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Expert Answers about Deezee

  • Replacement Install Hardware for DeeZee Tailgate Assist # DZ43301
  • We offer a replacement hardware kit, part # BKT43301 that includes all the hardware, minus the gas shock. The nutsert that installs into the side of the tailgate that provides an attachment point for the shock isn't sold as a separate item.
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  • Could Holes be Cut in DeeZee Bedmat # DZ87012 and Used with B&W Companion
  • Yes, you could cut holes in the DeeZee bed mat part # DZ87012 and then use a Companion hitch with it.
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  • Utility Trailer Upgrades: Toolbox, LED Taillights, and Spare Tire Holder
  • The Dee Zee Specialty tool box # DZ6535P should work as a tongue tool box for your trailer dimensions. The overall dimensions of this tool box are: 35 inches long by 14 inches wide by 13 inches tall. Please check these measurements with your trailer and make sure that the full square portion of the tool box will not interfere with the turning/backing radius of your trailer. This toolbox has a capacity of 3.6 cubic feet. When you relocate the cargo that you are carrying in the tool boxes...
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  • Recommended Invis-A-Rack And Tonneau Compatible For 2017 Ford F-150 With 5-1/2 Foot Bed
  • The DeeZee Invis-A-Rack Folding Ladder Rack - Black Powder Coated Aluminum - 500 lbs # DZ951550 is confirmed to fit your 2017 Ford F-150 with 5-1/2 foot bed. For your tonneau you will want the TruXedo Lo Pro QT Soft Tonneau Cover for Invis-A-Rack Folding Ladder Rack # TX597797. This cover is specifically fit for this Invis-A-Rack compatibility and it will work with bed cargo management system. This combination makes a very nice system.
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  • Storage Box Recommendation for the Tongue of a PWC Trailer
  • For a small lockable storage box for your PWC trailer I would recommend the DeeZee Toolbox part # DZDB-2600. The dimensions of this box are 24" long x 18" wide x 18" tall. Attaching it requires a little bit of creativity, the easiest way to do this would be to use U-bolts that are large enough to fit the tongue of your trailer. Email me back with the dimensions of your trailer tongue and I will see if we carry a U-bolt that would fit.
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  • How to Determine if a Truck Bed Tool Box with Fit with a 5th Wheel Hitch
  • The best way to determine if a truck bed toolbox will fit with a fifth wheel hitch is to measure the space you have available in your truck bed and compare that to the width of the tool box. The DeeZee Specialty Series Transfer Tank/Toolbox, # DZ91740, that you referenced is 18 inches wide. As long as you have 18 inches from the inside of the front wall of your truck bed to the front edge of the forward fifth wheel base rail (see photo), then the tool box will fit when you are towing your...
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  • How Does DeeZee Tailgate Assist for Chevy Silverado # DZ43100 Install on Truck Body
  • The DeeZee Tailgate Assist for Chevy Silverado # DZ43100 installs without drilling on the drivers-side of your truck using the included hardware. Installation consists of removing two OEM bolts, one near the hinge and one where the cable attaches, with a 13mm socket and installing the included post stud and shock. You do not need to modify the vehicle (again, no drilling and no cutting) and all required parts for complete installation are included in the kit.
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  • Carrying 2 Batteries and 2 Propane Tanks on a Trailer Tongue
  • Propane tanks can't be store inside of an enclosed container like a toolbox. If they build enough pressure it has to vent out to open air. That is why the plastic propane tank covers you see on trailers are open at the bottom. I recommend a traditional dual tank cover, # CAM40523, for the propane tanks so you are nice and safe there. The batteries can go into a box. I recommend box # TLA7708R which is designed for batteries. It is 26-3/4 inches long, 8-3/16 inches wide, and 13 inches...
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  • How to Use the 7 Way Plug to Power a Fuel Pump
  • Good news! I can help you wire your 12 volt fuel pump to work with your 7 way vehicle plug. To accomplish this task you will need a few things: 7-way plug # A7WCB 10 gauge wire # 10-2-1 2 pole flat wiring # HM47965 butt connectors # DW05745-5 an electric pump, we offer a 15 gallons per minute pump # 110000-107 or a 8 gallons per minute pump # 137100-01 First thing you will want to do is wire the 7 way plug with the 10 gauge wire to the ground and 12 volt power wire. The 12 volt...
