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Titan Chain Low Profile Tire Chains - Ladder Pattern - Twist Links - Manual Tensioning - 1 Pair

Titan Chain Low Profile Tire Chains - Ladder Pattern - Twist Links - Manual Tensioning - 1 Pair

Item # TC1134
Our Price: $49.80
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A more durable just-in-case option than cables, these low-profile, twist link chains are great for driving in snow or light ice, and they offer a smoother ride than square links. No cams or levers to come loose. Great Prices for the best tire chains from Titan Chain. Titan Chain Low Profile Tire Chains - Ladder Pattern - Twist Links - Manual Tensioning - 1 Pair part number TC1134 can be ordered online at or call 1-800-940-8924 for expert service.
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Titan Chain Tire Chains - TC1134

  • Tire Chains
  • On Road or Off Road
  • Drive On and Connect
  • Steel Twist Link
  • Deep Snow
  • Mud
  • Manual
  • Class S Compatible
  • No Rim Protection
  • Titan Chain

A more durable just-in-case option than cables, these low-profile, twist link chains are great for driving in snow or light ice, and they offer a smoother ride than square links. No cams or levers to come loose.


  • Provides excellent traction in snow and light ice
    • Twist links are great for snow, but provide some traction on ice too
    • Small, rounded links makes for a less bumpy ride than thick, square links
    • Ladder pattern gives you traction as you drive forward
  • Made for passenger vehicles with limited wheel-well clearance
    • Meets SAE Class S standards
  • Installs quickly without any cams
    • No chance of cams coming undone when you're reversing or navigating rough terrain
    • Rubber adjusters (sold separately) can be used for a tight fit
  • Constructed of low-carbon steel for strength and durability
  • Includes reusable storage case


  • Fits: 13" tires (for exact sizes, see below)
  • Link thickness: 4.5 mm (0.177")
  • Quantity: 2 tire chains
  • 30-Day limited warranty

Note: To determine whether you can use snow chains on your vehicle, or if they might affect your ABS/EPS functionality, consult your owner's manual.

If you have a car that requires low-profile chains because of limited clearance, but you need something a bit heavier duty than standard cable chains - which really aren't designed for anything beyond light snow- these chains are perfect. The rounded twist links provide traction in snow and light ice, and they give you a smoother ride than square links. These chains are also far more affordable than those square-link, Class S chains, so you won't have to pay an arm and leg if you only need a durable "just-in-case" option for driving through the mountains.

Class S Designation

SAE Class S tire chains are designed for use on passenger vehicles with restricted wheel-well clearance. Most newer cars, vans, and small trucks - especially those with large aftermarket tires - will require Class S chains. If you're unsure about the class of your vehicle, consult your vehicle's user manual.

SAE Class S Clearance Diagram

These chains will fit your tires provided there is both:

  • A - a minimum of 1.46" (37 mm) between the top of the tire tread and the wheel well
  • B - at least 0.59" (15 mm) between the tire's sidewall and the vehicle

Confirming Your Fit

If you know your tire size, you may think you won't need to test fit your new chains. But there are a lot of variables that can affect whether chains will fit your specific tires, including your tire type, the amount of air pressure in the tire, the amount of tread wear, and the tire manufacturer. You'll also need to know how much clearance is in your wheel well, which you can determine by measuring from your tire tread to the sidewall of the wheel well.

We recommend that you order chains as early in the season as possible to give yourself plenty of time to test fit the chains and reorder if needed. This way, you won't be stuck out in the cold later with snow chains that don't fit.

You can test fit these chains in your garage or driveway, but you'll want to wait until there's snow on the ground to actually drive with them. Likewise, if you're out in the snow and come across bare pavement, you'll want to pull over and remove the chains. These chains can cause damage to the bare pavement, your garage floor, or your vehicle if they break from the wear of riding on a harsh surface.

Installing Snow Chains

Installing these chains is easy

Lay chains on the ground to get all the tangles out

1. Lay out the chains on the ground to make sure there are no twists or kinks.

Drape chains over tire.

2. Drape the chains over your tires, making sure that the prongs attaching the cross chains to the side chains face away from your sidewalls. Drive forward about half a tire rotation.

