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Swagman Trailhead 2 Bike Rack for 1-1/4" and 2" Hitches - Tilting

Swagman Trailhead 2 Bike Rack for 1-1/4" and 2" Hitches - Tilting

Item # S63360
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Swagman Trailhead 2 Bike Rack for 1-1/4" and 2" Hitches - Tilting Frame Mount S63360
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Product Expert Matthew S's Opinion

Why would I buy this?

  • Dual arms support your bikes better than racks with single arms
  • Has better ground clearance than similar racks

Why wouldn't I buy this?

  • Locks sold separately
  • Doesn't provide as much bike support as a platform rack would
This hanging-style hitch-mounted rack lets you carry up to 2 bikes on the back of your vehicle. It has dual arms that fold down for storage, rotating anti-sway cradles with rubber straps, and tilts forward for easy rear-cargo access. Call 800-298-8924 to order Swagman hitch bike racks part number S63360 or order online at etrailer.com. Free expert support on all Swagman products. Guaranteed Lowest Price and Fastest Shipping for Swagman Trailhead 2 Bike Rack for 1-1/4" and 2" Hitches - Tilting. Hitch Bike Racks reviews from real customers.
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Swagman Hitch Bike Racks - S63360

  • Hanging Rack
  • 2 Bikes
  • Swagman
  • Tilt-Away Rack
  • Fold-Up Rack
  • Fits 1-1/4 Inch Hitch
  • Fits 2 Inch Hitch
  • Fits 1-1/4 and 2 Inch Hitch
  • Class 1
  • Class 2
  • Class 3
  • Frame Mount
  • Locks Not Included

This hanging-style hitch-mounted rack lets you carry up to 2 bikes on the back of your vehicle. It has dual arms that fold down for storage, rotating anti-sway cradles with rubber straps, and tilts forward for easy rear-cargo access.


  • Tilting, hitch-mounted rack carries up to 2 bicycles
  • Dual-arm design provides maximum bike stability
    • Folds down for convenient storage - simply pull the pin
  • Anti-sway cradles secure bikes to the rack at 3 points using durable rubber straps
    • Rotate left to right and adjust front to back
      • Accommodate many types of alternative and women's frames
      • Reduce the need for a bike adapter bar
    • Prevent bike-to-bike contact during transport - deter scratches on paint finish
  • Versatile bike rack tilts forward to allow easy access to vehicle's rear cargo area
    • Releases forward when you remove pin
  • 2-Piece adapter sleeve converts carrier shank for use with 2" trailer hitches
    • Use bike carrier without sleeve on 1-1/4" trailer hitches
  • Anti-rattle, threaded pin and clip secure the rack to the trailer hitch
    • Eliminates rattle in the hitch receiver
    • Replace with Swagman's anti-rattle lock (S64029 - sold separately) to lock bike carrier to your vehicle


  • Carrying capacity: 2 bikes
  • Weight capacity: 70 lbs (35 lbs per bike)
  • Application: 1-1/4" x 1-1/4" (Class I and II) and 2" x 2" trailer hitch receivers
  • Distance between the 2 rack arms (outside to outside): 11-1/2"
  • Cradle width: 1-1/4"
  • Distance from the center of the hitch pin hole to the back of the upright bar: 11"
  • Shank rise: 3"
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Approved for use on cars, trucks, vans, SUVs, and motorhomes - not approved for fifth wheels or towable campers

Note: This dual-arm rack reduces the need for a bike frame adapter bar (sold separately) to mount a children's, women's, or alternative frame bicycle. However, to mount certain bikes or to keep your bike level on the rack, a bike adapter bar may be required. Most step-through bikes, dual-suspension bikes, and small children's bikes will require a bike adapter bar.

Swagman Trailhead 2-Bike Carrier

The Swagman Trailhead hitch-mounted bike rack carries two bikes on dual arms that provide superior stability during transport. The dual arms easily fold down for storage - just pull a pin - and each arm features an integrated reflector at its tip.

Anti-Sway Cradles

Swagman Trailhead Anti-Sway Cradles

The Trailhead has anti-sway cradles that rotate and slide along the dual arms to perfectly position your bicycles, reducing the need for a bike adapter bar. The cradles include durable rubber straps to hold your bikes firmly in place on the rack.

Tilts Forward For Rear Cargo Access

Swagman Trailhead Tilts Forward

This versatile rack tilts forward, away from your vehicle, when you remove a pin at the base. This allows easy access to your vehicle's rear cargo area.

Shank Adapter for 2" Receivers

Swagman Trailhead Shank Adapter

It includes a two-piece adapter that installs over the shank to convert your rack for use on 2" hitch receivers. For 1-1/4" hitch receivers, use the rack without the adapter.

Anti-Rattle Threaded Hitch Pin

Swagman Trailhead Anti-Rattle Threaded Hitch Pin

The Trailhead comes with an anti-rattle, threaded hitch pin and clip to secure the rack to your trailer hitch and eliminate rattle during transport. To lock your rack to the hitch, replace the pin and clip with Swagman's anti-rattle lock (S64029 - sold separately).

