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Hollywood Racks Sport Rider SE 2 Electric Bike Platform Rack Review

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Review of the Hollywood Racks Sport Rider SE 2 Electric Bike Platform Rack

Adam: What's going on, everybody Adam here with etrailer. Today, we're going to be taking a look at the Hollywood Racks Sport Rider SE2 Electric Bike Rack. Yes, this bike rack is going to be able to take care of not only your electric bikes, but also your fat tire bikes. Why Well one, the wheel cradles are going to fit tire widths up to five inches and then also the weight capacity per bike is 80 pounds. That's a lot. There's really not many bikes that I think are not going to work with this rack.

Another thing that it's going to work with is RVs. If you don't have a vehicle like this or you do, but you want to put it on your RV too, you can do that. All you really need is a two inch shank.Nice thing about this is if you plan on putting it on your vehicle and it's somewhat like a RAV4 and you have a back hatch you want to access, we aren't going to lose that functionality of our vehicle because we can actually tilt this away from the vehicle with the bikes installed. It's very, very cool because if you are on a trip or something like that, you don't want to have to unload your bikes in the middle of nowhere. Just keep them on there, keep them locked and safe.And all we got to do is pretty much pull a little pin down here and I like to kind of push up on it a little bit and then there's a little knob we're going to pull and now we're going to have access to our rear hatch.

It gets kind of close but this is all going to just depend on what kind of bike you have. If you start having clearance issues, start putting the bike with the narrowest of handlebars closest to your vehicle and you probably won't have any issues at all. What you got to do whenever we're done is take it from the center mast and push it up. It'll snap into place, but then we do have to replace the pin. And again, you kind of just lift it up to do that, to get it through the hole.

And we are good.Taking a look at the wheel cradles, so as you can see, they're extremely wide, which is really nice. And that's what's going to get the five inches in maximum tire width, which is really nice, especially for your fat tire bikes, but pretty much whenever you're taking the bike off, I do suggest taking these little straps off first. And I like how we have a little cushion here. This is just going to prevent any damage from happening to your wheels. If you're a little concerned about that and just have high end wheels, don't be.

It's going to be the same exact thing on the other side. Do those first because the bike is still upright. And then we can go to our little frame hook here, press the little tab on the side, we'll get a closer look in a second, slide it up and then we can go ahead and just remove our bike.Now with the bikes off, we can get a closer look at the rack itself. We're going to start with the wheel cradles here. Pretty much we saw them a little bit earlier, but the nice thing about this is they are going to be able to adjust around this whole entire post here. We're going to have a little knob. You can loosen that up and we're going to be able to adjust it all the way down. And of course all the way back here. The maximum wheelbase for your bikes are going to be around 60 inches. Be sure to measure if you have a longer bike, just to make sure that this is going to work for you. It's going to be the same exact thing on the other side, but let's take a look at our center mast here.Up top, we have the same kind of deal where it's going to protect your frames because you are going to get a little bit of jiggle whenever you're going down the road. And if it was just straight metal on metal, it might damage your bike, but it's not, we actually have a little foam piece here, which is really nice so it's not going to damage anything. I like it. And we don't have to worry about losing these hooks because they are going to stop at the top. And if you come and take a look on the other side, we're going to see the locking cores, which will be keyed alike with the bike cable. It's on this side. We're going to have little locking cores over here and it is going to be keyed alike with the locking core on the hitch and also going to work with the bike cable as well. It does come with it, which is really nice. You have two different locks just to lock your bikes onto the rack so you really don't have to worry about losing it or it running off.We are going to be able to lower the center mast just because whenever we're not using the bike rack to haul some bikes, maybe you just don't want to take it out of your hitch because you're probably going to go riding within the near future. What we do is we come down low. There's a little pin and what we got to do with the pin as you rotate it and there's a little notch and