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Pollak 7 Pole to 4 Way Connector Adapter

Item # PK12716

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pollak wiring 7 blade 4 flat pole to way connector adapter
pollak wiring adapters 7 blade pole to 4 way connector adapter
pollak wiring single-function adapter 7 blade
pollak wiring single-function adapter 7 blade pk12716

In Use/Installed

wiring pollak adapters single-function adapter 7 pole to 4 way connector
wiring pollak adapters 7 blade pk12716
wiring pollak adapters 7 blade pole to 4 way connector adapter
wiring pollak adapters single-function adapter in use

Customer Photos

pollak wiring adapters 7 blade pk12716
pollak wiring adapters 7 blade pk12716
pollak wiring adapters 7 blade pk12716

  • Wiring Adapters
  • Single-Function Adapter
  • 7 Blade
  • 4 Flat
  • Plug Only
  • Pollak
Quickly and easily convert a 7-pole, RV-style connector to a 4-way, flat connector with this RV connector adapter. Adapter has a non-corrosive nylon shell. Lowest Prices for the best wiring from Pollak. Pollak 7 Pole to 4 Way Connector Adapter part number PK12716 can be ordered online at or call 800-298-8924 for expert service.

Pollak Wiring - PK12716

Quickly and easily convert a 7-pole, RV-style connector to a 4-way, flat connector with this RV connector adapter. Adapter has a non-corrosive nylon shell.


  • 7-Pole RV connector to 4-way flat adapter
    • Promotes quick and easy conversion of 7-pole, RV-style connector to 4-way flat connector
    • Allows 1 vehicle to tow either campers or boat trailers without electrical brakes
    • Connects Ground, Left Turn, Right Turn and Stop circuits
  • Tethered cap for protection from sand, dirt and moisture
  • Non-corrosive nylon shell and insert


  • Application: Vehicles with 7-pole connectors
  • 1-Year limited warranty

This adapter will make the two trailer connectors pictured below work together.

7-Way socket
7-Pole Connector Socket on vehicle
4-Pole plug
4-Way connector on trailer

12-716 Pollak 7-Way to 4-Way Connector Adapter
Replaces 37358

Economy - This item

Pollak 7 Pole to 4 Way Connector Adapter

Pollak 7 Pole to 4 Way Connector Adapter
Pollak Wiring

409 reviews

Code: PK12716

In Stock

Our Price: $10.13

  • Wiring
  • Wiring Adapters
  • Single-Function Adapter
  • 7 Blade
  • Plug Only
  • 4 Flat
  • Pollak

Quickly and easily convert a 7-pole, RV-style connector to a 4-way, flat connector with this RV connector adapter. Adapter has a non-corrosive nylon shell.

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Video of Pollak 7 Pole to 4 Way Connector Adapter

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Pollak Wiring PK12716 Review

Today we're going to be reviewing part number PK12716. This is the Pollak 7-Pole to 4-Pole Connector Adapter. This adapter is going to promote quick and easy conversion of your 7-pole plug to a 4-pole flat connector. You can see here that this is going to connect to the 7-pole adapter. This only got 4 pins so it's just going to send through the functions of the 4-way flat that it needs to. Then on this side, you're going to be able to undo the dust cap.

It's going to expose your 4-way flat and then you can connect your 4-way flat connector to this connection here and then have full access to the connection in the towing application that you need. It's going to allow one vehicle to tow, either campers or boat trailers, without electrical brakes. This is going to connect the ground, left turn, right turn and stop circuits. Again, it's got that nice tethered cap for protection from sand, dirt and moisture. It's all about protecting those connection point. That cap is attached to the socket, that way you don't have to worry about misplacing it or losing it. This unit is made from a non-corrosive nylon shell and insert.

It's going to be highly resistant to rust and corrosion, providing many years of use. It is small enough, that way you can leave it connected if you're just . For short term reasons or you can fully disconnect it, put this in the glove box or the center console in your vehicle or a storage compartment of your RV. You always have it handy, ready to be pulled out and use it anytime. When it comes to the application, this is designed to be used with vehicles with 7-pole connectors. Real quick, I just want to go over few of the measurements of you.