63360 Swagman Trailhead 2 Bike Carrier for 1-1/4" and 2" Hitches - Tilting

Installation Details S63360 Installation instructions

Video of Swagman Trailhead 2 Bike Rack for 1-1/4" and 2" Hitches - Tilting

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Swagman Trailhead 4 Bike Rack Review

Today we're going to be taking a look at this Swagman Trailhead. This is a hitch mounted hanging bike rake and it's been designed with foldable arms so we can get these down and out of the way when not in use. Now we've got this available in a 2-bike, a 3-bike or a 4-bike with the foldaway design. In a 4-bike with the fixed mount here. The Trailhead's a very sturdy, durable rack, it is really stable as you head down the road. There's a couple of features that they've incorporated in there to make sure that happens. The first is our threaded hitch pin bolt that keeps any side to side or up and down movement contained.

Then if we come up here just a little bit further, we've actually got a threaded black T-handle here, it works in conjunction with the black plate you can see, you'll see when it's loose our rack has some movement and some wobble there. When we tighten that back down, all that movement is going to be taken care of and we'll not have to worry about that. Now once we have our T-handle loosened, we can just rotate the black metal plate so it's running the same way as our rack and then pull the silver pin that's going to allow us to tilt the rack right out and away from our vehicle. In most cases, this going to give you more than enough room to open any rear trunks or rear hatches that you need to get in and out of your goodies that you want. Now it's very simple to get it back in its upright position, we're just going to bring it up so the holes line up, slide our pin back through, secure here on the other side and then we turn that plate and tighten our T-handle back down. Now they use a black powder-coat finish so it's going to be a strong and durable finish. We don't have worry about it fading over time or a lot of corrosion and stuff. There's that other pin here, you just pull that out and we can move our dual cradle arms up into position. Now there's two rubber stops right here.

Just like our features down here at the bottom did, this is also going to keep that rattle and that vibration to a minimum. We'll slide through our pin with our cradle arms in the upright position, sometimes you've got to push up and down on the arms a little bit to guide it in. Bring our clip around, we can secure it on our pin there and we'll have our cradle arms out into the loading position. The dual cradle arms of the Trailhead are just 11 1/2 inches from the outside of one to the outside of the other. This is really going to help us accommodate a wide variety of frame styles and secure our bikes properly onto our rack. Each set of cradles is going to have four rubber straps that help hold the bike in place.

As you can see here, these would be for going across the top two and then we've even got the anti-sway cradles located here in the rear. The seat down tube will come through there, the straps will come around and that's going to keep our bikes from swaying back and forth preventing them or at least helping to prevent them from making contact with one another or with our frame. The straps, themselves, are very nice, long, durable straps. They're really thick, heavy-duty. They're going to hold our bike very securely. As you can see, we've got the grooves that run through the bottom of the cradles there to help it accommodate any other brake cables and things of that nature.

