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Definately I will order from here again if I need anything. Not only was the service fantasic, the price was over welmed dirt cheap compared to so many others on the internet. The order was very professionally packaged and delv'd. I love this place. Definately I will be a returning customer.


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Expert Answers about Boatbuckle

  • How to Assemble the Boat Buckle Kwik-Lok Transom Tie-Down Straps # IMF13111
  • That is an excellent question and one that I am sure many people have regarding their tie-down straps. Quite often people buy tie-down straps and use them maybe a handful of times throughout the year. If something goes wrong and they need to replace, or in your case clean, the straps, it can be tricky trying to reassemble them. Especially since there are many different methods. I had some of these straps in stock so I pulled a set and made a video for you. Unfortunately Boat Buckle...
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  • How to Choose the Correct Tie-Down for a Boat and Trailer
  • When choosing tie-down straps like the BoatBuckle G2 Retractable Tie-Down Strap, # IMF14220, you will want to keep a few things in mind. Boat tie-downs are designed for normal highway driving. The purpose of most boat tie-downs is to strap the lightest object to the heaviest object, meaning you will want to choose a tie-down with a break strength that exceeds the weight of the lightest object. For example, if your boat weighs 4,000 lbs and your trailer weighs 2,000 lbs, you will want...
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  • Comparing G3 and G2 BoatBuckle Mini Retractable, Ratcheting Transom Tie-Downs
  • The G3, # IMF103745, has a zinc plated spring whereas the G2 # IMF106877 has a stainless steel spring. And they changed the handle color. But that is about it. Everything else is the same.
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  • Short Length Transom Strap Recommendation
  • The shortest length transom strap we have is the BoatBuckle Pro Series Kwik-Lok Transom Tie-Down Straps # IMF17631 that is 2 feet in length. These should work well for you. They would have no problem going down to 10 inches in length. I attached an install video for you to check out that shows them being installed and used.
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  • Transom Strap Recommendation for a Bouncing Jon Boat
  • Sounds like what you need is a transom strap setup that will secure the rear of your boat to the back of your trailer so that it will stop bouncing around so much. For that the BoatBuckle Pro Series Kwik-Lok Transom Tie-Down Straps # IMF17631 would work well.
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  • Difference Between BoatBuckle G2 Retractable Ratchet Straps # IMF08893 and # IMF14220
  • That's exactly correct. Both G2 ratchet straps are identical with identical mounting hardware. The # IMF08893 includes a pair of straps for use on the boat's transom, and the # IMF14220 includes one strap for use at the bow. To see product demonstration videos, click the provided links.
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  • Tie-Down Straps to Secure 3800-lb Bayliner Outboard to Trailer
  • The BoatBuckle G2 Retractable Ratcheting Bow Tie-Down Strap # IMF14220 has a working load limit of 833-lbs. In your application on your 3800-lb Bayliner outboard this is sufficient for the bow so long as you use other tie-downs on the remaining portions of the boat, the gunwales and transom, to secure those areas. You can use one strap like # IMF17636 across the gunwales and # IMF08893 at the transom. Tie-down straps should always be used so that their working load limit (WLL) is never...
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  • Dimensions of Bolt that Comes with the BoatBuckle Boat Winch Strap IMF05848
  • I spoke with my contact at BoatBuckle and they informed me that the bolt that comes with the Winch Strap part # IMF05848 that you referenced measures 2-3/4 inches in length by 1/4 inch in diameter. We do not carry this bolt as a replacement part but you should have no problem finding a replacement locally. Be sure to use a lock nut that has Nylock in the nut so that it won't back off by itself.
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  • Rating of BoatBuckle Transom Tie-Down Straps # IMF17632
  • The BoatBuckle Kwik-Lok Transom Tie Down Straps you mention, part # IMF17632 have a 1200 lb breaking strength, 400 working load limit (WLL) per strap. When determining the straps needed to secure a load of a certain weight, use the WLL figure. With the BoatBuckle straps you mentioned, the two straps will safely secure a load weighing 800 lbs (400 lbs per strap). Tie-down straps should always be chosen according to their WLL. The item being tied down must not exceed this weight. If...
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  • Recommended Transom Tie-Downs For 4,500 Lb Boat
  • I spoke with my contact at BoatBuckle about the weight capacity of their tie-down straps. They told me that the break strength is what they use when determining the best tie-downs for a boat to use. For your 4,500 lb boat I recommend the BoatBuckle G2 Retractable, Ratcheting Transom Tie-Downs, part # IMF08893. These each have a break strength of 2,500 lbs so that gives you a total of 5,000 lbs. These are ratcheting straps that measure 2 inches wide by 43 inches long. These come with...