The overall length of the unit measuring from end to end is going to be about 3-3/4 of an inch and the other measurement is basically self explanatory. It is designed to fit into the 7-way connector. I just want to give you an idea of how much length you're going to have sticking out once it is connected. It's got the nice little key lock up here, that way you can make sure that it slides into the appropriate groove on the 7-way socket. Just line that up, center at the 12 o'clock position, push it in until it snaps into place and then that lid is going to snap over the end here, which is going to hold the connector firmly in place, making sure that nothing comes in between the connection points on the socket and the connector. It's got the nice pull tabs right here. That way you can get easy grip on it and easily disconnect the unit from the connection.

That's going to do it for today's review of part number PK12716. This is the Pollak 7-Pole to 4-Pole Connector Adapter. .

Customer Reviews

Pollak 7 Pole to 4 Way Connector Adapter - PK12716

Average Customer Rating:  4.9 out of 5 stars   (409 Customer Reviews)

Quickly and easily convert a 7-pole, RV-style connector to a 4-way, flat connector with this RV connector adapter. Adapter has a non-corrosive nylon shell.

- PK12716

by: Walt R07/23/2013

The adapter works GREAT and the shipping was very fast! Thank you!!!! 91061


Worked great thank you!

Walt R - 01/21/2015


- PK12716

by: Michael K05/01/2013

I put the kit in this morning. It probably took 15-20 minutes plus the time it took to drill the hole for the receptacle itself. I have two comments. 1. I had put the module in the place directed and then realized that I had two fuse plugs in the box, so I took it back out and put those in. 2. It is quite difficult to get the "cap" off the wiring under the rear bumper. I probably struggled with that more than any other single thing. After completing the job, I plugged the 7 to 4 wire converter in and hooked it to one of my trailers and everything worked the way it was supposed to. Honda is really ripping people off with what they are doing. Please see my previous email to you. Thanks for your great product, You can bet that I'll be sending business your way, 78548

- PK12716

by: Mike F.09/16/2015

This item is just what I needed to connect my four pin trailer connector to my truck receptacle. Easy to install and remove for storage. I love it!!!!!! 225818


Thank you very much for the follow-up email. I love the product and it isworking out just great.

Mike F - 09/15/2016


- PK12716

by: WG2106/16/2015

Only place I could call and speak to someone that could actually receive dimensions and transfer them to part numbers that worked great. Katy W. was the best. Thanks so much! 203842


Great thanks

WG21 - 06/15/2016


- PK12716

by: Ken Davis07/01/2015

It's just what I was looking for at a very good price. The delivery was very quick. I am pleased with this sight and have order more items. 208643


Its still working great no complaints.

Ken D - 06/30/2016


- PK12716

by: David C08/26/2013

Great product.... able to plug in your 4wire plug from trailer to your 7wire plug on your vehicle. 97107


still on the vehicle and has been used all year. working out GREAT!!!

David C - 08/26/2014


- PK12716

by: Ken B01/23/2017

Although I am commenting on this product, I actually would like to comment on the following products. I purchased a brake system, tow bar, base plates and wire harness from etrailer. All of my orders were filled in a timely manner. When I reached out for technical assistance, the advisors were readily accessible. All of the products were installed by me. All of the products were very easy to install by using the video and instructions. 337851

- PK12716

by: Gary C.03/17/2014

Product is exactly what I needed. Thank you. 120921


Patrick - thanks for reaching out. Everything is working just fine. No problems or concerns.

Gary C - 03/23/2015


- PK12716

by: Brian L11/17/2014

Makes life a little easier than having to jury rig this adapter A good product, thanks 161282


Could not be better

Brian L - 11/17/2015


- PK12716

by: Rick O09/18/2013

Just what I wanted works great 100507


It worked out great I keep it in the glove box untill I need it

Rick O - 09/18/2014


- PK12716

by: rosie11/09/2012

worked as advertised 59146


The product still works great and looks like a factory installed device

rosie - 05/10/2014


- PK12716

by: Jaye F.05/25/2015

Haven't used it yet, but it showed up quick and looks good. 196732


Still working great.