it'll line up with the notch on there. You don't have to worry about losing this because I lose everything. I like how it is tied to the rack because now you won't lose it. Once it goes, once you take the pin out, it goes down and then you replace the pin and we're going to be able to actually fold this up towards the vehicle. But before we do that, let's get an idea of how much length we're adding when we're hauling bikes.It's going to be about 31 and a 1/4 inches from the center of the hitch pin hole on your hitch all the way to the outermost point here. Now that we have that done, there's going to be two little levers up on the right side. We're going to pull one of them to be able to rotate it up. It has a little bit of wiggle right here, but it's not going to get close to the bumper of this RAV4. We are going to cut down the length on the end of our vehicle by quite a bit actually, about 18 and a 1/2 inches now. That's quite a bit, if you really just don't feel like taking this out of the hitch, just leave it in there. You're not really adding a whole lot of length to your vehicle.One thing I like is having an anti-rattle bolt, but sometimes the threaded anti-rattle bolts are kind of difficult to get in. With this one, it has a different type of mechanism. Up on front here, this is the lever and it is coated so it's not going to really hurt your hands or get cold in the winter if you are riding in the winter. If you are, good for you. As we loosen this, you're going to see a little bit more play, a little bit more play, but then as we tighten it, you're going to see pretty quickly how all that play kind of comes out pretty quickly. There you go. Now the whole entire car is locked into place. It's really, really easy and I definitely like it.We are going to have a two inch shank, so you need to have a two inch hitch receiver to be able to use this version of the Hollywood Racks. This is going to be a straight shank, but we are going to get about seven inches of rise. With our Toyota RAV4, if we put it down, we are going to have a ground clearance of about 15 and a 1/2 inches. And then of course, when it's folded up, all you have to do is just look at the bottom inside lip of your hitch receiver and measure from that point all the way to the ground and that's where the shank's going to sit. We don't have a whole lot of ground clearance. It's about eight and a 1/2 inches, but it doesn't really stick out too far so even if you have a really aggressive steep driveway, I really don't think we're going to have any issues bottoming out.All in all, I would definitely say this is a rack that really covers a lot of different segments when it comes to bikes, you have the e-bike, you have the fat tire bikes, it can fit really wide tire bikes and of course, really heavy bikes. With 80 pounds per bike, this is going to be the pretty much the go to whenever it comes to the heavier bikes you may have. And the lucky thing about it is if you have an RV, you can use it with it too. If you have any other questions, I actually do talk to some of my coworkers and answer some of those questions about this rack. Definitely check that out.Any questions after that Yeah. Yeah, basically they ended up replacing the 1450-ZE and the 1455 ZE, which was basically a standard and a fat tire and there's turning into one thing with that universal wheel holder. I just kind of want to get your opinion, that's the main difference here is that a universal wheel holder. How do you like that Adam: The only difference to me man, is the wheel cradles are, there's wider. That's pretty much it. They pretty much just went with a two inch shank straight up so that's what gets you your weight, which is probably what the 1400-Z or whatever, the electric bike version that they merged together, that's what that one had. Literally the only difference is they just slid some fat tire bike cradles on there and it works for not even fat tire bikes, not even just your mountain bikes, but also your road bikes too. Kids' bikes, stuff like that. I think it's a smart move. Why have two products when you can make one really easy It's going to be a popular product, trust me. This will solve almost any problem with anybody unless they have an inch and a 1/4 shank. That's pretty much it. You know what I mean Yeah, even when you got that standard tire in there, it all feels secure and everything, when it's all ratcheted down and everything Adam: Oh yeah. Awesome. Adam: Yeah, it's pretty much your go to. Some limitations, let's just say you have a step through bike. It is a frame hook so if you have a step through bike, just get an adapter bar, just goes in between your handlebars here and your seat. That'll give it a place for the hook to go down on. If you have step through bike or just the kid's bike, where the hooks won't really go all the way down, just get an adapter bar, done deal. They're not that expensive and it solves your problem. And then also, since we're using frame