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Convert-A-Ball Cushioned 5th-Wheel-to-Gooseneck Adapter - 12" to 16" Tall - 20,000 lbs

Convert-A-Ball Cushioned 5th-Wheel-to-Gooseneck Adapter - 12" to 16" Tall - 20,000 lbs

Item # CAB-C5G
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Gooseneck and Fifth Wheel Adapters
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Convert-A-Ball Gooseneck and Fifth Wheel Adapters - CAB-C5G
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Use your gooseneck hitch to tow your 5th-wheel trailer by hooking up with this adjustable coupler adapter. Poly cushions absorb shock for a smooth ride. Adjustable height fits multiple applications. 20,000-lb GTW. Call 800-298-8924 to order Convert-A-Ball gooseneck and fifth wheel adapters part number CAB-C5G or order online at etrailer.com. Free expert support on all Convert-A-Ball products. Guaranteed Lowest Price and Fastest Shipping for Convert-A-Ball Cushioned 5th-Wheel-to-Gooseneck Adapter - 12" to 16" Tall - 20,000 lbs. Gooseneck and Fifth Wheel Adapters reviews from real customers.
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Convert-A-Ball Gooseneck and Fifth Wheel Adapters - CAB-C5G

  • Fifth Wheel Trailer to Gooseneck Hitch
  • Bolts Over King Pin
  • Convert-A-Ball
  • Adapts Trailer
  • King Pin Adapters
  • 20000 lbs GTW
  • No Offset
  • Adjustable Height

Use your gooseneck hitch to tow your 5th-wheel trailer by hooking up with this adjustable coupler adapter. Poly cushions absorb shock for a smooth ride. Adjustable height fits multiple applications. 20,000-lb GTW.


  • 5th-Wheel-to-gooseneck adapter lets you tow your 5th-wheel trailer with your gooseneck hitch
    • Coupler bolts to your trailer's king pin and connects to gooseneck ball
  • Interior polyurethane cushions act as shock absorbers for smooth, safe ride
    • Reduce bounce and vibration
    • Minimize wear and tear on both your trailer and tow vehicle
  • Adjustable height fits multiple applications
  • Fail-safe king pin adapter has built-in, positive-lock feature to secure trailer to hitch ball
    • Steel extension handle lets you slide bar to lock or unlock coupler from outside the truck bed
      • Acts as a latch, keeping adapter secure
      • Can be replaced with a padlock (sold separately) for greater security
  • Durable, cast steel construction
  • Rust-resistant powder coat finish
  • Safety chains included
  • Made in the USA


  • Towing capacity: 20,000 lbs
  • Pin weight capacity: 4,000 lbs
  • Application: 2-5/16" gooseneck hitch balls
  • Adjustable height (from top of gooseneck ball to base of king pin box): 12" - 16"
  • Collapsed height of adapter: 15-1/2"
  • 2-Year limited warranty


  • Not recommended for use with Reese Elite Series gooseneck trailer hitches
  • Not recommended for use with factory-installed towing prep packages which use a hitch ball with an integrated locking lever.
  • Not compatible with sidewinder king pins.
    • When used together they produce two pivoting points at both the ball and the turret which is a safety hazard.
  • Not compatible with any cushioned or air ride 5th wheel king pin.

Finding the Correct Size Fifth-Wheel-to-Gooseneck Adapter

After backing the vehicle under the trailer, measure from the top of the ball in the truck bed to the base of the pin box on the trailer. This will indicate the height of the adapter that you need.

Convert-a-Ball Collar

Secure Installation

The included collar slides over your fifth-wheel trailer's king pin and is held in place with set screws. Additional, larger set screws that are mounted at the top of the coupler adapter then tighten onto the collar.

Convert-a-Ball Locking Feature

Positive-Locking Feature

This trailer coupler adapter features a simple, secure latching mechanism for safe, easy hookup with the hitch ball. The convenient extension handle grabs the sliding latch so that you can easily lock or unlock the coupler from outside the truck bed. Once the coupler is engaged, hook the handle through the hole in the sliding latch's track to ensure that it remains securely coupled. For extra safety, once the coupler is latched, you can replace the handle with a padlock (sold separately) to secure the trailer to the hitch ball during towing. Use a lock while your trailer is being stored to guard against towaway theft.

Pin Box Length

Note: There are no recommended limits to the length of pin box on which the Convert-A-Ball trailer coupler can be used.

C5G1216 Convert-A-Ball Adjustable Fifth-Wheel-to-Gooseneck Coupler Adapter - 12" to 16"

Video of Convert-A-Ball Cushioned 5th-Wheel-to-Gooseneck Adapter - 12" to 16" Tall - 20,000 lbs

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Convert-A-Ball Gooseneck and Fifth Wheel Adapters - Adapts Trailer - CAB-C5G Review

Speaker 1: Today, we're gonna take a look at the convertible cushion fifth wheel to gooseneck adapter. Has a 20,000 pound weight capacity. Now this fifth wheel to gooseneck adapter will let you tow your fifth wheel trailer with your gooseneck hitch. Basically, this adapter will bolt to your trailer's kingpin using this locking collar. It'll connect to the gooseball on your tow vehicle. On the inside of this adapter, there's an interior polyurethane cushion to act as a shock absorber for smooth safe ride, helps reduce bounce and vibration and will even minimize wear and tear on both your trailer and your tow vehicle.

