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Roadmaster Quiet Hitch for 2" Trailer Hitches

Item # RM-061

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Product Images

roadmaster hitch accessories fits 2 inch accessory anti-rattle towing quiet for trailer hitches
roadmaster hitch accessories anti-rattle fits 2 inch quiet for trailer hitches
roadmaster hitch accessories universal fits 2 inch rm-061

In Use/Installed

hitch accessories roadmaster anti-rattle fits 2 inch rm-061
hitch accessories roadmaster universal fits 2 inch in use

Customer Photos

roadmaster hitch accessories anti-rattle fits 2 inch rm-061
roadmaster hitch accessories anti-rattle fits 2 inch quiet for trailer hitches
roadmaster hitch accessories anti-rattle fits 2 inch rm-061
roadmaster hitch accessories anti-rattle fits 2 inch rm-061
roadmaster hitch accessories anti-rattle fits 2 inch rm-061
roadmaster hitch accessories anti-rattle fits 2 inch rm-061
roadmaster hitch accessories anti-rattle fits 2 inch quiet for trailer hitches
roadmaster hitch accessories universal fits 2 inch rm-061
roadmaster hitch accessories anti-rattle fits 2 inch rm-061
roadmaster hitch accessories anti-rattle fits 2 inch rm-061
roadmaster hitch accessories anti-rattle fits 2 inch rm-061
roadmaster hitch accessories anti-rattle fits 2 inch rm-061
roadmaster hitch accessories anti-rattle fits 2 inch rm-061
roadmaster hitch accessories anti-rattle fits 2 inch rm-061
roadmaster hitch accessories anti-rattle fits 2 inch quiet for trailer hitches
roadmaster hitch accessories anti-rattle fits 2 inch rm-061
roadmaster hitch accessories anti-rattle fits 2 inch rm-061
roadmaster hitch accessories anti-rattle fits 2 inch rm-061
roadmaster hitch accessories anti-rattle fits 2 inch quiet for trailer hitches
roadmaster hitch accessories anti-rattle fits 2 inch rm-061
roadmaster hitch accessories anti-rattle fits 2 inch rm-061
roadmaster hitch accessories anti-rattle fits 2 inch rm-061
roadmaster hitch accessories anti-rattle fits 2 inch quiet for trailer hitches
roadmaster hitch accessories anti-rattle fits 2 inch rm-061
roadmaster hitch accessories anti-rattle fits 2 inch rm-061
roadmaster hitch accessories anti-rattle fits 2 inch quiet for trailer hitches
roadmaster hitch accessories anti-rattle fits 2 inch rm-061

  • Anti-Rattle
  • Universal
  • Fits 2 Inch Hitch
  • Accessory Anti-Rattle
  • Towing Anti-Rattle
  • Roadmaster
  • Sleeve Style
Use this hitch immobilizer to keep your ball mount or hitch-mounted accessory from rattling and shifting in your receiver. Great for tow bars, high-low adapters, bike racks, cargo carriers, and more. Quick, simple bolt-on installation. Call 800-298-8924 to order Roadmaster hitch accessories part number RM-061 or order online at Free expert support on all Roadmaster products. Guaranteed Lowest Price and Fastest Shipping for Roadmaster Quiet Hitch for 2" Trailer Hitches. Hitch Accessories reviews from real customers.

Roadmaster Hitch Accessories - RM-061

Use this hitch immobilizer to keep your ball mount or hitch-mounted accessory from rattling and shifting in your receiver. Great for tow bars, high-low adapters, bike racks, cargo carriers, and more. Quick, simple bolt-on installation.


  • Hitch immobilizer keeps hitch-mounted accessories stable and secure
    • Helps to eliminate rattle and sway within your hitch receiver
    • Works with ball mounts, tow bars, and hitch-mounted accessories such as bike racks and cargo carriers
  • Bolt-on installation is quick and easy
    • Slide over the shank of your hitch-mounted accessory
    • Hook the U-bolt around the collar of your hitch receiver
  • Made in the USA


  • Application: most 2" x 2" trailer hitch receivers
    • Hitch receiver must have a ring or collar around it for Quiet Hitch to attach
  • Maximum inside height: 2-1/2"
  • Inside width: 3-1/8"

QH Dims

Nearly every hitch setup suffers from a bit of slip. This free play between your trailer hitch receiver and your hitch-mounted accessory is completely normal, but it's also completely preventable. By adding the Quiet Hitch to your setup, you can stabilize your hitch-mounted accessory as it sits in the receiver to eliminate rattle, sway, and all that extra play.


Just slip the Quiet Hitch over your tow bar, hitch adapter, ball mount, or other accessory. When you slide the accessory into the hitch receiver, position the U-bolt around the collar on the bottom of your hitch receiver. Then place the bar on top of the accessory shank and tighten the nuts onto the U-bolt. As you tighten the Quiet Hitch, the shank of your accessory will be pulled down towards the bottom of the receiver opening, thus securing it in place within the tube.

If you are going to use the Quiet Hitch with a weight distribution system, the setup will be opposite. Position the U-bolt around the top of the hitch receiver and place the bar on the bottom of the weight distribution shank. As you tighten the nuts on the Quiet Hitch, the shank will be pulled up towards the top of the receiver to help balance the downward force that is placed on the hitch from the weight distribution system.