Jaye F - 05/26/2016


- PK12716

by: James H.07/04/2013

I required this adapter to convert the factory 7 pole harness on my VW Tiguan to match the 4 pole connector on my trailer. I was especially drawn to this adapter given that the vehicle harness has the Pollak name brand printed on it. The adapter "feels" like it is made well and the fit is confidence inspiring. I was quite pleased when I finished connecting my trailer through this adapter and everything worked perfectly on the first use of it. I have now towed three times (reconnecting and disconnecting after each use) and have absolutely no complaints. 87747

- PK12716

by: Anthony F03/01/2013

Fits perfectly, and it works. 68298


Still working great.

Anthony F - 08/30/2014


- PK12716

by: John K.04/19/2017

This adapter comes in real handy when you get ready to leave the boat ramp after a great day on the water and find your lights not working. Unfortunately the little flat connector looses contact occasionally because of wear and corrosion. Just plug this adapter into the barrel socket (on most trucks) and now there is a fresh and clean connection. I have only used mine twice so far to get me home, so I could repair my truck plug, but I was real happy to have it when I needed it. 369481

- PK12716

by: RockPaddle Knives02/19/2017

This product has been great. I purchased the multi-pin trailer wiring kit, and 4-pin adapter plug. By also purchasing the vehicles specific wiring harness, instalation was quick and easy! I chose to mount this through my bumber, instead of using the included bracket for a more factory finished look, and to avoud ripping off the mount while on rought terrain. This system works great and is much more affordable than factory parts. I highly recommend! 345641

- PK12716

by: Phil R.09/22/2015

In a day and age when expectations are so low, eTrailer understands that the "customer service" bar shouldn't simply be laid on the ground to trip over. The product was an OEM match to my '14 NIssan Pathfinder socket - so no question about the fit or quality match. Shipping (at a premium) was easy - arrived next day (but my fault for waiting too long to order it). Well done, eTrailer...well done. 226965

- PK12716

by: Bill D12/24/2015

I have a 2014 Buick Enclave. The dealership wanted to charge me approximately $100 for their product. I was told to try Tractor Supply and I did, but the inventory was limited and the employee was not very knowledgeable about product information and what I needed. E.trailer was very helpful, product knowledgeable and very, very reasonably priced. The product arrived quickly and works great. Thanks again. 234181

- PK12716

by: Jim S.04/27/2012

Purchased this for my 2010 Toyota Tacoma truck with factory towing package. Needed adapter from the RV style plug to the standard trailer 4 prong plug. eTrailer experience excellent. Plug seems to fit loose into the socket on truck but really isn't. The socket cover comes down and there is a tab on the adapter that fits into a space on the cover, preventing the adapter from coming out of the socket. Nice! 38560

- PK12716

by: Belladonna03/10/2017

The product purchased itself was of quality yet I was not pleased because the setup was for a 2012 Honda Pilot and the connector behind the bumper did not allow for and easy and seamless installation. I had to jury rig it so that I would have a connection to my trailer. If I had to do over, I would have paid extra and went to the HONDA dealer and purchased it there. 355347

- PK12716

by: Jimmie03/04/2013

Every item that was purchased was installed within 15 minutes with ease no PROBLEMS at all LOOKS ausume on the truck and adds value also I will buy from etrailer again price was right and super fast shipping. Thanks again etrailer 68730

- PK12716

by: Curtis R04/09/2017

I was in search for a 7 pole to 4 way connector and really had no idea they existed until I came across etrailer web site and there it was. I ordered it, received it in a fast turn around and installed it, tested it and worked just like the doctor ordered and just like they said it would. Thanks etrailer!! Curtis R. 364896