The adjustable height of this adapter allows you fit multiple applications. If you loosen these adjustment screws right here, this will allow you to raise or lower the adaptor body. Now if you do go too high, you'll notice the red ring there. Now you want to make sure that red ring on there does not show. The red ring showing would indicate the coupler's too low to be safely connected to the adapter body.So if that red ring is showing, let me lift it up again just to show it to you, that red ring is showing, what you'll need to do is lower the trailer jacks until there's no red showing before tightening these adjustment screws and jam nuts.

Now this is a fail safe kingpin adapter, has a built in positive lock feature here to secure the trailer to your hitch ball. Right here, it's in the open position to go over the gooseneck ball. When you move it over there, it locks it to the gooseneck ball. What's nice is this comes with the steel extension handle that'll let you operate this lock from outside your truck bed. This handle will be on your driver side, so you can just loop it like that.

Then from the outside, just push your handle. Move it to the open position. Move it back to the lock position, very handy, just like that. Also what's nice, put it in the lock position. This extensional handle can be used as a latch, keeping the adapter secure.

Basically, there's a hole right here.If you run this loop on the other end through the hole, put it around the handle and then let it stay like that, it'll keep that handle from going into the open position. Also, if you want added security, that hole is large enough that you could put a padlock through there and then give you extra security that way. That padlocks we do sell separately. Now this adapter is a durable cast steel construction, has a nice rust resistant powder coat finish. Comes, as you can see with the safety chains. Comes with the locking collar we mentioned, that positive lock extension handle's also included, and a nice set of detailed installation instructions on how to install everything. A few specs on this. The towing capacity is 20,000 pounds. Pin weight capacity is 4,000 pounds. Application, it is designed to fit a standard 2 5/16 diameter gooseneck hitch ball. The adjustable height portion, this part here that we move, this'll go anywhere from 12" to 16". That's measured from the top of the gooseneck ball to the base of the kingpin box.The total height with it full collapsed like this from here to here, got a tape measure's gonna be right at about 15 1/2". Now to install this, just briefly, I just want to show you what you would go through. You'll start with this locking collar right here. This'll go over the kingpin and the glocking collar is marked. Right here, it'll say top, front, and that white line there, what you want to do is line that white line on the collar to the exact center of the front of the kingpin box. Then what you'll do is you'll notice there's three Alan bolts. You unscrew those to open it, slide it up on the kingpin, then tight that down over the kingpin, making sure this is at the center. Then with this on the kingpin, your adapter will go right on into that and then once it gets down there, you'll notice there's three indentations right here. That's where these screws will tighten down into there and hold it into place and then tighten down the jam nuts to secure it. So this will attach to this after this is installed on your kingpin.Then once that's all done, now when you do install this, you want to make sure there's a label here that says front and one here that says front. That front label will face the tow vehicle and make sure your red locking handle's on the driver's side of the tow vehicle in the open position. Then it's ready to install, so basically then what you'll do is just raise your trailer with this adapter attached, back your tow vehicle under the trailer, centering the adapter, and then lower the trailer to a leveled towing position. Loosen these adjustment screws and then lower the ball cup over the ball. Then make sure it's all connected properly. Put it in the lock position. When you undo that, you want to make sure as I mentioned before that there's no red showing on the adapter body. Then go ahead and tighten your adjustment screws and jam nuts. You'll be all ready to go. Of course, don't forget to hook up your safety chains. But that should do for the review on the convertible cushion fifth wheel to gooseneck adapter with a 20,000 pound weight capacity.

Customer Reviews

Convert-A-Ball Cushioned 5th-Wheel-to-Gooseneck Adapter - 12" to 16" Tall - 20,000 lbs - CAB-C5G

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (481 Customer Reviews)

Use your gooseneck hitch to tow your 5th-wheel trailer by hooking up with this adjustable coupler adapter. Poly cushions absorb shock for a smooth ride. Adjustable height fits multiple applications. 20,000-lb GTW.