hooks, we're not using wheel hooks so for your fender bikes, a lot of fat tire bikes and a lot of e-bikes have fenders on them. You can't use a wheel hook with fenders so if you have a fender bike, you can use this one. And if it's a step through fender bike, get an adapter bar, you can use this one. Again, this is the solution. This is it's going to solve any problem with a two inch shank. Yeah. I think it's going to do well. And I did notice then one thing they recently added and I think they had it on the other ones too, but that little tiny bit of foam that's on the frame hook. Adam: Yeah. They did add it. It's just more foam. This isn't metal right here. This is it's kind of a rubberized, whatever. But then this foam. It's extra. Which it wasn't going to scratch it before, man. It wasn't going to scratch it before, but now there's no way. Thank you, Hollywood Racks. Yeah, I think that's kind of nice, that they did that. Adam: It's the little things. It is. It's always the little things. Just kind of, I just want to kind of get your overall thoughts on the construction and the weight of it and everything now. Easy use, stuff like that. Adam: Okay. Pros, I would say it's easy to use with your car if you have a car like mine. All I have to do is just pull this little guy and then I can access the back. That's pretty easy. It's kind of heavy, but you're going to get that. You aren't going to not have a heavy rack when you have 80 pounds per bike capacity, but so that's relatively easy to do. You don't have to take the bikes off, which is easy. And then it's easy to put back up. Speaker 3: I will say for its weight, it's not that cumbersome. It's not going to be one of those where it's offered to try to fit in. Adam: Right. And it's really easy too, to kind of grab the center mast to kind of get that leverage that way too. It's not hard. Yeah, no it's a little bit more weighty than your typical bike rack, just because of what you're saying, but it's built a little bit more heavy duty for the e-bikes. Adam: 80 pounds, man, that's a lot. It is. Adam: Usually they cut off 65, you have one that has 70 but this is 80. Kind of overkill because usually you want to take your battery off before you even put it on there because that can add a little bit of weight. Speaker 3: All the weight seems to be, at least whenever I'm putting it on there, just right in here. It's not going to be anywhere that's kind of swaying to one side. And it's also probably one of the easier ones to actually get on there and get it all tightened down. Because I usually have to take a little bit of time when it comes to certain bike racks, but this one was the easiest out of this kind. Adam: It really is easy. That brings me to my second point. One, it's really easy to lock your bikes down. You don't just get two locks with this rack, you get three, which blows my mind. We're going to have a cable lock that comes with it so you can put both bikes and strap them to wherever you see fit. That comes with it and it's keyed alike with the locks on the hooks. This little tab on the hook where you click it in to adjust it up and down, that's got a lock on it. And then you go down to the anti-rattle bolt and that's got a lock on it, but it's not an anti-rattle bolt. I just say it's an anti-rattle bolt but it's a hitch pin, but this does have an anti-rattle system on it. And that's another easy part of this. I don't like threaded anti-rattle bolts compared to this just because threaded anti-rattle bolts, all it takes is one time really messing it up for you to cross thread everything.With this one, you didn't have to have the hole perfectly lined up. You put it in there, it has a stop so it already lines up the hole for you. You put the smooth pin through the hole, simply put the lock on and then you just twist this little knob down here. And then locked. You don't need a tool or nothing. That's nice. Adam: That's really easy and you don't get that with a lot of racks. You can buy the best Thule rack there is, but they're going to give you a threaded hole. And that could strip out whether that's two different pieces that could thread out, strip out. Whether it's just the sleeve that you're screwing into or the bolt that they give you, that could mess up. That's two different variables that you can eliminate by doing this. And they did it and it's great. Yeah. Really does sound like it's kind of the whole package. I think the only thing I was going to ask you, was when you compared something like the OnRamp from Yakima or something like that, that comes with a ramp. If you're older person, something like that, would you recommend that over this And it's little bit more expensive I know, but yeah, that was the only other thought I had. Adam: What's the weight capacity on that though I don't know. I can look it up real quick and see. Adam: Yeah, check that out. They say the weight capacity it's a lot bigger with this one. Adam: Right, right. That's the issue because a lot