Benefits for a Tow Bar

Using an anti-rattle device, such as the Quiet Hitch, is recommended when flat towing a vehicle. Besides reducing wear and tear on your tires, hitch receiver, and tow bar, using an anti-rattle device can help prevent more serious problems. A small amount of free play at your hitch may not seem like much, but this sway is magnified the farther back you go. A little movement at the hitch translates to a lot of movement at the rear of your towed vehicle. By using the Quiet Hitch, you eliminate this sway at the source.

Note: If you have a towing setup that includes a drop receiver or a high-low adapter, use 2 immobilizers to make your system as secure and rattle-free as possible. Use 1 Quiet Hitch at the connection point between the adapter and your hitch, and use the other where your tow bar slides into the adapter.

061 Road Master Quiet Hitch for 2" x 2" Trailer Hitch Receivers

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Video of Roadmaster Quiet Hitch for 2" Trailer Hitches

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

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Customer Reviews

Roadmaster Quiet Hitch for 2" Trailer Hitches - RM-061

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (707 Customer Reviews)

Use this hitch immobilizer to keep your ball mount or hitch-mounted accessory from rattling and shifting in your receiver. Great for tow bars, high-low adapters, bike racks, cargo carriers, and more. Quick, simple bolt-on installation.

- RM-061

by: Rodney S.01/21/2014

I ended up using a 7-1/2 inch Roadmaster extender along with a Roadmaster 4" Hi-Lo adapter to tow our Jeep with our motorhome. I used 3 of the quiet hitch brackets to stabilize the extensions and tow bar. We towed for the first time this weekend for about a 170 mile round trip. The Jeep tracked perfectly behind the motorhome. I had to make several hard stops due to lights changing and cars pulling into traffic unexpectedly. There was absolutely no noise or hitch bounce. They are easily installed. I highly recommend this product. 114431

- RM-061

by: Terry M.01/17/2014

This is very simple - but ingenious. This is the first thing that has worked. And I've tried most of them. 114076


After a year, Im still very happy with this product. My trailer used to drive me nuts banging around in the receiver. Now its as if the hitch and receiver are all one piece. This simple thing really does the trick.

Terry M - 01/17/2015


- RM-061

by: Kerry Palanjian10/11/2014

This Quiet Hitch performs as advertised. I think it was a tad expensive, but still worth the money. One of the advantages it has over the competition, is that when you are NOT using it, it becomes basically a TWO dimensional object for storage. This is not an insignificant positive feature compared to what else is offered out there. Actually is was one of the main reasons I bought this one. 155602


While I dont use it much, I think it is great, and miss it when I dont take the time to put it on.

Kerry P - 10/11/2015


- RM-061

by: James Mc02/15/2013

I've used several other similar products. This is the best. USA made, too. I would prefer not to use anything made by Chinese child labor. ETRAILER always ships fast and has a great website that makes product comparison easy. I've been a fan of this company for a while now and it's a no-brainer to go to ETRAILER first. 66457


Still using this thing regularly, works like new, no distortion or bends like others Ive tried. Great product!

James M - 08/16/2014


- RM-061

by: Andy C09/19/2015

Installation was pretty easy. The real test will come when I hook up a trailer to it. I'm sure it is a good investment. Towed a trailer once with my '87 Suburban without the quiet hitch. It was a scary experience. Every time I used my brakes I felt like a car was rear-ending me. I recommend this product. 226428


Its been one year. I wish I had more than one hitch in order to buy more quiet hitches. I love this thing!

Andy C - 09/18/2016


- RM-061

by: Sigrid Wharam05/24/2015

I received the Roadmaster Quiet Hitch 2 inch. I had a bad hitch rattle and a clunking noise when I took off from a red light pulling my travel trailer. The u clamp was received with fast service and had great help from Renee in getting the right thing I needed to stop my problem. A good product and stopped all of my problems. Very satisfied. 196427


Great I LOVE it. Still does what I bought it for. Have a tight hitch.

Sigrid W - 06/07/2016


- RM-061

by: Yorba Linda Joe02/13/2015

I just received my Roadmaster Quite Hitch and placed in on my trailer hitch. I must say, it WORKS! My bike rack no longer shakes or rattles. I which I had purchased this item years ago. Thank you. 173620


Ive had my Roadmaster Quite Hitch for a year now and use it several times a month to keep my bike rack from rattling. This item works great and is worth the cost. Thank you!

Yorba L - 02/13/2016


- RM-061

by: Stephen P.05/27/2014

I installed this jewel of a part onto my hitch, drawbar in less than five minutes, and the heavy duty bike rack lost all its wobble when the bikes are loaded. This accessory is a must for all wobbly bike racks. It snugs down the draw bar as good as if it was welded onto the hitch. I highly recommend this accessory. 132885


The product failed, Bolts stripped while towing.

Stephen P - 05/27/2015


- RM-061

by: Mark Smith04/03/2015

The product does what it was intended for. I have a 8 inch hitch extension,so, I bought two of them. Sure makes things solid. I would love to see this item in stainless steel. 182776


I have since removed the 8 inch hitch extension,so now I only use one, works great, I have mine in the pressing down position, the nuts are facing up, much better than facing down.

