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Hollywood Racks Destination 4 Bike Platform Rack - 2" Hitches - Frame Mount

Hollywood Racks Destination 4 Bike Platform Rack - 2" Hitches - Frame Mount

Item # HR4000
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HR4000 - Fits 2 Inch Hitch Hollywood Racks Platform Rack
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Product Images

In Use/Installed

Product Expert Matthew S's Opinion

Why would I buy this?

  • Padded, rotating frame holders are easier to use than standard frame hooks
  • Good value – 4-bike platform rack at an entry level price
  • Lighter than similar 4-bike racks

Why wouldn't I buy this?

  • Bike spacing is tighter than similar racks
  • Have to remove bikes to access vehicle’s cargo area
  • Locks sold separately
This lightweight platform-style rack holds 4 bikes with padded frame holders and ratcheting wheel straps. Frame holders rotate 360 degrees to accommodate different frame shapes and sizes. Rack folds up for storage. Includes locking hitch pin. Call 800-298-8924 to order Hollywood Racks hitch bike racks part number HR4000 or order online at etrailer.com. Free expert support on all Hollywood Racks products. Guaranteed Lowest Price and Fastest Shipping for Hollywood Racks Destination 4 Bike Platform Rack - 2" Hitches - Frame Mount. Hitch Bike Racks reviews from real customers.
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Hollywood Racks Hitch Bike Racks - HR4000

  • Platform Rack
  • 4 Bikes
  • Hollywood Racks
  • Fold-Up Rack
  • Fits 2 Inch Hitch
  • Class 3
  • Frame Mount
  • Hitch Lock

This lightweight platform-style rack holds 4 bikes with padded frame holders and ratcheting wheel straps. Frame holders rotate 360 degrees to accommodate different frame shapes and sizes. Rack folds up for storage. Includes locking hitch pin.


  • Hitch-mounted, platform-style rack carries 4 bikes on the back of your vehicle
  • Padded frame holders on center posts have ratcheting straps to hold bikes securely by the frame
    • Holders rotate 360 degrees to accommodate frames of various shapes and sizes
    • Straps are padded to protect bike frames from scratches and scuffs
  • Curved wheel trays with ratcheting wheel straps accommodate bikes of different sizes
    • Straps adjust along tray to ensure a perfect fit
  • Hand knob allows the rack to be easily folded up for storage
    • Center post folds flat against the tray when not in use
  • Locking, anti-rattle hitch pin reduces movement of rack in hitch receiver
  • Durable steel construction with black powder coat finish is rust resistant
  • 2 white reflectors increase safety at night


  • Application: 2" x 2" trailer hitch receivers
  • Carrying capacity: 4 bicycles
  • Weight capacity: 35 lbs per bike
  • Maximum tire width: 3"
  • Maximum wheelbase: 48"
  • Shank rise: 3-3/4"
  • Distance between bicycles: 8"
  • Distance from center of hitch pin to:
    • Closest part of rack when folded down: 8"
    • Closest part of rack when folded up: 6"
    • Farthest part of rack when folded down: 42"
    • Farthest part of rack when folded up: 16"
  • Carrier weight: 42 lbs
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Approved for use on cars, trucks, SUVs, vans, and motorhomes - not approved for fifth wheels, travel trailers, or flat-towed vehicles

hr4000 bikes on car

The Destination platform-style hitch bike rack makes it simple to carry 4 bikes on the rear of your vehicle. This lightweight rack is easy to use, and it features padded frame holders and ratcheting wheel straps. A locking, anti-rattle hitch pin tightens the rack's shank to your hitch receiver to prevent it from rattling around inside the receiver.

Padded, Rotating Holders

hr4000 holders

The Destination rack uses rotating frame holders to secure your bikes. The rubber padded holders rotate 360 degrees, and move up and down the center mast independently, to accommodate frames of various shapes and sizes. The holders have padded ratcheting straps to secure your bike by their frame.

Ratcheting Wheel Straps

hr4000 wheel trays

The wheel holders accommodate bicycles with wheelbases up to 48", and ratcheting wheel straps secure the wheels to the bike trays. The straps are padded and can be adjusted along the tray to ensure a perfect fit.

Folding Design

hr4000 folded

The rack folds up against the back of your vehicle when it's not in use. To raise the rack, just unscrew the knob and pull it out to lift the rack up. Re-insert the knob and tighten it to the rack.

