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Trailer Hitch Anti-Rattle Kit for 1-1/4" Trailer Hitches

Trailer Hitch Anti-Rattle Kit for 1-1/4" Trailer Hitches

Item # F-315
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Hitch Anti-Rattle
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Smart and effective way to eliminate rattle while carrying bikes or general towing. Easy to use design gets right to the heart of the problem--too much space between shank and receiver! This device works by keeping shank and receiver tight together. 1-800-940-8924 to order CURT hitch anti-rattle part number F-315 or order online at Free expert support on all CURT products. Great prices and Fastest Shipping for Trailer Hitch Anti-Rattle Kit for 1-1/4" Trailer Hitches. Hitch Anti-Rattle reviews from real customers.
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CURT Hitch Anti-Rattle - F-315

  • Fits 1-1/4 Inch Hitch
  • Accessory Anti-Rattle
  • Standard Anti-Rattle
  • CURT
  • Threaded Pin Style
  • Universal

Smart and effective way to eliminate rattle while carrying bikes or general towing. Easy to use design gets right to the heart of the problem--too much space between shank and receiver! This device works by keeping shank and receiver tight together.


  • Anti-Rattle Kit for 1-1/4" x 1-1/4" trailer hitches (Class I or Class II)
    • Note: The shank of the ball mount, cargo carrier, bike rack etc. must be hollow.
  • The block with nut is placed inside the ball mount (or hitch accessory) and drawn to the side of the hitch tube when the pin is tightened
  • Dramatically reduces movement and vibration

22315 Trailer Hitch Anti-Rattle Kit for 1-1/4" Trailer Hitches

Video of Trailer Hitch Anti-Rattle Kit for 1-1/4" Trailer Hitches

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Curt Hollow Shank Accessories Anti-Rattle Kit Review

Hello neighbors. It's Brad here at etrailer. And today we're taking a look at the Curt anti-rattle kit for a hollow shank. Now we have a two inch hitch with a five eight hitch pin. We also have other varieties, including the two inch receiver with a half inch hitch pin. And it's also available for an inch and a quarter receiver as well.

This kit is going to reduce your rattling and shaking around in your hitch when you have your accessories attached. Now I can tell you about the product, but the best way to see what it does is to see it in action. So out on our test course, we have a standard hitch pin clip, and you're gonna see as we go over bumps and do a base of maneuvering that all contents on the cargo carrier are moving side to side, and that's not going to be good for your contents on the cargo carrier. And also as the driver, you can hear it rattling back and forth. So any of your accessories that may be moving around, whether it be your bikes or ball mounts, it's gonna cause an audible noise inside, and the contents that you're towing or carrying are also gonna be rattled.

With our cargo loaded up, we're gonna hit the test course through the same courses that we did and really see the difference before and after putting our anti-rattle device on. With our anti-rattle hitch kit installed, you're gonna see the lack of movement or the reduction in the side to side action, as well as movement of the contents on the carrier itself. So this is gonna reduce all that wobbling and shaking up of the things that you're carrying on any accessory. That's gonna give you peace of mind, knowing that your accessories loaded up, whether it be your expensive bikes or your luggage, are not getting rattled to bits, and moving side to side. The construction of the anti-rattle kit is a durable yellow zinc plated finish, so that's going to hold up to the environment, whether it be from salt door of road grime, it's gonna hold up long-term and reduce the potential for corrosion or rust buildup.

Now keep in mind, this is only to be used with hollow shanks. So some of your accessories that are solid will not work with this kit. Fortunately, many accessories with a solid shank are gonna have a anti-rattle hitch pin already included with them. One of the things I really like about this kit is the pin that's included can go on it at any angle, thanks to the groove design on the pin itself. So you can be at any angle and know that it can be attached nice and easy.

