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Preserve the life of your transmission and improve towing performance with a transmission cooler. Protect your vehicle's warranty or simply give your vehicle a boost with a simple to use addition to any towing set up. Push on fittings and three mounting positions ensure a hassle-free installation, while varying performance levels allow you to match the transmission cooler to your specific towing needs.

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Dodge Durango Transmission Coolers Questions and Answers

  • Recommended Transmission Cooler for a 2015 Dodge Durango
  • There is not an adapter that will be needed to install a transmission cooler on your 2015 Dodge Durango. For a transmission cooler, I recommend the Derale Series 8000 Plate-Fin Transmission Cooler Kit part # D13504 because it has a large surface area which equates to better cooling performance and it comes with everything needed for installation except common hand tools. I have attached a sample install video for you as well.
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  • Does Rear End Gears Make a Huge Difference for Towing Capacity of Vehicle
  • Rear end gears will make a huge difference for towing capacity. Higher numerical gears give additional leverage over the weight of the trailer so the impact "tow package" gears have cannot be understated at all really. If you have the gears that mean you have a 3,500 towing capacity you'd have to stick with that unless you can contact Dodge about swapping gears.
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  • Recommended Oil and Transmission Coolers for the Dodge Durango
  • I reached out to my contact at Derale and he confirmed that the Derale Stacked-Plate Transmission Cooler Kit # D13401 and the Derale Stacked-Plate Engine Oil Cooler Kit # D15602 are universal fit and will work with your 2013 Dodge Durango 5.7L Hemi.
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  • Recommended Compression Fittings For Dodge Durango 2011 Citadel 5.7L Transmission Cooler
  • The insta-dapt comes with all of the Derale kits. It is unfortunately not always a fit as it is a universal adapter. You have a couple options, you can flare the lines you have or I recommend using compression fittings. To ensure you choose the correct compression fitting for your vehicle, you will want to measure the diameter of your transmission lines. The most common size is 3/8 inches, but it would be safe to measure first. I have attached links to the compression fittings that we...
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  • Do I Need Transmission Cooler When Towing 21 Ft, 3000 lb Boat w/ 2006 Dodge Durango
  • One guideline you can use to determine if you need a transmission cooler is to check your vehicle owners manual. The owners manual should state if it is recommended to add an aftermarket transmission cooler for towing. You cannot over cool transmission fluid, especially when towing. Even a slight drop in the temperature of the fluid can help extend the life of the transmission. So, adding a transmission cooler can be beneficial, especially if you will be towing often. To choose the...
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  • Can Transmission Fluid Be Cooled Too Much on a 2005 Dodge Durango
  • First, transmission fluid cannot be over cooled so you would not have to worry about that. In the winter time, it would just take longer to warm up. Or you could use a special thermostat adapter, # D15719. This will only allow 10 percent of the fluid to get through until the temperature reaches 180 degrees. You would also need mounting brackets # D25793. For a supplemental cooler, go with the largest one that will fit in the space you have. The most popular cooler for a 2005 Dodge Durango...
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  • Transmission Cooler Line Identification for Line Replacement
  • The best way to determine which line on a transmission cooler is the return line from the radiator is to use the following procedure: 1. Start engine while engine is cold 2. Place transmission shift lever in drive for no more than 10 seconds 3. Place in Park, stop engine, and remove keys 4. Identify the oil return line by feeling both oil lines. The coolest line is the oil return line. On the aftermarket transmission cooler the ports are not input specific or output specific. It...
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  • Can Derale Econo-Cool Combo Engine and Transmission Cooler # D15230 Be Mounted Under Vehicle
  • I spoke to my technical contact at Derale and as long as the Econo-Cool Combo Engine and Transmission Cooler, # D15230, is mounted underneath the vehicle with the fan facing downward (toward the street) and used in normal conditions, you should not have any problems. Mounting it under the vehicle and using it in extreme conditions, like off-roading through mud, could damage the fan. As for powered cooler vs one without the fan, the powered cooler does not have to be mounted in a certain...
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  • Transmission Cooler Recommendation for a 2002 Dodge Durango
  • Transmission cooler installs are not vehicle specific so installing one like the Derale part # D13503 on your 2002 Dodge Durango would be basically the same process as the install video I attached. I also attached a help article that covers transmission coolers and their installations for you to check out as well.
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  • Adapter Fitting Recommendation for Installing Transmission Cooler in 2001 Dodge Durango
  • To install the Derale transmission cooler part # D13503 that you referenced you actually also want the radiator adapter fittings part # D13030 and you'd be set. These thread onto the radiator of your 2001 Dodge Durango to give you the correct size barb fittings.
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  • Stacked Plate Transmission Cooler For 1999 Dodge Durango 4X4
  • The installation of a transmission cooler will help cool the temperature of the transmission fluid on your 1999 Dodge Durango. Transmission coolers are not vehicle specific, so finding the location where it will work well and measuring to make certain it will fit is very important. A transmission cooler should be mounted in front of the radiator and AC condenser, if possible. I have linked you to a couple of help articles about transmission coolers. I would recommend the Derale 34-Row,...
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