Easy Installation with Locking Hitch Pin

The Destination rack easily installs in your hitch with the included anti-rattle hitch pin. Just slide the shank into your receiver, insert the hitch pin, and then tighten it down with the included tool. The pin also works as an anti-wobble device to eliminate sway and rattle in the receiver. The rack also includes a hitch lock to secure it to your vehicle and deter theft.

HR4000 Hollywood Racks Destination 4 Bike Platform Rack - 2" Hitches - Frame Mount

Installation Details HR4000 Installation instructions

Video of Hollywood Racks Destination 4 Bike Platform Rack - 2" Hitches - Frame Mount

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Hollywood Racks Destination 4 Bike Platform Rack Review

Hey guys, today we're going to be checking out the Hollywood Racks Destination Platform-Style Four-Bike Rack.I've already got it loaded up just to give you a good idea of what it looks like and how it's going to hold our bikes. It actually holds a wide variety of bikes, which is a really nice feature. Right here, we've got a mountain bike, an older road bike, a women's bike, and a children's bike. Now, this bike rack doesn't have a lot of the bells and whistles that some other bike racks have, but it's going to get our bikes from A to B safely. Now, what I mean by those bells and whistles is it doesn't tilt away so we can easily access that rear hatch of our vehicle, and the only thing that actually does lock on it is our anti-rattle bolt. But let's go ahead and take a closer look.It includes two red Cam buckle straps.

These, of course, aren't the primary anchor for our bikes. It's not going to keep our bikes in place, but it is going to take out some of that play and rattle when we're heading down the road. You can see I'm giving it a good shake there, and there's not a whole lot of movement in the bikes. They go between our frames, through the center mast, and like I said, it includes two. That way we've got enough to cover all four bikes.

Let's go ahead and take our strap off.This will be pretty much the same steps you'll have to take when you get to that trail head. You want to remove your straps, maybe throw those in the back seat or in the rear hatch, and then take off your bikes. Our bikes are anchored by three ratchet straps. We've got one for our down tube here. You can see how the cradle is making contact with the inside of our down tube, and then the strap goes over and ratchets through, keeping it in place.

The other two are keeping our wheels in place. So, give it a good shake without that strap, just a little bit more play but really not that much. Let's go ahead and take our bike off.Now, it's always a good idea to undo your wheel straps first, so we'll just simply press in on that button to release some of that and then we can guide the strap out. But the reason you want to undo the wheel straps first is because you only have one more to undo when you're trying to remove the bike versus undoing the down tubes first and then having two straps to deal with trying to hold the bike in place. So, that's just something to keep in mind.

