush mount lights like the Optronics Sealed Oval LED Tail Light, # STL70RB, then I have two ways for you to remove your old taillights from your Haulmark Cargo Trailer. These taillights are sealed, therefore, you need to change the entire assembly, not just the bulbs inside. If you have access to the backside of the light from the inside of your cargo trailer and your lights are hardwired, then you need to cut the wires close to the old taillight and gently push...
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  • Direct Replacement Oval Stop Turn and Tail Light for a Model J-60 Trialer Light is the # ST70RB
  • Yes, the J-60 light is a 6-1/2 inch wide by 2-1/4 inch tall light that is 2-1/4 inches deep overall so the Sealed, 6-1/2 inch Oval Trailer Stop, Turn and Tail Light, 3-Function, item # ST70RB, is a direct replacement for your light. If you need a replacement grommet for the light you can use the Rubber Grommet for 6-1/2 inch Oval Trailer Tail Lights, item # A70GB, and if you need to wire the light or replace the connector you can use the right angle pigtail, item # A47PB, or the straight...
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  • What Size Hole to Mount Optronics 6-1/2 Inch Oval Taillight # STL22CCRB
  • The # STL22CCRB lamp you referred to is typically mounted in a grommet, like part # A70GB, which in turn is mounted in a bracket like part # MNT-651SS. If you were planning on cutting a hole to mount the lamp and grommet, the hole will need to measure 6-3/4 by 2-1/2 inches, as you can see in the diagram I provided. The easiest way to cut the hole would be to use a 2-1/2 inch hole saw, and cut two holes 6-3/4 inches apart (measured outside-to-outside). You could then use snips or a rotary...
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  • Replacement 6-1/2 inch Oval Tail Lights, Incandescent and LED
  • Yes, the Sealed, 6-1/2 inch Oval Trailer Stop, Turn and Tail Light, 3-Function, item # ST70RB, should be the correct replacement for your Truck-Lite 60 taillight. The replacement grommet for this light is the Rubber Grommet for 6-1/2 inch Oval Trailer Tail Lights, item # A70GB. If you would like to upgrade to LED lights then you could use the Miro-Flex, Sealed, 6-1/2 inch Oval, LED Trailer Stop/Turn/Tail Light, 3-Function, 12 Diode, item # STL22RB, with the grommet mentioned above.
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  • Replacement Tail Light For Bargman 6-1/2 Inch Oval Light
  • The Optronics light that you referenced, part # ST70RB, is an exact replacement for Bargman light # 40-06-001. If you can find that part number on your Bargman light, then we can be sure that this light is the correct replacement. Even if your Bargman light has a different part number, # ST70RB will very likely work. The dimensions of the light are 6-1/2 inches long x 2-1/4 inches wide x 2-3/8 inches deep. If your current trailer light is approximately the same size, this light will work...
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  • Hitch Mounted Motorcycle Carrier to Haul a Yamaha WR250 Behind a Four Winds Class C Motor Home
  • As long as the trailer hitch on your Four Winds motorhome has a 500 lb tongue weight capacity, you will be able to haul your Yamaha WR250R motorcycle, however, the Rage PowerSort Motorcycle Carrier, # MX600, that you referenced is not recommended for use behind a motorhome. Instead, I recommend looking at the Ultra-Fab Motorcycle Carrier, # UF48-979033. This carrier only weighs approximately 50 lbs, has a weight capacity of 500 lbs, and is approved for use behind motorhomes. The total...
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  • LED Lights, Wiring and Mounting Brackets for Reverse Lights On a Boat Trailer
  • I would use the Sealed, 6-1/2 inch LED Clear Oval Trailer Utility Light, 10 Diode, item # BUL72CB, along with the Rubber Grommet for 6-1/2 inch Oval Trailer Tail Lights, item # A70GB, and the Trailer Light Mounting Bracket for 6-1/2 inch Oval Trailer Lights, Steel - Black Powder Coat, item # BK70BB. These items should work for you and have a specific mounting bracket that is not available for the Thinline Sealed LED Utility Light, item # UCL65CB. Be sure to unplug the trailer connection...
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  • Replacement LED Tail Lights for a Pace Cargo Trailer
  • You will need four each of the Sealed, 6-1/2 inch Oval LED Trailer Stop, Turn and Tail Light, 48 Diode, item # STL70RB, Rubber Grommet for 6-1/2 inch Oval Trailer Tail Lights, item # A70GB, and either the Straight 3-Wire Pigtail, item # A45PB or the Right Angle 3-Wire Pigtail, item # A47PB. This is an exact replacement so your grommets will work with the light if they are not damaged or hardened from exposure to the elements.