- PK12716

by: Ron B12/11/2015

I had an old 7 way with the 4 way mounted on my truck. It broke so I replaced it with a 7 way I had laying around. I bought this to have the use of a 4 way connector. Product is as listed. Extremely fast shipping. I will now use Etrailer for all of my trailer parts instead of driving an hour to the parts store. 233564

- PK12716

by: Jim M.03/26/2016

I bought this converter because the used Jeep I recently purchased had the towing package. I have a utility trailer and did not needed all the connections provided by the factory connector. The adapter allowed me to just plug my trailer wires into it and go. No rewiring and changing plugs. Excellent product. 241792

- PK12716

by: Jon M12/27/2010

7 wire to 4 wire adapter I tried using a cheaper, trailer rental outlet adapter but the fit was terrible. This is solid and worth every penny if you need an adapter. Website made it easy to find and service was solid as well. I will be back for more. I also like the wiring tips and videos. Thanks a lot! 4674

- PK12716

by: Robert W.04/17/2015

The product, Honda trailer wiring harness, was received in good condition, well packed and on time. Katie D. did an excellent job in assisting me with my order, and making sure that everything was in order. Which it was !! Thank you etrailer, you have found a new customer ... Bob W. 322371

- PK12716

by: Garry S.03/19/2015

The product works great but more important was the service at etrailer. I was about to order the wrong part until your service advisor asked me a few questions and guided me to the correct part. I will use etrailer in the future for parts and have already recommended to friends, 179831

- PK12716

by: Ed C09/10/2016

The Curt custom hitch and the T-One custom wiring harness for my 2016 Honda Pilot were exact fits. Easy DIY install for me. Package came by UPS in fine shape for its size and weight. Have been using eTrailer for a while now, products and customer service are always first rate. 293880

- PK12716

by: Laura04/20/2015

My son ordered this for an old boat trailer he's been reviving. He had picked one up at a local auto store that didn't work. We were thrilled when this one arrived a day ahead of schedule. Plugged it in and headed straight to the lake for his revamped boats' maiden voyage ! 186557

- PK12716

by: Brent04/29/2014

This part worked perfectly to convert a 7-pole to 4-pole light adapter for my new Nissan Pathfinder. The dealer was going to charge over $100 and this was all I needed since I have surge brakes on my trailer. If you have electric trailer brakes, this is not what you need. 127981

- PK12716

by: Randy D.10/08/2013

Shipped fast and arrived on schedule. I plugged the unit into the factory seven pole outlet on my truck and connected the four pole tailer connector and everything worked the first time. Hard to argue with success. I would recommend this product and etrailer as a company. 103066

- PK12716

by: Kevin j04/28/2016

Not only did it come on time, but the purchase was based on the recommendation of etrailer. Boom, fit like a glove Spot On folks, recommending the 7 pin to a 4 way connection adapter was my answer. I won't need to look any further for my next issue Thanks 247423

- PK12716

by: Don B06/25/2014

My plug was shipped the same day I ordered it and was received on the day they said I would get it. Plug is very good quality and I'm pleased with my purchase. I had bought a trailer wiring harness at the same time and was very pleased with that also. 137606

- PK12716

by: Scott G07/15/2016

7 pin adapter has good fit in socket, and really liked the dust cover for the 4 pin side. Really great adapter and at a good price! My '05 Chevy 2500HD came only with a 7 pin, this adapter now let's me pull my smaller trailer with brake and tail lights! 272101

- PK12716

by: Danny05/05/2016

I received my order in a very timely manor, everything was perfect. Everything fit just like it was suppose to. I often wonder when reading reviews if they are written by an employee. Well I do not work for etrailer.Com but I am very impressed it them 248523

- PK12716

by: Norm C06/08/2017

Very well made adaptor, perfect fit in my Ram 1500 factory seven blade socket. Completely solved a problem I had with the truck's spring loaded socket cover breaking wires on 4 pole plugs. As always, good price and fast shipping from 390572