Mark S - 04/02/2016


- RM-061

by: J. Howard07/13/2012

I have both a front and back hitch mount on my 2006 Toyota Tacoma...pulling various sized trailers a lot and had a lot of rattling from the back receiver/hitch setup...most impressive the ease of installation and lack of noise after buying a RM-061 Roadmaster Quiet Hitch clamp! Am presently building a motorcycle carrier for my front hitch and it involved having a 6" riser added and then the receiver for the ramp, so I ordered 2 more of this item! It is going to be so nice not to have to listen to all that rattling as I go down the road! This is a great and easy to install product...heavy duty and should last forever! You will notice in the picture that I mounted it upside down compared to use in the video. This prevented me from having to sit on the ground and put the nuts on and tighten them from under the clamp...either way works fine! 47845

- RM-061

by: Aaron S.05/05/2013

Quiet Hitch did what it's called, easy to install and locked down the hitch extender I use for my bike rack. There is now zero movement in between the extender and my jeep. 79082


Quiet Hitch has been installed for a year straight and its still as tight as when it was installed. No signs of rust or corrosion and best of all there is no noise.

Aaron S - 05/07/2014


- RM-061

by: Mike C.01/18/2014

This device works very well to lock the ball mount in the receiver. It prevents rattle and shake in the hitch. It is very good quality. 114107


After using the quiet hitch for over a year, I now use it every time I use my hitch. It simply makes towing much smoother and more pleasant. It is durable product that I expect to last for years.

Mike C - 01/18/2015


- RM-061

by: Aurelio03/22/2013

Well done, solid, robust. Last piece to have my trailer complete. Delivered directly to my home with no issue. 71944


After. 3 years using it, I want to say that the lock is in its place and in same conditions like just after mounting it. It make me feel safetier when loading my trailer, it is great to get that peace of mind sensation!

Aurelio - 09/30/2014


- RM-061

by: RM-06105/30/2015

I received my Quiet Hitch in less than one week. I have installed it in about 10 minutes or less. I have not used the motor home yet to toe my car, but it seems to have stiffened up the drop hitch and toe bar. 198879


The Quiet Hitch is working well. It holds the toe bar tight with out any wiggle. I am well satisfied with the product.

Larry S - 05/29/2016


- RM-061

by: Laird06/24/2015

Great product and even better customer service. 206907


Thank you for the follow-up. For the most part, the product does what it claimed to do. It does a great job at stabilizing the tow hitch accessory. However, it needs to be stronger. It bends and after it is tightened down, it is not always easy to take back off because of that.

Laird - 07/22/2016


- RM-061

by: Roy S.09/15/2014

I bought this little device to tame my clunking hitch, and I was amazed at how simple it was to install (1 minute once you break out the ratchet!). Better yet, it works great. Awesome and easy, can't beat that. 151043


I still use it and really like it. It is the best hitch stabilizing device I have ever seen, and at a great price.

Roy S - 09/15/2015


- RM-061

by: Grand Ave Broadband07/16/2016

After a long review of available products to reduce rattle on my low-tongue-weight job trailer, I settled on this unit as my only hope. I had to install it upside-down (nuts down) because the safety chain anchor rings on my Jeep Renegade block access to the lower lip on the receiver. Even so, it eliminated the greatest part of the awful rattle, bringing the problem down to a truly acceptable level. 272735


After a year, the hitch rattles slightly more than it did when I first installed it yes, the torque is still proper but still nowhere near as bad as it did before I purchased it.

Grand A - 09/30/2017


- RM-061

by: Bob H.12/30/2013

Have hooked up with my Alumistinger ball mount to the vehicle hitch receiver. Right at the moment appears will work well - before hooking up was able to rattle the ball mount around easily and with this Quiet Hitch RM-061 there is no play! Have not tested out on the road yet. Will also replace one of the nuts with a lock nut as would be far less likely to vibrate loose. I did hook up with the thinner U section on underside of the vehicle's hitch just behind the lip of receiver with the much thicker solid portion going at an angle and tightens down on top of the receiver ball mount right at the point the mount go's into the vehicle receiver. This is also the way it is pictured to be used on the package. Time with running with the bass boat trailer attached will tell if really works? 111529

- RM-061

by: CC10/18/2015

This product worked as advertised. I haul my UTV on a trailer on secondary roads and prior to using this product, it would rattle and bang and would sway a little. This tightened up the trailer hitch solving those old issues. 230243


Still going strong. Works as advertised making me a happy customer.

CC - 10/17/2016


- RM-061

by: Chris O08/13/2015

Should be standard equipment on everything that uses a hitch! Took my sloppy fitting Harbor Freight cargo carrier and made it literally rock solid! Best $$$ ever spent. Great cust service as well. Very happy camper! 218931


Great after 1 year... solid design. I wouldnt use my hitch without it.

Christopher O - 08/13/2016


- RM-061

by: Paul R.07/28/2016

I always had a hitch welded to the car and went with one that i installed myself from etrailer and a ball mount joint etc (all were fabulous by the way). I picked up my trailer from home depot and drove 5 feet and all this clacking started and had me worried-you have no idea. Some research online said it was the space between the ball mount and the hitch interior shaft. I researched and found sooooo many options and ultimately went with the Roadmaster Quiet Hitch. Couldn't be happier. Went on easy and not a peep. I would recommend that make sure this is an option or suggested product to go along with hitches when you buy-would have saved me extra shipping cost, time and aggravation. However, etrailer is fantastic and really helped me during both purchases. 277242

- RM-061

by: Robert04/19/2013

The Quiet Hitch was easy to install and fit the vehicle perfect. Looking forward to a quieter ride. 76957


after one year your product is still great and looks like new. I turned some other people on to it and some say theres rusted. Not sure if they got back to you yet.

