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Brake Controller Installation on a Ford Super Duty Truck (2005-2007)

Custom Fit Trailer Brake Controller

Tekonsha PRODIGY Brake Controller - Proportional

Equipping your vehicle with a brake controller can sometimes seem like a complicated feat, but even if you are starting from scratch, it is very straightforward. Now, many manufacturers run most of the wires for a brake controller at the factory, so all you have to do is plug into them - it's that easy.

Installing a brake controller on a:

  • 2005-2007 Ford Super Duty Truck (F-250 and F-350)

Factory Installed 7-Way

Ford Storage Compartment

If your 2005-2007 Ford Super Duty Truck already has the factory installed 7-Way Trailer Connector, the only part needed to install a brake controller is the brake controller itself. Usually, Ford provides with the truck an adapter that connects directly to the brake controller and to the OEM plug on the vehicle. The OEM plug is located behind the black storage compartment under the radio, toward the center of the dashboard (this is also where the optional factory brake controller would be located).

Ford OEM Plugs

After removing the lower pull-out bin or ashtray, you should be able to look upward and see two OEM plugs running into the back side of the storage compartment. Only one of the OEM plugs will match the plug on the brake control wiring.

Wiring Adapter

The image above shows the brake control adapter plug that the factory provides. If one was not provided, a replacement is available.

Begin by connecting the brake control adapter to the brake controller. The factory adapter may use different wire colors than the wires you see coming from the brake controller, but all of the wires should be labeled. The standard brake controller wire colors are white for ground, red for the stoplight switch connection, blue for the electric brake lead to the 6- or 7-Way plug, and black for the 12V brake controller power connection. Connect the factory or aftermarket adapter to the brake controller according to function. If installing a Tekonsha brake controller, you would also have the option to use a Tekonsha-specific adapter, which would simply plug into the brake controller. Then, plug the other end of the adapter, which is now connected to the brake controller, into the OEM plug.

Brake Controller Mounted

After locating the OEM plug and connecting the brake controller wiring to it, mount the brake controller to a place on the dash that is easily accessible. Typically, the controller would be mounted on the right side of the steering wheel, below the dash. The controller should be mounted comfortably within the driver's reach.

Once mounted, the brake controller installation is complete. See the owner's manual for tips on setting up the brake controller for safely towing your trailer and its load.

Factory Installed 4-Way

If your 2005-2007 Ford Super Duty truck has a factory installed 4-Way flat trailer connector, then only a few extra parts are required to equip the vehicle for towing a trailer with electric brakes.

  1. A brake controller
  2. A universal adapter or a custom Tekonsha adapter (See installation procedure above).
    • Unless the factory one is provided
  3. A 4- to 7-Way (37185) or 4- to 6-Way adapter (37175), or an OEM style replacement 7-Way or 6-Way plug, if available.

Connecting the 6- or 7-Way Plug

Ford Wiring Harness

After connecting and mounting the brake controller as in the steps above, start in the rear of the vehicle. Follow the 4-way trailer connector wires from the trailer connector to the front of the vehicle. These wires connect to a factory plug along the frame rail, usually on the driver's side, between the back tires and the rear bumper (Figure 1). The factory plug should be mated to another connector which has wiring that continues back toward the bumper.

Ford Wiring Harness

There are more wires coming from the front of the vehicle than there are coming out toward the 4-Way plug (Figure 2). Ford wires the front of the vehicle as if it will be manufactured with a 7-Way plug, so all the 7-Way wires are run to this connector on the frame rail. This allows a 7-Way wiring harness to simply plug in line with the wiring coming from the front of the vehicle. If the vehicle were made with a 4-Way plug, it would plug into the same connector. Because a 4-Way plug would not require them, the additional wires are terminated at the pictured set of mated connectors.

4 to 6 and 7-Way Adapters

The 7-Way and 6-Way adapter will come with a 4-Way trailer end that connects to the vehicle's 4-Way trailer connector, and four (4) or three (3) extra lead wires. The white wire is for the ground, the blue wire is for the trailer brakes, the black wire (7-Way) or red wire (6-Way) is for a "hot" lead coming back from the battery, and the orange or purple wire (7-Way adapter only) is for another auxiliary function, such as reverse lights.

Don H.


well i had 3 trailer towing fuses blown, I had pulled a wire or 2 loose with my foot and a guy wired it back and ever since he did that plus few other mechanic things my batteries are going dead on me and rpm gauge goes wild before they go dead n throws wrench light but no code. I'm thinking brakes wired wrong now, Tried new alternators, batteries, cables, there is a lil green wire coming from factory dash plug but not 1 unless its wired into red coming from factory brake controller



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