Finally, we can undo that strap, the frame, and take our bike off. It doesn't take too long to remove our bikes, but once we've got one, we can just simply repeat the same step with the other three bikes.Now, I did mention that it is anchored by three ratchet-style straps. The center one here is going to be our main one. This is going to be our frame holder. You could see here how it's rubber padded, so we're not going to have to worry about any harm done to our frame. The strap also has a rubber padding here that we can center up over our frame, again, so we don't have any wear and tear. Now, the main feature about this frame holder is that it is adjustable 360 degrees. That way, it'll better work with those bikes with alternative frame styles regardless of your suspension, the shape or the size of the bike. Now, they're also adjustable up and down that center mast. It doesn't lock in place; however, when securing all four of our bikes, we didn't find that this was an issue. Our bikes don't move even though that this doesn't lock into place, so we're all set there.Now, on down to our wheel cradles, they are not adjustable along the platform here. You're still going to be able to carry bikes up to a 48" wheel base without any problems. You can see here how they made the wheel cradle extra long, so we're not going to have to worry about it slipping off to one side. All in all, we're not going to have any issues. Now, it's designed to fit a 3" tire, so if you have a fat bike, this bike rack is not going to be a fit for you.Now when it comes to securing our wheels with our ratchet strap, it's the same style as what's on our center mast. Does feature that rubber pad so we don't have any wear and tear going to our wheels. Simply set it in place and pull it down, and it's nice and tight. Now, we do have a second hole here that we can move that strap to, but as you saw with the wide variety of bikes that we we're carrying, we didn't have to adjust that strap back at all. We even had a kid's bike on there, and we didn't find that we'd ever had to use that hole. You'd have to have a much smaller bike on there for you to ever want to move that strap back.Now back up top to our center mast, when it's not in use or if you're just carrying two bikes, you have to the option to fold it down to the left or right. You'll just want to loosen up the knob here. We can pull out the anchor here, turn it to the side, whichever is easiest, and then fold it to the left or right. You may have to adjust your frame holders up or down depending on how you want it to fold and sit.Now, let's touch on bike spacing. Some bike racks make it difficult, especially when loading and unloading your bikes. It always seems like bikes are making contact with one another during that process. But with this bike rack, we're actually about 7" from frame holder to frame holder. You do, however, still have to adjust your crank. That way it doesn't come in contact, but as far as anything else, we've got some good spacing here. We don't have to worry about them harming one another.Now, I've gone ahead and taken off those last two bikes. This will give you a better idea of what the bike rack looks like without bikes loaded. I've also folded the center mast out of the way. Now would be the time to access that rear hatch. You can see here we can open it up. It's not going to make contact with the bike. Now we can remove those larger items. Now, I'm not saying you won't be able to access the rear hatch with bikes loaded, but depending on your vehicle and the bikes you're carrying, you're going to have limited access, so just keep this in mind.Now back onto the bike rack, even though it takes a different approach on how it's designed, it's pretty solid compared to some other bike racks out there. You can see here, I'm putting a lot of weight on it. There's not really a whole lot of movement. I'm shaking the whole vehicle. It's also not going to flex when we're traveling at high speeds or just driving down the road.Now we'll give you some dimensions. This will give you an idea of how much it's going to add to your vehicle. From the center of that hitch pinhole to the outermost point of the rack is going to be about 43-1/4". From the center of the hitch pinhole to the closest part of the rack is going to be about 8". If you're concerned about that clearance at the back, it does fold up against your vehicle. That way we can stow it in our garage, or we can pull into a tight parking spot. The way that's done is we'll pull the clip out here, and then here on the other side we're going to loosen up that large hand knob. We'll pull it all the way out. We'll let it hang, and then we'll fold the whole thing upward realigning those holes.Now, I would like to point out, we don't need to worry about holding onto it and coming in contact with our vehicle. It does have a stop, so we can rest it. That way we can reach down and replace that pin. Now, this process takes a little bit longer compared to some other bike racks out there. Normally, it's just a quick release pin or maybe a pin that you pull out. This one, you have to unthread, pull out, and then replace, but still it's going to be effective. Our bike rack folds up, saving us clearance here at the very back. With it folded up, that outermost point is about 16-1/2" from the center of that hitch pinhole.This is going to work your 2" x 2" receiver. The anti-rattle bolt and lock are included. We mentioned earlier how this is the only thing that locks. This is okay, though, because this is going to prevent anyone from removing our bike rack from our hitch. The nice thing about that anti-rattle bolt is this is what's going to prevent all that movement. You can see I'm shaking the entire vehicle here.Go ahead and take off our lock and I'll loosen up that anti-rattle bolt just so we can show you how much play there is before it's tight. Two keys are included. Go ahead and take it off. You could see how it clamps on our anti-rattle bolt here, and the tool is included to tighten and loosen that bolt up. If you'd like to speed it, you can always change it out with a wrench or a socket, and of course, once you've got it loose, you can take it off with your hands. With it loose, you can see how much movement there is. So, that anti-rattle bolt is really nice to have.Now, one other thing I'd like to mention is how lightweight this bike rack is. Compared to other four-bike racks that are out there, this one is a lot lighter. It weighs about 45 pounds. Some of the others out there weigh anywhere from 70 to 90 pounds. So we can easily lift this up, store it on a shelf or in a corner in our garage without struggling with it. That's going to complete our look at the Hollywood Racks Destination Platform-Style Four-Bike Rack.

Customer Reviews

Hollywood Racks Destination 4 Bike Platform Rack - 2" Hitches - Frame Mount - HR4000

Average Customer Rating:  5.0 out of 5 stars   (3 Customer Reviews)

This lightweight platform-style rack holds 4 bikes with padded frame holders and ratcheting wheel straps. Frame holders rotate 360 degrees to accommodate different frame shapes and sizes. Rack folds up for storage. Includes locking hitch pin.