- PK12716

by: Dave06/09/2012

I have not hooked the trailer to it yet but my test light shows all the connections are good. Much better than the previous plug I had. Just make sure you push it far enough for the retention tab on tje cover of your main plug to keep it in place 43435

- PK12716

by: David S.07/09/2013

I needed the Pollak 7 Pole to 4 Pole connector adapter to connect my Thule 684 Terrapin cargo box to my 2012 MB GL 450. I hooked it up last night and the adapter works perfectly. All lighting functions on the Thule are working as designed. 88500

- PK12716

by: Tom K08/31/2016

I've hooked it up to the truck but not the trailer yet. So far it seems to be of good quality and workmanship. Definitely heavy duty. I'll update this review if any problems arise, but I don't expect any. Looks like a great product! 289608


Works fine. I towed my utility trailer with my Honda pickup. The Honda was pre-wired with the 7-pin and the trailer is 4-flat. I dont use it often, but the few times I have it has done what its supposed to. It forms nice tight connections, so Im not worried about it coming loose or shorting out due to rain or anything.

Tom K - 08/31/2017


- PK12716

by: Joe P.05/10/2011

I recently purchased a new GMC truck and it had a factory installed towing system. It had a Pollak 7 pole socket installed at the factory. I needed an adapter so I ordered this one. It is the exact perfect adapter I needed to do the job. 13141

- PK12716

by: Duane A.01/06/2017

Great product & even better info thanks to Dustin E. He really had all the answers to my questions.He made a install that was a little confusing, simple.Every part was right,went together easily & worked when done.Thank-you. 333047

- PK12716

by: Dick F.06/16/2016

We got this to fit with the Polack connector to go from 7 flat to 4 round. It fits snug and works great. I looked at the Hopkins, which is one piece and probably good too. I just like the sturdiness of the Polak products. 261873

- PK12716

by: TaShawne P.07/27/2017

Installation picture 411367

- PK12716

by: John J07/08/2016

I purchased this product to replace a defective item and it appears that it will not fail the same way the previous one did. The old one would push one of the contacts back into the unit so it would not make connection. 269473



John J - 07/08/2017


- PK12716

by: Bill P.08/24/2015

Item works as described. Just plug and go. Quick release. Very convenient. I have an 8 ft. utility trailer, and a 22 ft. boat that I trailer. Both have 4-way flat plugs. No rewiring necessary. A very good design indeed. 221477

- PK12716

by: John A06/07/2012

Great service. You are missing incredible customer service if you do not purchase from these people. This comes in a time when there is not customer servicer anymore. These people actually care. Wow, Thanks etrailer. 43215

- PK12716

by: Vic M.03/10/2011

Perfect - fit just like you said. I am not so mechanically savey but your descriptions of "if you have this, you can use this" made it so simple, and shipping was super fast. Dealt with before and will deal with again! 9007

- PK12716

by: Jeffo05/17/2012

Purchased two new trucks that came prewired for RV plugs and the ole trailer had a 4 pin flat plug. This worked like a charm and saved me alot of time having to rewire the trailer with an RV plug. Well worth the money. 40831

- PK12716

by: Stan G.12/13/2013

Ordering was simple and delivery was on time. Haven't use the product yet but it'seems to be what I needed to convert my Honda Pilot's 7 pole plug to use a 4 pole plug from a trailer. Will follow-up when I use it. 110097

