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Opti-Brite 12V/24V LED RV Dome Light - Single - 6-3/4" Long - White Housing

Opti-Brite 12V/24V LED RV Dome Light - Single - 6-3/4" Long - White Housing

Item # OPT48FR
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RV Interior Lights
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Use the integrated, touch-activated spot to turn this LED single dome light on and off, or you can adjust the brightness. Light is perfect for your RV kitchen when doing the dishes or your enclosed trailer when loading and unloading gear. Great Prices for the best rv interior lights from Optronics. Opti-Brite 12V/24V LED RV Dome Light - Single - 6-3/4" Long - White Housing part number OPT48FR can be ordered online at or call 1-800-940-8924 for expert service.
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Optronics RV Interior Lights - OPT48FR

  • Dome Light
  • LED Light
  • Surface Mount
  • Touch Sensor
  • 12V
  • 24V
  • 6-3/4L x 3-15/16W Inch
  • White
  • Optronics
  • Daylight White

Use the integrated, touch-activated spot to turn this LED single dome light on and off, or you can adjust the brightness. Light is perfect for your RV kitchen when doing the dishes or your enclosed trailer when loading and unloading gear.


  • Single dome light gives you bright light in your RV living space or enclosed trailer interior
    • Perfect for above kitchen sinks, over reading nooks, in interior trailer spaces, and more
  • Integrated touch-activated spot in the middle lets you turn the light on and off with the simple touch of a finger
    • Can easily adjust the brightness with the built-in dimmer control
    • Can also wire the light to an interior light switch
  • LED circuit board has surface-mount technology (SMT) that withstands shock, vibration, and heat
  • Included energy-efficient, cool white LEDs last longer and burn brighter than incandescent bulbs
  • Clear plastic lens won't shatter if accidentally dropped like a glass lens would
    • Textured pattern helps disperse bright light throughout your RV
  • Durable, white polycarbonate construction
  • Easy, surface-mount installation - hardware not included
    • 2-Wire design - white for ground and black for power
    • Included trim ring provides a finished look


  • Overall dimensions: 6-3/4" long x 3-15/16" wide x 3/8" deep
  • Voltage: 12V or 24V DC
  • Power draw:
    • 12V: 0.74 amp
    • 24V: 0.35 amps
  • Light output:
    • Effective lumen output: 1,040 lumens
    • Raw lumen output: 1,500 lumens
  • Color temperature: 5,775 Kelvin
  • IP rating: IP67
  • Number of LEDs: 36
  • Lifetime warranty on the LEDs

Optronics Dome Light Dimensions

Need extra light over your camper kitchen sink for when you do the dishes? Or perhaps you need to upgrade the dim, old lights in your enclosed trailer? This dome light has cool white LEDs that give you brighter light underneath a kitchen cabinet, in a walkway, over a reading nook, or inside your trailer.

Optronics Dome Light LEDs

LEDs are more energy efficient, last longer, and burn brighter than lights with incandescent bulbs. You won't have to worry about replacing bulbs that have brittle filaments. And because LEDs draw minimal power, the light won't drain your battery, overload your circuits, or produce too much heat.

Touch-Activated Light Can Be Adjusted in Brightness

To turn the light on and off, simply touch the spot in the middle of the light with your finger. And to use the built-in dimmer control, hold your finger down onto that spot, which will let you dim the light for a family movie or increase the brightness for a workspace. You can also wire the light to a switch inside your RV.

LED Circuit Board Has Surface-Mount Technology

Unlike other LED lights, this dome light has an LED circuit board with durable, surface-mount technology. This technology will better resist the shock and vibration that happens when you drive over rough roads. And it improves heat distribution, which means that you won't burn your fingers when you need to do maintenance.

Raw Lumens vs. Effective Lumens

Lumens are utilized to measure the actual amount of light that you can see and use from a light source. If you need a super bright light for a workspace, you will want to go with a light that has a higher lumen count. If you want a softer glow in an RV living space, you should go with a light that has a lower lumen count.

Light sources typically have 2 different kinds of lumens: raw and effective. Raw lumens represent the natural amount of light that a manufacturer says their light fixtures can produce. Effective lumens, on the other hand, represent the usable brightness of the entire light assembly, including the drive method or any lenses or reflectors.