This deal that I bought.... Works.. I like this one the best. I look at the other goose neck cuppler that others were trying to sell me. I like how it was easy to just bolt it on the king pin. I own a 2500 Dodge Ram it sets high. And the travel trailer sets low, so all I did was set the springs on top of the axels. Problem solved. We went to Florida to get this travel trailer and where I live in Tennessee and the route we took home,, well we mist the one road and ended up on the dragon tail (Hy 129 ) the twisting and turning the up and down that this road has to offer. Made it to Duck Town where we pick up Hy 68 north and the twisting and turning that this road has to offer before we made it home in Madisonville Tn.. The cuppler didn't loosen up. No wiggles or wobbles. I don't know how many foot pounds of what ever to tighten them bolts to... Because I couldn't read the instructions.... The shippers didn't put the instructions in its own pack nor in a safe place in the cuppler.. The video was a god sent. And I just used cheater bar on the wrench. Problem solved. I'm gonna recheck the bolts just to be sure before we take a trip. But I'm sure there tight. And I'll send you guys a note if I mess up.. But that cuppler is on there and I gonna drill out the pin box and bolt the cuppler to the pin box just for a pice of mine.. Legrand B 288187

I still like it. Its money well spent. We took the camper out a few more times and October first were fixing to take the camper trailer over the mountains in North Carolina and camp for a few days. So I still say its money well spent.. Legrand Bloomstine
Legrand B - 08/28/2017



I don't often write reviews, practically never. But this one deserves one. So, I didn't buy it that you could use this adapter without bolting it to the trailer. Just a sleeve around the king pin and the hitch around the sleeve. Didn't buy it. But, they guarantee it to hold as long as you install it to their specks. So I did. Here's how the story goes. I was backing my camper into a garage and forgot to make sure the door was all the way up. You can see where this is going. I hit the door. Rolled out from under the door and discussed with myself, inspected the damage. This is not the impressive part. So distracted with what I've just done, I get everything straight and continue. Now this next part is important, I drive a dually pushing out just under 700hp. I can do doughnuts or sit and roast the tires. Not that I do, but I can. I like my stuff to last. I say that so that you don't brush off the impressive part. Once I got my camper into the garage I put my truck into first and sat there with my foot on the clutch thinking about the damage I'd just done and, absent mindedly, popped the clutch. Now granny gear has enough torque to slow the rotation of the earth, and I just unleashed it onto an unbolted hitch holding my camper above my truck. It snapped so hard that it slammed my head into my seat and broke off some small shavings in my rear end. Not my butt, the rear end of my drivetrain. But, the hitch held!!! Upon inspection nothing moved! Other than flipping my truck over, I don't know how to put anymore strain on it than that. Thank you so much for building a quality product!!! I'm sold! What just cost me a few hundred dollars in parts, broken ac and garage door, could have been thousands. Thanks again. Truly, thank you. 176431

FEELING YOUR PAIN BRO LOL. THOUGHT I WAS THE ONLY ONE LISTED UNDER murphys LAW .I also call mine stupid fees More than I care to reveal...Ps. wow the prices have doubled since my last rv 5th wheel to bed ball in 03
-- comment by: QC - 09/10/2015



Product was just as advertised. We have pulled with it twice and it performed flawlessly. We are pulling a 35 ft. 5th wheel travel trailer using the convert-a-ball onto our goose neck receiver in our F250 HD 7.3 liter diesel. Ordering through etrailer.com has become a great resource for us. 418680

We have, ironically, had that convert-a-ball on a unit in storage since the only time we moved it! However, the short time we used the convert-a-ball, the only concern we saw was that, due to the air bag king plate, there was rocking motion front to rear. This is not any fault of the convert-a-ball. When we do put the unit on the road if we can get it repaired then we plan to have the king plate air bag deflated and then weld the upper and lower sections together. In this way, there can be no rocking from braking and starting.
RC - 08/14/2018



I just wanted to tell the folks at etrailer how great of an experance I had ordering from them. I ordered a 5th wheel to gooseneck adapter. From the time the phone rang until Wayne had taken my order was less than 2 minutes. These people know their stuff and the price was great. The install was flawless, fit perfect. I was kept informed several times by e mail what the status of my order was. My order came a day early even during a holiday week. I am sure glad to have some room in my p/u bed while pulling my 5th wheel. Thanks Wayne and thanks etrailer 133617

Danny I notice you have a morryde pin box on your trailer. did you change the skid plate over to the morryde RPB77006 gooseneck adapter plate. to use this adapter?
-- comment by: Walter, R - 12/02/2015



Love it! It is definitely harder to hook up to a goose neck hitch then a slider because you have no give way, but it works pretty slick when hauling. 411150

Great product! I love towing my 5th wheel now
Cheryl H - 07/28/2018



I want to thank Etrailer for the great customer service I received. Emily H, was very helpful in the process of my purchase. The c5g _1216 converter ball adapter was a very well made and sturdy product. And will handle the 39ft toyhauler that I have it installed on. The installation was very easy and simple. So thanks again Etrailer for a great product and fast delivery, and great customer service. Walter, R 233926

When I first received it I thought it would work out. But after using it for a couple of months, I had to remove it. The ride quality was terrible and the jerky ride while towing was unbearable. Plus the additional stress it put on the frame of my fifth wheel trailer over time would cause even more problems. So I removed it and installed a Curt fifth wheel hitch and now the ride is much better and smoother with no jerkiness. Would not recommend this adapter at all.
Walter, R - 12/16/2016