Some threaded hitch pins will have a hole instead of this design, which seems okay until you try to put your pin in and the angle puts it to where it's hard to slide in. So the ability to put this in at any angle is really awesome. My opinion on the anti-rattle hitch kit is it's a great investment for someone that has any accessories loaded up for a long period of time, whether it be for a long trip or keeping it on there on a daily occurrence, every time you drive your car and you hear that clang, clang, bang, bang, as you hit bumps, it can be annoying and something as simple as this with a quick install, can completely eliminate that. So installation of this is gonna be pretty simple. We're gonna slide this in and I'm gonna just slightly thread this tapered end, and this tapered end is going to allow that to kind of fit in there. And I'm gonna just hold that in place. Now we're using this on a cargo carrier today. This can be used on any hollow shank accessories to really give that nice tight bite to it, whether it be a bike rack, cargo carrier, or any other accessories you may have. So now we're gonna feed this in to the receiver tube opening. I'm gonna remove this so I know it's in place. And then slowly slide this in. Once I get my hitch pin holes lined up, I can start threading this in. So as you can see before I tighten it down, this is kind of the wobbling we're working with. You can see the actual shank in the receiver tube moving and cars barely moving but the shank is doing plenty of wobbling. So let's tighten that down and see what it looks like after. Now, before I crank it all the way down, I'm gonna take my included spacer and slide that in. And that's gonna fill that void there to give it added strength and security over here and that way, not all the stresses on the threads. So with that spacer in place, we can go ahead and tighten it down. Once we have a tight, you should already notice that the accessory is not moving as much, and then finally put your hitch pin clip on and you're good to go. So now with our adapter in place, you can see really there's a little bit of flex, but a lot of that's in the cargo carrier. So as I moved this, the shank and the receiver tube is staying completely still and the whole car is moving with it. There's no play and there's no slop, it's ironed all that out. And that's gonna do it for a look at the Curt anti-rattle kit for hollow shanks. Thanks for watching..

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Customer Reviews

Trailer Hitch Anti-Rattle Kit for 1-1/4" Trailer Hitches - F-315

Average Customer Rating:  4.4 out of 5 stars   (56 Customer Reviews)

Smart and effective way to eliminate rattle while carrying bikes or general towing. Easy to use design gets right to the heart of the problem--too much space between shank and receiver! This device works by keeping shank and receiver tight together.


I have a Curt 2 Bike Platform Rack C180850 and the threads in the shank for the hitch pin have failed. I purchased this as a solution. It seems to work, but the part with the welded nut is too short to fit in the shank as shown in the product videos (see pics). So it takes a bit of jiggling to emplace the welded nut and insert the shank into the receiver, then align the nut with the pin hole Overall it is an effective and inexpensive, but imperfect solution If I could give it 3-1/2 stars, I would.


This device does not stop the bike rack from rattling. It does not even reduce the play a little. The 75 cent bolt I had through the hole did a better job.
It was a complete waste of money, and no one at etrailer replied to my email where explained that it does not work.

Etrailer Expert

Jenny N.


I am very sorry that we did not respond to you as we strive to answer every email that we receive. I will have customer service reach out to you. I recommend using a u bolt style anti rattle device part # RM-061-125 instead.


This does the job and is easy to use. I am Happy with product


As usual, ordering the product was easy and delivery was timely. I have tried it once and it appears to do exactly what it is supposed to. For those looking at this product, I would also suggest using a similar product, but one that has a lock. has those as well.


Slick little device. Bought this for my daughter's hitch mounted bike rack. Epoxied the "nut" inside the rack tube so she didn't have to fuss with aligning it each time. Really worked great to eliminate the bounce and rattle of her bike carrier.


I got this to use on my Allen bike rack for my Curt hitch. Like another reviewer mentioned, my rack had a good six inches or so in back-and-forth sway. Once this kit was installed, the rack is pretty rock solid.

Installing it the first time took some trial and error. Like another review mentioned, I may try the expanding foam method to keep the bracket in place for quicker install.

Other than that, this was a great product and well worth the money.


Installation can be a bit challenging. It requires lining up the clamp inside the tube, and inserting the bolt/pin. There is a tongue that fits in the smaller (front) hole to aid alignment on the Allen Sports bike rack, and maybe others. Since it is inside the tube, though, there is no way to reliably hold it in place during installation. A delicate touch is required.

Once installed this works great for swaying along two axes (roll, yaw). Pitch (up/down) movement isn't as limited, especially with a load on a bike rack, but it is dampened. Drove about 200 miles at highway speeds with no issues.

Overall I am pleased with the improvement. Inserting a shim may eliminate the pitching altogether.


This product did not work for me. The hardware obscured the hole that the trailer locking mechanism goes through. The trailer still rattles.

Etrailer Expert

Rachael H.


If you are looking for another device to secure your ball mount or accessory in the your trailer hitch I recommend the Roadmaster Quiet Hitch # RM-061-125. It will immobilize your hitch accessory from the outside, and would not be an obstruction.


I purchased this hoping it would stop the wobble of my Allen bike rack in my Curt Hitch. It was not even long enough for the threads to go to the other side to tighten it down. It was recommended from a review of the same rack/hitch combo - not sure what could possible be wrong.


Great product. Have used for one year on my bike rack and there is no rattle or wobble. Excellent product and it’s a must for any bike rack/trailer hitch system.


Bought this to replace the anti-rattle device that is included with the Boone trailer hitch table. The eye bolt on the Boone device eventually broke. The new item (F-315) is very similar to the device used in my bike rack. It works great! Easy to install and does the job.