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  • Instructions on How to Use BoatBuckle Kwik-Lok Gas Tank or Battery Box Tie-Down Strap # IMF05343
  • In order to use the BoatBuckle Kwik-Lok Gas Tank or Battery Box Tie-Down Strap, # IMF05343, you will want to attach the 2 included footman loops with the stainless steel screws to your boat. Next, slide the strap through the loops and weave it through the Kwik-Lok buckle, then turn the buckle down to tighten the strap. I have attached a picture which demonstrates the Kwik-Lok threading instructions.
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  • What is the Overall Width of BoatBuckle G2 Retractable, Ratcheting Transom Tie-Downs
  • I went out to the warehouse to measure BoatBuckle G2 Retractable, Ratcheting Transom Tie-Downs # IMF08893. The overall width at the widest point is 4-5/8 inches. The mounting hole is right in the center so from either edge to the center of the mounting hole it is 2-5/16 inches.
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  • What is the Shape of the Mounting Hole For BoatBuckle G2 Retractable Ratchet Straps
  • I have included a picture of the back of what the Boat Buckle G2 straps, # IMF08893, look like. Mounting hardware (2 bolts, nuts, and washers) are included. You can also get optional mounting brackets, # IMF14254, if you need to move the straps off the frame or around obstacles.
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  • Bow Tie Down Strap Recommendation for a Boat and Trailer
  • You could use a BoatBuckle Pro Series Kwik-Lok Bow Tie-Down # IMF18741. On the trailer side you would want to run the loop end of the strap and then use the hook end to attach to the bow eye on your boat.
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  • Boat Transom Tie Down Straps for 1,000 Pound Load
  • The BoatBuckle Mini G2 Retractable, Ratcheting Transom Tie-Downs # IMF106877 are rated for 1,400 pounds break strength and 466 pounds working load limit. I recommend going with a higher capacity set such as # IMF08893 rated for 2,500 pounds break and 833 pounds working load limit per strap. Even # IMF14256 would be a better option at 1500 pounds break and 500 pounds working load limit.
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  • Solution to Prevent the BoatBuckle Snap-Lock Boat Cover Tie-Down Straps # IMF14264 from Flapping
  • What you could use is the Replacement Strap Keeper part # 853-5414. Another option to tie the loose end of the strap to the portion of the strap that is pulled tight and it will prevent the strap from flapping. I've used this method with motorcycle tie-downs for years and it has worked great.
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  • Recommended Tie-Down Strap For 16-Ft Clackacraft Forward Weight Drift Boat
  • From my research I found that the width of a 16-ft Clackacraft weight forward drift boat is 83-inches wide and the height of the sides is 23-inches. To make sure you have enough strap to reach the trailer frame on each side of the boat I recommend a strap like part # IMF17637. This is a 2-inch x 20-ft strap and it has a 400-lb capacity. The strap has vinyl-coated S-hooks and a Kwik-Lok buckle to hold the strap secure. If you want to use a shorter strap I recommend part # IMF17636....
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  • Compatibility of RodBuckle Retractable Rod Straps Mounted to Boat Deck
  • I spoke with my contact at Boat Buckle and he said that the RodBuckle retractable fishing rod tie-down straps # IMF14200-02, you were looking at can be mounted to either the floor or the gunwale.
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  • Best Location for Transom Tie Down on Boat Trailer with Hard to Access Transom Support Beam
  • You could bolt the BoatBuckle G2 Retractable, Ratcheting Transom Tie-Downs # IMF08893 to the aluminum trailer frame provided you used aluminum mounting hardware instead of steel. The only other way, like you said, would be to add an extension piece to make it easier to reach the tie down. There isn't a specific extension for this purpose so you would need to fabricate one using materials from a home improvement store. If you add an extension you will want to be careful not to over-tighten...
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  • What Grade Bolts Comes with Boat Buckle Mounting Bracket part # IMF14254
  • The Boat Buckle Mounting Bracket part # IMF14254 comes with Grade 5 hardware. You certainly could go to Grade 8 if you wanted to but as long as you are using these brackets like they were intended it would not be needed. Fun fact...to determine the Grade of a bolt all you have to do is count the lines on top of the bolt head and then add 2.
