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Toyota Suspension Enhancement

Rubber spring and air ride suspension enhancement systems from Firestone, Air Lift, Super Springs, and Timbren will help your Toyota drive and tow better. We offer a range of kits that produce progressive or adjustable suspension enhancement while your Toyota is being used to carry a load. These kits are custom fit to match your vehicle and install easily.

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Toyota Tacoma Vehicle Suspension Videos

Firestone Ride-Rite Air Helper Springs Installation - 2011 Toyota Tacoma

Today on this 2011 Toyota Tacoma we're going to install part number F2407 from Firestone. This is our Ride Rite Air helper spring. To start off our install we're going to go ahead and lower our spare tire to get that out of our way. We're also going to raise the truck up by the axle and remove the two rear wheels. Now our next step is to go ahead and remove the joust that's above the spring. Now it doesn't pop up so we have to cut it.

Firestone Ride-Rite Air Helper Springs Installation - 2009 Toyota Tacoma

Today working on a 2009 Toyota Tacoma, were going to install the Firestone Air Helper Spring Kit, part number F2407. Youre going to have to remove the rear wheels and the spare tire to make it easier to install. Our first step, we actually have to remove the manufacturers jaunt stop. What were going to do is cut it even with top of the bolt. Im cutting off the jaunt stop. You can use a hacksaw or a sawzaw which is what were going to use, makes it a little easier, a little quicker than using hacksaw.

Toyota Tacoma Vehicle Suspension Questions and Answers

  • Will Timbren Springs Fit a 2005 Toyota Tacoma with Modified Rear Suspension
  • Timbren springs # TTORTUN4 are designed for a 2005 Toyota Tacoma with 4 leaf springs on the rear suspension. If you have additional leaf springs then this kit would not fit because it sits between the leaf spring stack and the bump stop bracket. But you mentioned that there is 7 inches of clearance from the frame to the top of the leaf spring stack below. The Timbren kit requires 6-1/4 inches to fit so it does not seem like there would be interference. Make sure that when you took the measure
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  • Best Rear Axle Suspension Kit for 1998 Toyota Tacoma 4x4 SR5 Extended Bed
  • The Super Springs Custom Suspension Stabilizer and Sway-Control Kit you referenced, part # SSA7, is a fit for the 2-wheel-drive non-Pre-Runner version of the 1998 Toyota Tacoma, but this kit will not fit your 4X4. A comparable product from Super Springs that will fit the 4WD non-Pre-Runner is part # SSA18. This bolt-on kit installs above your factory leaf springs without drilling required. Helper leaf springs like these are a good choice for frequent towing or hauling of heavy loads. They can
    view full answer...

  • Towing Capacity of a 2013 Toyota Tacoma 4.0 Double Cab 4x4 with Factory Tow Package
  • I can help you out, no problem. What you are going to want to look at is the towing capacities of the truck. You need to know the gross combined weight rating. This is the most the vehicle, including cargo and occupants, plus the trailer can weigh. This information is usually in the owners manual or on a sticker in the door jamb. Looking at an online copy of the owners manual the 4 liter V6 model of the 2013 Toyota Tacoma with 4-wheel drive could have one of several capacities depending on t
    view full answer...