A little tricky to get it right the first couple of times, but after that it's a breeze. Perfect solution to the annoying rattle with my bike rack!


Does not fit hollow reese hitches - the ball mount I have has an angled end tube which makes the lip not functional w/o modification. The little lip that keeps it from falling down the tube, had to be clipped off to make it fit. Once attached it seems to function as desired in decreasing ball mount to hitch tube movement. This is being used with a 2-1/2 drop reese ball mount pulling a noisy trailer. Will update inform whether or not it functions. I have not installed it on the vehicle just yet.


The nut part of this device is not as solid as you would want for a lifetime investment. I only mention this because after you use it, you will NEVER want to tow without it. It takes the rattle and clunk out of your tow and it takes 10 seconds extra to install this device when you install your tow bar. I used this while towing a motorcycle trailer. I used a flat washer in place of the supplied lock washer without any problems. I love this solution.


Dose not work with solid 1 1/4 shanks, which MOST are at the 1 1/4 size.
I'm surprised etrailer did not warn me I had picked incompatible items.
Though these guys were pros. but not so much. last time shopping here.

Etrailer Expert

Sierra K.


I apologize that our automatic system did not catch the error. Here is an anti-rattle device that will work with your solid shank accessory: item # RM-061-125.


My co-workers Tom and Charlie discovered this item on-line and recommended I try it. It worked like a charm! Before adding this part, my bike rack would be wobbling and rocking back and forth both with the bikes loaded and when empty. Once we installed this, the rack fit and stayed snug in the receiver with no more rattle!


works as intended.


Have been looking for these locally but can't be had - Etrailer had them however! Great item to keep hitch accessories from waggling side to side.


The product works fine. It is a little difficult getting in the right place since it is not fixed to anything. However, I solved this by placing it into my bike carrier then using expanding foam to keep it in place.


Excelent Service, the item have excelent quality and great support from Etrailer Team.


Worked exactly as advertized. The Allen Sport bike rack had 6 inches of play side to side at the top of the rack. With the F-315 anti rattle bolt there is less than 1/2 inch.


Simple yet effective in my 2015 Subaru Forester and CCM bike rack.


This I a great why to stop the hitch slap, If you have a little movement in your hitch this will fix it . It is a great fix . Thank you etrailer


This product will do what it says it will do.

However it is impossible to install without metal working skills. It will not stay in place after insertion long enough for you to get the bolt started (Witness your how to video!)I had to weld mine in place and then cut off the remainder with a grinder as the locating tab location is dependent on the shank OEM. Some type of mouse trap type spring is required to hold in place for this to be practical of a DIY type individual.


Product worked perfectly with Reese TowPower canoe loader. There is no wobble at the ball mount.