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  • Stainless Steel Transom Strap Recommendation for Boat Trailer
  • For a stainless steel version of the part # IMF08893 that you referenced that would do better in saltwater applications you would want the part # IMF14256 instead. Part # IMF14256, uses a stainless steel body that resists rust and corrosion. The S-hooks are a vinyl-coated steel like the hooks on the system you referenced, for protection of the boat finish. These do come with the mounting hardware. I have attached a link to a product review video you can check out.
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  • Recommended Ratcheting Straps For Transom Of 3,000-Lb Boat
  • The strap you came from, part # IMF14220 is 2-inches wide and 43-inches long. This has a maximum load limit of 2,500-lbs. This is sold individually so you will need to adjust the quantity when ordering. For transom straps that are a bit longer I recommend for your boat trailer are part # EM34423. These straps are 2-inches wide and 5-1/2 ft long. These straps have a 4,000-lb maximum load capacity. There are 2 straps in the package.
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  • Difference Between Working Load Limit and Break Strength for Boat Straps
  • The working load limit is the safe working load limit for the strap. The max break strength instead is how much weight it will hold right before it breaks. Basically WLL is 1/3 the max break strength. The part # IMF14393 has a 1,500 lb max break strength and a 500 WLL.
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  • Useable Length of BoatBuckle Kwik-Lok G2 Transom Tie-Down Straps F13128
  • I went out to the warehouse and pulled BoatBuckle Kwik-Lok G2 Transom Tie-Down Straps # IMF13128. With the strap pulled out as far as it will go it measures 24 inches from the inside of one hook to the inside of the other hook.
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  • Recommended Stainless Steel Boat Transom Tie-Down Straps
  • I spoke with my contact at BoatBuckle and they told me that the metal components on the BoatBuckle Pro Series Kwik-Lok Transom Tie-Down Straps, part # IMF17632, are made of steel but they are not stainless. They told me the hook that attaches to the trailer on this system is zinc-coated for corrosion resistance, and the S-hooks are vinyl-coated to protect your boat finish. We do offer straps that use stainless steel. Part # IMF14256, uses a stainless steel body that resists rust...
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  • Can BoatBuckle Pro Series Tie-Down Straps # IMF17631 Be Adjusted For Less Than 24 Inches
  • The BoatBuckle Pro Series Tie-Down Straps, part # IMF17631, have a maximum tie-down length of 24 inches. The straps can be tightened down to a length less than 24 inches. You should have no problem using them if you have a tie-down length of 22 inches. It will not leave much excess strap. I would also look at the BoatBuckle Pro Series Tie-Down Straps, part # IMF17632. These straps have a maximum tie-down length of 48 inches and can be tightened down to 22 inches, but will leave you with...
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  • How Big of a Hole is Required to Drill to Install the RodBuckle Fishing Rod Tie-Down Strap
  • To install the RodBuckle Retractable Fishing Rod Tie-Down Strap # IMF14200-02 that you referenced you will need to cut a rectangular hole that is 1-15/16 inches long by 3/8 inches tall and then drill two 1/8 inch holes on either side of the rectangular hole. The # IMF14200-02 instructions come with a template to make the hole cutting as easy as possible. I attached a copy of these instructions for you to check out.
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  • Transom Strap Recommendation for a 2,500 lb Boat
  • You would want the Transom straps part # IMF08893 as it has a break strength of 2,500 lbs and a WLL of 833 lbs. Think of the breaking strength as the strength the strap has when in an emergency situation and the WLL as the amount of weight it can handle continuously. Since the strap wouldn't be supporting the full weight of your boat at all times the # IMF08893 would work well for yours that weighs 2,500 lbs.
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  • Is BoatBuckle Transom Tie Down Suitable for a Bass Tracker Pro Team 175 TX at 1,300 Pounds
  • Transom tie downs # IMF14256 have a break strength of 1,500 pounds and working load limit of 500 pounds. What this means is that it can have up to 500 pounds on it constantly and be fine. It is not really supporting the whole boat weight and you are likely using other tie downs, a winch cable, and so on so the transom tie downs will be adequate. If you are not using additional tie downs I do recommend it; such as # IMF14220.
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  • What is the Length of the Soft Tie with BoatBuckle PWC Winch Strap # IMF14216
  • I went out to our warehouse and pulled BoatBuckle PWC Winch Strap # IMF14216 to measure the soft tie. The soft tie measures 14 inches end to end. Not as small as 12 inches but better than the 18 inch one you currently have.
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