Robert - 10/18/2014


- RM-061

by: Jim M08/28/2016

I am using it as a replacement to a "name brand" motorcycle hitch-hauler's (included with the hitch) 4-point bolt receiver/hitch stablizer design. My receiver has a rounded receiver collar; therefore, the bolt design anti-sway feature secures to the collar and tended to slip/move when tighten and slips/loosen as the hauler is weighted. I choose eTrailer products based not so much on individual reviews such as this... but my thought/theory is a company that survives (thrives) in this marketplace would not put up with the negative impact of selling an inferior product to its valued customer base. So far... my theory is 100% accurate.... the product is awesome, simple, well made and the quality product I expect when buying from eTrailer. 288534

- RM-061

by: fred d08/05/2013

Just what I needed to tighten up my bike rack on my jeep. Good price and speedy low cost delivery. Thanks, e-trailer. 93246


Its a keeper! Dont know how I got along without this. It keeps my bike rack tight and rattle-free. Highly recommend.

fred d - 02/03/2015


- RM-061

by: Bill M11/21/2012

Works perfect. Excellent service and quick delivery. 59900


Weve used this numerous times over the last year with excellent results. Keeps our bike rack or carrier from rattling around. Easy to use. Definitely recommend it.

Bill M - 05/22/2014


- RM-061

by: David P.09/12/2014

Simple and effective. I have a bike rack which rattles and this is the perfect solution. 150888


Excellent! Still very happy with it. I use it all the time. I would still give it 5 stars and holding strong.

David P - 09/16/2015


- RM-061

by: Steve06/26/2016

I stalled my Roadmaster Quiet Hitch the other day and it was so easy to install. I have a double hitch set up, One for the 10 inch drop down bar connected to the motor home and the other for the tow bar that is connected to the drop down bar to hook up the vehicle. So I purchased two Roadmaster Quit Hitches and once I installed I could see how much it tightened up the set up, but I'm a firm believer in actually seeing it work, so I had gone on a short 150 mile road trip this past week end and I was very impressed with how it all stayed in place and eliminated all of the rattle and play. Based on this short trip so far I'm very happy with the product and it has worked as advertised. 265248

- RM-061

by: Bill C.12/02/2016

This product serves it's purpose and is a simple design. I use it when towing my travel trailer with a WD hitch. So as per instructed by the employee's notes on the product page, I installed it, hoop up, nuts down. The normal installation without WD hitch is opposite that. I just returned from a trip and it worked great. I didn't hear or feel any shifting in the hitch during the trip as I have in the past. The one thing I would recommend it to either use some lock-tite or keep a close eye on the nuts if you are using it as I am with a WD hitch. One of my keeper nuts came loose and dropped down a few threads. No issue since I caught it, but something to keep in mind. 321653

- RM-061

by: Greg L.05/06/2017

I haven't towed anything yet after installing this product, however I've tried to get the hitch to wiggle using both hands and plenty of body English. The hitch is as tight as if welded. It's nice to purchase a product that works as well as or better than advertised! 376882

- RM-061

by: JT11/16/2015

Best anti rattle device I've ever used. Easy to install and very secure. 232109


Remains the best anti rattle I have ever used and works well even when hauling 5K plus

JT - 11/20/2016


- RM-061

by: Mark F.08/11/2011

I was using a hitch stabilizer consisting of two threaded eye bolts that slide over the hitch receiver pin and a square bracket with rubber flange that slides over the hitch receiver but it only eliminated front to back rattle. Before buying the RM-061 Roadmaster Quiet Hitch I ruled out other more expensive and elaborate hitch stabilizers due to lack of depth of clearance of my hitch receiver. I wasn't sure if the Roadmaster Quiet Hitch would only eliminate up and down rattle but I put it on and it eliminated ALL play in my hitch receiver; front to back, left to right and up and down. I should have bought one of these a long time ago, thanks etrailer! 21649

- RM-061

by: Mike R.10/31/2012

Product is exactly as advertised! Many thanks to E-Trailer for prompt service. Like Arnold said; I 'll be back!!! 58533


A1 product! Excellent Absolutely Zero Rattle

Mike R - 05/01/2014


- RM-061

by: David F.06/12/2016

Recent purchase of a Pro Series Cargo Carrier 63153. Assembly of the carrier was very straight forward but when installed into the 2" receiver, there was too much play at the receiver for my liking. Jonathan at etrailer recommended the RM-061 Quiet Hitch and got it to me while away on a trip. Installation was easy and it completely eliminated all the play. Now the cargo carrier acts like it is part of the truck, not and add on, a perfect solution!! 260511

- RM-061

by: Curtis H.09/04/2012

I purchased the Quiet Hitch to secure a receiver mounted spare tire carrier to a Curt hitch extension on a Kawasaki Teryx4. It took all of 5 minutes to install and I installed it where it would lift the tire carrier higher due to clearance problems with the spare tire when the trailer ramp was in the upright position. After a fairly rough 45 mile off road ride in the mountains of Tennessee, which is far more abuse than this product was designed for, the tire carrier was still completely tight. This product appears to be well made. Only time will tell, but it appears that this did the trick. I am completely satisfied. 53871