Connect the chain behind the tire

3. On the back of the tire, pull the chain tight and hook the ends together. Repeat this on the front of the tire.

Attach optional tensioners

4. Drive forward 2-3 vehicle lengths and recheck the chain tension. If needed, rubber adjusters (sold separately) can be used to get a tight fit. Make sure the hooks on the adjusters face away from your tire so your wheels don't get scratched.

Quick Tips:

  • Lengthen the life of snow chains by drying them after each use before you store them.
  • Check out our installation kit with safety lights and a kneeling pad (PO34FRK) to make things a little easier when you're installing chains out in the snow.

How to Choose Snow Chains for Your Vehicle

To choose the right snow chain, you must match your tire size. Those measurements can be found on the side of your tire.

Tire size on sidewall


  1. (185) - indicates tire width in millimeters
  2. (60) - gives you the aspect ratio (sidewall height as percentage of width)
  3. (15) - denotes the diameter of the wheel rim in inches

1134 Titan Chain Snow Tire Chains - Twist Links - Passenger Vehicles - 13" - 19" Tires - 1 Pair

These chains fit the following tire sizes:

  • 195/70-15
  • 195/75-15
  • 195/80-14
  • 195/80-15
  • 205/50-16
  • 205/55-16
  • 205/65-15
  • 205/70-15
  • 205/75-14
  • 205/80-14
  • 215/35-19
  • 215/45-17
  • 215/50-16
  • 215/55-16
  • 215/65-14
  • 215/70-14
  • 220/55-390
  • 225/45-16
  • 225/45-17
  • 225/50-16
  • 225/55-14
  • 225/55-15
  • 225/60-15
  • 225/65-14
  • 235/40-17
  • 235/50-13
  • 235/50-16
  • 235/55-15
  • 235/60-13
  • 235/60-14
  • 245/50-13
  • 245/50-14

Customer Satisfaction Score:

Customer Reviews

Titan Chain Low Profile Tire Chains - Ladder Pattern - Twist Links - Manual Tensioning - 1 Pair - TC1134

Average Customer Rating:  4.7 out of 5 stars   (626 Customer Reviews)

A more durable just-in-case option than cables, these low-profile, twist link chains are great for driving in snow or light ice, and they offer a smoother ride than square links. No cams or levers to come loose.


Good product, fast shipping
My only
comment would be the picture that directed my to these chains had the cam adjusters and I didn’t carefully enough examine the actual product picture. Glad i bought the tensioners

2008 Honda Civic

these chains are great and work well. They are also easy to install but could use a bungee to keep tighter. I got the 5-7 day shipping but was told I was given a free 3-5 day shipping but the package still took 7 days to get. Not much to complain about.

2013 Dodge Dart

Love these! They fit tight an get great traction as they should. My car is rear heavy and front wheel drive sucks in winter but might as well be 4x4 now! As far as a car goes that is.


Great product at a great price! I put them on during a winter storm this year and had absolutely no problem driving in some very bad roads. It was something else seeing 4×4 trucks stuck while I was driving by them no problem.



This product has helped me through some tough weather. I have a 2 wheel drive that o drive past 4 wheel drive trucks with when I have these on in storms. It helps 1000 in bad weather.


I love ordering things from etrailer, I never have to question the quality of their products or their customer service.


I have yet to use the product but Geoffrey was really helpful in getting me the product in a timely manner. The best customer service and shipping I have ever had. After inspection the product seeems great, I will be using them this weekend and updates will follow.


Extremely fast shipping! I was contacted and told they had upgraded my shipping time just because and I thought that was wonderful ! Thankyou .

2005 Toyota Matrix

Great price and fast shipping. Looking forward to using my new chains.

2003 Toyota Sienna

processing order quick, correct as need. Shipping also quick without any waiting time.
Thanks very much.


2018 Toyota Prius

2005 Ford F-250 and F-350 Super Duty


I know iron. 17 yrs trucking, mostly doubles across Montana into the Dakotas. Chained up a lot.
Pictures show what you get with this set I bought for my 2005 Tahoe. Heavy gauge chains w/triple cam locks w/long wrench for excellent leverage to get cams tight. Tight cams mean links don't "slap" pavement which causes increased wear. They arrived today so not used yet. However, for my application they will last a lot longer than those cheaper; light gauge, "disposable" chains, use once and throw away after you pay a tow bill.