of the times when people are asking for ramps, I sent them to the, you can either get the NV 2.0 from Kuat, and they make a ramp, but it only has 60 pounds per bike. And then the NV 2.0 is also a wheel hook so if you have a fender, I actually answered a question and the girl had a bike that was like the right at the capacity and it had fenders so I couldn't give her the NV 2.0 because it used the wheel hook. I didn't want to have to make her take the fender off. She couldn't use that one. But it was a fat tire e-bike so I wanted to give her the Thule EasyFold XT. That one only has 65 pounds per bike, which was fine for weight capacity, but it's only three inches in wheel width, you know what I mean This would be the solution for that. If you're looking for a ramp there's limitations. That might not be an option for you at all. Speaker 3: Especially this one, this one is definitely, you have to have at least a little bit of upper body strength to lift this stuff. For most of these you're using the bigger bikes that are going to be heavier. Adam: Let me I'll let me just take the bikes off. This was really easy to take off. Always take these off first just because it doesn't hold the bike upright. It just helps with vertical movement. Take those off first. The front one's easy. Lift it up, take it off. I'm not a big guy. This bike's 40 pounds so it's not too heavy, but this is where I just, it's not this rack. It's just any rack with a center mast with a frame hook, it's just not ideal, in my opinion. It's just not the easiest but solves enough problems for that not to be an issue, if that makes sense. I remember it was on the car the other day, we we're using a RAV4 and it was a little bit more difficult to kind of get the bike over here out. Speaker 3: Yeah. We had to two man it so it wouldn't actually hit the RAV at all. Oh really. Speaker 3: Yeah. Adam: But we we're using the fat tire bike. Speaker 3: On the back one. Adam: It was a little bit the, the front, this thing moves a little bit easier just because there's a lot more weight so it was constantly turning. That's that and it's kind of a bigger bike too, but that's one thing. One thing you could do, there's a couple center masts, there's a little bolt up here which doesn't allow you to. If you we're having issues with it, just take out that bolt and then you could just take these off, hang them up and then take the bike off easier. Because once you did that, you could pull this pin out and tilt it. You know what I mean If these we're off, it'd be a lot easier because then I can just go like this and then take the bike off the rack. But it's the way they have you assemble this, they want you to put the screw up top there. But if that's an issue for you, you don't really have to. Speaker 3: Also, if it's on the back, you're probably putting two bikes on there so you'll have someone to at least help you out. That's good. Yeah, for sure. Adam: But see, I kind of just, I hit my Tahoe a little bit with the wheel. That's literally the only downfall to this, but there's no bike rack that doesn't have a downfall, in my opinion. You could have the best, the Thule Helium Platform, it's the highest end bike rack. I love it. Super easy to use, but it doesn't have a high weight capacity and you can't use any bikes with fenders on it. You know what I mean That's two limiting factors. But with this, you don't have any limiting factors at all, besides just it being a little difficult to get off, but you get that with almost every single bike rack. That's just me. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, I agree with you. I think, yeah. It kind of seems like you got a e-bike, this is definitely a good solution for sure. Adam: It's just it's the go to. Any person that has an e-bike or a fat tire bike and a two inch hitch, this is what I'm sending you. Because I know they'll be happy with it. I know they're not going to have any issues. And unless they want the ramp and their bike falls within the parameters of the options we have to ramp bike racks. You know what I mean Then I might send them somewhere else. Yeah, I was just looking at the Yakima. It was 66 pounds. That was the max weight for a bike. Adam: 66 per. Yeah. Yeah. Sorry, what we're you going to say Adam: I was just going to say, you'd be surprised how heavy these bikes get. There's a hefty majority that are around 70 pounds. Yeah. Yeah. I don't doubt it. And the other thing nice about this, it's moderately priced compared to some of the other stuff. It's 450, so that's where it's going to kind of hover around that. Adam: Right. And it's pretty much, it's not bare bones and it's not really cosmetic at all. There really isn't a whole lot of plastic on it and you got the classic end piece. You got the plastic little strap. You have the rubber little pads on the wheel straps. You have the plastic on the inside here. And then plastic on the little knobs and then the frame hooks. That's it. It's a lot of metal it's