Really like it gives me more room in the bed of the truck with my hidden hitch. Saves a lot of time and work it’s heavy....it. Costs more than competitors.. but wouldn’t want to trust my safety with a Walmart brand converter hitch just to save a dollar. Short story long I am pleased with my purchase. 516255


We just installed and pulled a 5th wheel toy hauler 400 miles!! A what a great product, converter was heavy duty, 1 1/2 hours to install and set up. We have been pulling a goose neck horse trailer for years and was so happy that this adapter enabled us to haul this new trailer without any problems. The toy hauler (10,000 lbs empty) pulling was great and tracked straight, even with the 25+ miles per hour of wind all the way home. Just went between 55 and 60 miles per hour no problems. We are pulling the trailer with a 1999 F250 Superduty. Also have to say that etrailers customer service, especially Kim P. was the best!! They now have a new customer for life! 453174


Good it was what I orderd just disapointed that UPS did not deliver it to my address, and not to my neighbor across the street. I was expecting the item on Friday and it arrived Thursday thanks 105988

it has worked wonderful for us. We got a pickup that can now haul both the camper and the boat So the hitch will be a great asset.It was easy to install and fit live a glove.Only downfall was UPS delivered it to our neighbors house and it took both of us to carry it to my house.
Dennis A - 11/04/2014



High quality. Can't believe how easy to install. Adjusts to your specific set up. Finished in short period of time. Worth the price. 553573


I recently bought a 36ft 5th wheel toy hauler and needed a way to pull it, we didn't really want to install a 5th wheel hitch because we didn't want the extra holes in the bed of the truck so we bought this. I was nervous at first but this hitch adapter work very well. It mounted to the 5th wheel easily and sat right on the gooseneck ball that came built into our truck. It also disconnected from the truck with ease. We have left it hooked onto the camper for now for quick movement if needed. 312825

I am still using the goose neck adapter, I now take it off if my camper is parked for a while just to reduce stress on the front end of the 5th wheel. I would recommend!
Lindsey - 11/01/2017



The Product installed with no problem. I just got back from a 900 mi. round trip to Utah. I was in elevations from 1000 ft above sea level to 9000 ft. above sea level. I It hooks up very easy and is very good compared the my old system. I would have given it a Excellent except that it (rotated) turned about 1/4 of an inch.on the king pin as you can see on the Photos. I will be drilling holes in the King Pin Extension and putting in the four bolts before I take it out again. I was suprised that I did not receive the optional bolts nor was I asked if I wanted them. .I did order on line so I accept responsibility for it. At no time did I feel any safty issues. I had replaced the suspension on my trailer with the easy ride system and combined with your Convert-A-Ball Cushioned System my wife said there was a huge emprovement and I also felt a big difference it the Truck. It is a well engineered product and my raiting will go to Excellent after I put in the four Bolts. You can send me the bolts or I will get my own. Attached are some photos of my Truck and Trailer. The Trailer is a 2000 Forrest River Sierra Sport Toy Hauler. I bought it new. 9200 Dry. (2) 6500 lb Axels 1900 lb. on the Pin (est) If Questions, Feel free to call Have a Great Day JoeB 141891

How do you plan on installing the 4 additional bolts?
-- comment by: Carlos G - 07/27/2014


In the installation instructions Convert-A-Ball discusses the optional installation of additional bolts. However, these bolts are available only for the customer to contact the manfucturer, and are not sold individually. To gain access this is usually done by disassembling the pin box, or by drilling access holes in the plate, but this all depends on the configuration of your pin box, and if this adapter is intended to be a temporary or a permanent solution.

-- Rachael H - 7/29/2014

I did as I said I would do and I drilled four hole in the pin box and installed four bolts. I feel much more confident in the system. I am very happy with it at this time. To drill the holes I removed the pin box and used the adapter for a pattern, I then drilled the holes by hand. 1/2 in Drill
Joe B - 07/17/2015

Joe, what is the box length of your Ram?
-- comment by: Raymond L - 10/21/2015

Raymond L.: My Ram is a 3500 4X4 SRW It has the 8Ft bed. I pulled the same Toy Hauler with two different Quad Cab PUs over the years with 6-12 ft. beds. One 2WD and one 4X4 before this one. I ordered this P/U as a Std. Cab. It is set up like a Laramie inside. towing I get 10-13 MPG. Empty 22 MPG It tows at any speed I want in the Mountains.
-- comment by: JoeB - 10/26/2015



I was really skeptical of this product being able to hold onto the fifth wheel pin without coming loose or holding itself in place without it moving in some way. I installed it in about 20 min. rechecking the set screws and alignment. Hooked onto the trailer and pulled 8 1/2 hrs rechecking it once and it never budged a bit. It was really tested on some of the highways which were nothing short of being acceptable of pot holes and just horrible jolting from these chuck holes pulling a 16K fifth wheel. I was impressed to say the least and wouldn't hesitate to give it 5 stars out of 5. The holes in fifth wheel wheel attachment weren't used which I'm sure would give even more stability if there were concerns. 544701


the king pin/goose neck adapter is just the item I needed. I didn't find another one on the web that I felt met my needs. Your order staff was very helpful in explaining the adapter and the subsequent followup on trying to find the package because of UPS losing it. According to your tracking number it arrived in Canada in 3 days which was fine. UPS in Canada obviously doesn't share their American cousin's feeling on prompt and efficient service as it took another 20 plus days for me to receive it. In summary...your service was super....UPS....not so much. 560143