These are wide enough to accommodate all the way up to an inch and a quarter frame width. Really nice, deep, wide pockets so we can really secure our stuff with. These will rotate to whatever angle that we need them to. To best accommodate our bikes, there's a lot of different types out there and a lot of different configurations so you are going to have options as far as moving those around go. Now they don't move freely, we don't have to worry about them spinning on their own, it definitely takes a little bit of force but it does allow us to customize that. These will also, again with a little bit force, it's not something that happens really easily but we can adjust these forward and back, right out to the silver stops that here on the back to keep them from coming all the way off, you see right here. That's easily adjustable, forward and back, so we can get the appropriate spacing on our bike. My bike's a big old bike so maybe I need a little bit more space and other narrower frame bikes, we don't need so much room so we can get that customized. The straps go onto one of the three, nice, heavy-duty connection points there. It'll hold our bike nice and snug no matter what diameter the frame's going to be here, we're going to have plenty of room to get that around and get it connected. Now that we've gone over all the feature of the rack, let me show you how to install this on your vehicle. As you can see here, we've got our inch and a quarter shank exposed. This is going to go right into the class one and class two hitches. You do want to keep in mind that if you're using it on a class one, you are going to be limited to a 2-bike capacity. Then to switch this over so we can put it our class three, we've got our two plate adapter. You can see there's a bevel hole there and a threaded hole, we want those to be in line with each other and those should be placed over the non-threaded hole, you can see here, this is our non-threaded hole. The one further up is threaded to accept our anti-rattle bolt. We'll place those on, line it up with the hole we just discussed and then it's just a matter of threading our Allen bolt into this side and we'll use our Allen key and we're going to tighten this right on down. Perfect, easy to install. Now we'll place the rack right into the receiver tube of our hitch. We're going to line up our threaded hole here with our hitch pin hole. Once we have those in line, we're going to take our anti-rattle bolt which is provided and we're going to thread this on through. Now that we've got threaded through you'll notice we've got some movement and kind of some wiggle to our rack so now we need to use our wrench, we're going to tighten our bolt on down. This draws the shank of the rack over against our receiver tube and you'll notice that once that's nice and tight, all that play and all that wiggle is gone. We'll then take our provided clip and we're going to slide in the other end. Now here on the rear of the rack, if it's not already tightened, you see how we've got that wiggle and that noise, they've got this nice plate that's designed to go across the backside and then we just thread in the black T-handle and it going to take all that movement and all that play out of there as well. As you can see now, real nice and secure and we're ready to go down the road without a lot of noise. Loading up the bike is an easy process as well. You pull our pin located here at the top, rotate our arms up into position and we'll reinsert the pin in the new hole that we've created. Bring that on around. As you can see, nice, stable, sturdy ride for a bike and we've got our four straps that we're going to undo that we talked about earlier. With those opened up, let me grab our bike and we're just going to place the bike right up into the cradles that we just exposed and we've talked about the anti-sway cradle strap that you can select on each side. You want your down tube of your seat to be on the side that you've got your anti-sway cradle set up on. Now it's just a matter of pulling the straps around and getting it secured. As you can see there, nice and secure and ready to head down the road. As you can see, we've loaded our rack down to capacity. We are allowed 35 pounds per bike so we add 4 times 35 and it gives us 140 weight capacity. We started with our road bike then we went to our aluminum mountain bike, we got a hybrid style bike here, we've used an adapter bar on that and we also used an adapter bar on our ladies' bike just to even it out. This would have gone on the rack without but the rear end would have been kicked up really high so we wanted to keep it level, wanted to keep it even. The adapter bar we used is from Swagman, that part number is 64005, you can check that out on our website if you don't already have one and if you have a need for it. We'll now take the full load out through our test course to give you a really good idea of what it looks like in action. Here on our test course, we'll start by going through the slalom. This is going to show us the side to side movement of the rack just like if you we're going around corners or doing some evasive maneuvers. Once we turn the corner, we'll get into our alternating speed bumps, this shows you the twisting and torquing action on the rack just like a curb or a pothole might cause. Once we get into our solid speed bumps, we'll see the up and down movement, just like going in and out of a garage, parking lot or driveway. That will complete today's look at the Swagman Trailhead, part number S63380. .

Customer Reviews

Swagman Trailhead 2 Bike Rack for 1-1/4" and 2" Hitches - Tilting - S63360

Average Customer Rating:  4.7 out of 5 stars   (368 Customer Reviews)

This hanging-style hitch-mounted rack lets you carry up to 2 bikes on the back of your vehicle. It has dual arms that fold down for storage, rotating anti-sway cradles with rubber straps, and tilts forward for easy rear-cargo access.

- S63360

My Swagman Trailhead 2-bike carrier arrived on time and was easy to assemble. Both bikes fit nicely on the carrier (even the female style bike for my wife). I’ve taken the bikes out on a short test drive and both remained secure. I had contemplated buying the cheaper Road Gear bike rack, but was glad I upgraded to the Swagman. E-trailers web site was very helpful and their on-line response to questions was excellent. 23850

- S63360

I love the bike rack it sets up quick. The bikes go on the rack very easily. The only complaint I have about the rack is that there is no pad on the bar where the bikes lean against. The bikes will hit against the horizontal bar when driving. 652644

- S63360

Bought it to use on a Toyota Corolla. Happy with it so far- it gets the job done! Pleased with the quality of the rack and its all metal components. Rattles a bit, as expected. The only real issue is that the upper pin, the one that allows the arms to move positions, fits so tightly that it's extremely difficult to remove. Literally have to use a hammer to insert and remove it. We usually drive with the arms out even when we don't have bikes on the rack, because it is so much trouble to switch the position. As for eTrailer, we are extremely pleased with their service! Will definitely be buying from them again, as it is obvious that customer service is important to them. 161717

I just bought one and have the same issue with the pins being too tight to get them on and off with any ease. And I really want to put the arms down when not hauling a bike. Any suggestions, anyone?
-- comment by: Jane E - 05/04/2015


- S63360

Works Great !!! I transport a road bike and an off road. Each fit securely although they are completely different sizes. Customer service was very helpful in choosing a rack and I will surely call then again. 370195

- S63360

I purchased the Swagman Trailhead 2 bike rack for mounting 2 bikes on my motorhome because i liked the fact that it rose up from the hitch so it would not drag on the ground at high center situations. it was difficult to get the ladies bike to mount so i added the Swagman Deluxe Bar Adapter. This helped mount the ladies bike but it still took some figuring out on how to get it to mount the bike efficiently. The rack mounts to the 2" receiver OK, but i still am not a fan of the 1 1/4" bar with the added metal to make it fit the 2" hitch. i couldn't find any hitch mount bike rack with a true 2" receiver insert which angled up like this rack so i will make the best of it. It seems pretty sturdy and fairly steady. Please note...It is real important to tighten the receiver pin/bolt because that is all that keeps the rack from rattling back and forth. One other thing which could improve this bike rack for storage (when not on the vehicle)is to have the lower section fold in without having to remove the bolt each time.I would recommend this product but, in the future there could be some improvements to make it even better. 547585