Surface-Mount, Bolt-On Installation is Easy

Optronics Dome Light Installed

This surface-mount dome light is incredibly easy to install as an upgrade or direct replacement of your existing light. Using hardware (not included), bolt the housing onto the ceiling, wall, or cabinet. The included trim flange covers the bolt holes to provide a clean, finished look. And then the light hooks up to ground (white wire) and power (black wire)

ILL03CTHBP Optronics Opti-Bright 12 Volt and 24 Volt RV Pancake Light - Surface Mount - 36 LEDs - White Housing

Replaces ILL03CTHBP

Video of Opti-Brite 12V/24V LED RV Dome Light - Single - 6-3/4" Long - White Housing

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Optronics Opti-Brite LED Dome Light Installation - Enclosed Trailer

Hey guys, Kevin here with etrailer and today I'm going to be showing you how to install the Optronics Opti-Brite LED dome light with smart touch. So, our LED dome lights are going to be compatible with both a 12-volt or a 24-volt systems. They have a simple touch spot, right in the center of the light so that you can easily turn your light on and off. If you didn't have it running to a switch or if you we're in one area and wanted light but didn't want light in another area. As you can see, I can easily turn it on. If you sit there and hold the switch, it'll dim down all the way to nothing up back to its brightest setting, easily giving you the correct amount of light that you need for whatever situation you're in.

Installation of these lights, super simple. All we did was run our power straight up to an existing power line that we had for the original light that came with the manufacturer of this trailer and then just the ground, grounded to our frame. So, super simple installation, it might just take you a little bit of time just running your wire, depending on your set up. So, to begin our installation, we're gonna find out exactly where we wanna mount this. I already measured our trailer here and got 79 inches from beam to beam here, including this trim.

So, when we cut that in half and then subtract the difference of our light, I'm getting a 36 inch measurement. So, what I'm gonna do is go right on over, 36, I'm gonna make a mark and then I'm gonna do the same thing from the other side. And I know my light's gonna sit right in between there. So, the next thing we're gonna do, since we're drilling into metal studs here, is I'm gonna have to take some self tappers. With how small and tight that area is, I have to get real, real tiny ones just to make sure that we're actually gonna fit in here.

But to start, I am going to push one of these through and then use that to make a little indent into the stud, before I go ahead and fully screw these in. Now that I have it centered where I want it, I'm gonna go ahead. Just kinda make an indent where I want and I'm gonna pull my light back off and fully shoot this in. Make sure that you're wearing your safety goggles or glasses. You don't want any chance of any metal shavings getting in your eyes.

All right, we can back that back out now and put our light back on it. All right, I'm not gonna fully tighten that down yet just because I need to still move my obviously my light and center it. Then we can go ahead and stick in our other screw. And then we can finish tightening up this other one. So, what I'm gonna do now is I'm gonna trim back my white wire just a bit 'cause I don't need that much length. And then I'm gonna strip back the casing. I'm gonna do a little bit more than normal, just because I'm gonna twist it up and then fold it over just to thicken it up a little bit. And then what we can do is crimp on a ring terminal and we're just gonna ground our ground wire here straight to the frame, that way we don't have to run an extra wire the length of the trailer over to our battery. And then we just take a self-tapper and pop that in place. There, here we go. Now with our black wire, we're gonna strip back more of the casing. Same thing as before I wanna twist it up and then fold it over, make it a little bit thicker. Got my butt connector and we'll crimp it down. And now we can go ahead and get some wire and we're gonna run that over to our light switch. All right, now I'm going to put my wire into my butt connector, connect it up to my light. And then we can start tracing it along our frame over towards our light, which is probably like five foot up. Since we're not really doing anything fancy here we're just gonna secure our wire with some zip ties. This is just gonna be a work trailer. So, don't really have to hide the wiring like we would if we we're in a normal camper. So as we're going along here, I'm just gonna zip tie my wire up to the trailer wiring that's already in place, just to keep it nice and tight. We don't want it hanging down loose. So, a couple of zip ties will fix that issue. So, next step we're gonna do is we're gonna tie into our load wire running off of our outlet. That way all of our lights will come on at the same time. So, I know this is my load wire right here, I'm gonna end up cutting this. I'm gonna trim back my wire for my front lights. We're gonna cut back the casings, which I don't have my thing here. All right. Now we can cut back our casing on our wire. And I'm gonna splice these two together. My wiring from my current light that I have in and the new wire that we just ran must splice those two together. I'm gonna take a butt connector and we'll connect all of our wires right here so that they're all getting power at the same time. Ooh, got tight space. All right, with our wires all spliced together, we can tuck 'em back a little bit, back in place. All right, now, once your wiring is all complete, you can go ahead and put your face plate on. After having worked with these lights a few times I find it a little bit easier if you get one side on first and then press on the other side. You are gonna have to press pretty hard just to get it to snap into place. There we go. Now that we have our wiring in place with our switch we can go ahead and test it out. As you can see, a whole lot brighter in here. Arnera's gonna have it a lot easier of a time loading up all of his work related items into his work trailer here. Well, guys, I think that does it today with our installation of the Optronics Opti-Brite LED dome light with smart touch. My name's Kevin. Thanks for watching..