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  • Is Thread Locker Needed When Using Hitch Pin Bolt # F-315
    You wouldn't want to use a thread locker with the hitch pin lock # F-315. When torqued properly it won't back off and a thread locker would make the bolt much harder to remove when you needed to take it off.
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  • Will Anti-Rattle Trailer Hitch Receiver Lock # 63147 Work with Allen Bike Rack
    We do not carry the Allen brand of bike racks but we do offer some anti-rattle options that may work for your needs but this is going to depend on how the bike rack pin hole and shank are configured. If the pin hole on your bike rack is not threaded, and the shank on the rack itself is hollow, you could use a basic anti-rattle device such as the Trailer Hitch Anti-Rattle Kit, # F-315, that you mentioned. If the pin hole is threaded or the bike rack shank is solid, we do not offer a...
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  • Does the Trailer Hitch Anti-Rattle Kit # F-315 Require a Preset Level of Torque
    When installing the Trailer Hitch Anti-Rattle Kit # F-315 there isn't a required amount of torque you'd need to use. You'd just need to get it hand tight which will remove the movement of the ball mount in the hitch. Loc-Tite would not really be needed either. I cannot recommend removing any portion of the kit either.
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  • Replacement Parts for the Trailer Hitch Anti-Rattle Kit Part # F-315
    We do not sell any replacement parts for the Trailer Hitch Anti-Rattle Kit part # F-315. You could contact the manufacturer (Curt) to see if they offer this as a replacement part but if not, your only option would be to purchase a new one and use the parts you have now as extras.
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  • Is the Bolt in Anti-Rattle Kit F-315 for 1-1/4 Inch Hitch Accessories a 1/2 Inch
    Yes the bolt in anti-rattle kit # F-315 is a 1/2 inch. It was made for 1-1/4 inch hitch accessories with hollow shanks which all take a 1/2 inch pin/bolt.
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  • Does My 2020 RAM 3500 Have Non-Standard Hitch Pin?
    We have never seen an 1/2" diameter hitch pin on a 2-1/2" receiver. They all have 5/8" standard. We only see the 1/2" pins on the small 1-1/4" receivers. I would measure your hitch pin carefully. Is it possible that everything is 5/8" but just has a loose fit? Hitch parts do not have tight tolerances and tend to wiggle and rattle a little. Most likely your setup is just fine.If the rattling becomes annoying you can always add a Trailer Hitch Anti-Rattle Kit for 1-1/4" Trailer Hitches,...
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  • What Is Thread Size Of Curt Anti Rattle Kit # F-315
    I contacted our representative at CURT and he informed me that the CURT Trailer Hitch Anti-Rattle Kit, part # F-315, has standard 1/2 inch threads. I have linked an FAQ on Anti-Rattle hitch pins.
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  • Anti-Rattle Device for a Toyota Prius Towing a Bike Rack with a 1-1/4 Hitch
    We have two anti-rattle alternatives that are compatible with a 1-1/4 inch receiver. The CURT Trailer Hitch Anti-Rattle Kit, part # F-315 works very well. The block with nut is placed inside the ball mount (or hitch accessory) and drawn to the side of the hitch tube when the pin is tightened. This pushes the ball mount or hitch accessory up against the side of the hitch tube, dramatically reducing movement and vibration. Also take a look at the Pro Series Anti-Rattle Device for 1-1/4"...
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  • What are Replacement Parts for the Yakima Roc2 Hitch-Mount Bike Rack With a 1-1/4 Inch Shank?
    The Curt Anti-Rattle Kit, part # F-315 will fit inside the shank if the anti-rattle nut has been taken out. If it hasn't, you'll need a bolt replacement like part # Y8880129, which will also add anti-rattle capabilities by locking the threaded bolt inside the shank to the side of the receiver.
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  • Threaded Hitch Pin For Curt Hitch Bike Rack
    I spoke with Curt's customer service and they said if you are looking for an anit-rattle hitch pin the Trailer Hitch Anti-Rattle Kit for 1-1/4" Trailer Hitches, part # F-315, has a bolt that should work with your hitch bike rack. But without knowing the model hitch bike rack he could not 100% guarantee that it will work.
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  • Bike Racks Loose Fit in Receiver Fixed with Anti-Rattle Device
    The tolerances between a bike rack and hitch are not very close and frequently causes rattle in transit. As long as the rack is inserted fully, and a hitch pin with clip installed, you need not to worry about the bike rack coming off. However if your rack and bikes wobble a lot this could eventually cause damage to the rack or the bikes. There are solutions for this issue. I would check your bike rack and see if it has an anti-rattle device built into it. It usually looks like a large...
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  • Availability Of An Anti-Rattle Device for Use With A 1-1/4 Inch To 2 Inch Hitch Expander
    I would recommend the CURT Trailer Hitch Anti-Rattle Kit # F-315. This anti-rattle bracket works on a 1-1/4 inch hitch and when tightened down helps to eliminate the noise and vibration of a hitch accessory inside the trailer hitch. I do not have a hitch expander that has a hollow shank that will fit in a 1-1/4 inch hitch. Also, remember when using a hitch expander it will reduce your trailer hitch tongue weight capacity by 50 percent.
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  • Availability of Lock for Curt Trailer Hitch Anti-Rattle Kit # F-315