I bought a pair of twist link (TC3235) for my front tires and V-Bars (TC3835) for my rear tires, so writing a combined review. The V-Bars have more traction but my front end doesn't have as much clearance so I opted for the twist links in the front.  I've now used these offroad 4 times, and once briefly onroad during a major ice storm that left all of our roads with skating rink type ice.  
First - both chains fit 37" x 12.5 R18 tires perfectly.  This is despite the fitment not being listed on and the etrailer CS rep telling me they wouldn't fit.  The Titan catalogue / website does list 37x12.5R18. 
Second - two pair of chains *just* fit in a milwaukee packout "Compact Tool Box" (model No: 48-22-8422).  There isn't a wasted inch of space.  After using them, I dry them in my garage, then douse them in WD-40 before putting them back in the packout.  These chains are made from an alloy that prioritizes strength over corrosion resistance, so surface rust appears pretty quickly on them.  Be warned that lifting all four chains together is heavy.    
Third - They give amazing offroad traction.  The only way you're getting stuck is by getting high-centered.  You will not run out of traction if you have weight on your tires.  However, it is easy to get high centered when using these in the snow if you aren't careful.  Don't spin your tires, or your axles and frame rails will be holding the vehicle while your wheels hang in the air.  
Fourth - I would only recommend using these onroad in very limited circumstances. During an ice storm I had to get a neighbor to the hospital. We live on an extremely steep hill and the roads had 1" of clear ice on them.  With the chains it was like the ice wasn't there.  But the whole truck vibrated a lot.  And it probably prematurely wore the chains.  If I drove faster than ~15-20 mph it really rattled the truck.  (offroad in the snow I'll drive 40+ mph no problem with these.  but driving on hard surfaces causes a lot of vibration).


My Titan Chain Low Profile Tire Chains arrived on time and fit great. They were exactly as described. Luckily I did not have to use them at all last winter, but I did a test run and they were relatively easy to install and tighten. Having these in the trunk of my van allow me to stay in compliance with state "chains required" regulations and provides me with peace of mind. I would highly recommend this product. Customer service has been great.


Needed these chains for a snowboarding trio this December. Installed them in my yard to make sure they fit, and figure out which link worked best. Now that i know what link to use, next time it should only take sbout 10 min to put them on. I really like how they stay away from my wheels so should not scrstch them. My yard was very soft from recent rain and you can see how well the chains dig into the mud. Should be really good on snow/ice.


I used these on a 2wd open diff F150 with a camper. The traction difference is amazing! I never lost traction! If you’re on a pass that warns “chains or AWD”, don’t go without chains or off road tires. I puttered along at 30 in the unplowed lane watching a clown in an AWD BMW slide everywhere in the plowed slush, holding up traffic.
Anyway, the chains themselves. I’ve used diamond pattern chains with a cable on the inside and fancy nonsense on the outside before. The cable always collects snow, and the multiple connections on the outside is confusing. These ladder chains were easy and simple to put on and take off. I used tensioner bungees also. You will get a bumpy ride, but it smooths out as you speed up. Anyone that claims ladder chains don’t have lateral grip hasn’t used them and doesn’t understand the physics of why chains help.
Great for going up a pass periodically, but not something I’d use daily.


I got these snow chains for my 2022 Ram 1500 4x4 with 275/55-20 tires and they fit perfectly. Hopefully I'll never use them, but they add an additional layer of confidence when traveling in deep snow or needing them to rescue a stuck vehicle in the snow. I like the cam tensioners also keep them tight.These are a lightweight snow chain and not intended for continuous use.


The first trip I used them on, one of the chains snapped and shredded the inside of my fender as well as some damage to the outside. I was willing to give benefit of a doubt that it was a one time fluke. Called and tried to return and/or exchange. wanted me to pay for the shipping back even though it was within the 30days of purchase. The shipping would of cost me more than half of what I paid for them. Even after a couple of customer care calls and emails, still refused to pay the shipping to exchange them.


Works great on front wheel drive car, just make sure if you hear them hitting something stop and check on them.