I installed the adapter on my 5th wheel and put just under 12,000 kms 7200 miles on it without incident. I just bought a larger 5th wheel and have installed it on it and expect the same service from it. It is easy to install if you follow the instructions and take a look at the you tube videos. One thing I did do was added some Locktite 262 to the treads as some of the roads I was travelling were rough.
Paul C - 08/31/2019



Installation is a breeze. I'm a short but stocky guy so installing it by myself wasn't hard at all. I just lowered the trailer to where I had enough leverage to hold the adapter up and be able to tighten the bolts down with the other hand. Torqued everything down to spec and was on the road in no time. Pulled off after 50 miles and retorqued everything as any good transporter does. This is where my review gets bad. The bolts that hold the adapter to the kingpin couple failed. They crushed on the ends and damaged the threads. Keep in mind, I followed the torque specs TWICE. I didn't have the twisting issues that others have had. It took me 30 min with a pull bar and a piece of pipe to get the bolts backed off enough to get the adapter off the kingpin coupler. Today I spent 30 min working ONE bolt completely out of the adapter and this is what I found. I am in contact with etrailer to get it resolved. The bolts and the inner threads are damaged. Hopefully this is just a lemon and I will get a replacement hassle free. Other than this, this is a great design and towed well. 233183

Great product but the bolt crushing problem is a major one that I am working directly with Convert-a-ball to get fixed. They admit it is on their end and we are working on
Joe N - 12/05/2016



To be honest this adapter scared the heck out of me as I thought it wouldn't hold up and I was going to lose the trailer. I couldn't see how this adapter was as good or better than my standard 5th wheel hitch in my truck. However I was pleasantly surprised and proven wrong. We bought it because we were taking my father's truck , (Which was equipped to tow a goose-neck trailer), on a fishing trip that extended from Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Montana with the return back through Montana, Idaho and my home in Nevada. We had one problem and that was when we I tried to remove the adapter so I can tow it with my truck and standard 5th wheel hitch. It took me an hour to remove it with a lot of effort. I was amazed that it was so secure it had seemed to become part of the trailer. Since then I put the adapter back on and abandoned my traditional 5th wheel hitch. I was sold on this item. You cannot go wrong if you are shopping for such an adapter. 390060


john is my mechanic i was looking for a hitch for my 5th wheel so as also being able to keep my turn ball on . we found this. i ordered it . it is amazing it was so easy to put on that my son thought he did something wrong. this is one hell of an invention for the person that thought of it thanks. now i can use both trailers anytime i want and not mess with removing parts. 553927


Researched several products similar to this and this was the best. Received it in a few days. Exactly what I needed for my camper. Installation was easy. YouTube video was very helpful. Will recommend to anybody. 35775

what is distance from rear bumper and lower front of fifth wheel. also it looks like you ,are at a skew with your adapter, is that with all the weight lowered on to the truck. if not how well does it tow like that.
-- comment by: donnie h - 09/13/2015

The space between is about 2-1/2 feet. Plenty of room. That is how my hitch sets fully, its mostly due to me running 315s on my tires. But Ive pulled it all around the south and even up to the Great Lakes. Never once had a problem
-- comment by: John W - 09/21/2015

thankyou for your answers
-- comment by: donnie h - 09/23/2015



Product arrived as described. Was very easy to install, took about 30-45 minutes including reading the instructions. It would be nice if the bolts to secure the hitch to the collar, as well as the bolts used to adjust the height were a standard bolt head vrs a square head. Other than that very easy & straight forward. I like this adapter much better than having the traditional 5th wheel hitch taking up room in the bed of my truck. 500661


I use this adapter to move 5th wheel trailers in and out of my shop. Easy to put on and take off without a lot of trouble. Good product overall. 550797


Bought a truck with a heavy duty gooseneck hitch. Found a fifth wheel we wanted to buy. I ordered the CAB-C5G with 3 day shipping. It was here in 3 days! The unit was very heavy and the packaging was very well done. I read the instructions and gathered up the tools needed for the installation. We drove about 125 miles with it still in the box not knowing exactly what was going to happen. The seller and I took about a half hour to install it on the trailer and a few more minutes to adjust it in his driveway. Once we got it out on the road we noticed the trailer was front high. We took about 20 more minutes in a parking lot to make the final adjustments. My truck is a 2011 GMC 3500 single wheel so it is pretty high. On the road we experienced no problems on the 125 mile trip home. I was a little skeptical about how this would feel going down the road but after a little while we were doing the speed limit at 70 mph on route 93 South in NH coming out of VT. We stopped after 50 miles or so to check the torque on the bolts and it was fine. This adapter was supposed to be a short term fix until I could figure out a fifth wheel setup with the given hitch, but I think I just may like this on a longer term. With the fold over ball, I can use the bed of the truck without having to remove a big heavy hitch. This adapter is HEAVY DUTY, emphasis on heavy! Hooking up you have to have the trailer a little higher than normal to clear the ball height. Also yo do not have the luxury of the 5th wheel to guide you in if you're a little off. Mostly pros with this unit, can't come up with any cons. Great product and I would recommend it. 377549


