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I ordered the hidden hitch for my jeep and a 10foot cable with a lock. I ordered it one day and it was here in just a few more. Great service and a quality product. Thank you


Jacksonville, NC

Toyota Tacoma Locks Videos

Pop & Lock Custom Tailgate Lock Installation - 2015 Toyota Tacoma

Today on our 2015 Toyota Tacoma we're going to review and install the pop and lock custom tailgate lock, Part Number PAL-8540. All right. This is what the pop and lock looks like when it's installed on your truck. Very similar or actually identical to the original lock that it will replace. The original tailgate lock has a camera, it has an option for that so you don't lose it and it goes right back to its original spot. A very similar latch right here to open it up and it also has a key lock that actually works with the original key.

Pop and Lock Locking Tailgate Handle Installation - 2015 Toyota Tacoma

Today on our 2015 Toyota Tacoma we're going to show you how to install the Pop & Lock Custom Locking Tailgate Handle. This has the black finish and a manual lock. Part number is PAL5500. Turning counter-clockwise and bringing our key back to center will allow us to remove it, and our tailgate will remain unlocked. When we're ready to seal everything up, turn it that other way, which would be clockwise, bring it back to center, and now while the handle will still move, it's not actually going to work the mechanism and open our tailgate up. Now, the first thing we want to do is get a T30 Torx bit, and we're going to start removing the screws here on the back of the tailgate holding on the access panel. We can set those aside. We're going to lift up on the bottom of the access panel, and then slide it toward the tailgate, just like that.

Pop and Lock Tailgate Lock Installation - 2012 Toyota Tacoma

Today on our 2012 Toyota Tacoma, well install the Pop & Lock Custom Tailgate Lock, part number PAL8521. First well start by opening up the rear tailgate and remove the removable fasteners securing the rear tailgate cover. Then well remove the rear tailgate cover and set aside all for reinstallation later. As you can see, this will expose the backside of the rear tailgate handle and wiring for the backup camera. Now well go ahead and remove the driver side rod from the handle assembly. Well simply remove the red tab and remove the rod.

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