- HR4000

Needed a solid platform bike rack for 2012 Honda CRV to tote around 4 bikes for the family. This checked off all the boxes. Light weight, fits bikes of various frame designs/sizes and can fit in the back of the CRV when biking. While the rack comes with a lock for the hitch pin and folds upward with bikes off, easy enough to dismount and put in the back of the CRV even with the rear seat still up (no need to remove car seats/boosters to fold down). Easy access to rear cargo area with bikes off the rack. Impressed with the quality of the framing and straps. Ratchet straps appear to be a rugged plastic that should hold-up for a few years. Highly recommend this Hollywood bike rack for families looking to hit the bike trails with the little ones. 671450

- HR4000

I went out on a limb and ordered this 4-position rack without much guidance from other users re: reviews on use and performance. I have been extremely pleased with this rack system, especially given the low cost and light weight. I had used a larger 4-position tray rack for many years, but it was very heavy and my wife couldn't fold it or mount it by herself. This rack is CRAZY light and easy to use. Folding and mounting are a breeze. Securing bikes to the rack is fairly straight-forward too. The bike spacing is a little closer than other tray systems, so you may have to pay attention to the order in which you load bikes (especially MTBs with crazy wide handlebars), but not a deal-breaker. I have been using for about 6 weeks now and everything is holding up well. Bikes are securely held in 3 locations with no rubbing or swaying. Manufacturer includes 2 tension straps for added security, but I have seen no need to use them. Have mounted everything from a 24" wheel size up to a 29" with no need to adjust things. Now, this doesn't have all the crazy bells/whistles that some other systems have. But no rack at this price point does- there's no quick release to fold, no drop-down option to access a liftgate, no integrated cable locking system.... However, I wasn't looking for any of those features. I wanted something light, secure and easy to use- and I found it! It does include a locking hitch pin to secure the rack to your vehicle. Because the bike spacing is tighter, this rack isn't crazy long either. I have it mounted to a 2" receiver on the front (yes, the front) of my truck and it doesn't make things too long to manage. By mounting to the front, my rear receiver remains open to use for trailering.... Overall, build is very strong. Assembly is straight-forward and took less than 20 minutes. Can't say enough about how pleased I am- I didn't expect this degree of quality and functionality at this price-point...... 643962

- HR4000

Love the look, easy to put together don’t even need instructions honestly. It holds the bikes real stif. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a great price bike rack! A+++ 664818


Ask the Experts about this Hollywood Racks Hitch Bike Racks

  • Platform Bike Rack Recommendation that Can Carry 16 inch and 29 inch Mountain Bike
    In your price range the Thule DoubleTrack part # TH990XT is a great option that will fit both bike frame sizes mentioned. Thule is known as a bike rack manufacturer that makes some of the best racks on the market, this rack in particular is lighter weight at 36 lbs, is very stable in the hitch it installs in (fits both hitch sizes), and all around is well made and easy to use. Check out the review video I attached for more info as well.
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  • Will the Hollywood Racks Destination 4 Bike Platform Rack Work on a 2017 Subaru Outback Wagon
    The Hollywood Racks Destination 4 # HR4000 is a great choice when it comes to easy and safe to use. I love platform racks for how easy they make loading and unloading your bikes-especially if you've got some bikes that are a bit heavier than normal. To confirm that it will fit on your 2017 Subaru Outback Wagon you'll just want to make sure that you have at least 6" of clearance from the center of the hitch pin hole on your hitch receiver to the edge of your bumper; this is the amount of...
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  • Would Hollywood Racks Destination Bike Rack Fit 2019 Acura MDX and Have Enough Clearance
    With a 2 inch hitch installed on your 2019 Acura MDX like the Curt # C13146 the Hollywood Racks Destination 4 Bike Platform Rack # HR4000 would fit and work well for you with plenty of clearance. You'd have plenty of clearance to fold the rack up when not in use as well too. I attached an install video for the hitch and a review video for the rack for you to check out for more info as well.
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  • Trailer Hitch Recommendation for 2020 Toyota Sienna to Use 4-Bike Rack
    Going with the Draw-Tite is a smart choice because they have proven over time to be the highest-quality manufacturer of trailer hitches, and this is definitely the brand I would use if it were my 2020 Toyota Sienna. Between the two Draw-Tite hitches you asked about, I recommend the Draw-Tite Trailer Hitch Receiver # 76112 because it has a concealed crosstube, which gives you a number of advantages over a hitch that has a visible crosstube, such as the Draw-Tite # 75237 you mentioned. When...
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  • Best Trailer Hitch for Bike Rack on 2016 Audi Q5
    The best trailer hitch for a bike rack on your 2016 Audi Q5 is easily the Draw-Tite Max-Frame Trailer Hitch # 75940 because it offers the best bumper clearance and ground clearance of the hitches that fit your vehicle. This is a 2" hitch with a concealed crosstube, so not only does it mean your Audi keeps its clean look, but it means the hitch sits up higher and closer to the edge of the bumper than the Curt # C13136. I have added a photo of how this hitch looks when installed on a...
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