This piece is great! I don’t have to drill any more holes in the bed of my truck to install a 5th wheel. Easily installed in about 30 minutes. I will recommend this to anyone that asks. For those looking to get one, here are the tools you’ll need to install: 19mm crowfoot 1/2” drive, 27mm crowfoot 1/2” drive, 3/8” hex 1/2” drive and a 1/2” drive torque wrench. I installed it by myself. I just back the truck underneath and lowered the kingpin down onto the adapter, after installing the kingpin ring. 563296


* Very knowledgeable staff. Great price * Easy to install * I tow a 14K lb 5th wheel * I didn't have to buy a 5th wheel, that would have taken up a lot of space 756459


Pulled my camper all across this Great Country without a single issue or complaint. Definitely recommend. 751511


I would like thank the people at etrailer for their quick service the hitch went on really fast and just like they said it would 744854

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    The reason the Convert-A-Ball Cushioned 5th-Wheel-to-Gooseneck Adapter # CAB-C5G is not recommended for use with factory-installed gooseneck prep packages on Fords from 2011-present and Ram from 2013-present is because they use gooseneck hitch ball # RP19311 that has a plastic handle on top (see photo) that folds into the hitch ball and the Convert-A-Ball # CAB-C5G has a nut on the inside that will damage the gooseneck ball. For that reason, if you wanted to use the Convert-A-Ball on...
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  • Is There A Reese Goose Box for a Lippert 1116 Pin Box
    I spoke to my contact at Lippert and gave them the serial number on your trailer frame. With this information they were able to inform me that your trailer has a Lippert 1116 wing set. Unfortunately, they do not make a Reese Goose Box compatible with this wing set. However, if you prefer to have a gooseneck hitch ball as your connection point then you can use the Convert-A-Ball Cushioned 5th-Wheel-to-Gooseneck Adapter part # CAB-C5G or part # CAB-C5GX1216. There is also a non-cushioned...
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    If your truck camper's rear Rieco jacks have contacted the front of your box trailer you'll need either a longer SuperTruss extension like the 48-inch # TLE1548 or an extra long ball mount # 80232 to increase your turning clearance. This 2-inch ball mount gives you over 15-inches of clearance from the hitch pin hole to the 1-inch diameter ball hole. If you compare this to your current ball mount you'll know how many inches of additional clearance you can add without having to swap out...
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  • Tools Needed to Install Convert-A-Ball Cushioned 5th-Wheel-to-Gooseneck Adapter
    To install the Convert-A-Ball Cushioned 5th-Wheel-to-Gooseneck Adapter # CAB-C5G referenced in your question you will just need a 3/8 inch allen wrench, a 1-1/8 inch wrench and torque wrench with a 3/4 inch 8pt socket. I have attached a couple images from the installation instructions along with an installation video that you might also find helpful.
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  • Is It Okay to Use Fifth Wheel to Gooseneck Adapter on Yellowstone RV
    Sometimes fifth wheel adapters like the # CAB-C5G void the warranty of the trailer they are installed on. That said, we've not had any issues on trailer frames caused by adapters like this so I'd doubt you'd ever have a problem but it's maybe not the most ideal solution for a full-timer. I attached an install video for this for you to check out as well.
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  • Fifth Wheel to Gooseneck Adapter for 2019 Ford F-250 with Factory Rail Kit Solution
    I still would not recommend the use of the Curt gooseneck ball part # C60692 that you referenced. Although the latch is metal like you mentioned there is still a recessed section on top of the ball that's going to interfere with the nut and over time be an issue. I know it's not the solution you are wanting but the Ranch Hitch # AM3100 is the better choice for this route. If your trailer has a Lippert pin box on it though the ultimate solution is a Reese Goose Box like part # RP94716...
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  • Recommended Gooseneck Adapter for 2004 Holiday Rambler with Venture Pin Box
    The Venture Pin Box on your 2004 Holiday Rambler Presidential will work with a gooseneck adapter. I recommend the Convert-A-Ball Cushioned 5th-Wheel-to-Gooseneck Adapter - 12" to 16" Tall - 20,000 lbs # CAB-C5G. If you have a short bed truck, then I recommend using the offset # CAB-C5GX1216 instead.
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  • Comparing The Convert-A-Ball Goosneck Adapter To The B&W Companion 5th Wheel Hitch
    The Convert-A-Ball Cushioned 5th-Wheel-to-Gooseneck Adapter - 12" to 16" Tall - 20,000 lbs, # CAB-C5G, is a good adapter, but every adapter has it's weak points. They add unnecessary stress to your hitch and trailer frame and some manufacturers recommend adapters like this not be used with their pin boxes, but they do work well for the weekend getaway from time to time as long as the manufacturer approves its use. The B&W Companion 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch - Dual Jaw - 20,000 lbs, #...
