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Tuson Asymmetric Sway Control - 1 to 4 Axles

Tuson Asymmetric Sway Control - 1 to 4 Axles

Item # 335TSC-1000
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Weight Distribution Hitch
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Tuson Asymmetric Sway Control - 1 to 4 Axles Prevents Sway 335TSC-1000
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Electronic sway control system helps control and reduces in trailers with or without weight distribution. Monitors trailer lateral movement and independently applies the left and right trailer brakes to correct the sway. Lowest Prices for the best weight distribution hitch from Tuson RV Brakes. Tuson Asymmetric Sway Control - 1 to 4 Axles part number 335TSC-1000 can be ordered online at etrailer.com or call 800-298-1624 for expert service.
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Tuson RV Brakes Weight Distribution Hitch - 335TSC-1000

  • Tuson RV Brakes
  • Sway Control Only
  • Prevents Sway

Electronic sway control system helps control and reduces in trailers with or without weight distribution. Monitors trailer lateral movement and independently applies the left and right trailer brakes to correct the sway.


  • Electronic sway control system limits side-to-side movement of trailer during towing
    • Unit corrects sway by independently activating your trailer's left and right brakes
    • More effective than friction sway control systems due to having more force to counteract sway
  • Continuously monitors trailer angle, movement, speed, and other parameters for real-time braking calculations
  • Proprietary algorithm calculates and applies the most effective braking response within milliseconds of detecting trailer sway
  • Independently applies left or right trailer brakes (asymmetric braking) to counteract lateral movement and quickly correct trailer sway
  • Sway control braking is applied for 3/4 of a second to prevent tire flat-spotting and still create enough opposing torgue to correct sway
  • Two modes of brake activation - gust-of-wind activation and building sway activation - to correct trailer sway
  • Automatically disables sway braking when on rough terrain to prevent unwanted braking
    • Unit Remains disabled until rig is back on smooth ground
  • System enters sleep mode after 30 minutes of inactivity to conserve trailer battery
    • System powers on when a brake signal is detected from the brake controller
  • LED light provides system status for easy troubleshooting
    • Indicates normal operation, rough terrain or sleep mode, system power issues and more
    • 10' Cord included for mounting light in easy-to-see location on front of trailer
  • Won't interfere with your brake controller, weight distribution system, or mechanical sway control
  • Compatible with all truck OEM trailer sway control systems and integrated brake controllers
  • Fully sealed, water-resistant construction protects against road spray
  • One-time, maintenance-free installation
    • Module mounts 1' to 10' behind hitch ball, on the trailer centerline
    • Splitting electric trailer brake circuit into 2 separate circuits is required for independent left and right side braking
    • 14-Gauge wiring (sold separately) splices into trailer's brakes and connects to trailer's 12-volt battery, breakaway switch, and trailer plug


  • Application: trailers with 1 to 4 axles (2 to 8 brake assemblies)
    • Compatible with electric trailer brakes only
  • Dimensions: 5-3/4" long x 3-1/2" wide x 2-1/4" tall
  • 2-Year warranty

TSC-1000 Tuson Asymmetric Sway Control System for Trailers and 5th Wheels

Installation Details 335TSC-1000 Installation instructions

Customer Reviews

Tuson Asymmetric Sway Control - 1 to 4 Axles - 335TSC-1000

Average Customer Rating:  5.0 out of 5 stars   (4 Customer Reviews)

Electronic sway control system helps control and reduces in trailers with or without weight distribution. Monitors trailer lateral movement and independently applies the left and right trailer brakes to correct the sway.

- 335TSC-1000

I called for information about this and other items and Danielle the person I spoke with was very knowledgeable which is kind of rare anymore.

- 335TSC-1000

This is a great "peace of mind" product. It works great on my Palomino Puma XLE 25TFC toy hauler. This trailer is 30' long 12' tall and 8' wide. It weighs 6027 lbs empty and it is a terror to pull. This trailer starts swaying with the slightest breeze. I first installed a Husky centerline sway control load distribution hitch and that helped a little bit but after installing the Tuson, sway has litteraly stopped. The installation was pretty involved and you better be comfortable with cutting up your existing break wires. The installation also took me a little over 5 hours but it was well worth it. This kit also comes with an LED control light that mounts on the front of the trailer to let you know when the trailer is experiencing sway. The light will turn red until the sway is corrected. I saw the light turn red several times but by the time the red light comes on the sway is corrected and you never feel it. I highly recommend this product it is worth every penny.

- 335TSC-1000

So far, so good. No real swaying... minor swaying in heavy side-winds. Easy installation for a DIY person.