    An add-on lock is not available for the Curt Trailer Hitch Anti-Rattle Kit # F-315 but we do offer locking hitch pin devices for 1-1/4" accessories such as #e98879 that work with any hollow-shank ball mount or accessory. However, the # e98879 is not an anti-rattle device, only a hitch lock.
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  • Hitch Pin Lock Recommendation for Swagman 1-1/4 inch Hitch Bike Rack
    For a Swagman 1-1/4 inch hitch bike rack you would want the part # S64029 and not the # F-315 which would not fit.
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  • Universal Anti-Rattle Hitch for a 1-1/4" Trailer Hitch
    The Replacement Hitch Tite Anti-Rattle Hitch Pin for Saris Bike Racks with 1-1/4" Shanks # SA3015 is actually designed to only work with the Saris Bike Porter, Freedom, Axis Steel, Axis Aluminum, Cycle-On, T-Rax, Glide EX 4, and T-RAX Sport racks. Instead, since we don't carry KAC bike racks or their products, you'd need a universal option like the Trailer Hitch Anti-Rattle Kit for 1-1/4" Trailer Hitches # F-315.
    view full answer...
  • Using an Anti-Rattle Device with a Trailer Hitch Reducer for a Bike Rack
    When using hitch mounted accessories, some play/rattle is expected simply because trailer hitches and bike racks are manufactured by different companies. This play will become even greater when a hitch reducer, adapter or extender is used. In these situations, eliminating as much play as possible is a good idea because you do not want too many parts moving or bouncing around while you are on the road. You can use the Roadmaster Quiet Hitch, # RM-061, as an anti-rattle device between the...
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  • Can Curt Anti-Rattle Device F-315 be Used on a Class I and Class II Trailer Hitch
    The Curt anti-rattle device # F-315 can be used on either a Class I or Class II trailer hitch with a 1-1/4 inch receiver. Most 1-1/4 inch shanks on accessories are solid. In order to be able to use this device the shank of the accessory must be hollow. If the shank is solid then the best option is to use anti-rattle device # RM-061-125. It, too, can be used on Class I or II trailer hitches and it does not matter if the shank is solid or hollow. I have linked a video review of it for you.
    view full answer...
  • Anti-Rattle Device for Noisy 1-1/4 Inch Ball Mount
    Trailer Hitch Anti-Rattle Kit for 1-1/4" Trailer Hitches Item # F-315 will stop the rattle of the ball mount as long as the ball mount has a hollow shank. Most 1-1/4 inch ball mounts are solid. If yours is solid you can instead use Roadmaster Quiet Hitch # RM-061-125. I have included links to videos on all of these anti-rattle devices for you.
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  • Replacement Hitch Pin for Curt Cargo Carrier Part # C18110
    Yes, in order to secure the Curt Cargo Carrier part # C18110 to the Draw-Tite Sportframe Trailer Hitch Receiver part # 24915 that you have installed on your 2014 Kia Soul, you are going to want to use the Trailer Hitch Anti-Rattle Kit part # F-315. This kit comes with the correct threaded hitch pin you need in addition to a block plate that will help with rattle. You do not have to use the block plate but this is the only option we have for you at this time. I have attached a review video...
    view full answer...
  • Replacement Hitch Pin Bolt for Thule Trailway
    I spoke to my contact at Thule and she informed me that the correct hitch bolt you would need for your Thule 959 Trailway would be the part # 908-1240-54. The # F-315 does not work with the Thule racks.
    view full answer...
  • Recommended Anti-Rattle for 1-1/4 inch Trailer Hitch Receiver With a Cargo Carrier
    The best thing to use would be an anit-rattle kit like the Curt Anti-Rattle Kit, part # F-315. You will use this in place of the pin and clip that you are using now to hold your Pro Series Cargo Carrier # 63155 in your receiver more securely by reducing the play. Another option that might offer some more peace of mind is the SilentACT Anti-Rattle Trailer Hitch Receiver Lock, part # SHP2082. This will not only take the play out of your current setup, but it will also lock your cargo carrier...
    view full answer...
  • Anti-Rattle Bolt for Curt Hitch Mount Bike Racks
    If you have a Curt hitch mount bike rack # C18085, the anti-rattle hitch pin is included so you will not need to add one. If you have a Curt hitch mount bike rack for Class III or IV 2 inch trailer hitches like part # C18065, then you can use the Curt Anti-Rattle Kit, # C22321, but you won't need the shank insert because the shank already has a threaded insert. I've attached a review video of each anti-rattle kit for you to check out.
    view full answer...
  • How does the CURT Anti-Rattle Kit for 1-1/4 Inch Trailer Hitches Work
    The Trailer Hitch Anti-Rattle Kit, # F-315, is designed for use on 1-1/4 inch trailer hitch accessories that have a hollow shank. The block with nut is placed inside the shank and the nut is aligned with the hitch pin hole. When the threaded hitch pin is then tightened down the shank is drawn to the side of the hitch reducing movement and vibration. If the shank on your 1-1/4 inch bike rack is not hollow, many are not, this anti-rattle device will not work. The No-Rattle Trailer Hitch...
    view full answer...
  • Anti-Rattle Device for a Yakima HoldUp 1-1/4 Inch Trailer hitch Mounted Bike Rack
    In order to use an anti-rattle device like # F-315 the shank of the accessory has to be hallow. Most 1-1/4 inch shanks are solid. Also, the 1-1/4 inch Yakima HoldUp uses a threaded pin, # Y8880129, which acts as an anti-rattle device. There is a weldnut inside the shank of the bike rack and when the bolt is threaded through and tightened it pulls the shank tight to the side of the receiver. If additional anti-rattle protection is needed you can use # MPG908. When tightened this device...
    view full answer...

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