- S63360

This rack is very sturdy, great fit and finish and install was a breeze. I just did a quick test load of my bike and that worked out very well. The other nice feature is that the rack extends out far enough to clear my oversize spare tire (Wrangler) and of course the assembly will pivot down to allow full opening of the gate. I'm very happy with my decision on choosing this product. 99672

Hello! I am curious to know if your rack completely tilts back to open the tailgate completely? I will be mounting this on my 14 Wrangler Unlimited and want to make sure this clears the spare and also tilts far enough to access the rear. Thank you! Chris from Delaware
-- comment by: Christopher - 05/04/2014

Youre welcome. I like it very much and find it was a wise purchase. The only problem I am finding though is locating the proper bolt that has a locking system, to lock the rack to the hitch. Right now I am using the bolt that came with it and have a chain lock going through the hitch and the rackbut Im having a bit of trouble finding the right locking bolt system that fits the threads, the same bolt type that came with the rack..might you know off hand which is the proper one? Im looking for the one where the locking device attaches on the end of the bolt, its a key locking device. I tried twice now getting two different sizes and neither one works, one is too big and the other one has the wrong thread pattern, even though both are made by Sawgman.
Bill D - 09/15/2014


Thanks for your feedback. The locking threaded hitch pin that we suggest for your Swagman Trailhead is the # S64029
Locking Anti-Rattle, Threaded Hitch Pin for Swagman Hitch Racks
, it is also sold in kit # S64031
Anti-Rattle Hitch Lock and Cable for Swagman Bike Racks w/ 1-1/4" & Combo Shanks - 7'
that includes a locking cable. Both of these items can be seen as related items on the right hand side of the product page.

-- Rachael H - 9/15/2014

- S63360

Hi there, I ended up selling it after a few months because I couldn't get the rubber part over my bike which is thicker than most at the join of the triangle. I rigged it for a while but ultimately it was too much of a pain. Also, I didn't like how it folded down when I wanted to put groceries in the back of my Honda Fit. It also seemed to wobble more than I felt comfy with when not holding bikes, though I don't think that was a flaw of any kind. Thanks though. They seem like good sturdy racks. 461846

I did sell it in the end because of that pesky rubber part but the guy who bought it off me seemed to be fine with it. I ended up buying a Thule on sale at REI because it was sooooo much easier to fold away and to lift bikes onto. But thanks your rack was fine for the right bike!
Lotte - 12/21/2018


- S63360

This bike carrier does what it is supposed to do for a reasonable amount of money. However it could be a lot better without increasing manufacturing cost. My gripe is that it sticks out so far behind the vehicle. To give you an idea of how far back it is, I've got a hatchback and the hatch can open without tilting it. Makes the tilt feature redundant then doesn't it? This effectively puts weight just that much further back and acts as a lever, causing the load to bounce more and exerting more stress on the hitch and car. Because it is so far back Swagman saw there was a danger of striking pavement behind it so bent the hitch extrusion up to provide more clearance. If I were to do it again, I would purchase a competitor with tilt feature that sits closer to the vehicle. 54434

I agree - the carrier sticks out too far behind my car. Is a shorter arm available?
-- comment by: charles e - 05/06/2013


There is not a shorter arm available. Some vehicles do need the extra length in order to open hatches or trunks with the bike rack tilted down. It all depends on the vehicle and location of the hitch. The photos we have of this rack with a Volkswagen EOS show how with certain vehicles, the shank length is necessary and fits well.

-- Patrick B - 5/8/2013

- S63360

Review the Swagman Trailhead 2 Bike Rack for 1-1/4" and 2" Hitches - Tilting - S63360 The two bike Swagman Bike Rack was fairly easy to set up and install in the 2" hitch on my 4Runner. The directions are NOT well written, but it is so easy to do that poor directions don't matter. The rack seems quite sturdy and my bike and my wife's "semi-womens design" bike fit on the rack at the same time. Since it is still winter in Maine I won't be driving anywhere with the bikes anytime soon. 356519

- S63360

Came Just in time to pick up my bicycle from the cycle shop. Now, is it any good? I think it is the best value on the market, I always check E-trailer after I have done my searching for a product. Then ETrailer usually beats them out with great products and fast shipping too. This bike rack is loaded with features and does a great job. 522264

- S63360

I recently purchased the Swagman Trailhead rack for two bikes. It arrived quickly and was super easy to attach to my draw-tite 1 1/4 trailer hitch which I also bought at trailer for my 2013 Kia Soul. The whole thing has worked out great. The Trailhead is extremely sturdy and well-made and so easy to use. I have a women's hybrid so I have an adaptor and there was no problem securing my bike to the rack. I just finished driving from Washington to California and the bike barely moved at all. I bungeed the front and rear tires to the rack to keep them from spinning and that worked well. In addition, I bought the hitch lock combo and that was a great purchase as well. My bike and rack are totally secure. I've made four purchases from trailer and they have been awesome each time; friendly, helpful, knowledgeable and speedy! 204479

