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DeeZee Narrow Crossover Truck Bed Toolbox Review

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Review of the DeeZee Narrow Crossover Truck Bed Toolbox

Today we're going to be taking a look at the DZ specialty series truck tool box, in the narrow cross-over style, made out of aluminum, with 5.75 cubic feet, part number DZ6170N. This DZ specialty truck bed tool box is made of a rust proof, light tread aluminum construction. It is ideal for short bed, crew cab pick-ups or when you want just a little more space in your truck bed, yet still want to have a truck bed tool box. Let's go ahead and go over a few features of our DZ specialty series truck bed tool box. As you can see here, the box is completely covered in the bright tread aluminum, giving it a very nice appearance, as well as a nice texture to the box. By the box being as narrow as it is, it allows it to fit easily in a crew cab bed pick-up, a short bed pick-up, or if you want just a little extra room in your 8 foot bed pick-up. As you can see, the box has 2 handles. The box has a handle on this side, which is the driver's side, or the passenger's side here.

The box can be opened up from either handle. We'll unlatch the box. The box does have a lock built in, but it is only here over on the driver's side, so can steal 1:09 the box. It comes with two keys. They are keyed the same.

If we put the key in, now with our key in the lock, you can see our box still opens. Simply turn the key. Notice you can't unlock it, because the two handles are actually tied together by an internal mechanism. Come over here on the passenger's side. You can pull on the handle, but it does not unlock the lid.

There is just one lock, that you have to turn. It will lock both the driver and the passenger side handle. It has these paddle style handles that make it easy to get your fingers in and unlatch the box. Let's go ahead and install our new DZ truck box into our vehicle. We'll go over a few more features. Go ahead and we'll take our box.

Set it into place. We want to make sure that we center the box on the edge of the bed rail here. On this one, got there, go ahead and come over to this side. We're pretty close to being centered on this particular vehicle. With the lid closed, from the top of the bed rail here, we're a little over 5 1/2 inches tall, so you'll gain a little over 5 1/2 inches of height, from the top of your bed rail to the top of the box, with the lid closed. With the box in the open position, you gain just under 5 inches from the top of your bed rail. Again, with the box lid open, we have about 12 inches of width. The area that overhangs your truck bed side rail, about 5 1/2 inches. 5 1/2 inches from the end of the box, over, is where the bottom of the box will step down. When you measure from the bottom of the box, to this lip here, with the lid open, you have approximately 14 inches of depth. With the lid opened, the overall width of the box is about 69 3/4 inches wide. With the lid in the closed position, we'll have an overall width of about 70 3/4 inches and a width of about 12 3/4 inches. The DZ truck box does come with these gas shocks, to help hold the lid up, as well as control it as it rises. There is one on each side of the box lid, giving complete support to the lid. It'll hold the lid up in place, so that you can get in and gain access to your material or items that may be stored in the box. Another feature is, it's a completely adjustable locking mechanism here. You can slide in the track, as well as pivot it side to side, as well as adjust the striker pin up and down, in case if you need to adjust how tight the box closes. You'll also notice that there's a built in strength piece here. It's welded into the underside of the lid, giving extra strength to the lid, and keeping it from being dented, if you accidentally put too much pressure on the lid. You'll also notice here on the front edge of the box, there is another built-in piece, for added stability. You can see when you pull the passenger side handle, the bar connects both of the latches. If you would pull on the driver's side, it'll open up the passenger's side. Some other features of the box is there's a closed cell foam seal that goes around the lid, giving you a water tight seal, as well as a one piece piano style hinge that runs all the way across the lid, giving you a little added security. You can see here, we'll lock our truck box. It'll go against this latch here. With it in the lock position, you're unable to pull it. Put the key in and unlock it. Now, we're able to pull it and you'll see how the latch opens. You'll see the bar that runs over to the passenger side. It unlatches that latch as well. As you can see here, wherever a seam or 2 pieces of metal have to come together, it's completely welded, giving you a nice water-tight, as well as a strong corner or joint. There is no rivets used to secure the front, back, side or bottom together. It is all welded. In the front, the bottom and the back of the box are all stamped out of one piece. The only part that is actually welded are both the ends, as well as the corners on the top of the box. Everything else is made out of a one piece aluminum. To mount the truck box to your bed of your vehicle, we'll be using these J bolts. You can see here how they've got a loop. This actually hooks underneath the edge of your bed. The only drilling required is actually one small hole on either side of the box. I'll go ahead and take our 3 inch drill bit, which is the same size as our J hooks. We'll go ahead and drill out a hole. Here's how the hardware will go on, once our J bolt is installed in the box. You can see here, how the J hook hooks underneath the edge of the underside of the bed rail, as it goes through the box. Take our flat washer, followed by our lock washer. Finally, our hex nut. We'll then go ahead and tighten it down, so that you make sure that the J portion hooks underneath the side of your bed. Once that's tightened down, we'll use the socket here. Well put our rubber cover back on top of it. It will ultimately look just like this. We'll go ahead and repeat the same process over here on the other side. The truck box comes with a foam strip. It's actually applied to the underside of the truck box, so that you have a little protection between the truck box and the edge of your truck bed. We'll go ahead and center it up on our truck box. We'll peel the backing off and stick the foam strip underneath the truck box. We'll then go ahead and make sure that the adhesive fully sticks to the underside of the box, keeping the foam strip in place. Well go ahead and repeat the same process over here on the other side of the box. With that, that will conclude our quick look at the DZ specialty series truck bed tool box in the narrow cross over design, with 5.75 cubic feet of storage capacity, part number DZ6170N. .

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