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Customer Reviews

Opti-Brite 12V/24V LED RV Dome Light - Single - 6-3/4" Long - White Housing - OPT48FR

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (269 Customer Reviews)

Use the integrated, touch-activated spot to turn this LED single dome light on and off, or you can adjust the brightness. Light is perfect for your RV kitchen when doing the dishes or your enclosed trailer when loading and unloading gear.


Dimmable option is a great plus, have had no problems, will probably replace more fixtures in my trailer with these lights.


Simple to install. Very bright. Capacitive touch on/off works well.


Shipped quickly without unnecessary packaging. Installed easily, except for wire colors were either backwards in the light or the feed lines. So, after initially thinking the light didn’t work, I tried reversing the wires and it worked beautifully. Love the dimming feature. On full brightness it is very bright. Awesome.


Great light! Perfect for my pop up because of the low profile.The touch switch is a little picky.Have to touch several times to activate.No biggie I use the camper main switch anyway.


Awesome Light, extra bright with dimmer memory, don't hesitate to buy!!!


In the darkest forest in the rain,I can see.


touch switch quit working almost immedi ately.


this is a great product!! works great


works gread and well made. I am happy with this purhase


The touch light is great. I would recommend that product for sure.







Exactly what I was looking for and needed.Replaced a dim incandescent light with an LED.


I will be using these to replace 4' fluorescent in a 28' enclosed trailer. I have not yet installed them, however I connected them to 12-volt power and they are very bright. The flush mount design will make it very easy to install without any retrofitting or needing to do cut outs.


Great light output. I used them in my enclosed racecar trailer - lots of light and very little battery draw.


I installed 4 of these lights low on the wall to assist in lighting the tie down anchors and straps in my car hauler trailer. They are very bright and easy to mount with 4 screws. These 4 lights and the 3 ceiling lights that I purchased from work great in making an enclosed trailer very bright inside. The surface mount makes these lights AAA+.


Best motion sensor light you can have for all temps


Added 4 of these during a rustic hunting cabin lighting project. These are for the shed and provide awesome lighting. I didn't realize the back side of the shed door was cream colored because we never closed the door before due to needing all the light we could get. Because it is a shed and we run these off of batteries I used a standard bathroom fan timer switch to make sure the lights don't get left on forever.


this was a great product, and an easy swap out. We have had it nearly a year now with no problems.
Great service, quick response time, I will work with etrailers in the future!


These are fantastic. Replaced two main lights, both controlled by a wall mounted switch, in our 21' travel trailer. The additional light from these is amazing. We can now see inside the cupboards and closets without needing a flashlight. Installation was easy and straightforward, just remember that LEDs are polarity specific. Also keep in mind that these do not have a switch in them, which is why I only replaced the two main lights. We like them so well we just ordered another to replace the bathroom light, also controlled by a wall switch. I would replace all the lights with these if they had internal switches.


These lights are outstanding. They are slim design and bright. Easy to install. You do have to provide your own screws and wire connections, which does allow you the ability to choose what works best. Great product and highly recommended. The brightness is amazing for such a small thin light.



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  • Are The Opti-Brite LED Dome Lights Dimmable
    We do have an option from Opti-Brite that is dimmable, the Opti-Brite LED Dome Light, # OPT48FR. This is a 1,040 lumens, surface mount light that can be connected to either a 12VDC or 24VDC power source. This produces day light white type light at 1,500 lumens. The Opti-Brite LED Dome Light, # OPT58FR however is not dimmable.
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  • Recommended Interior Lights For A 20' Enclosed Trailer
    For an enclosed trailer one of my favorite options is the Opti-Brite 12V/24V LED RV Dome Light # OPT98FR. These surface mount LED lights provide a bright white light to illuminate your trailer. They run on 12v DC power and only 0.74 amps for a more efficient light source compared to incandescent options. I've installed a ton of these in various enclosed trailers and it's a night and day difference once the installation is complete. We offer another version of these lights # OPT48FR that...
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  • Is There An LED Version Of The Optronics Surface Mount RV Light # 105500SP
    While there isn't an LED version of the Optronics Surface Mount RV Light # 105500SP currently available there are a variety of other LED dome light options available. Personally, I prefer the Opti-Brite LED Dome Light # OPT48FR. This surface mount dome light is similar in size to the # 105500SP at 6-3/4" x 3-15/16". It comes with a simple touch pad in the middle of the light that you can use to dim or turn off the light if you don't want to have to run the light through a switch. I've...
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