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DeeZee Oval Tube Steps Review

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Review of the DeeZee Oval Tube Steps

Rob: Rob here at Today you're going to be taking a look at the Dee Zee line of six inch oval tube steps. When it comes to steps on your truck, they're going to serve two different purposes. The one is going to be pretty obvious. It's going to give us an additional step so we can get in or out of our truck easier, but also it's gonna give us a unique way that we can make our truck own. It's gonna have a very big styling effect, so whether you're looking for a rugged look for your truck or a nice clean, streamlined look, there's a lot of different options when it comes to tube steps.

Our Dee Zee steps are going to come in four different colors. We're going to have the textured black like we have here. It's almost a flat black or a carbine look to it. Then we're going to have a stainless steel, and then we'll have a diamond tread pattern, which is going to come in black and as well as stainless steel.Depending on what size cab you have on your truck, if you have a crew cab with a full four doors, the extended cab with the two doors, or a regular cab with no backseat, our steps are gonna come in three different sizes. We'll have a 57 inch for the shorter cabs.

With a regular cab we'll have a 73, for the extended cab all the way up to an 86 for the crew cabs. With all those sizes and colors available there is going to be an option that'll look good on your truck. Whether you want that subtle look with a flat black where it kind of blends in, because black does kind of go with everything, or if you have some polished wheels or chrome bumpers on your truck, the polished stainless steel would look really nice and compliment all those. Our Dee Zee steps are going to be a full six inches wide. So, we'll have plenty of room to get our foot on there and step up into the truck.The tread piece, you can see here it's going to be five inches wide and it's pretty long.

So we have plenty of space to get our foot on there and have confidence that we're not going to slip when we're getting in or out. On each end of our board we're going to have this plastic end cap. That's not only going to protect the inside of the board, but it's also going to give it a nice, clean appearance. Just kind of rounded over and smoothed over, has a more overall finished look. Now whenever you're looking for running boards for your truck, the boards are going to be sold separately, but you can buy it as a kit as well that will come with the brackets and hardware to get it installed.One of the things I like the most about our steps is the fact that we're not going to have to drill anything at all.

We're going to use all factory holes. We may need to put a U nut in place, but we're not going to have to drill or permanently modify anything at all. When it comes to the construction of our boards, the black textured finish as well as the stainless steel polished finish are gonna be made out of steel, and it's either going to have this black powder coat finish or a stainless steel overlay on. Now the diamond tread pattern, both the black and the bright finish, are going to be made out of aluminum. However, both of them are made extremely corrosion and rust resistant. Now running boards not only are going to help you get in and out, but they're going to help you reach the top of your roof.Now if you have a roof rack or you have anything mounted up there, it's going to be a lot easier to reach. Plus just washing your truck, getting up here can be a hassle, but you can see I've got plenty of ground clearance getting up here so I can reach. Also, as you can see I can walk across the back, reach anything in my bed that I may need that may be towards the back here. Since our boards have a 350 pound weight capacity, I have a lot of confidence walking across here, not having to worry about anything. Now, one thing I really like about running boards on a truck is the fact that when you get out of your truck, because what most people don't realize is without that running board there, we're reaching really far and we end up sliding out of the seats.Well over time, the edge of our seat here is going to get worn out. It's gonna get a lot softer and a lot flatter, but with running boards, we can simply actually step into our truck and we're not squishing the seats. Same thing when we're getting out. We have a step here so we can step up and stand up and not have to worry about damaging the seat over time. Again, I'm Rob here and that'll finish up your look at the Dee Zee six inch oval tube steps.

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