- RM-061

by: Pam11/02/2014

I learned about this product when searching for a way to eliminate the rattle and sway of my Hidden Hitch Class III 2" Ball Mount that I am using to mount my Swagman XC Tow Mount Bike Rack on the back of my RV. The recommendations at eTrailer helped me figure out exactly what to do by using this Road Master Quiet Hitch for 2" Trailer Hitches - RM-061 - coupled with the Anti-Rattle hitch pin and lock, part number 63232 There is no sway from left or right and no up or down movement either!!! Items came quickly and work in tandem perfectly. My bikes ride solid and safe! Be sure to periodically check the bolt tightness. 158842

- RM-061

by: D. Rex U.03/25/2011

Here is my setup using the items from my two orders, including the two ant-rattle devices. The pictures aren't that great of quality, since I just used my cell phone (my only camera anymore). Everything works perfectly. 10379

- RM-061

by: Jake L.08/20/2014

Works great eliminated hitch noise on our 2014 Ford Explorer. 147702


just as good as day one,still on the 2014 Explorer

Jake L - 08/20/2015


- RM-061

by: Frank W04/07/2014

Easy and effective. Wish I would have bought it earlier. 124121


Still totally satisfied and have told others about it!

Frank W - 04/10/2015


- RM-061

by: Bob M10/19/2016

I have three Quiet hitches. One on my 2016 Dodge Ram, and i have two on my 2007 that has a camper that is extended two feet beyond the receiver and i pull a 32' boat i could hear the extensions rattling with every bump. So i purchased two for my 2007 and ended all of the rattling completely. It worked so well on 2007. I purchased one for my 2016. This is a simple and great fix for a rattling receiver. 308720

- RM-061

by: Paul Mc05/30/2013

This item works as advertised. I picked one up as we started using a ball mount mounted bike rack that strongly recommended an anti-wobble device when used without the trailer attached. It certainly takes the slack out. I didn't realize how noticeable and pleasant the more tight link between the tow vehicle and the trailer would feel regardless of the bike rack. An improvement would be nylon inserts on the jam nuts that stiffen their action. As is, they easily are lost if the unit is not under tension. However, there are after market products that address the matter. A word to the wise. 82508

- RM-061

by: MG11/27/2013

Attached a cargo carrier to my 2014 Wrangler JK 2dr's Hidden Hitch part 87424 with the Tow Ready J-Pin, but it didn't quite take all of the sway and rattle out vertically. Added the Roadmaster Quiet Hitch tightened to the recommended 23 ft lbs and we are good to go - the cargo carrier feels almost welded on back there.... Excellent product, couldn't be happier with it. 108663

- RM-061

by: Ed M.06/22/2015

I rated the product poor, but I must say that the only reason is because I own a late model Ford F-150 and the design of the receiver is the reason this thing doesn't work. We pulled our 7,500 pound RV on a 1,500 mile trip this last few weeks, stopping around every 250 miles. Each time that I checked the Roadmaster Quiet Hitch it had slipped off the edge of the receiver. Because Ford receivers have a rounded edge all the way around the opening of the receiver it doesn't give the Roadmaster Quiet Hitch anything to hold onto and it eventually pulls loose. 206456

- RM-061

by: Bob M.09/10/2013

I wish that I had found this years ago! I have a heavy duty steel cargo carrier that is rated for 500 pounds but I never came close to that because it was so wobbly in the receiver. The Roadmaster Quiet Hitch effectively clamps the cargo carrier (trailer hitch, bike rack, etc.) to the receiver and eliminates 99% of the movement. This is a great product and so simple. Anyone can use this device, just follow the directions and use the clamp to pull your accessories down against the bottom of your receiver. No more CLUNKING of the hideous hitch! 99302

- RM-061

by: Scott06/17/2013

I am using this with a bike rack. With just the the standard threaded anti-sway bolt the rack came with the rack bounced up and down fairly noticably. Adding the RoadMaster Quiet Hitch took both the bounce and the sway out it! This is a great inexpensive product with a simple design that just works! 85045


is this the correct size for a hitch that has a 2 inch opening III hitch which would make the receiver on the vehicle slightly larger? Want to level out a cargo carrier that tilts slightly to the left and simply secure the entire unit. thanks

-- comment by: Gary - 07/21/2013


Part RM-061 is indeed sized for 2 inch trailer hitches and will keep a cargo carrier from wobbling in the hitch.

-- Patrick B - 7/23/2013

- RM-061

by: Pappy jack05/02/2014

Just installed. Seems to work perfect as all slack between receiver, drop hitch, and tow bar eliminated. Have not towed at this time but will send response after next trip. Employees at etrailer are excellent and provide great info on needed products. Won't wast time shopping elsewhere as this is my store for my motorhome. Luv etrailer. (: 128614

- RM-061

by: Jim M12/16/2016

We have a small pop up camper on our 4WD truck, We fabricated a top step using a plate(step tread) welded on a draw bar. The step moved slightly because the draw bar was not secure. The Roadmaster "Quiet Hitch" removed all the "wiggle" in the step and has removed the extra movement out of our tow hitch ( we tow a Suzucki Samurai). 325474

