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DeeZee 5th Wheel Toolbox Review

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Review of the DeeZee 5th Wheel Toolbox

Today we'll be taking a look at the Dee Zee Red Label Truck Bed Toolbox in the fifth wheel design in the utility chest style in a wide body, part number DZ8560WB. You will notice that this truck box is in a black powder coat finish. It is actually built out of a bright thread aluminum that then has a black powder coat finish covering it completely. It gives a nice clean look to it as well as a little bit of shine. The black powder coat finish compliments many different truck styles. This truck box is rated at 14.9 cubic feet.

It is built out of a one piece front bottom and back solid piece so there's no welds on the front bottom or back.The end of it is the only area where there's welds with the black powder coat finish. You can't even see the welds. It blends in nicely. The lid is a one piece lid. When you lift the handle here, the paddle-style handle, the whole lid lifts up.

There are two paddle-style handles, one on either side. You can open up the box from either side. While there is two different handles on the box, there is only a lock on one side but since both handles are tied together, you'll only need to lock one side. Those come with two keys. They are keyed the same.

If we turn it 90 degrees and you can no longer open the lid to the box.You will notice that there is a V-shape built into the box here. This is for added strength and rigidity to the box. There's another one on the backside of the box. Here on the backside, we have a V-Shape built into the box. Again, this is for added strength and rigidity to the box.

You'll also notice how it has a step piece here. This is to allow for the lid to open and not hit the front portion of your bed of your vehicle. There's also a recessed one-piece hinge that runs the full-length of the lid. It's hard to see being that this box is black. It blends in really nice. Now that we've gone over the outside features of the box, let' go ahead and go into the inside and show you what's in there.Simply raise the paddle handle. You'll notice how this move. What this is actually a self-aligning pin so that even if it's over this way, when you close the box, you got a secure close and it latches right every time. You'll also notice in here is a black close foam strip that runs all the way around the internal portion of the lid. This helps keep water and dirt and debris from getting into the box. The lid has also two gas shocks attached, one on each side. It helps you raise and lower the lid as well as keep the lid in the open position when the top of the box is open. It's kind of hard to see here but there are two additional V's here built into the underside of the lid on this box.Those again are designed to add and rigidity to the lid itself. This allows us so that some extra weight is possibly set on the top, it doesn't crush in the top part of the box. Let's go ahead and go over a few internal measurements as well some outside dimensions. Start here by going over with the width with the lid open is for just under 20 inches wide. If you remember because of the back has the step in piece, the lid opening will be actually a bit narrower than overall width of the box. The length of the box on the internal is about 59 inches of opening. We have a height of approximately 18 inches.The overall height with the lid closed is just under 19.5 inches. We have an overall length of just over 60 inches or 5 foot. If you remember I talked about how here we have this dimple in so the internal lid width is a little bit less than the overall width of the box. The overall width of the box is about 24 inches. It's a good idea to get an extra set of hands up. You lift the box up into the vehicle. You'll notice the box is wider than the wheel well and it's also difficult to get in past the tail gate so you'll have to lift it up over that and set it into the bed of the truck. Because we're not actually installing this as a permanent installation, we're doing just a quick review of it.I'm going to show you a few extra parts that come with the tuck box. There's these two foam strips. They have two-sided tape on the back. If you choose to mount the box permanently, you can attach these foam strips to the underside and then you use these self-tapping screws to screw the box down to the bed of your vehicle. This box can be mounted in either the front portion of the bed or up close to the cab. Because this box is a wide box design, this box needs to be used in along bed pickup truck not a short bed. It's also designed to be used in conjunction with the fifth wheel hitch.The box will fit either in front of the fifth wheel hitch or it can be used behind the fifth wheel hitch towards the tailgate area. And with that, that will conclude our quick look at the Dee Zee Red Label Truck Box in a utility chest style in a wide body, part number DZ8560WB. .

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