- 335TSC-1000


Ask the Experts about this Tuson RV Brakes Weight Distribution Hitch

  • Can Curt Echo Brake Controller be Used with Tuson Electric Brake Sway Control System
    You can use the Curt Echo # C51180 with the Tuson Electronic Sway Control System for Electric Trailer Brakes # 335TSC-1000 that you also referenced. Essentially the Tuson Control system detects trailer sway and then applies the trailer brakes in a way that is known to reduce the sway. If the # C51180 is also applying the brakes the Tuson would override the brakes and apply them harder if needed to stop the sway. With trailer sway if you apply just the trailer brakes while towing and...
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  • Sway Control and Brake Controller for 2016 Volkswagen Touareg TDI
    I recommend the Lippert Sway Command # LC380605 over the Tuson # 335TSC-1000. The Lippert requires less wiring for a simpler installation. You would never be towing more than 2 axles with your 2016 Volkswagen Toureg TDI so the Tuson system would be overkill for you. For the brake controller the wiring is not as complicated as many believe. We have a article (linked below) that will walk you through all the steps and extra parts necessary to install a hard wired brake controller. I recommend...
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  • Is Tuson Electronic Sway System Compatible with Weight Distribution and Integrated Brake Controller
    The Tuson Electronic Sway Control System # 335TSC-1000 that you referenced is perfectly compatible with your Curt weight distribution and integrated brake controller of your 2020 Ford F-150.
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  • Is Tuson Electronic Sway Control System Compatible with Curt Echo & Autowbrake Brake Controllers
    The Prodigy RF has been discontinued, but both the Autowbrake Electric Brake Controller # 3430001 and Curt Echo Wireless Trailer Brake Controller # C51180 are compatible with the Tuson Electronic Sway Control System for Electric Trailer Brakes # 335TSC-1000. Between the two, I strongly recommend going with the Echo because it is by far the easier brake controller to use and is going to be much easier to install compared to the wiring you'll need to do with the Autowbrake. I have...
    view full answer...
  • Tuson Sway Control Location and Orientation
    The instructions for the orientation of the Tuson Sway Control part # 335TSC-1000 when installed are very specific. The red dot on the label has to be at the trailer's center line and the arrows on the label that say "Mount with this side UP" has to be followed as well. You need to have the module mounted between 5 and 10 feet behind the coupler as well. It looks like your trailer will be a bit of challenge to pull all of this off but your worst case scenario would require you to fabricate...
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  • Mounting Orientation of Tuson Electronic Sway Control System
    The label side of the Tuson Electronic Sway Control System for Electric Trailer Brakes # 335TSC-1000 needs to face forward and be in a vertical orientation perfectly centered on the trailer 5-10 feet back from the center of the king pin like what you see in the picture I attached. That said, for the type of sway you are experiencing your best solution it so move your axles further back on your trailer.
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  • Mounting Orientation of Tuson Electronic Sway Control System
    I reached out to my contact at Tuson and they informed me that there is not a particular direction the sticker on Tuson Electronic Sway Control System # 335TSC-1000 should face. So long as all the requirements are met, "up" on the label is facing up, the red dot is in the center line of the trailer and the red bar is parallel with the axle and 5 to 10 feet from the hitch ball it doesn't matter if it is facing forward or back. He also told me that a line has been added to the instructions...
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  • Is the Tuson Sway Control Compatible with the Curt TriFlex Brake Controller
    Yes the Tuson Electronic Sway Control System for Electric Trailer Brakespart # 335TSC-1000 is perfectly compatible with the Curt TriFlex Trailer Brake Controller part # C51140 or any other brake controller. While the Tuson does use the trailers brakes this is only in a sway event any other time it is passive and will not effect the operation of the brakes at all.
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  • Weight Distribution/Sway Control for 2019 Ford Ranger that Has Built in Sway Control
    The electric sway control of your 2019 Ford Ranger is pretty similar to the Tuson Sway Control Unit part # 335TSC-1000 so I would not recommend this system for your truck as it would be a bit redundant. What you have now senses sway and applies the trailer brakes to pull the trailer back basically and stop the sway. The Tuson is a little more advanced as it will apply either side of the trailer's brakes but it's similar enough to what you have that I wouldn't recommend it. Also in general...
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  • Installation Location of Tuson Electronic Sway Control for Electric Trailer Brakes
    The Tuson Electronic Sway Control System for Electric Trailer Brakes # 335TSC-1000 has installation instructions that give a placement location on the center of your trailer and 5-10 feet behind the hitch ball. The unit comes with a wiring harness so you can customize the fit within the parameters given. The placement you show in the photo will not work as it uses a sensor to monitor trailer movement and an algorithm based on that specified mounting location.
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  • Electronic Sway Control on 25 Foot Airstream Trailer with Propane Cover Near Coupler