  • Correct Frame to Suspension Clearance for the Air Bags from the Air Lift Ride Control Kit # AL59561
  • I have some information that will help us determine if the air bags included with the Air Lift Ride Control Helper Springs, # AL59561, will work for you, however, we have not received any complaints of these air bags being too tall or causing fit issues. I also spoke with my contact at Air Lift and they have not received any complaints either. The air bag part # 58482 is the correct air bag for the Air Lift Ride Control kit # AL59561. To determine if these air bags will fit, without raising
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  • 2014 Toyota Tacoma Vehicle Suspension Enhancement Recommendation to Prevent Compression or Sagging
  • According to my contacts at Super Springs both the # SSA7 or # SSA1 are confirmed as fit for your 2014 Toyota Tacoma 2 Wheel Drive Access model. However, if you have a Pre-Runner edition of this truck, then the # SSA19 is what you will need. You are correct that the Super Springs # SSA7 is a heavier duty application suspension stabilizer and this will engage when the vehicle suspension is under a load and it will not engage until the vehicle suspension is placed under an additional 1,100 pou
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  • Overall Height of Timbren Suspension Enhancement Springs # TTORTUN4 for a 2010 Toyota Tacoma
  • I went out to the warehouse and actually pulled 2 possible fits for your 2010 Toyota Tacoma. First, for Timbren springs # TTORTUN4, the overall height from the bottom of the bracket to the top of the spring is approximately 5 inches. The other kit I pulled was # TTORTUN4L. This kit is a bit shorter at 4-1/2 to 4-5/8 inches tall overall. I have included links to hte isntructions for both kits as well as a link to our FAQ article on Timbren systems for you.
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  • Will Timbren Rear Suspension Enhancement Fit 2010 Toyota Tacoma 4X4 Quad Cab Short Bed SR5 PickUp
  • My technical contact at Timbren confirmed that the Timbren Suspension Enhancement # TTORTUN4 that you referenced will work well on your 2010 Toyota Tacoma because you previously added that fourth leaf spring. The difference between the # TTORTUN4 and the # TTORTUN4L which is designed for vehicles with three leaf springs is 1/2 inch so because you added the extra leaf you can use the original part you picked out. I have attached a FAQ article covering Timbren as well as the installation in
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  • SuperSprings Custom Suspension Stabilizer and Sway-Control Kit for a 2013 Toyota Tacoma Pre-Runner
  • The SuperSprings Custom Suspension Stabilizer and Sway-Control Kit that you will want for your 2013 Toyota Tacoma Pre-Runner model is part # SSA19. The stabilizer and sway-control kit that you referenced was designed for the non Pre-Runner models. There are a few installation notes for the Pre-Runner models. The factory bump stop must be removed to install this kit on your truck and the square shackle is to be used at the rear of the vehicle. You will notice that the edge of the rear shackle
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  • Do the Factory Bump Stops Get Reinstalled After Installing SuperSprings on a 2011 Toyota Tacoma
  • The factory bump stops on the 2011 Toyota Tacoma will be removed and not reused. The bump stops will no longer be required because the SuperSprings, # SSA19, will be taking care of all the work. Bump stops are no longer required. We have many options for suspension enhancement for your truck and I have included a link to the options for you.
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  • Where Does Timbren Suspension Enhancement Install on a 2012 Toyota Tacoma
  • The Timbren suspension system # TTORTUN4 installs directly over the center of the rear axle and leaf spring stack. Take a look at the picture I have included to see where it will go on your truck.
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  • What Air Lift Suspension Products Fit 2005 Toyota Tacoma 4X4 TRD
  • Your 2005 Toyota Tacoma 4X4 TRD (non-Pre-Runner) double-cab pickup can be fitted with both front-axle and rear-axle suspension enhancement products. For example, if you regularly use a snow plow or front-mounted winch you can use Timbren front suspension jounce springs # TTOFTUN4. These offer no-drilling bolt-on installation and replace the axle bump stops on the truck frame to provide progressive resistance under load, but do not otherwise affect the ride of the vehicle. For rear-axle pr
    view full answer...

  • Where Does Air Lift Suspension Enhancement Install on a 2013 Toyota Tacoma Double Cab TRD
  • The picture you have submitted looks like it is behind the rear axle on the passengers side like you have said but this is not where the the Air Lift air bags, # AL59561, will install. They will install forward of the rear axle but that portion of the frame is not visible in the picture. I have included a picture from the instructions to indicate the position and location of the system.
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  • Rear Suspension Enhancement Options for 2004 Toyota Tacoma 4X4 Double Cab with Camper Shell
  • There are several types of rear suspension enhancement kits available for your 2004 Toyota Tacoma 4X4. These include adjustable air springs, jounce-style rubber or urethane springs and helper leaf springs. The link provided will show you all available rear-axle suspension kits for your 2004 Tacoma 4WD. These vary in price and installation complexity. Note that none of these products will increase the weight-carrying capacity of your vehicle. Air-spring kits are more costly and complex to inst
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  • What Suspension Kit to Correct Sagging Rear End on 2002 Toyota Tacoma During Occasional Towing
  • As you noted there are several different types of rear axle suspension enhancement products for your 2002 Toyota Tacoma: air-springs, rubber bump-stop springs and helper leaf springs such as the Super Springs # SSA18. Air-spring kits are more complex to install and require regular checks to maintain their required minimum pressure, but offer adjust-ability to suit changing tow and cargo loads. Rubber springs are not adjustable but do offer progressive resistance as the load increases, are re
    view full answer...