- S63360

This bike rack came two days after ordering. Etrailer continues to astound me with their service. I love their website as well. Very helpful. The Swagman bike rack was the third that I had tried (not from etrailer). When I looked at the video at etrailer for the Swagman rack, it looked like a good design and fit for my vehicle. I liked the "one bolt assembly" feature. After I installed it with the Swagman bike rack lock I couldn't wait to put bikes on. They installed easily. The straps hold the bikes very securely. There is next to no wobble when installed with the locking bolt and the anti-wobble knob tightened. I am happy to recommend this bike rack. 228584

- S63360

Flawless - quiet - secure - easy - convenient. Winner! I just completed a 1624 mile road trip/move from DC to Austin TX with the Swagman bike rack on a 2010 Honda Fit. This rack felt kind of heavy, but did a great job - no noise, no vibration, and the deep saddles and straps made me feel very secure. Love the saddle design. Wrap one strap around the seat tube and one around the top tube on one end, and two around the top tube on the other. I used a bungy cord to keep the front wheel in line with the frame. Very secure, noise-free. The swing-down design came in very handy when accessing the hatch. I hadn't considered this important when I bought it, but it is a nice feature, especially given the weight of the rack. Nicer to keep it in the hitch and swing it down to get in the back. Also, note how the rack rises up from the hitch receiver. This gave me plenty of ground clearance. I had that little Honda way loaded and the rack never bottomed out or scraped when entering driveways, parking lots, or up ramps. This was the right blend of features, cost and quality for my use. I'm not sure what more I could have wanted! 34084

- S63360

Installation was fairly straight forward. It took a while to find the correct size allen wrench to remove the bushings so it would work on my smaller receiver hitch. Instructions for mounting the bikes on the rack leave a little to be desired but I guess its not that hard to figure out on your own. The rack holds the bikes securely and there is not a lot of movement. You will need some bungee cords to hold the front wheels so they don't flop around going down the road. Seems like a good rack for the money. 211169

Still no major problems. Getting some noise and side to side movement where the rack fits in the receiver.
Bill K - 07/11/2016


- S63360

I chose this rack based on the reviews, and it lives up to the hype. Very solid construction, and a very solid fit in the receiver. After installing it, I attached my bike and drove it around a bit just to get a sense of how solid it was. After many years of a trunk mounted rack, this rack is rock solid by comparison. And I can easily open and access the trunk even with my bike in place. I'm not only pleased with the rack and the hitch I purchased, but also EXTREMELY impressed with the great people at etrailer.com. I sent a question that was answered quickly, and they kept me informed of my order and its status every step of the way. Thank you so much!! 49884

- S63360

Great product. Solid and stable. I-95 75mph, no problem! 486316

- S63360

This is my third item bought from etrailer and again I am very satisfied with my all aspects of my purchase. I just received my swagman trailhead 2 and it appears to be a very well built bike carrier. It shipped faster than I expected also. Etrailer has a great website and ordering is easy to do. Also great prices. 613429

- S63360

Mr. J, The hitch & rack was delivered by the carrier this PM well packed, well prepared an easy to work with. Assembly was a piece of cake, receiving ports clean & appropriately placed. Simply a joy to work with. I am ready to hit the historic C&O Canal tomorrow. Both pieces were perfect. I was particularly impressed with the weight, construction and convenience of the whole project. You even, explained the process for modifying the body work for a form fit. Thanks loads Your ad photo of a CRV is a match to mine. Interestingly, the assembly allows plenty of space for kayak&canoe carrier & tiedown. Again, thank you. alan 316732

A year has passed and my hitch gives me only one concern. Why in heavens name didnt I do this a long time ago? Coupled with a standing bike rack it works perfectly. Thanks so much.
Alan R - 11/03/2017


- S63360

fits well with the Curt hitch and good value for the price. 763857

- S63360

Over the past year I’ve used the hitch extensively. Even after taking it on and off repeatedly, it has held up remarkably well. The only slight flaw is one of the cable wires that holds the clamp for the bolt disconnected. It’s a very minor issue that doesn’t effect the functioning of the hitch. 762987

- S63360

This thing has taken my bike cross country twice with absolutely no issues. It’s definitely well built. 738875

- S63360

I just got this rack and it appears to be good quality. I installed in on a 2006 Chevy Silverado. Once it's tilted downward I can fully open the tailgate, I can also open the topper rear window. I carry a fat bike with a weird frame and it seems to work fine. 730334

- S63360

Works well, very sturdy, still looks good and performs excellent. I am very pleased with this product and would recommend it to everyone. 717404

