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Convert-A-Ball Gooseneck and Fifth Wheel Adapters - Adapts Trailer - CAB-C5G Review

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Review of Convert-A-Ball Gooseneck and Fifth Wheel Adapters CAB-C5G

Speaker 1: Today, we're gonna take a look at the convertible cushion fifth wheel to gooseneck adapter. Has a 20,000 pound weight capacity. Now this fifth wheel to gooseneck adapter will let you tow your fifth wheel trailer with your gooseneck hitch. Basically, this adapter will bolt to your trailer's kingpin using this locking collar. It'll connect to the gooseball on your tow vehicle. On the inside of this adapter, there's an interior polyurethane cushion to act as a shock absorber for smooth safe ride, helps reduce bounce and vibration and will even minimize wear and tear on both your trailer and your tow vehicle.

The adjustable height of this adapter allows you fit multiple applications. If you loosen these adjustment screws right here, this will allow you to raise or lower the adaptor body. Now if you do go too high, you'll notice the red ring there. Now you want to make sure that red ring on there does not show. The red ring showing would indicate the coupler's too low to be safely connected to the adapter body.So if that red ring is showing, let me lift it up again just to show it to you, that red ring is showing, what you'll need to do is lower the trailer jacks until there's no red showing before tightening these adjustment screws and jam nuts.

Now this is a fail safe kingpin adapter, has a built in positive lock feature here to secure the trailer to your hitch ball. Right here, it's in the open position to go over the gooseneck ball. When you move it over there, it locks it to the gooseneck ball. What's nice is this comes with the steel extension handle that'll let you operate this lock from outside your truck bed. This handle will be on your driver side, so you can just loop it like that.

Then from the outside, just push your handle. Move it to the open position. Move it back to the lock position, very handy, just like that. Also what's nice, put it in the lock position. This extensional handle can be used as a latch, keeping the adapter secure.

Basically, there's a hole right here.If you run this loop on the other end through the hole, put it around the handle and then let it stay like that, it'll keep that handle from going into the open position. Also, if you want added security, that hole is large enough that you could put a padlock through there and then give you extra security that way. That padlocks we do sell separately. Now this adapter is a durable cast steel construction, has a nice rust resistant powder coat finish. Comes, as you can see with the safety chains. Comes with the locking collar we mentioned, that positive lock extension handle's also included, and a nice set of detailed installation instructions on how to install everything. A few specs on this. The towing capacity is 20,000 pounds. Pin weight capacity is 4,000 pounds. Application, it is designed to fit a standard 2 5/16 diameter gooseneck hitch ball. The adjustable height portion, this part here that we move, this'll go anywhere from 12" to 16". That's measured from the top of the gooseneck ball to the base of the kingpin box.The total height with it full collapsed like this from here to here, got a tape measure's gonna be right at about 15 1/2". Now to install this, just briefly, I just want to show you what you would go through. You'll start with this locking collar right here. This'll go over the kingpin and the glocking collar is marked. Right here, it'll say top, front, and that white line there, what you want to do is line that white line on the collar to the exact center of the front of the kingpin box. Then what you'll do is you'll notice there's three Alan bolts. You unscrew those to open it, slide it up on the kingpin, then tight that down over the kingpin, making sure this is at the center. Then with this on the kingpin, your adapter will go right on into that and then once it gets down there, you'll notice there's three indentations right here. That's where these screws will tighten down into there and hold it into place and then tighten down the jam nuts to secure it. So this will attach to this after this is installed on your kingpin.Then once that's all done, now when you do install this, you want to make sure there's a label here that says front and one here that says front. That front label will face the tow vehicle and make sure your red locking handle's on the driver's side of the tow vehicle in the open position. Then it's ready to install, so basically then what you'll do is just raise your trailer with this adapter attached, back your tow vehicle under the trailer, centering the adapter, and then lower the trailer to a leveled towing position. Loosen these adjustment screws and then lower the ball cup over the ball. Then make sure it's all connected properly. Put it in the lock position. When you undo that, you want to make sure as I mentioned before that there's no red showing on the adapter body. Then go ahead and tighten your adjustment screws and jam nuts. You'll be all ready to go. Of course, don't forget to hook up your safety chains. But that should do for the review on the convertible cushion fifth wheel to gooseneck adapter with a 20,000 pound weight capacity.

Chris B.


How tight should the Alan bolts be????

Les D.


I looked at the installation instructions from the manufacturer and they said, "Tighten each of the Allen-head screws evenly, making sure the Allen head screws rest on the bottom lip of the trailer king pin. Firmly seat the Allen-head screws flush with the surface of the collar. If screws are not flush, loosen and re-tightened evenly." They did not provide a torque rating, only that you tighten until flush.



I have the adapter . bought another 36’ fifth wheel camper but it has and air ride suspension on fifth wheel but with adapter it jerks at stops and take off ? What should do ?

Victoria B.


Most air ride pin boxes, like those from Trailair, are not designed or intended to be used with any kind of adapters, such as this one from Convert-a-Ball. If you can let me know what kind of gooseneck hitch you have in your truck and the bed length, I will see if we have another kind of adapter that may work better for you.

Russell L.


Will that work with an air ride 5th wheel n my RV?

Etrailer Expert

Jon G.


The Trailair Air Ride isn't supposed to be used with any kind of adapter. If you can tell me what your pin box number is though (like 1621 or 0719 found on your sticker of the pin box) then I can see if we have any alternatives for you.

John M.


It does not show or say anything about how much side to side and front to back swivel it will have at the base! That is very important when selling this item. I am very interested in purchasimg this item but need to know more about what I have mentioned. Thank you.

Etrailer Expert

Chris R.


I'm not quite sure what you mean by the swivel movement. The Convert-A-Ball adapter will only rotate around the gooseneck ball like a standard coupler - it doesn't itself swivel. The only movement with the actual adapter will be some up/down compression because of the inner polyurethane cushions.

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