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  • Would the Convert-A-Ball Adapter Work to Tow a 36 ft Trailer with a 2011 Chevy 2500HD Silverado
    As long as your trailer is below the towing capacities of this Convert-A-Ball Multi-Cushioned 5th-Wheel-to-Gooseneck Coupler Adapter # CAB-C5G, which are 4,000 lbs tongue weight and 20,000 lbs overall trailer weight, you should have no problem using this product to tow your 36 ft fifth wheel camper with your 2011 Chevy Silverado 2500HD that has a B and W turnover gooseneck hitch installed in it. To make sure that the 12 to 16 inches of the # CAB-C5G would be the correct sizes for your...
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  • Will Convert a Ball Fifth Wheel to Gooseneck Adapter part # CAB-C5G Fit with 22 inch Tall Bed Rail
    Pin boxes typically sit down below the top of the bed rails so your rails being taller than the extended height of the Convert a Ball part # CAB-C5G shouldn't be an issue. The shadow in the picture I attached makes it somewhat hard to see but you should be able to tell that the pin box is down below the top of the bed rails and the adapter still works. Another point to consider is that fifth wheel hitch heights are never as tall as 22 inches. Most are between 13 and 17 inches in height...
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  • Towing a 5th Wheel Trailer Using an Adapter for a B&W Gooseneck Hitch
    Ideally you would use the B&W Companion hitch # BWRVK3500-5W which mounts in the ball hole of your B&W gooseneck hitch. The problem with adapters such as # CAB-C5G is that they put additional stress on the trailer. This is a result of the connection point between the trailer and the hitch being greater than using a 5th wheel hitch. The convert-A-Ball adapter will work but it is not what I would use if it were me. Another option is to use the Curt X5 adapter # 16310 and then most any...
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  • Best Adapters for Towing a 5th Wheel Trailer with Gooseneck Hitch in a 2015 Ram 2500 Short Bed
    The best 5th wheel to gooseneck adapters are the Reese Goose Boxes. There are several Goose Boxes and each fits in place of certain pin boxes. # RP94716 fits Lippert 0719, 1621 and 1621HD as well as Fabex PB-600 Series pin boxes and is rated for 16,000 pounds. # RP94720 fits Lippert 1621, and 1621HD pin boxes and is rated for 20,000 pounds. # RP94716-61301 fits Lippert 0115, 1116 and 1716 pin boxes and is rated for 16,000 pounds. But depending on the width of the trailer the...
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  • Install Instructions for the Convert-A-Ball 5th-to-Gooseneck-Adapter # CAB-C5G
    The Installation Instructions for the Convert-A-Ball Cushoined 5th-Wheel-to-Gooseneck Adapter # CAB-C5G says to tighten down the cap screws to approximately 100 ft. lbs. Keep in mind that you will need someone to help hold the adapter while someone else tightens the cap screws since the adapter weighs over 50 lbs. If you are wanting some added security for peace of mind, you can use the Master Lock Padlocks # 141T to help deter theft of your adapter. I have included a demonstration...
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  • Lock Recommendation for the Convert A Ball Fifth Wheel Gooseneck Adapter
    To lock the Convert A Ball part # CAB-C5G you could easily use a pad lock set like the part # 141T that we offer. If you check out the very end of the review video I attached for this product you will see how the padlock would get used on this adapter.
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  • Gooseneck Ball Hitch Recommendation for 2018 Ram 3500 for Use with Convert a Ball Adapter
    The adapter can't be used with the factory rail kits as the Convert a Ball damages the release lever on top of the gooseneck ball. If you do not have the factory hitch prep package you'd want the B and W Tunoverball gooseneck hitch part # BWGNRK1314. I attached install videos for both hitch setups as well.
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  • How to Install and Tighten Covert-A-Ball Cushioned 5th-Wheel-to-Gooseneck Adapter
    The allen head screws that hold the collar to the king pin on the trailer do not have a torque spec. You will tighten them down evenly using the appropriately sized allen wrench. Slide the locking collar over the the trailer king pin. Before tightening allen-head screws, rotate the collar so that the locator notch on the front of the collar is in the exact center of the front of the king pin box. Tighten each of the allen-head screws evenly, making sure the allen head screws rest on...
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  • Is there a Difference Between Part Numbers CAB-C5G and C5G1216
    There is not difference actually. The part # CAB-C5G is the part number we use here at etrailer for the Convert-A-Ball Adjustable Fifth-Wheel-to-Gooseneck Coupler Adapter. The part number that Convert-A-Ball uses is C5G1216. I attached an install video for you to check out as well.
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  • Bolt Installation for Convert-A-Ball 5th Wheel to Gooseneck Adapter