really, really solid. Yeah. It's sturdy. Adam: And it's good. Speaker 3: It also only takes a couple turns of the anti-rattle thing. I only had to turn it to put this on here, what Maybe two times all the way around. It's really quick. Adam: Right Yeah. Watch this. I'm done riding, I'm at home, whoop, whoop, whoop. Take the core off, take the pin out. Yeah, that's easy. Adam: It's just as fast putting it in there. If you noticed in the shank here, there's the little stopper. That's really clutch and it's not just a circular hole, it's a little channel. Speaker 3: That's the thing I have a lot of problem with, if it's just a circular hole because a lot of these, you got to get perfect. Adam: Yeah. And then some people, they put their finger in the hole, which you don't do because it will hurt this. But with this thing, give me about I don't know, maybe five, 10 seconds and I'm pretty much ready to rip. Yeah, it's so much easier than having to pull out a ratchet or something or wrench. Adam: Well I lose things all the time. I don't really want to have something else I need to keep track of. If my head wasn't attached I'd probably lose it. We'll just showing you, that was quick, dude. That was what 10 seconds and you're ready to go. Speaker 3: Easily. Adam: Exactly. It's not that long at all, but you do need a lot of upper body strength to put this one in there. But after you do that, you put this on, strap it down. One thing I really do like about the straps, if you look on this side, this thing pivots. That's really clutch because you don't have to try to get this thing at a certain angle, you just like that. That's nice. Adam: This. Done deal. I can take the keys and just lock this little hook over here. And I am done. And then put the other one on, will be a lot quicker and a lot easier. Like that. Like that. Speaker 3: I will say this thing is very good if you're in frantic mode, you're going on a trip with your friends for a bike ride and you're running a little bit late, so it'll be really quick and you don't have to think about, oh, what do I need specifically to throw it off and on Everything's right on there. Yeah, that's great. Adam: It's kind of like our etrailer motorcycle carrier. Usually when I bring my bike somewhere, I have a trailer or truck, so I spent so much time tying this thing down. With the etrailer motorcycle carrier, you put it on there, everything's pretty much ready to rip. It shaves 10 minutes off my time, which is 10 minutes more riding, which is nice. And that adds up over time. And within the what Maybe minute or two that we we're talking, I took this thing out, put it in, installed it, tightened it down, put this bike on, locked it down, locked it in place. Put this one on, locked it in place. Now we're ready to rip. Yeah. That's great, man. Adam: Yes sir. Yes, sir. This is the answer. If you're on the fence, just grab this one. You'll be happy with it. Yeah. Really seems like I think this one's going to do really well. It's hard to keep any of these bikes in stock right now so hopefully we can do something about that. But yeah. I don't know if there's anybody else in the group here that wants to add anything in or has any questions. Adam: Anybody Speaker 4: Just want to say great job pointing out all the intricate details with this bike rack. I think it's going to be a great addition and it's going to take up a lot of the customers that need a little bit of diversity when it comes to multiple bikes that they haul. I think you did a great job pointing everything out. Is there anything that you could see with the redesign that you would possibly change Or is there anything that you saw with this bike rack that you're not a fan of Adam: If I we're to change one thing, let me be able to take the hooks off. It just makes putting this one on so much easier because you can literally, if this was down, I could have it completely down, take my bike, go straight over the whole rack, put it into place, hold the bike and then fold this guy up and then grab the hook and then put it down. But we really don't need a redesign for that, all you got to do is just don't put the screw in the top cap. That's literally all you got to do. I don't really think it's an option for whoever buys it, be modified or whatever. You just need to take one less step when you're adding stuff together and putting this thing together. Speaker 5: Are there center mast racks available that have the hooks able to pivot Adam: Pivot like this Speaker 5: Yeah, so you could actually just pivot the hook out of the way instead of removing it Adam: Most center masts actually, no. All center masts that I have dealt with as far as I'm concerned is they're all square. And then as you can see on here, the center mast, there's little grooves and teeth on two of the designated sides. Speaker 5: Yeah. For the ratcheting. But it's actually the hook itself is attached to a separate bracket that ratchets up and down. Could they build it in so that