- S63360

Bike rack is well engineered and well constructed. We used behind an Arcadia and an f350 on an extended hitch with a slise in camper. Hauled the bikes a couple thousand miles with no problems. 682963

- S63360

Etrailer was great because I needed a rack under a certain weight. I sent one e-mail and they responded immediately letting me the weights on the 2 racks I was considering. Rack showed up quicker than expected, and was in great condition. The arrival condition seems to be a knock on a lot of the sites I perused when selecting the rack. It took no time to do the very minor assembly and install on the back of the car. I highly recommend this rack and etrailer.com. 682173

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  • Recommended Hitch-Mounted Bike Rack to Clear Spare Tire on 2017 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon
    There are many hitch-mounted bike rack options for the Class II Trailer Hitch on your 2017 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon. For a hanging rack, I recommend the Swagman Trailhead 2 Bike Rack # S63360. This rack can hold up to 2 bikes of 35 pounds each. Anti-sway cradles will secure your bikes to the rack using durable rubber straps. The rack can tilt away from the vehicle after the bikes are unloaded for easy rear cargo access. The distance between the center of the hitch pin hole to...
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  • What Size Allen Wrench Is Needed to Remove the 2 inch Adapter on the Trailhead Bike Carrier
    I spoke with my contact at Swagman and she informed that the size Allen wrench needed to remove the 2 inch adapter is 6 millimeter. I attached installation instructions for this product for you to check out also.
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  • Replacement Snapper Pin and Frame Cradles for Swagman Trailhead Bike Rack
    For your Swagman Trailhead # S63360 we have the replacement snapper pin part # P322 which is the pin that holds the upright mast vertical. For replacement frame cradles you'd then want the part # SP499 which comes with all new cradles and straps.
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  • How Tall is the Swagman Trailhead Bike Rack from the Trailer Hitch to the Top of the Rack
    I checked with Swagman and found that the Trailhead bike rack # S63360 measures 40 inches from the top of the mast to where it connects to the shank. The shank rise is 3 inches measured from the top of the receiver. That is a total of 43 inches from the top of the receiver opening on the hitch to the top of the mast. I made a picture to illustrate this for you. This bike rack will be a great fit for your 2014 Volkswagen Jetta SportWagen.
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  • Replacement Rubber Straps For Swagman Bike Carrier
    We have several replacement straps that are designed to fit Swagman Bike Carriers. It sounds like you have a hanging bike carrier like a Trailhead bike carrier, part # S63360. The replacement strap for a trailhead bike carrier is part # P482. This strap measures 9-1/2 inches long x 1 inch wide x 1/4 inch thick. These straps are ordered individually, so if more than 1 is needed, you can change the quantity when ordering.
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  • Availability of Bike Rack System To Fit a 2012 Volvo C70 Convertible
    If you have a factory hitch on your 2012 Volvo C70 Convertible you will need to measure from the center of the hitch pin hole on the hitch to the edge of the rear bumper. This measurement will help you determine the amount of clearance you will need to install a hitch bike rack. One of the hitch bike racks I have with the longest distance from the center of the hitch pin hole to the closest part of the bike rack is the Swagman Trailhead 2 Bike Rack, part # S63360. The # S63360 bike...
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  • Bike Weight Capacity for the Swagman Trailhead 2 Bike Carrier
    The weight capacity for the Swagman Trailhead 2 Bike Carrier, # S63360, is 35 lbs per bike or a total weight capacity of 70 lbs. Swagman also offers a Locking Anti-Rattle, Threaded Hitch Pin, # S64029, that provides added security while you are away from your bike rack and vehicle.
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  • Replacement Shank Recommendation for Swagman Trailhead Bike Rack
    For a replacement shank for the Swagman Trailhead part # S63360 you would need the part # P355 actually. The shank from an XC Bike Rack would not fit this rack.
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  • Recommendation For 2 Bike Rack For 2008 Volkswagen Eos
    On your 2008 Volkswagen Eos I would recommend to use a hitch with a hitch mount bike rack. Thule does not list a trunk bike rack for the Volkswagen Eos vehicle. Yakima does list trunk bike racks that will fit your vehicle, but the trunk bike rack will have to be removed before you can retract the hardtop into the trunk. I am including a link to the Yakima trunk bike racks that will fit your Eos. I would recommend the Draw-Tite Class I 1-1/4 Inch Hitch, part # 24824. This hitch is...
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  • How Tall is the Swagman Trailhead 2 Bike Trailer Hitch Mount Bike Rack, # S63360
    The Swagman Trailhead 2 Bike Trailer Hitch Mount Bike Rack, # S63360, measures 36 inches tall from the top of the shank that fits in the receiver to the bottom of the arms. I have made a picture that shows the dimension for you. The ends of the arms are a little higher, approximately 3 inches from the bottom of the arms at the upright post.