- RM-061

by: Benjamin M.11/22/2013

This thing came fast and is really heavy duty for something that costs just $24! I had my doubts that it would be 100% efficient, but I can't move my cargo hauler at all. Because I drive a wrangler, at slower speeds I could here it bouncing and swaying all summer. Not anymore! So glad I tried this product before any others, simple, fast, easy. Etrailer kept me so well informed about my order the whole time, they actually have asked ME if I have anymore questions! Will certainly be giving them my business in the future. 108107

- RM-061

by: Doug F08/09/2012

I'm about as un-mechanically inclined as is possible. I was able to put this on in 5 minutes and there is no play between the hitch and the extension used for my bike rack. No more worrying about the bikes anymore! Great product! etrailer's customer services was FANTASTIC! They emailed me to confirm the order went through, emailed me again when the warehouse got the order, and emailed me again to say it had been shipped. Awesome service. Will return to for all future hitch related purchases. 51148

- RM-061

by: Jim B.07/23/2017

Simple design that takes the slop out of the receiver as well as the tolerance on the hitch pin. 409794

- RM-061

by: JohnT04/05/2017

This morning my TWO Roadmaster Quiet Hitched (2" and 1-1/4") arrived. I set about mounting my bicycle rack into my new 2" Draw-Tite hitch on my 2014 Subaru Outback. I mounted the Roadmaster Quiet Hitches and was very pleased the bike rack went from having over 5" of free-play at the rack head to less than 1/2" of free-play. I no longer need to have a strap from the rack head to the roof rack. I very good investment. (it is a long story why I have both 2" and 1-1/4" hitches) 363432