- PK12716

by: BILLYGOAT07/07/2011


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  • 7-Way Trailer Connector for a 2013 Honda Pilot
  • Since you never really know what you might end up needing to tow, I would install the 7-Way, # 118265, on your 2013 Honda Pilot. Then if you needed to tow a trailer that had a 4-Way flat you can just plug in an adapter, # PK12716. This is much easier than installing a 4-Way and then using an adapter to go to a 7-Way, which would require more work to get it all functional.
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  • What is Needed to Install a 7-Way on a 2008 Chrysler Town & Country
  • To install a 7-way on your 2008 Chrysler Town and Country you will first need to install the Tow Ready Custom Fit Vehicle Wiring # 118552 that you referenced. I attached installation instructions and an installation video for you to check out. If there are not trailer brakes on the trailer you plan on towing you could just use a 4-way to 7-way adapter like a Pollak 7 Pole to 4 Pole Connector Adapter # PK12716 and you would be ready to go. If you have trailer brakes you will need to...
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  • 7-Way to 5-Way Adapter for a Honda Pilot with 7-Way and Trailer with 5 Pin Connector
  • A 5-pin round connector is pretty rare, are you sure you do not have a 6-pin, 5 pins in a circle with one pin in the center? Having both trailers work with your 7-way connector on the Pilot will be pretty easy. You will need a 4 pole to 7-way adapter, part # PK12716. This will allow you to tow the trailer with the 4 pole connector with no problem. For your trailer with the 5 pin round connector, you will have to make a wiring modification to the trailer because of the separate brake...
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  • 7-Way on Vehicle to 4-Way Trailer Plug Type Adapter for a 2004 GMC Envoy SLT
  • The Adapter 7 Pole to 4 Pole with Tester and Cover, # 47345, will fit your 2004 GMC Envoy SLT, as long as the factory plug is a 7-Way, blade type (and it more than likely is). We also have the Pollak 7 Pole to 4 Pole Connector Adapter, # PK12716. Another option is the Adapter 7 Pole to 4 Pole with LED Nite-Glow (TM), # 37335 (kind of neat as it lights up with the taillights). There are several more. I have included a link below that will take you to them.
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  • Items Needed to Replace and Relocate a Broken OEM 7-Pin Plug on a 2007 Toyota Tundra
  • There are several options for installing a 7-way or 7-Way and 4-Way at the rear of your 2007 Toyota Tundra. I will list the options below, so you can determine which will be the best option for relocating your connector to the bumper of your vehicle. The Pollak 7- and 4-Pole Trailer Connector Socket w/ Mounting Bracket - Vehicle End, item # HM40975, is the connector we normally recommend as a direct replacement for your truck. We have a video review of this connector for you to check...
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  • Trailer Connector With 7-Way and 4-Pole That Would Require No Splicing for 2001 Ford F250
  • There is a direct-fit plug and play option, but it would involve purchasing two different connectors and using a few parts from each kit. You would first need the 7- and 4-Pole Trailer Connector Socket, part # HM40975. You would also need the Tow Ready Custom Fit Vehicle Wiring Harness, part # 118243. You would attach the HM40975 to the bumper, and use the pigtail from the 118243 to connect the HM40976 to the connector you located under the vehicle. The fuses and relays included with...
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  • How to Convert the 7-Way RV Connector on a Ford Truck For Towing a Trailer with 4-Way Flat Wiring
  • You have two options for towing your trailer with a 4-Way flat connector. The easiest option is to use an adapter that allows you to plug the 4-Way connector into it and then plug the adapter into the 7-Way RV style trailer connector on your truck. The Pollak 7 Pole to 4 Pole Connector Adapter, # PK12716, would work great for this application. The second option would be to use a 4-Way Hardwire Kit, # 18252, and hard wire a 4-Way connector under the vehicle. Use the included circuit...
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  • Trailer Brake Lights Do Not Work When Connected have a 96 ranger with seprate turn and brake
  • Whenever any type of adapter like # PK12716 is used to mate different types of connectors on the vehicle and trailer, connection problems can develop because of all the extra contact points. The best way to go is to install a new connector on the trailer that directly matches that on the tow vehicle so that you can avoid using an adapter. This is easily done by using a junction box like # 38656 and a new 7-way plug like # H20044. All you need to do is verify the function on each trailer...
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  • Light Kit Recommendation for a Motorcycle Carrier