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  • Recommended Hitch-Mounted Bike Carrier For 2012 Honda Fit Sport
    The first thing you will want to do is take a simple measurement to make sure you have the clearance at the rear of your 2012 Honda Fit Sport for a hitch-mounted bike rack. I have attached a helpful article you can check out that explains how you can take that measurement. I recommend the Swagman Trailhead 2 Bike Carrier, part # S63360. This is a 2 bike carrier and has a 3 inch rise in the shank when installed in the hitch, which may provide enough clearance as you mentioned you were...
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  • Will the Swagman Trailhead Bike Rack fit my 2013 Toyota RAV4
    Yes, the Swagman Trailhead Bike Rack # S63360 is confirmed by Swagman to fit your 2013 Toyota RAV4. The Trailhead weighs around 30 lbs. and fits in 1-1/4" and 2" hitches. The rack can carry 70 lbs. total and 35 lbs. per bike. The rack does tilt away from the vehicle to allow trunk access when he rack is installed which is convenient when grabbing gear from the back. Another great and economical 2 Bike Hitch-Mounted rack is the Thule Roadway # TH912XTR. This rack is confirmed to fit on...
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  • Will the Swagman Trailhead Trailer Hitch Mount Bike Rack Clear the Spare Tire on a 2009 Toyota RAV4
    On trailer hitches we have installed on Toyota RAV4s the same generation as yours, we have found that it can be as much as 9 inches from the center of the hitch pin hole back to clear the spare tire on the vehicle. You will need to take the same measurement to be certain that Swagman Trailhead, # S63360, will fit. The Trailhead measures 11 inches from the center of the hitch pin hole to the back of the upright bar. If the measurement you can is less than 11 inches, it will clear the...
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  • Will the Swagman Trailhead Trailer Hitch Mount Bike Rack Fit a 2004 Toyota Corolla
    The Swagman Trailhead Bike Rack, # S63360, will fit in the 1-1/4 inch receiver on your 2004 Toyota Corolla. It should be a good secure fit because it comes with an anti-rattle, thread hitch pin and, when tightened, pulls the shank of the bike rack tight to one side of the hitch. I have included a link to the installation details for this rack for you.
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  • How to Carry Womens or Step Through Bikes on a Hanging Bike Rack
    The Swagman Trailhead # S63360 (And any hanging bike rack for that matter) will generally need a frame adapter bar for bikes that do not have a horizontal top cross tube like a traditional men's bike does. The same often goes for children's bikes. The Kuat Ubar Bike Frame Adapter Bar # UB01 is an adapter bar that will help you. It connects from the seat post to the handlebar stem to create that horizontal mounting point to carry bikes level on a hanging rack. Another option is a...
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  • Bike Rack Options For 2006 Toyota Sienna
    Using a quality trunk-mounted bike rack like the Thule Raceway part # TH9001PRO would be a cost-effective way of transporting two bikes without the expense of installing a hitch on your Sienna. Rather than the buckles and strap other racks use to attach to the vehicle, the Raceway uses 4 ratcheting cables that allow the rack to be installed or removed in seconds. If you would prefer a hitch mounted bike rack, hitches are available for your Sienna. The Curt Class III receiver, part #...
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  • Availability of Different Hitch Pin for Swagman Trailhead 2 Bike Rack
    The only other hitch pin outside of what's actually included with the Trailhead 2 Bike Rack # S63360 that we know will work for the shank's 1/2" opening is the Locking Anti-Rattle Threaded Hitch Pin # S64029. This offers the same threaded design as the standard pin but adds locking capability to help deter theft. Most bike rack manufacturers actually make unique threads on the hitch pin holes of their bike racks so that only their own pins and locks can be used. This is the case with...
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  • Fit of Swagman Trailhead 2 Bike Rack on 2013 Toyota Prius II
    Because we have not had the opportunity to test fit the # S63360 Swagman Trailhead bike rack on a 2013 Prius, I could not say if you will have hatch clearance with the bikes in place. The rack includes a threaded anti-rattle hitch pin. A locking anti-rattle hitch pin/cable lock is available separately as part # S64031. The rack is lightweight, as well as easy to install and remove from the vehicle. The rack offers an angled shank that raises the rack up by three inches, which will help...
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  • Will Kuat Bike Racks Have Enough Clearance When Used With Draw-Tite Hitch 24966 on 2017 Prius
    When fitting the Draw-Tite Sportframe Trailer Hitch Receiver # 24966 on the 2017 Toyota Prius Prime, there is 12" inches from the ground to the top of the hitch and 7" from the center of the hitch pin hole to the rear most part of the back bumper. The Kuat Sherpa # SH12G and # SH12P has a distance from the center of hitch pin hole to the closest part of carrier when folded up of 7-1/2". I agree that it will have an issue clearing the bumper when the rack is folded up. 1/2" is cutting...
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  • What Does Swagman Trailhead 2 Bike Rack # S63360 Weigh
    The Swagman Trailhead 2 Bike Rack # S63360 that you referenced weighs 27 lbs.