  • Will Firestone Ride-Rite Rear Air Helper Springs, Part # F2407, Fit 2013 Toyota Tacoma V6 Double Cab
  • I confirmed with Firestone the fit of this suspension kit with the 2013 Toyota Tacoma 4WD. Firestone does show that their Ride-Rite Rear Air Helper Spring, part # F2407, fits both 2WD PreRunner as well as 4WD versions up through model year 2013. If you wish you can review the included instructions and linked video demonstrating installation in a 2011 Tacoma. Please note that this part does not include a compressor/gauge, available as part # F2158 (single gauge and function) or part # F2178 (d
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  • Will Installing Suspension Enhancement Prevent Spring Failure on a 2007 Toyota Tacoma
  • Adding suspension enhancement products like # SSA1 will prolong the life of the factory suspension (provided that it is in good working condition when the system is installed). But if you exceed the capacities of the truck and/or the suspension enhancement used then that is going to take its toll on the vehicle and could still lead to failure. What suspension enhancement does is assist the factory suspension so it does not have to work as hard. That is why it prolongs the suspension life. It
    view full answer...

  • How to Install the SuperSprings # SSA7 on a 2011 Toyota Tacoma With Factory Springs Under the Axle
  • To install the SuperSprings, # SSA7, on your 2011 Toyota Tacoma with factory springs mounted under the axle, you will position the spring above the axle and connect the front and rear shackles to the factory leaf springs. The center of the spring will be above the axle as shown in the photo that I attached. I have also attached the instructions that details the installation process for you to check out.
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  • Is the Air Lift Ride Control Air Helper Springs a Complete Kit for a 2001 Toyota Tacoma
  • The Air Lift Ride Control Air Helper Springs, # AL59537, is a complete kit for your 2001 Toyota Tacoma, however, some drilling will be necessary. If you haul heavy loads with your truck, then it is recommended to install a spacer on the jounce bumper strike plate. The spacer is provided, but you will need to drill a 3/8 inch hole in the jounce bumper strike plate to install the spacer. You will also have to drill into the sides of the frame rail to install the upper bracket. There will be fi
    view full answer...

  • Comparing Air Spring and Leaf Spring Suspension Enhancement for a 2005 Toyota Tacoma
  • Since you will be towing a travel trailer, which is a static load that does not change weights all of the time, I recommend going with leaf springs, see link. If you have a 2 wheel drive model that is not a Pre-Runner, go with # SSA1 for 2,000 pound capacity or # SSA7 for 3,000 pound capacity. For a 2 wheel drive Pre-Runner OR a 4 wheel drive model that is not a Pre-Runner, go with # SSA19. Air springs are great if you will be carrying varying load sizes and types so that you can level the
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  • What are the Correct SuperSprings Suspension Enhancement for a 2007 Toyota Tacoma 2 Wheel Drive
  • If your 2007 Toyota Tacoma is not a Pre-Runner, you can use the SuperSprings Custom Suspension Stabilizer and Sway-Control Kit, # SSA1. If it is a Pre-Runner, you would use # SSA19. I have included a link to all of the suspension enhancement options for a 2007 Toyota Tacoma for you.
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  • Will SuperSprings Suspension # SSA1 Interfere with Emergency Brake Cables on a 2001 Toyota Tacoma
  • When installing Super Springs Suspension Enhancement, # SSA1, anything that that is in the area where the springs will mount will need to be relocated, if possible, so that the action of the spring does not damage it. I have included a link to the installation details for you to view so you can get a better idea of where the springs will be once installed.
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  • Rear Suspension Enhancement Recommendation for a 1995 Toyota Tacoma
  • For your application with an extra leaf spring already installed on the 1995 Toyota Tacoma, I would go with the Timbren Rear Suspension Enhancement System, # TTORTAC4A. It will not affect the empty ride of the vehicle, the springs get more rigid under load for more support, they are easy to install, and they are very cost effective. Since you will be on a lot of back roads, the added bonus of these springs acting as additional shocks will help out with ride quality as well. I have included a
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  • Using a Weight Distribution System to Level a 2006 Toyota Tacoma and Cargo Trailer
  • The best way to reduce sag at the rear of a vehicle when towing a trailer is to use weight distribution. I recommend a system that has built-in dual cam sway control to prevent trailer sway before it starts. For the right sized system, you will need to know the tongue weight and gross trailer weight of the trailer when it is fully loaded and ready to tow. For example, if the tongue weight of the trailer is 400 pounds, you would need a system with a 200 to 600 pound tongue weight capacity. You
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  • What Is the Installation Like for Timbren Springs on a Toyota Tacoma
  • The install for the Timbren Rubber Enhancement Springs, part # TTORTUN4L, is fairly easy, just one bolt and nut to install the spring and bracket. It bolts in the same location as the factory bump stop. You will just need to jack under the frame of the truck to relieve the tension on the suspension. Remove the bump stop, 1 bolt and nut, and finally install the Timbren spring again with 1 nut and bolt. Repeat on the other side. I have included a link to the directions. I have added links to a
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