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BOLT Coiled Cable Lock Review

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Review of the Bolt Coiled Cable Lock

Today we're going to be taking a look at the Bolt Lock 6'-long cable lock. These things are designed for keying right to your factory ignition key. It's a very simple process. We'll just pull the sticker off of the end, pull that small plastic cover off. We'll take our ignition key. It goes right in.

We're going to turn it all the way over until we feel that stop. Turn it back, and just like that we've got our lock keyed - as you can see, it's locked up there - to our factory ignition key so we're always going to have the right key on hand when we need it. They use an automotive-quality lock. It's got a six-plate tumbler in it so you're not going to have to worry about the picking or anything like that. There's a stainless steel shutter that's designed to keep out the dirt and debris from getting in there to our cast zinc cylinder, so we're going to have superior corrosion-resistance. As you can see here, an easy-grip hard rubber handle on the outside is going to protect the lock.

It attaches to our stainless steel rustproof pin using a double ball bearing system located right inside. This is also going to lock automatically when we take our key out so we don't have to worry about leaving it open or accidentally not locking it. They also make these right here in the United States and are going to offer you a limited lifetime warranty. The 6'cable is 1/4" in diameter. It's got a vinyl coating on it that's going to help protect from scratching whatever we're connecting to and also whatever we're securing. The breaded cable inside is going to protect against saw-throughs or from cuts.

It's a really durable, sturdy piece. Now that we've gone over all the features of our cable lock let's show you how it works. Now we've got our coiled cable here. We just want to work that through whatever we want to attach. In this case we've got our generator here and we just want to secure it. We've got it strapped in but now it's time to keep it from going anywhere.

We bring our cable lock around whatever we're going to use it for. This is also great for use as a bike lock if you want to go that route with it. Just bring our cable down here in the front. We'll pass the steel end through our looped end. The lock clicks right onto the end of that. We got it nice and secure. Then we'll bring our rubber cover over there to protect that lock cylinder further. As you can see, with the coiled design it says bunched up so any slack that you're going to have you're not going to have to worry about dragging or hanging down. Is going to be nice and secure and compact. Now that we've gone over all the features and we've seen how it works, that will complete today's look at Bolt line of 6' cable locks. .

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