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  • Will Two 20-lb Propane Tanks Fit Inside DeeZee Specialty Series Trailer Tongue Toolbox # DZ91717P
  • The Dee Zee Plastic A-Frame Trailer Tool Box, part # DZ91717P, has an exterior height of 17-3/4-inches. Its interior height will be approximately 1-1/2 inches shorter according to my contact at Dee Zee. I measured a standard 20-lb propane tank here at our facility and it measures 18 inches tall, including the circular guard around the valve. This will be too tall to fit within the Dee Zee tool box. We do offer a larger 7.24 cubic foot trailer tool box from Dee Zee, the aluminum #...
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  • Could the DeeZee Tailgate Assist # DZ43301 be Removed Easily for Tailgate Removal
  • Once installed the DeeZee Tailgate Assist # DZ43301 could be pretty easily removed so that you could take your tailgate off for your camper. The only component that you would need to remove would be the shock absorber that attaches to the bed rail and truck bed. The shock just snaps off and on so it would be pretty easy. Check out the install video I attached for more info.
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  • Can Storage Boxes be Mounted on Front of V-Nose Trailer
  • We have seen people mount storage boxes on either side of the nose of a V-nose trailer like what you see in the picture I attached. The part # DZ91717P would work well if you have room for it like that. The dimensions of the box are 36" long (back) x 18" long (front) x 19-1/2" wide x 17-3/4" tall.
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  • Truck Bed Mat for 2017 Ford F-250 Super Duty with Factory 5th Wheel Prep Package
  • The bed mats we have for your 2017 Ford F-250 Super Duty 6-3/4 Foot Bed (without factory step gate) are shown on the linked page. None of these is pre-cut for the factory 5th wheel prep package pucks but it is not too hard to trim these mats. You will want to be certain that you completely clear away any mat material that could get in between the hitch base and the bed. The hitch must make a direct connection to the truck without any mat material in between.
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  • Height of DeeZee Running Boards on 2017 Ford F-250 Super Duty 4x4 Crew Cab
  • Modern running boards and nerf bars are fairly tight to the body of the vehicle and # DZ16121-16327 for your 2017 Ford F-250 is no exception. From the bottom of the truck body to the top of the step is no more than a couple of inches. I included a picture as an example.
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  • Installation of DeeZee Trailer Tongue Tool Box # DZ91716
  • The DeeZee Trailer Tongue Tool Box does not feature pre drilled holes, but the included sheet metal screws can be used to secure the box to the trailer tongue. The instructions call for 3/16 inch holes to be drilled through the bottom of the box into the trailer frame. Make sure you avoid any wires that might be running along the trailer frame. You can see the installation instructions by clicking the provided link. You could use u-bolts if you wish.
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  • Is Replacemebnt Nutsert Available For DZ43200 Tailgate
  • We offer the nutsert as part of the Replacement Bracket Kit for DZ43200 Tailgate, part # BKT43200. This kit includes the ball mount plate, torx wrench, nutsert tool, nutsert, and ball mount. We unfortunately do not offer the nutsert as a separate item.
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  • Replacement Tool Box T-Handle for a DeeZee Specialty Series Underbody Toolbox
  • I spoke to my contact at DeeZee and for Specialty Series Underbody Toolbox # DZDB-2602 you would need handle # DZK2702STC. This handle is for the steel boxes. The other handle, # DZK2702ST, only works on the aluminum boxes.
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  • Will Honda Generator Fit In DeeZee Trailer Tongue Toolbox
  • The DeeZee Specialty Seres Tongue Toolbox measures 36 inches(back) x 18 inches(front) x 19-1/2 inches wide x 17-3/4 inches tall, and has a lockable hasp. This is designed to be able to sit on a trailer tongue and has the hardware included. From my research I found that the Honda EU2000 generator measures 20.1 inches X 11.4 inches X 16.7 inches. You should have enough room in the toolbox to hold the generator. I have attached a link to a product review video and an installation video...
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  • 2014 Chevy Silverado Tool Box to Fit Under Tonneau Cover
  • Check out the DeeZee Red Label Truck Bed Toolbox # DZ8546. This has been confirmed to fit your 2014 Chevy Silverado 1500 with a 6-1/2 foot bed and should fit well under your tonneau cover. I attached a picture that a customer sent us that shows his toolbox fitting under his tonneau. The dimensions of this box are 46-1/2" Long x 19" wide x 15-9/10" tall. I attached a review video for you to check out as well.
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  • Installing DeeZee Aluminum Headache and Ladder Rack # DZ95050-54 on 2010 Ford F150
  • According to the included installation instructions, the rear rack attaches to the top of the bed rail via the stake pocket and by one hole drilled on each side of the mounting flange into the inner lip of the bed rail. The front headache rack will install in exactly the same manner.
