Ram Trailer Tow Prep Package

Fifth-wheel hitch mounted on part RP30154 on Ram Tow Prep

Ram offers an underbed mounting system for fifth-wheel hitches as an option on new trucks starting in 2013. This system is designed for maximum convenience and versatility. The entire mounting system is located underneath your truck bed - no parts extend above it. The system will let you hook up a fifth-wheel hitch or a gooseneck ball.

The underbed mounts give you full access to your truck bed when you're not towing. When you want to tow, you install a hitch that fits into the pucks in the bed, or you can get an adapter that fits into the pucks and has slots to fit any standard fifth-wheel hitch.

Fifth-Wheel Adapters and Hitches

RP30154 adapter for mounting industry standard fifth-wheel hitches on Ram Tow Prep Package B&W hitch for Ram Tow Prep Package

To install most industry standard fifth-wheel hitches available at etrailer.com on your Ram truck with factory tow prep package, you'll need to install part number RP30154 (rails), pictured above left. This part removes easily so you can still have a clutter-free bed when you're not towing. Hitches that fit directly to the factory mounts without the need for a separate adapter are available (pictured above right). Refer to the following table to find out more about these hitches.

Fifth-Wheel Hitches That Fit Ram Factory Tow Package Directly
Curt E16 with Slide Bar Jaw - 16,000lbs - C16515-16021
Curt Q16 with Dual Jaw - 16,000lbs - C16520-16021
Curt Q24 with Dual Jaw - 24,000lbs - C16545-16021
B&W Companion with Dual Jaw - 25,000lbs - BWRVK3600

Gooseneck Ball

RP30140 gooseneck ball for Ram OEM fifth-wheel hitches and 
gooseneck Tow Prep Package

A gooseneck ball that fits the Ram underbed mounting system is available. See part number RP30140, pictured above, for a gooseneck ball that comes with 2 safety chain hookups, a plug for the gooseneck ball hole, and a carry bag.

Questions and Comments about this Article

David S.

I have a 2028 Ram 3500 Dually and was wondering if anybody made non-plastic puck covers for when the hitch is not installed? Hoping for an aluminum billet type puck cover. Thank you in advance. 102540

Reply from Jon G.

I believe you mean 2018 Ram 3500? The Puck Plug Covers # 58199 have been reported to fit the actual openings for the pucks, but not necessarily the entire holes. Aside from this we don't have anything else. 75475

Bryan P.

Will this kit work with 2017 power wagon? 99232

Reply from Jon G.

The puck system on your Power Wagon will have the same dimensions as the regular pickup so you can use any of these kits just fine. 73788

Ken D.

I bought the Demco 6099 adapter for my 2020 Ram. Poor engineering. I wish I would have spent the extra on the Reese. If I ever get the Demco to fit my Ram I sure hope the hitch fits. 99203

Reply from Jon G.

You have a 2500 or 3500 correct? If you're having trouble fitting the adapter to your truck then you might need to remove the shims like the instructions state at the very end. 73786

Reply from Ken D.

@JonG My instructions do not say that but I saw that online and will try that next time. Do I remove all of them? 73787

Reply from Ken D.

@JonG It is a 2500 and I was wrong about the instructions. It is on there about the shims. I will try that tonight. The problem seems to be the width. I should mention too that one bolt hole has a burr and will not accept a bolt so I'll have to tap that out. 73799

Reply from Jon G.

@KenD Thank you for the info. Let me know what happens either way. If you aren't able to get it to work that is probably a warranty thing but I can check with my contact at Demco should that be the case. 73821

Reply from Ken D.

@JonG what I have determined is either the pucks on my Ram are off a tad or the hitch is. I'm not sure which yet. It was no help removing the shims. Thebfront fits good but the rear is off by about 1/8 inch. 73832

Reply from Ken D.

@JonG It's the hitch. The front pegs are 39" center to center same as the pucks. Rear pegs are 38 7/8 73833

Reply from Jon G.

@KenD I'm glad you were able to figure out why it wasn't fitting properly. That sounds like something that falls under the warranty so I'd pursue that. If you purchased this through us you can either reach out to customer service or let me know your order number and I can have them reach out to you. 73839

David M.

I have a RBW xtreme slider lil rocker 5th wheel that I am trying to install in a 2015 Ram 2500 that is 6 1/2 ft bed with OEM pre package set up. Which installation kit will work with this hitch? 98865

Reply from Jon G.

We have the Demco Adapter # DM6099 which might work but you'll need to confirm on your end that your RBW Lil' Rocker has mounting points that are either 20-1/2" or 29" apart from each other (side-to-side). I know some of the RBW 5th wheel hitches used unique mounting methods but I'm not sure which models. 73597

Danny H.

I have a 2019 Ram 3500 , Cummins powered, 74 inches when i measure the inside of the box. No under bed rails are on the truck, i need this to keep the box free and clear. Is a option available out there to accomplish this ? I quite simply do not want anything obstructive in the box when not towing via the 5th wheel. Thanks to all for your help 97989

Reply from Jon G.

To keep the bed clear on your 2019 Ram 3500 you want to go with the B&W Gooseneck Hitch # BWGNRK1320-5W and then use the sliding B&W Companion # BWRVK3400-5W . This is actually considered one of the best towing setups on the market and the sliding hitch will allow you to have enough clearance when you make some tight turns with your rig. 73062

Kurt D.

Great article, Jason-thank you. With that, we’re considering moving up from a 2006 Dodge Cummins 3500 SRW Laramie longbed to a 2018-2019 version of the same with the 5th wheel Tow Package for the XLR Nitro 321 we have on order. The ‘06 has a Reese Elite 18-will that mount in the ‘18 without extensive motifications? Thank you, Jason, for sharing your knowledge and expertise with us! 96534

Reply from Jon G.

The Reese Elite 18K # RP30142 that you currently have is designed to fit the Elite Underbed kit or a Ford OEM puck system. As of right now there isn't an Elite Underbed kit from Reese for the 2018-2019 Ram 3500 but you can swap that out with their 20K Reese M5 # RP30918 which fits the OEM puck system on either of those model years with the 8' bed. 71265

Tim P.

I have a pro series 15k hitch looking for mounting rails for this hitch to fit a 2020 ram 2500 with 6 1/2 bed and puck set up already in bed from factory 84400

Reply from Chris R.

To use your Pro Series 15K hitch in your new 2020 Ram 2500 all you need is the Rail Adapter # RP30154 . This will drop into those factory pucks and provide industry-standard rails to which the Pro Series will mount. 67635

John H.

Can you keep the standard lockable Ram tailgate while towing a 5th wheel trailer with these hitches? 81791

Reply from Chris R.

As long as you have the recommended 5 to 6" of clearance between the bed rails and trailer you shouldn't have any issues with the factory Ram tailgate when towing a 5th wheel. 67218

Jason S.

How much height does the adapter add compared to above bed rails ?For Example a Curt A16 Item # C16120 mounted with Curt Custom Brackets Item # C16427-204Reese Adapter Item # RP30154 Factory PucksDemco Rail Adapter Item # DM6099 Factory PucksI assume the direct fit Curt A16 hitch Item # C16520-16021 the listed height range is accurate at 14-18? 64338

Reply from Jason S.

The Demco 5th Wheel Rail Adapter # DM6099 will add 1-3/8" to height of hitch. So if you put the Curt A16 # C16120 on that adapter it will give you a total height adjustable from 14-3/8" to 18-3/8". The Reese Adapter # RP30154 will add 2 inches so you'd be looking at 16" to 20" total height. The direct puck hitch # C16520-16021 you mentioned is accurate at 14"- 18" directly. 54560



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