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Review of BoatBuckle Cargo Tie Downs IMF08893

Today we're going to review part number IMF08893. These are the BoatBuckle G2 Retractable, Ratcheting Transom Tie-Downs. Has a 2500 pound maximum load strength and they come as a quantity of 2. Now these heavy duty ratchet straps will easily secure your boat's transom to your trailer. You bolt these to the rear cross members of your trailer, and this will simplify the securing and unloading of your boat. They are designed to keep constant tension on the strap, and require minimal ratcheting to secure your load.

You can tighten them down quickly here with the Suregrip rubber coated handle, it's easy to grip and control with one hand. Down here at the bottom you can see it's a dual, one on each side, dual release lever, and the self-retracting design, as you can see just like that with it into release mode. This will allow for easy rapid loading and unloading. Basically the unused portion of the strap will retract into the housing, so it gives you minimal ratcheting and convenient storage. If you notice on the end of these, they have a nice vinyl coated steel s hook, helps protect your boat's paint finish. This does permanently mount to your trailer with the included 1 bolt mounting hardware, which is all included.

Basically, if you can see the back here, there's a hole right here that you can run this bolt through to attach it. Now if you'll notice above the hole, there's also like a keyhole slot, and that pretty much can be used if there's already a bolt on your trailer. You might be able to just put it in here and slide it down to lock it into place. If not, you can use the bolt here and bolt it to the trailer itself. These are a durable construction, they offer long-lasting performance. Has a nice corrosion-resistant steel body on the inside here.

The polyester webbing is seat belt quality, very strong webbing. Has a nice sturdy plastic housing and a stainless steel spring, so it all holds up very well. On the strap itself, the dimension is 2 inches wide and if you can pull it out, it's 43 inches long. The bolts themselves are 3/8 inch diameter and about 2 inches long. Again, I mentioned the maximum load strength on this, which is the breaking strength, it's 2500 pounds each one, but you do have to remember that that's the breaking strength.

What you'll want to be aware of is the working load limit, and the safe working load limit on each one is 833 pounds. Basically the working load limit is 1/3 of what the load strength, or breaking strength, is. We do recommend all straps and cables should be chosen according to that safe working load limit. Again, this part includes the 2 ratchets and the mounting bolts. Just want to show you here real quickly an operation of it. You see the dual release lever, I've got it pushed down and it stays in the down position, that'll allow the belt to retract, and then all you have to do is once you, let's try to extend it out here, I don't have anything to hook it to but just to hold it out some, there's a lever right down here that if you pull up on, and then grab this, and once you move it you can see it moves the dual release levers out of their position, and that locks it into place. Then all you need to do is just by squeezing this lower level with the lever right there, you can ratchet it and tighten it to where you want. Then once it's where it's at, it'll hold it into place just like that. Then if you go to release it, again, see these dual release levers You can watch as I push down on it, you can see that the strap will retract. Basically, when you install this, just pull up on the hook, just like that, pull up on it, attach the hook to the transom of your boat, and then ratchet it like I showed you and that'll tighten it up. Then when you're unloading, just push down on this release button, pull off the, free the hook from that transom, and let it retract back into it. Very simple operation. That should do it for the review on part number IMF08893. These are the BoatBuckle G2 Retractable, Ratcheting Transom Tie-Downs with the 2500 pound maximum load strength. .

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