Anti-Rattle Devices Review

An anti-rattle device reduces or eliminates the movement of a hitch accessory -- ball mount, bike rack or cargo carrier -- in a trailer hitch receiver, thereby muffling the annoying rattle that can occur during towing or when you are carrying bikes or cargo. Using an anti-rattle device can reduce distractions and make your trip more enjoyable.

Types of Anti-Rattle Devices

silent hitch pin with clip anti-rattle sleeve J-pin locking anti-rattle

threaded pin installed threaded pin

Threaded Pins

  • Dramatically reduce vibration
  • Use in place of a pin and clip
  • Locking feature deters theft of hitch accessory
  • Available for 1-1/4" and 2" trailer hitches accessories
    • For use with hollow shanks only

How they work: Some hitch accessories already have a welded nut inside the shank. If yours doesn't, slide the threaded block inside the hitch accessory shank. Slide the shank inside the hitch and insert the threaded pin. The pin works with a threaded block inside the ball mount's hollow shank and lines up with the hitch pin hole. As you tighten the pin, the block pulls the shank to the side of the hitch receiver until it is tight against the inner wall, preventing any movement inside the hitch.

Note: Many anti-rattle devices that work by means of a threaded pin are designed to be used with hitch-mounted accessories, not for towing a trailer. If you want to use a specific anti-rattle device of this type for towing a trailer, be sure to check that it is designed for this use.

sleeve with receiver anti-rattle sleeve


  • Reduce noise and movement by torquing down over accessory or shank and hitch
  • Attach at point where shank meets hitch receiver
  • Install easily
  • Use in addition to pin and clip or lock
  • Can be used with solid or hollow shanks
  • Work with 1-1/4" and 2" trailer hitches

How they work: Slide the shank of the hitch accessory through the sleeve of the anti-rattle device and then onto the trailer hitch receiver. Turn the knob to tighten the screw against the hitch receiver. The hitch accessory or shank is then held tight inside the hitch receiver by the sleeve.

no-rattle wedge wedge and receiver


  • Provide an economical solution to rattle and movement
  • Wedge between hitch receiver and shank
  • Take up excess space inside receiver
  • Can be used with solid or hollow shanks
  • Fit 1-1/4" and 2" trailer hitches

How they work: Insert shank into receiver and slide standard hitch pin in to hold in place. Loop wedge over hitch pin and insert L-shape bracket into space between hitch accessory shank and receiver. Tighten nut until wedge fits tightly. Wedge reduces shank or ball-mount movement by narrowing receiver opening.



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