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  • Is the LED Oval Trailer Utility Light Brighter than the Incandescent Oval Trailer Back Up Light
  • I went out to the warehouse and checked all of our clear oval lights. The Sealed, 6-1/2 inch LED Clear Oval Trailer Utility Light, 10 Diode, item # BUL72CB, whiter light than the light emitted by the incandescent Oval Trailer Back Up Light, item # BU70CB, but the light does not illuminate as large an area as well. The advantages of the LED light is that it does not draw near as much amperage as the incandescent light, it lasts much longer and it does not produce the heat produced by incandescent...
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  • Bolt on Mounting Bracket Options for 6-1/2 Inch Oval Trailer lights
  • The Optronics 6-1/2 inch Oval Trailer Lights, item # STL22RB, can be bolted on with the addition of a trailer light mounting bracket. These brackets are available in black powder coat, item # BK70BB, and stainless steel, item # MNT-651SS. Along with the mounting brackets you will need rubber grommets, item # A70GB to secure the lights in the oval openings. Finally you will need a pigtail connector to wire the Miro-Flex, Sealed, 6-1/2 inch Oval, LED Trailer Light, item # STL22RB. There...
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  • Recommendation For LED Camper and Flatbed Tail Lights for a 2010 Ford Ranger
  • I would recommend the Sealed, 6-1/2 inch Oval LED Trailer Stop, Turn and Tail Light, 10 Super Diode, item # STL72RB, for both the truck bed and the trailer. To mount these lights you will need a Trailer Light Mounting Bracket for 6-1/2 inch Oval Trailer Lights, item # BK70BB, and a Rubber Grommet, item # A70GB. To wire the lights you will need either the straight Pigtail, item # A45PB, or a the right angle Pigtail, item # A47PB. I have used these lights on a car hauler and they work excellent...
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  • Availability of a 6-1/2 Inch Oval Tail Light with Chrome Bezel and Round LED Marker Lights
  • We do not have a chrome bezel for the 6-1/2 inch Oval, LED Trailer Stop/Turn/Tail Light, # STL22RCB. But there is a Stainless Steel Mounting bracket, # MNT-651SS, that can be used for mounting the light. You will also need a grommet, # A70GB, and a straight, # A45PB or right angle, # A47PB, pigtail harness for installation and wiring of the light. You could purchase the Chrome Accent Ring, # A78CB, for use with the Flange Mount 6-1/2 inch Oval Stop, Turn and Tail Lights, # STL88RCB,...
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  • LED Stop Turn and Tail Signal Lighting for a Motorcycle Pull Behind Trailer
  • To meet DOT standards you will need to have both a left side and right side blinker on your motorcycle trailer. The LED Stop/Turn/Tail Light, item # STL69RRXB, is not separated so that the left side of the light and right side of the light can blink separately, so you will need two of these lights to complete your lighting setup. I have seen many motorcycle trailers with two of the Sealed, 6-1/2 inch Oval, LED Trailer lights, item # STL22RB, mounted next to each other at the back of...
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  • Does Optronics Trailer Light, # STL70RB, Fit Wesbar 203561 Light For Upgrade To LED Lights
  • Yes, the Optronics Trailer Light, # STL70RB, will replace the Wesbar 203561 to upgrade to LED lights. You will want to check the factory grommet when you remove the light, if the factory grommet is in good condition you can use it with the LED upgrade. If the factory grommet is worn or shows any signs of damage, now is the time to replace it. You would use the Optronics Rubber Grommet, # A70GB. Same thing on the 3-prong plug connector, check it also to make sure it is in good condition....
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  • Replacement Red Oval LED Stop/Turn/Tail Lights for Skeeter Bassboat Trailer
  • Just click on the linked page to see all of our LED-type red oval trailer stop/turn/tail lights like # STL22RB from Optronics. This particular light measures 6-1/2- x 2-5/16-inches and uses a mounting grommet # A70GB and bracket # BK70BB. LED lighting offers the advantages of brighter output, lower power consumption and of doing away with periodic bulb changes. The waterproof STL22RB offers these advantages plug the security of a sonically-welded waterproof enclosure, perfect for your...
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  • Backup Light Recommendations for a Enclosed Utility Trailer
  • I spoke with my contact at Optronics and he informed me that this Optronics Trailer Light, part # BUL78C3MB, is certified to be used as a utility light for a trailer but not as a reverse light. He said that if you were to use this as a reverse light he would recommend that you contact your state and local laws to determine if that would be an issue for passing inspections. He also said that these lights will not be as bright as most reverse lights normally are. If you want a similar...