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  • The amount of play or slop you are experiencing between your receiver and ball mount is caused by different manufacturing tolerances between the ball mount and receiver tube that the ball mount slides into. The receiver does not measure exactly 2 inches side to side. A receiver can be a few hundredths of an inch larger or smaller than 2 inches and still be considered within tolerance. The same goes for the shank on the ball mount. The shank is purposely made a bit smaller than 2 inches...
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  • How to Stop a Trailer Hitch Mount Bike Rack from Moving Too Much in the Trailer Hitch
  • Using an anti-rattle hitch and cable lock will add an element of security for the bike and racks but is not going to offer any additional support to reduce movement of the rack. I do have a couple of options for you though. First, you can find some additional support from the use of a stabilization strap such as # 18050. I have linked a video that shows how this strap works. Another option would be an additional anti-rattle device such as # RM-061 for a 2 inch hitch or # 93347 for...
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  • Options on How to Fix a Loose 2 Inch Ball Mount
  • I have a couple different options on ways to fix a loose ball mount. The Anti-Rattle Hitch Pin, # SHP2061, dramatically reduces any movement or vibration between your hitch and hollow shank ball mount. The No-Rattle Trailer Hitch Wedge, # 93347, wedges itself between the receiver and ball mount to take up play and eliminate rattle. The Roadmaster Quiet Hitch, # RM-061, helps eliminate rattle and sway within your hitch receiver.
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  • Why Can't the Roadmaster Quiet Hitch Anti-Rattle Device be Used When Towing a Trailer
  • Flat towing is the term used when a vehicle is towed with all 4 wheels on the ground behind another vehicle, typically a motor home. It is also knows as dinghy towing or towing 4 down. The Quiet Hitch # RM-061 is not rated for or tested for anything other than flat towing. So you would not use it when towing a trailer or using a hitch mounted accessory where there would be higher tongue weights. Flat towing a vehicle will all 4 wheels on the ground has very minimal tongue weight because...
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  • Anti-Rattle Device Recommendation for Use with Weigh Safe Ball Mount
  • To remove the movement in the hitch between the Weigh Safe # WS6-2 and the hitch opening you would need to use a wedge style anti-rattle like the part # RM-061. I attached a review video for this for you to check out as well.
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  • Receiver Hitch for Rear of Jayco 22 Foot Camper
  • There are a few solutions for adding a receiver to the rear of your camper. You will first need to contact Jayco to determine the capacity of your bumper. If the bumper is steel, and has adequate capacity, you could have the 6 inch combo bar you referenced welded in place. However, this piece is sold as a fabrication part only and it would be up to you or the welder to do the engineering work to determine if the receiver will have the necessary capacity. Another option would be to...
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  • Using an Anti-Rattle Device with a Trailer Hitch Reducer for a Bike Rack
  • When using hitch mounted accessories, some play/rattle is expected simply because trailer hitches and bike racks are manufactured by different companies. This play will become even greater when a hitch reducer, adapter or extender is used. In these situations, eliminating as much play as possible is a good idea because you do not want too many parts moving or bouncing around while you are on the road. You can use the Roadmaster Quiet Hitch, # RM-061, as an anti-rattle device between...
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  • Recommended Spare Tire Carrier For Class C Motorhome
  • We don't carry a bumper mounted spare tire carrier capable of the weight of a Class C Motorhome spare tire, however, we do have a hitch mounted option. The Roadmaster Hitch Mounted Spare Tire Carrier w/ 2" Receiver Opening # RM-195225 is an ideal fit for your application. It does require a 2 inch hitch receiver, but it gives you a functional way for one person to load and unload a large spare safely. You may want to consider an anti-rattle like the Roadmaster Quiet Hitch for 2" Trailer...
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  • How Can Rattling and Wobbling Be Stopped on Surco 24x60 Cargo Carrier
  • It would not be wise to modify the car with extra attachment points to the vehicle for stability or to add tie-down poles for the cargo. Altering or adding to the structure can weaken the carrier not to mention void any applicable manufacturer warranty. We carry parts to remedy the wobbling problem like part # RM-061. Anti-rattle devices put some tension between the accessory and the hitch, just enough to reduce rattling and wobbling. Using a tie-down post for something like a dirt...
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  • Using the Thule T2 TH9045 on a 2 Inch Receiver
  • The Thule T2 you mention, part # TH9045 is compatible with the 1-1/4 inch receiver only. Thule does not offer an adapter that is compatible with the T2, like with other of their racks. In order to use the T2 on a 2 inch receiver, a Hitch Reducer sleeve, like part # HTO2 would be your best option. The locking hitch pin included with the T2 will work with the reducer, but an additional hitch pin like part # PC3 or lock like part # 40107 will be needed to retain the reducer into the...
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  • Do You Have a Spare Tire Carrier Designed for a 2 inch Receiver
  • We do have a spare tire carrier that mounts into a 2 inch receiver. The Curt Trailer Hitch Mounted Spare Tire Carrier, part number C31006, is a very nice mount that is easy to use and can be used with locks to secure the spare to the carrier and the carrier to the vehicle. You will need a hitch pin and clip or lock to secure the mount to the vehicle. Either the # PC3 Pin and Clip or the # 63232 Anti-Rattle Device and Lock would work well with this product and to secure the spare you...
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  • Anti-Rattle Device Suggestion while using a Towing Bike Rack and Pop Up Camper
  • For use while towing with your pop up camper trailer and hitch mounted towing bike rack, the best option would be to use the Anti-Rattle Device for a 2 inch hitch # 63232. This device will eliminate any additional rattling by pulling the ball mount portion of the hitch to one side. It also provides a secure locking mechanism for your hitch. Please keep in mind that this locking device can only be used on hollow hitch devices, it is also advised to remove this locking mechanism when...
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  • Installation of the Roadmaster Quiet Hitch # RM-061
  • The Roadmaster Quiet Hitch, # RM-061, was designed to eliminate rattle in ball mounts, tow bars and other hitch mounted accessories. It pulls the shank of the ball mount or other accessory against the receiver to keep the ball mount from bouncing around. This device should not be used when towing a trailer. It was not designed to support the tongue weight of a trailer and could be damaged if too much force is exerted on the device.
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  • Anti-Rattle Device Recommendation for a 1-1/4 inch Hitch
  • I do have an anti-rattle device that will work on a 1-1/4 inch hitch, but the Roadmaster Quiet Hitch # RM-061 that you referenced is designed to only work on 2 inch hitches and would not work for you. Check out the No-Rattle Trailer Hitch Wedge # 93347. This product will work on your 1-1/4 inch hitch and also doubles as a theft-deterrent.
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  • Comparison Between the Roadmaster Quiet Hitch and the Pro Series Anti-Rattle Device
  • Both devices are designed to help tighten the connection between the hitch and the towing accessory. Between the two, I recommend the Road Master Quit Hitch, like # RM-061 for 2 inch hitches. The Quiet Hitch's U-bolt design might give you a stronger connection over the Pro Series Anti-Rattle one bolt design. The Road Master Quiet Hitch is designed to help immobilize your ball mount or towing accessory when installed in the hitch. When you tighten the nuts on the immobilizer, the U-bolt...