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  • Hanging Bike Rack Recommendation with Best Ground Clearance
    The Swagman Trailhead part # S63360 has the larger rise at 3 inches over the # 63120 which has 2 inches. The Trailhead also has about two inches of straight shank directly out of the hitch opening before starting to angle upward. It's the ground clearance winner for sure.
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  • Recommended Roof Rack for 2014 Nissan Pathfinder with Naked Roof
    I spoke with our contacts at Yakima and Thule and at present there is no roof rack available for your 2014 Nissan Pathfinder with Naked Roof due to the fact that there is a piece of plastic trim where the roof rack's pads would go which was broken during test fitting. If you are looking to haul bikes or cargo you could go with a trailer hitch like the Draw-Tite Hitch, part # 76031, and then go with a bike rack like the Swagman Trailhead 2 Bike Rack, # S63360, or a cargo carrier like...
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  • Replacement Strap Recommendation for a Swagman Titan Bike Rack
    We carry the Swagman Titan part # S63400 and the # P482 is the correct replacement strap as long as the bike was made after 2009. This is the only strap available for the Titan that we offer.
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  • 1997 Jeep Wrangler Bike Rack Recommendation
    To determine if the Swagman Trailhead 2 Bike Rack # S63360 that you referenced would clear the rear spare of your 1997 Jeep Wrangler you would need to take one simple measurement. You would need to measure from the center of the hitch pin hole to the furthest point out on the rear spare. If that distance is less than 11 inches this rack would fit and work well for you. For a rack with the most clearance you would want the Thule T2 part # TH9044 as it has a distance of 19 inches from...
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  • Will the Swagman Trailhead Bike Rack # S63360 Fit a 2018 Honda HR-V
    The Swagman Trailhead # S63360 will fit 1-1/4 and 2 inch trailer hitches. For your 2018 Honda HR-V the available hitches, # 24932 and # C11416, are both 1-1/4 inch Class I hitches. So the bike rack will fit. However, since the hitches are both Class I that means you will be limited to 2 bikes even if the rack can hold more. The issue is not the weight but instead how far that weight is from the hitch receiver. It would put too much stress on the hitch causing damage to it and the vehicle. To...
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  • Will Yakima KingJoe 3 Bike Rack # Y02620 Fit a 2010 Subaru Forester With Rear Spoiler
    Yakima does list the Yakima KingJoe 3 Bike Rack, part # Y02620, as a fit on a 2010 Subaru Forester, but makes no mention of a fit with a spoiler. Most trunk bike rack manufacturers do not test fit the trunk bike racks on vehicles with factory spoilers, so they can not verify that the rack will fit correctly. The installation directions on the Yakima bike rack say to place the top clips in the gap at the front edge of the top of the hatch. I would check your vehicle and determine if the...
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  • Using Dual Hitch Extension to Carry Bikes and Tow Trailer with 2005 Saturn Vue
    The Trailhead # S63360 can be tilted back away from the rear of your Vue to about a 40 degree angle, or the stop can be removed allowing the rack to tilt all the way back to the ground, so hatch clearance should not be a problem, but keep in mind that the bikes should be removed before tilting the rack. You can use the dual hitch extension you have shown, as long as the weight of the rack and the bikes hung on it plus the tongue weight of the trailer does not exceed: the tongue weight...
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  • Will Swagman Trailhead 2 Bike Rack # S63360 Clear Spare Tire on 1998 Jeep Wrangler
    As long as the distance from the hitch pin hole on your 1998 Jeep Wrangler to the outer edge of the spare tire is less than 11 inches, the Swagman Trailhead 2 Bike Rack, # S63360, will work on for you. If you plan on carrying women's, children's or alternative framed bikes, you may find it easier to secure the bikes by using an adapter bar like the Swagman Easy-Out, # 64005. This bar attaches between the seat post and the handlebar stem on your bike to give you a horizontal surface to...
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  • Will the Swagman Trailhead 2 Bike Carrier Fit on a 2011 Ford Edge
    Yes, the Swagman Trailhead 2 Bike Carrier, item # S63360, will work in both Class I and II hitches so it is compatible with the hitch on your 2011 Ford Edge. We have not had the opportunity to fit this rack on the Edge but the 11 inch distance from the center of the hitch pin hole to the upright bar and the fold away design of the rack, should allow plenty of space to open the rear door on your Edge. You may also be interested in the Locking Anti-Rattle, Threaded Hitch Pin, item #...
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  • Bike Rack Recommendation to Clear the Front Bumper of a Dodge Ram 2500
    As long as you measured correctly you would have about a half inch between the upright mast of the Swagman Trailhead 2 Bike Rack # S63360 and your front bumper. Which is pretty close, because of that I would recommend a similar rack with more clearance, the Thule Hitching Post Pro # TH934XTR. This rack has 13-1/2 inches from the pin hole to the upright mast of the rack. I also attached a review video for you to check out. If you plan on carrying any womens or alternative framed bikes...
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