it could actually pivot on a hinge on that bracket Adam: If you take a look, get a shot of this, what I can see is these two screws go through this little pole so I don't think it would pivot if it was using a clamp system where it was tightening down on the hook, then you might be able to loosen it up and then pivot out of the way. But this one, no, just because the bolt goes through this hook. Speaker 5: Right. At build, I was thinking in terms of a redesign or if there are any like that, it just seems like it'd be a cool thing if somebody could do that. Speaker 3: Agreed. I just have never out of all of them that I've seen and worked with, they've never had something like that. Adam: I haven't seen anything like that, but if someone comes up with it, send me a bike rack, I'll give you a good review video of that. Speaker 6: EasyFold has the little clamp style rather than a hook style. And you can fold, you can spin those around the arm and get out of the way. And I think there's one other one, but I can't think of which one that is, but there are a couple where you can get those out of the way and make it a little easier to get the inside bike rack off. I did have one question, Adam. That pin that's hanging down at the bottom. What is that for There's a pin just hanging in there. Adam: Okay. Pretty much when I lower the bike rack down, you got to remove that pin. When I put it up, all I did, it does click into place. I just did not put it into place. It's an extra little thing, you know what I mean Speaker 5: More support. Speaker 6: A little more difficult than just moving it, like with the Thule or the Yakima. Adam: Right, right. And one other added thing, all the pins that you have to remove, they're connected so you don't have to worry about losing them. Again, I lose stuff all the time and I'm not going to lose these. That's just, it's the little things, man. It's just the little, little tiny little cable here that just you know you're not going to have to buy replacement parts. Speaker 5: You mentioned that this is compatible, that you can use it on your RV. Are most e-bike racks able to be used on an RV Or is that pretty atypical Adam: If most means majority I'd say no. Speaker 4: And this would be your motor home, not a fifth wheel or something like that Speaker 7: No. Fifth wheel. Adam: Yeah, not a fifth wheel. Speaker 5: Only a motor home. Okay. Speaker 7: Yeah, just a motor home for this one. Adam: Yeah, yeah, So no coupler in between the motor pretty much, you know what I mean But yeah, it'll work with it. I would not say that majority of the e-bikes are compatible. Yeah. That's my answer to that one. I would say to not majority of them, some of them are, but not the majority. Speaker 5: Do you know of any that will work on a fifth wheel Speaker 7: The RV Rider, but I'm not sure if that one, if it's really for a e-bike. Let me check real quick what the weight capacity is. Adam: I know there's a couple. The ones I can think of are hanging style racks so probably not the best for e-bikes. I don't think even the capacity goes up that much. I'm sure if I had a computer in front of me, we have so many bike racks. I'm sure we have them. Speaker 7: The RV Rider that they also redesigned with the universal wheel holder, it's a for electric bikes too. And you can use that on a fifth wheel, a travel trailer or no, sorry. A fifth wheel or a flat tow or a motor home. Adam: Okay. Is it a wheel hook you said Speaker 7: No, this it's a frame hook. Oh no. Sorry. It's got a clamps. It's got vertical posts with clamps on it. Adam: Okay. And then what's the weight capacity on it Speaker 7: Let's see. It's 80 too, just like this one. Adam: 80 Okay, cool. Now if you have a travel trailer or something like that, the RV Rider is probably going to be your bet because this one won't fit on that. But that's pretty much the only downside to it, really. Speaker 7: Yeah. The well, the fifth wheel, it'll work on a fifth wheel, but I think they don't recommend it for a travel trailer. But you can throw it on a flat tow. That's the one thing that it's saying that you shouldn't do is the travel trailer, but everything else you should be good. Adam: Got you, got you, got you. Yeah. We have it all don't we We have it all, but this one's pretty much covers most bases. If there's one that I would say covers most bases, Hollywood Racks Sport Rider SE2 is for you. Speaker 7: Yeah, I'd say so. Adam: Any other questions Anything you want to see Speaker 7: I'm good. I don't know, is everybody else good Speaker 5: I think we got it covered. Speaker 7: Well, thanks for taking the time to do this, man. I know you guys shot this yesterday, but putting it back on here today, I really appreciate it. Adam: Hey, it's so quick and easy, I didn't even notice it. All right guys. Thank you so much. I appreciate you. Have a good day. Speaker 5: Thank you. Speaker 7: You too, man. Thank you. Adam: Bye guys.

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