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  • Will DeeZee Headache Rack Fit 2017 Ram Dually with an 8 Foot Bed
  • The DeeZee Headache Rack # DZ95058 will fit your 2017 Ram dually. It fits all the 2500 and 3500 2017 Rams as long as they aren't equipped with RamBox.
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  • Gravity Fed Auxiliary Fuel Line Kit for a DeeZee Transfer Tank on a Chevrolet Silverado Duramax
  • DeeZee offers fuel line connector kits for the Specialty Series Transfer Tank, # DZ91740. These kits are used to connect the auxiliary tank to your vehicle's fuel line and refuels your diesel tank though a gravity feed system. These products are for diesel fuel operation only. Part # DZ97961 will fit Chevy Silverado trucks made from 1999 - 2010. If you have a 2011 or newer, you will use part # DZ97960.
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  • Recommend DeeZee Underbody Toolbox That Has Dual Support Cables and Latches In 3 Places
  • I contacted our representative at DeeZee about the Specialty Series Underbody Toolbox, part # DZ75. He informed me that it does open 90 degrees and has chain supports on each end not cables. Part # DZ75, only latches in 1 place and has 1 handle. The representative did inform me that they do have a Underbody Toolbox that meets your requirements, DeeZee Specialty Series Underbody Toolbox, part # DZDB-2602, except the outside is steel and has a black powder coat paint finish. Part...
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  • Installing Truck Bed Toolbox on Toyota Tacoma
  • The typical mounting method for a truck bed tool box, whether it be a steel or a composite bed, would be to use a J-hook. You would drill a hole in the bottom of the portion of the toolbox that rests on the truck bed side, and insert J-hooks through to secure the box to the bedside. The hook would catch on the underside of the bed side, as shown in the photo I have edited for you.
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  • Will DeeZee Custom-Fit Truck Bed Mat fit on Top of Bed Liner on a Ford F-150 With 5-1/2 Foot Bed
  • I spoke with my contact at DeeZee and they said that the DeeZee Custom-Fit Truck Bed Mat will fit on a truck bed that has a bed liner installed. This bed mat is a 3/8 inch thick, heavyweight material that will lay on top of your factory bed liner. The DeeZee Custom-Fit Truck Bed Mat, part # DZ86928, will fit the 2004 to 2012 Ford F-150 with 5-1/2 foot standard size bed.
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  • Will DeeZee Tailgate Assist # DZ43300 Fit 2014 Dodge Ram 1500 Pickup
  • The DeeZee Tailgate Assist, part # DZ43300 is designed to fit Dodge Ram Pickups through 2009. I recommend part # DZ43301 for your 2014 Dodge Ram 1500. This features an easy no-drill installation, and the built-in shock absorber is designed to help control the drop of your tailgate.
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  • Will 48 inch Sheets of Plywood Fit in a Truck Bed that has DeeZee Wheel Well Toolboxes
  • In order to determine if you will still have enough room to haul a 48 inch wide piece of plywood you will need to measure the width of your truck bed. You will want to measure from inside of the bed rails. And since each of the DeeZee Specialty Series Tool Box # DZ94 and the driver side tool box # DZ95 are 7-3/4 inches wide you will need to subtract 15-1/2 inches from the width you measured previously and if that is more than 48 inches you will know if you will be able to carrry 48 inch...
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  • Will a Headache Rack Fit on a Truck with a TruXedo Tonneau Cover Installed
  • You would not be able to use the DeeZee headache rack with a TruXedo tonneau cover because the rails are covered and they would interfere with each other. You might be able to use # MT70234 since it bolts to the tops of the bed sides and the brackets do not come over the bed sides.
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  • Bed Mats for a 2014 Ram with 5-1/2 Foot Bed
  • It sounds like you have the 5-1/2 foot bed which is the really short bed on the 2014 Ram. If your truck does not have the Rambox feature then use bed mat # BMT09CCS, # A25040169 or # DZ86996. If your truck does have the Rambox feature then you can use # BMT09BXS, # DZ86996 (fits with or without Rambox), or # A25040199.
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  • A-Frame Trailer Box to Fit Batteries on Tongue of Trailer
  • The DeeZee Specialty Series Trailer Tongue Toolbox # DZ91716 may be what you're looking for. It measures 34 inches long in the back, 16 inches long in front, 14-1/4 inches wide and 18 inches tall. It's a 3.71 cubic foot box that locks and comes with two keys. Since you're going to be storing batteries in it you'll want some sort of ventilation. An idea is to install a vent like # HMAV2-AVT2 into the box. You won't have any issues fitting your batteries inside but you'll need to...
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