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  • Availability of Replacement Trailer Stop/Turn/Tail Lights for Super 60 Model 60 Lights
  • The replacement light you would need to replace your model 60 light is the Sealed, 6-1/2 inch Oval LED Trailer Stop, Turn and Tail Light, 48 Diode, item # STL70RB. The Sealed, 6-1/2 inch Oval LED Trailer Stop, Turn and Tail Light, 10 Super Diode, item # STL72RB, is just a bit small on the width and a bit large on the height to properly fit in the grommet for the model 60, but may work if you would like to try it.
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  • Replacement Tail/Stop/Turn LED Light for BRI MAR Dump Trailer
  • I wasn't able to find any size info for the Glo Brite trailer light you have, but the part # STL72RB that you referenced is a 6-1/2 inch by 2-1/4 inch LED light assembly that can do stop/turn/tail functions that would work great on nearly every trailer. For a grommet to install it you would want part # A70GB, for a bracket instead you would want the # BK70BB, and then for a wiring pig tail you would want the # A45PB.
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  • Recommended Replacement Lights for Truck Lite Stop/Tail/Turn Lights on a Featherlite Trailer
  • Good news, I can help find you replacement lights for your Featherlite Trailer. I was able to find LED stop/tail/turn lights that will be compatible with your Truck Lite weathertight plug. I have attached them to this page for your convenience. If you are in need of a replacement grommet as well the # A70GB will be the for you.
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  • Any Other Parts Needed When Replacing Incandescent Trailer Lights With LED Lights
  • You will want to measure your existing oval lights to make sure they will match up to the dimensions on the Optronics lights. The Optronics LED Trailer Stop/Turn/Tail Light, part # STL22RB, will work as a LED replacement for the Optronics Oval Trailer Stop/Turn/Tail Light, part # ST70RB. They would both fit in the Optronics Rubber Grommet for 6-1/2 Inch Oval Trailer Tail Lights, part # A70GB. They would use an industry standard 3-prong plug like the Optronics Straight 3-Wire Pigtail...
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  • Why is the Optronics LED Clear Oval Trailer Utility Light # BUL72CB Not Certified as a Backup Light
  • The Sealed, 6-1/2 inch Oval LED Trailer Utility Light, Flange Mount, 10 Super Diode - Clear, item # BUL78CB, does not meet DOT FMVSS 108 requirements, for backup lights so it cannot be sold as a backup light. That does not mean that the light cannot be used in that situation for applications where a DOT requirement does not need to be met. In short, the Trailer Utility Light, item # BUL78CB, can be used as a backup light, but if your trailer needs to meet DOT requirements you will need...
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  • What Are the Wire Functions for the Three Wire Connection on LED Trailer Light STL72RB
  • The # STL72RB tail light would use a 3-wire plug, like part # A45PB, which would have a white, a black, and a red wire. In this case, the white would be the ground wire, the black would be the tail light wire, and the red wire would be for the brake light and turn signal functions. If you are planning on mounting the # STL72RB light flush, I would recommend using grommet # A70GB for a clean look. We also offer a mounting bracket # BK70BB, if you prefer to mount the light horizontally...
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  • Recommended 6 Inch Oval LED Backup Light For Brightness
  • We have 6-1/2 inch oval LED lights that are very bright, that are typically referred to as 6 inch lights in the trailer industry. I recommend the Optronics GloLight LED Backup Light for Truck or Trailer - Submersible - 22 Diodes, # BUL111CB, because it is a very bright replacement light that that meets the DOT compliant standards. They have a very clean look and are sonically sealed so they can handle all the weather thrown at them. They require a recessed mount # a70gb, and a 2-prong...
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  • Trailer Light Kit Recommendation for a Pace Enclosed Trailer
  • For an LED trailer wiring kit that would work well on your Pace trailer I would recommend the part # TLL16RK. This part number comes with everything. The lights are rectangular though. To use the part # ST70RB you would need the grommets part # a70gb, the pigtail part # A45PB, brackets part # BK70BB, and # A35W42B.
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  • Replacement LED Stop/Turn/Taillight for Peterson 421 Lamp on Boat Trailer
  • We carry a small selection of Peterson taillights, but the majority of what we carry is from Optronics. Optronics makes an equivalent LED lamp, part # STL72RB. If you were flush mounting the lamp using a grommet, you'd need part # A70GB. You would also need the wiring pigtail, part # A45PB. The # STL22RB you mentioned would also be an acceptable replacement that would use the same grommet and pigtail, but the lamp features two more LEDs, so it would be a bit brighter.
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  • What are the Hole Dimensions for the #A70GB, Rubber Grommet for 6-1/2 Inch Oval Trailer Light
  • I went out into our warehouse and measured one of our Rubber Grommet for 6-1/2 inch Oval Trailer Light, # A70GB, that we have in stock. From the measurements I took, you will have to cut a hole that is 6-11/16 inches long and 2-5/8 inches tall.
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