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  • Anti-Rattle Device to Eliminate Movement of a Yakima DoubleDown Trailer Hitch Mount Bike Rack
  • The Yakima DoubleDown 4, # Y02424, comes with a hitch bolt that, when tightened, should relieve the play between the bike rack shank and the inside of the hitch receiver. What you can do to eliminate any additional sway would be to use a separate anti-rattle device. The Roadmaster Quiet Hitch, # RM-061, would be a good choice. It will hold the bike rack shank even tighter to the hitch receiver. I have included a link to a video showing how it works. Please note it is for a 2 inch receiver...
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  • Comparing the Roadmaster Quiet Hitch Ant-Rattle Devices for 2 Inch and 2-1/2 Inch Trailer Hitches
  • The difference between the Quiet Hitch anti-rattle devices # RM-062 and # RM-061 is what they are made to fit. First, # RM061 is designed for 2 inch trailer hitch receivers. And # RM-062 is designed for 2-1/2 inch receivers. There are some 2 inch receivers that are larger than standard and might require the # RM-062. The outside of a 2 inch receiver should be 2-1/2 inches (not counting the very end which would be larger). A 2-1/2 inch receiver would be 3 inches on the outside. Since...
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  • How to Reduce a Bouncing Bike Rack Installed on a 2004 Nissan Quest
  • Having a bike rack, loaded or unloaded, bounce some is common but there are measures you can take to reduce the movement of the rack. The issue is that the shank on a bike rack has to be slightly smaller than the receiver opening for it to fit correctly so there will always be some play. Some racks come with an anti-rattle device that usually takes the form of a threaded bolt uses to pull the shank of the bike rack tight to the side of the receiver to reduce or eliminate the movement...
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  • Where To Mount a Roadmaster Quiet Hitch Anti-Rattle Device # RM-061
  • The anti rattle ring needs to butt up directly against the hitch and the bar butts up to the drawbar. The bolts on the device then need to be tightened down. This keeps the unit in position and working to keep the accessory nice and snug. We have a video installation of the Roadmaster Quiet Hitch Anti-Rattle Device, item # RM-061, for you to review, that shows the complete installation procedure.
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  • Anti Rattle Device for 180 Weigh Safe Weight Adjustable Ball Mount
  • To remove the movement in the hitch between the Weigh Safe # TB6-2 and the hitch opening you would need to use a wedge style anti-rattle like the part # RM-061. I attached a review video for this for you to check out as well. This could easily be used with a cargo carrier as well.
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  • What Anti-Rattle Device Would Work On A Class III 2 inch Hidden Hitch
  • If the rattling is coming from between the hitch and the drawbar you can use something as simple as a wedge type anti-rattle device. The No-Rattle Trailer Hitch Wedge, # 93347, works well for this application. The Roadmaster Quiet Hitch, # RM-061, should not be used when towing because it was not designed to handle the tongue weight of a trailer. I am including video links that will review both of the above mentioned anti-rattle devices.
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  • Using Anti-Rattle Locking Hitch Pin # 63232 on Bike Rack with Adapter Sleeve
  • I imagine your bike rack has a shank designed for a 1-1/4 inch receiver with a sleeve that can be used to adapt it to a 2 inch receiver, is that correct? If this is the case, unfortunately the # 63232 will not work for you, because the threaded block would not fit into the shank of your bike rack. You could however use a standard locking hitch pin like part # 40107 along with an an anti-rattle system like the # RM-061. I personally use the # RM-061 when I tow my PWCs, and they work great. I...
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  • Using Extender to Install Thule Apex Swing # TH9027 on 2011 Roadtrek Agile w/ Rear Mount Spare Tire
  • An extender like the # 80307 can be used, but we don't recommend doing so because using an extender will lower the tongue weight capacity of your hitch by 50 percent. For instance, if your current tongue weight capacity (see sticker on hitch) is 350 lbs, using the adapter will lower that capacity to 175 lbs. This would mean that the 57 lb weight of the rack plus the bikes carried on it could not exceed 175 lbs. Unless the average weight of your bikes is under 30 lbs, it would overload the...
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  • Recommended Anti-Rattle Devices for Towing a Boat Trailer
  • There are several anti-rattle devices that would be good to use when towing a boat trailer. The construction of your ball mount will determine the best choice for your application. If your ball mount is hollow, and you have a 2 inch receiver hitch, then I would recommend the Softride Anti-Rattle Device and Lock for 2 inch Trailer Hitches, item # SR25219. This anti rattle device also includes a lock to secure the ball mount to the vehicle. If your ball mount is solid, and you have...
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  • What Material Is The Roadmaster Quiet Hitch # RM-061 Made From
  • I contacted our representative at Roadmaster and he informed me that the item you selected, Roadmaster Quiet Hitch, part # RM-061, is made of mild steel and is Zinc plated. I have linked a video review of the Roadmaster Quiet Hitch, part # RM-061.
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  • Can The Thule Snug Tite Hitch Lock and Anti-Rattle Device, # THSTL2, Fit Other Brands Of Bike Racks
  • The Thule Snug Tite Hitch Lock and Anti-Rattle Device, # THSTL2, can only be used on Thule brand bike racks. Most bike rack manufacturers will only design the hitch locks to only fit their products. The threads are unique to the manufacturers bike racks. I also have a Softride Anti-Rattle Device and Lock, # SR25219, which is a universal lock and a anti-rattle device, for 2 inch hitches or the Trailer Hitch Anti-Rattle Kit for 1-1/4" Trailer Hitches, # F-315. These anti-rattle devices...
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  • Removing Excessive Movement of Thule Hitching Post Pro 4 Trailer Hitch Mount Bike Rack
  • With any given trailer hitch and hitch accessory there is a chance of some rattle and slop that could occur. The solution in many accessories is a weldnut in the shank that when used with a threaded hitch pin pulls the accessory shank tight to the receiver to eliminate play. The nut is only needed on the one side to pull the shank tight. The Thule Hitching Post Pro Bike Carrier, # TH934XTR, is one of these accessories that does have a weldnut and threaded hitch pin. But it sounds like...
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  • Does the Curt Clamp-On 2 Bike Rack Need Additional Stabilizing Straps
  • The Curt Clamp-On 3 Bike Rack, part # C18013 does not require any additional straps for stabilization while carrying bikes. If you would like additional immobilization, or would like to prevent any shifting you could add the Roadmaster Quiet Hitch for a 2 inch hitch # RM-061 for additional support at the hitch. When you are using this bike rack and towing a trailer please remember that the weight of the trailer hitch, this bike rack, which is 13 pounds, and the weight of the bikes...
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  • Can an Anti-Rattle Device be Used With a Weight Distribution System
  • I spoke with my contact at Reese about weight distribution and anti-rattle devices. He stated that the use of an anti-rattle device is permissible and cited the Tow Ready J-Pin Stabilization Pin and Barrel Lockset, # 63201, as the type of anti-rattle he would use. I have included a link to a video review of the J-Pin for you to view.
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  • Will Blue Ox 2 Hitch Immobilizer II Fit a Roadmaster Receiver
  • Since the Roadmaster receiver you are using is a 2 inch, then the Blue Ox Hitch Receiver Immobilizer II, # BX88224, will fit. Roadmaster also has a similar product that is a bit more economical. Take a look at the Quiet Hitch, # RM-061. I have incldued a link to a video that shows how it works.
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