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Upgrade your current bumper or replace a damaged one with a custom-fit replacement bumper by Westin. Westin's Perfect Match series are a great alternative to expensive OEM bumpers, and many feature no-drill mounting kits for the easiest installation. Whether you are looking for style or utility, we offer the right bumper for your budget and needs, custom designed for a perfect fit on your vehicle. Constructed with high strength steel, these bumpers are sure to give you the looks and performance to enjoy for years to come!

Find the perfect fit for your vehicle by entering the year, make, and model to the left. We offer replacement bumpers for many popular vehicle manufacturers like Ford, Chevy, Dodge, GMC, and Toyota.

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Toyota Tacoma Bumper Videos

Westin Perfect Match Rear Step Bumper Installation - 2000 Toyota Tacoma

On this 2000 Toyota Tacoma we're going to review and install part number 31018. This western perfect match series rear step bumper. This is what our original bumper looks like on the vehicle, as you can see it has seen better days so we're going to replace the entire bumper with a new one. All right this is what our new bumper looks like once installed on our Tacoma. Of course first off you notice that's the exact same style bumper that was on there origanilly. Except minus all the ruffles. Everythng is going to be pretty much the same as the original bumper, again the tread on the top of the bumper is going to be the same shape, and also the tread pattern is going to be the same on top of that so it has a bumper capacity for towing if you use it for that. Comes complete with all new hardware needed to install your license plate. It also comes with a plug for the hole for the bumper if you ever put a hitch ball in there.

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