  • We have a light kit that could possibly be made to work on your motorcycle carrier, part # 98174LED. Without knowing what motorcycle carrier you have it would be hard to say exactly what you would need to do to mount it to your carrier. The lights of this kit are considered submersible meaning they are waterproof. This kit is designed to attach to a 4-way connector, so you would need a 7-way to 4-way adapter to allow you to connect your trailer connector to this light kit. For that you...
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  • Troubleshooting Trailer Connector On 2005 Nissan Titan
  • I wouldn't necessarily trust the adapter or the LEDs on it. Remove the adapter, and use a circuit tester like part # 40376 on the pins of the 7-way as each taillight function is activated. Turn on the headlights, and test the pin at the 11:00 position. Then activate the right turn signal and test the pin in the 3:00 position. Turn on the left turn, and test the pin at 9:00. Each pin should make the tester illuminate as its function is activated. Then, plug in the adapter, attach the clip...
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  • 7-Way to 4-Way Adapter Recommendation for a 2015 Toyota Tacoma
  • The most popular trailer wiring connectors are the 4-way and 7-way like what your trailer has. To go from your 7-way to a 4-way all you need is the correct adapter, part # PK12716. This will plug into the 7-way on your truck and will provide you with a 4-way. Check out the install video I attached for more information on it.
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  • How to Attach a Trailer with a 3-Way Connector to a Vehicle with a 7-Way Connector
  • A 3-way trailer connector is extremely rare and they really do not make any sort of adapter that will allow you to use this trailer connector with a 7-way connector. The only option that I have for you would be to replace the 3-way trailer connector with a 4-way trailer wiring harness and then use a 4 to 7-way trailer connector adapter. It is required by law in most states that your trailer has turn, brake, and running lights therefore if your current trailer's lights do not have these...
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  • 7-Way to 4-Way Adapter for a 2016 Honda Pilot with Factory 7-Way Trailer Connector
  • You could use 7- to 4-Way adapter # HM47065 if you need the extra 3 feet of length the coiled cable provides. If you do not need the extra length you could use adapter # PK12716 and the trailer's 4-Way would plug into the back of it (which would be plugged into the 7-Way). I have linked video reviews of both adapters for you.
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  • What Will I Need to Economically Flat Tow My 2006 Chevy HHR
  • A tow bar you could use to pull your 2006 Chevy HHR is the RoadMaster Tracker Tow Bar, part # RM-020. You may also be interested in purchasing a Roadmaster Tow Bar Quick Disconnect Kit, part # RM-201, if you would like to be able to easily remove the tow bars from your HHR. You will also need a set of Roadmaster Tow Bars for the 2006 Chevrolet HHR, part # 3141-1, in order to connect your HHR to your tow bars. The most economical system to use for turn signals and brake lights for...
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  • How to Charge an Extra Battery in the Truck Bed on My 2012 Chevrolet Silverado While Driving
  • The best option would be to use a charger like part # CTEK56158, and charge the battery when shore power is available, or use the charger in conjunction with an inverter part # WC3720 when the truck is running. If you wanted to use the factory 7-way you could use the 12-Volt Power Inverter Adapter, # HM11147650, to provide DC power to the inverter. If the DC outlet in your truck is ran directly off of the trucks charging system, then you could use it to maintain a battery that is fully...
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  • Truck Bed Wiring for a Slide in Camper on a 2008 Nissan Titan
  • With a camper in the bed, and an in-line wiring harness connected, you will retain the use of the 7-Way at the rear of the truck (if it has a factory tow package) but you will not be able to use both at the same time. Either the camper can be plugged in or the trailer. Trying to use both at the same time will overload the electrical system in the truck. If your 2008 Nissan Titan has a factory tow package, what you can do to provide wiring for the truck bed camper is install the Draw-Tite...
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  • Adapter for a 7-Way Trailer Connector on an Acura MDX to a 4-Way Flat for a Light Kit
  • It sounds like your Acura MDX has a blade style RV 7-Way. In order to connect the 4-Way flat from Light Kit, # 20174, to your MDX you will just need an adapter like # PK12716. One end will plug into the vehicle side. The other end has a 4-Way flat receptacle for the light kit.
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