These chains are amazing! I use them on a 12 passenger van and they install very quickly and easily. I have driven on unplowed roads with 2' snow drifts and have hauled trailers through muddy fields without getting stuck. I highly recommend them.


As usual with E-trailer correct items were easy to order, quickly shipped, tracking was provided and items dry fit perfectly. Thanks to all your staff.


These are the heavy duty chains that can’t be found at most tire or ag supply stores. Had them in 3 days. I did add a cross link as I thought the gap was a bit far where they hook together but it wasn’t totally necessary.


Chain’s arrived quickly and I did a fit up and just right size for my tires (285-70-17) with no extra links to worry about.

Tensioners I ordered were wrong size. No fault of etrailer.

I have ordered from etrailer and have had no issues with them.


The titan chains arrived earlier than expected, by a day! I inspected them and installed them with no issues. Thank you very much!

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    The Titan Chain Snow Tire Chains - Ladder Pattern - Twist Links - 1 Pair, part # TC1134, is a Class S compatible snow tire chain that is compatible with your 205/75-14 sized tires. The Class S designation means these snow tire chains were designed to fit tight tolerances on your vehicle's wheel well. I have included a product description link below.
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  • Snow Chain Recommendation for a 2008 VW Beetle and 2014 VW Jetta SportWagen
    First thing you need to do is check the owners manual of your 2008 Volkswagen Beetle to determine if there are any restrictions on snow chain usage. As long as your tire sizes are either 205/55-16 or 225/45-17 I would recommend the # TC1134 as this is a ladder chain like you said you were interested in. The # TC1134 is also confirmed to fit the two tire sizes we have listed for your 2014 VW Jetta SportWagen as it looks like both of your vehicles could have the same two tire sizes possible. I...
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  • Tire Chains for EZ Loader Boat Trailer With 205/75R14 Tires
    The Titan Chain Cable # TC1034 will fit the 205/75R14 tires on your EZ Loader Boat trailer. However, I do not recommend using cables unless there are no other options. Cables are not very effective and are typically for emergency use. Instead, I would get actual chains like the Titan Chain Snow Tire Chains # TC1134. These will do a much better job with a minimal cost difference. These chains use a ladder-pattern with twist links and have a low-carbon steel construction.
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  • Snow Chain Recommendation for 2004 Honda CR-V with Tire Size 205/70R15
    For your 2004 Honda CR-V EX AWD equipped with 205/70-15 tires I recommend the Titan Chain # TC1134 chains with twisted links in a diamond cross tire pattern for good traction. To keep them centered and tight I suggest you use the PW107 rubber tensioners. You will need to check the owners manual of your vehicle to be sure that there are no restrictions on chain usage.
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  • What Tire Chains are Compatible with Gravel Roads on My 2010 Volkswagen Gold with 225/45-17 Tires?
    I have a great gravel-road solution for you. Unfortunately, since the pewag Servi RS Chains # PWRS74 are only rated for on-road use only, they are not compatible with gravel roads. With that being said, I assume that you have standard 225/45-17 tires on your 2010 Volkswagen Golf. We do have great chains that are confirmed to fit your tires that are constructed for both on and off-road use. Those chains are the Titan Chain Snow Tire Chains - Ladder Pattern - Twist Links - 1 Pair # TC1134....
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  • Tire Chains For 2017 Toyota Corolla & Should They be on 2 or 4 Tires
    I googled the owners manual for a 2017 Toyota Corolla and it said that snow tire chains should be on the front two tires only and not the rear tires, so you just need two. You also need Class S designated chains to ensure you have the proper clearance, and with that in mind, the correct fit for tire chains for your '17 Corolla are going to depend on your tire size: - 195/65-15 Tires: Konig Tire Chains # TH01221080 - 205/55-16 & 215/45-17 Tires: Konig Tire Chains # TH01221090
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  • Affordable Snow Tire Chains for Tire Size 205/50-16
    For your tires sized 205/50-16 the most affordable (currently) set of cable/chains are the Titan Chain # TC1134 chains. They are in the classic ladder design and have twisted links for improved traction. These are also Class-S qualifed if your manual calls for the S-Class low profile design. At the mid price point you can get the Titan Chain # TC1830 which features V-Bar links that really take hold on ice. These are built heavier and will last longer. I also recommend tensioners to keep...
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