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and let me say... your website was a joy to navigate... I have spent days searching the net for hitch accessories related to 1 1/4" hitches.... stumbled across yours and Bingo!!! everything I was looking for except a Phillies receiver cover... lots of MLB teams but sadly nothing for Philly. I truly appreciate they way you classified the items by their size application. I will look to you for all future hitch related needs. Thanx again... can't wait to get my order, your shipping cost are very reasonable. Wayne


Allentown, PA

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Pop and Lock Tailgate Lock Installation - 2012 Toyota Tacoma

Today on our 2012 Toyota Tacoma, well install the Pop & Lock Custom Tailgate Lock, part number PAL8521. First well start by opening up the rear tailgate and remove the removable fasteners securing the rear tailgate cover. Then well remove the rear tailgate cover and set aside all for reinstallation later. As you can see, this will expose the backside of the rear tailgate handle and wiring for the backup camera. Now well go ahead and remove the driver side rod from the handle assembly. Well simply remove the red tab and remove the rod.

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