    For the Convert-A-Ball Cushioned 5th-Wheel-to-Gooseneck Adapter # CAB-C5G and the Convert-A-Ball Cushioned 5th-Wheel-to-Gooseneck Adapter w/ Offset # CAB-C5GX1216 can be attached using the bolt holes. The bolt kit comes with the offset adapter but not the straight adapter. The instructions say no need for bolts on that adapter but will provide you with the hardware at no additional charge. I've attached the installation instruction photos to assist.
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  • Torque Specs for Installing Convert-A-Ball Cushioned 5th-Wheel-to-Gooseneck Adapter
    When installing the Convert-A-Ball Cushioned 5th-Wheel-to-Gooseneck Adapter # CAB-C5G, the adjustment screws and cap screws that secure the collar to the adapter should be torqued to approximately 185 ft. lbs. This adapter will allow you to use the gooseneck hitch on your truck to tow a 5th-wheel trailer. The poly cushions will absorb shock for a smooth ride and it has a towing capacity of 20,000 pounds. I have attached an installation video so you can see exactly how everything installs...
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  • Will the Convert-A-Ball Gooseneck Coupler Adapter # CAB-C5G Handle Long Trips
    You should have no problem using the Convert-A-Ball Gooseneck Coupler Adapter, # CAB-C5G, on a 1,200 mile trip as long as the gross weight of your trailer remains under 20,000 lbs and the pin weight is under 4,000 lbs. We had one customer comment that he has been using his adapter for over 20,000 miles and it is still working great. The only note I would add to this adapter is that there will be a noticeable difference in the ride quality if you are used to towing with a fifth wheel...
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  • How Tight to Torque Down Install Bolts of Convert-A-Ball Cushioned 5th-Wheel-to-Gooseneck Adapter
    The installation instructions for the Convert-A-Ball 5th Wheel Adapter, part # CAB-C5G, specify that the cap screws should be tightened evenly, making sure the main body of the adapter moves upward toward the pin box until firmly seated. Then they should be torqued to 100-ft-lbs. Next the jamb nuts should be tightened until firmly in place, followed by attachment of the safety chains.
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  • Gooseneck to 5th Wheel Hitch Adapter for Recessed Hitch Ball on a Ford F-350 Flatbed
    I do have a few options for you but none of our Anderson 5th wheel trailer hitches will work with a recessed gooseneck hitch. Instead, I recommend taking a look at the Convert-A-Ball Cushioned 5th-Wheel-to-Gooseneck Adapter part # CAB-C5G or the Ranch Hitch Universal 5th-Wheel-to-Gooseneck Coupler Adapter part # AM3100. The Convert-A-Ball will require an opening on the truck bed where the hitch ball is located of around 7" long x 7" wide and the Ranch Adapter will require around 5-1/2"...
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  • Fifth Wheel Hitch Recommendation for 2019 Ford F-350 Short Bed with Ford Hitch Prep
    I have a solution that will work for you but honestly there isn't a great way to tow a fifth wheel trailer using a gooseneck adapter with a short bed truck. One reason is there isn't an offset ball that fits the Ford rail kits, also most of the time the offset isn't enough clearance. There really isn't a great way to gain clearance for tight turns with a gooseneck hitch like there is with fifth wheel setups. Fifth wheel options allow you to use a slider hitch to gain the needed turning...
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  • How to Decide on Best 5th Wheel Hitch
    5th wheel towing will be easier in a long bed truck such as a 2015 Ram diesel 3500 with 8-foot bed. With a long bed you do not need a slider hitch or a Sidewinder replacement pin box in order to make tight turns. The linked article will explain further about Sidewinders and sliders for use in short-bed trucks. I advise you to avoid this extra complexity and cost by selecting a long-bed truck for towing your 5th wheel. First, you'll need an install kit for the hitch that fits your particular...
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  • Fifth Wheel to Gooseneck Adapter Recommendation for a Mor/Ryde Pin Box
    The Convert-A-Ball Cushioned 5th-Wheel-to-Gooseneck Adapter # CAB-C5G that you referenced is a universal fifth wheel to gooseneck adapter that would work well on your Mor/Ryde pin box. There are no custom fit adapter that we offer designed to specifically work with the Mor/Ryde pin box, but the # CAB-C5G should work well.
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  • Is the Convert-A-Ball 5th Wheel to Gooseneck Adapter Bolted or Welded Onto the Trailer
    The Convert-A-Ball 5th wheel to gooseneck adapter, # CAB-C5G, does not require welding, bolting it into place will be secure. Adding an adapter is meant to be more temporary than permanent which is why welding is not needed. The Ranch hitch, # AM3100, also bolts on but has more mounting hole options that the Covert-A-Ball. This adapter also has a higher pin weight capacity at 6,000 pounds so I would recommend it. You will also need some safety chains, # AM3109.
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