    The Tuson Electronic Sway Control System for Electric Trailer Brakes # 335TSC-1000 will work great with your 25 foor Airstream trailer. The unit will mount to the center portion of your trailer 5-10 feet back from the hitch ball location, so it will be behind the propane area by at least a couple feet.
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  • Is Tuson Electronic Sway Control Compatible with 2018 Ram 2500 OEM Controller and 30' Travel Trailer
    The Tuson Electronic Sway Control System # 335TSC-1000 has been confirmed to work with Dodge OEM brake controllers (verified by Tuson) and is compatible with 1 - 4 axles. Since you have an OEM controller on your 2018 Ram 2500 and your 30' travel trailer only has 2 axles this sway control system will work great for you! Attached is a review video and the written instructions for you to check out as well.
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  • Trailer Still Sways with Equal-i-zer Weight Distribution System on a 2018 Ford F-150
    Installing an anti-sway bar on your 2018 Ford F-150 is not going to do much of anything for trailer sway as trailer sway starts on the trailer, not the truck. In order to hammer down what is causing the trailer to sway I first need to know which Equal-i-zer Weight Distribution System you have. You should be using part # EQ37100ET which is rated for 600 lbs - 1,000 lbs. If you are not then that could very well be part of the problem as there won't be enough tension on the spring bars to...
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  • Recommended Electronic Sway Control for 2001 Chevy 2500 Towing a 2016 Forest River Wildwood
    The Tuson Electronic Sway Control System for Electric Trailer Brakes - 1 to 4 Axles # 335TSC-1000 will apply your trailer brakes side to side as needed to help combat sway. It mounts along the center of your trailer between 5 and 10 feet from the coupler hitch ball and splits the braking circuit into two separate circuits. It does require wire like # 12-1-1 sold by the foot to complete the system. This system will absolutely help your weight distribution system to control the sway....
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  • Using Electric Trailer Brake Controller and Tuson Electronic Sway Control Simultaneously
    If you have a trailer that requires brakes and sway control it is wise to additionally use a brake controller as the electronic sway controller is not a brake controller so it won't apply brakes unless there is sway. When using the Tuson Electronic Sway Control System for Electric Trailer Brakes # 335TSC-1000 the use of an aftermarket brake controller like the Prodigy P3 # 90195 is not only possible but necessary. If you are looking for a brake controller that does not require a separate...
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  • Should Weight Distribution be Used for Towing a 10K Trailer with a Class A Motorhome
    Weight distribution (WD) systems are really only needed when the weight of the trailer is at least half of the weight of the vehicle towing it. Since this isn't the case with your Class A motorhome pulling your 10K trailer I doubt you really need a WD system but you could benefit from adding some sway control. Typically we recommend using a WD system with integrated sway control but since the WD isn't needed you can just use one of our standalone sway control units. Another thing to note...
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  • Will the Tuson Electronic Sway Control System Fit a Commercial Trailer
    The electronic sway control devices we carry like the Tuson Electronic Sway Control System part # 335TSC-1000 are excellent options to both help maintain and prevent trailer sway issues but they only work on trailers that have electric brakes. If you are referring to a commercial trailer like that on the back of a lorry/semi then odds are you have air or hydraulic brakes which means we would not have an electronic sway control device for you. However, if by some chance you do have electric...
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  • How to Reduce Trailer Sway When Towing a 5th Wheel Trailer
    I believe you are referring to your 5th wheel trailer swaying by the "axle whip" term you were using. If you have electric brakes then we do have the electric sway control unit # 335TSC-1000 from Tuson which is compatible with trailer that have up to 4 axles. Aside from this there isn't really anything you can add to your 5th wheel trailer to reduce the sway but I do have some pointers that you can follow. Start off by making sure your 5th wheel trailer is evenly loaded side-to-side...
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  • Great Trailer Sway Control with the Tuson Electronic Sway Control and the Chevrolet Silverado 1500
    The Tuson Electronic Sway Control, part # 335TSC-1000, is a great addition to your trailer with electric brakes. It works in the same way the Stabilitrak system of your 2020 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 does. The Stabilitrak senses sway in your Silverado and intuitively applies brakes to correct the sway. When hauling a trailer, your Stabilitrak system has the ability to apply the trailer brakes to correct sway once it has begun affecting your vehicle. Therein lies the key difference...
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  • Which Sway Control System For 14000lb Trailer With 2100lb Tongue Weight
    That is a lot of tongue weight for a 14k lb trailer! You are right at the top of the normal range of 10-15% of the trailer weight. For you setup I recommend the Tuson Electronic Sway Control System for Electric Trailer Brakes - 1 to 4 Axles # 335TSC-1000 which uses utilizes your trailer's electric brakes to correct sway when it occurs. I included a video of the Tuson # 335TSC-1000 for you to take a look at. If you are looking to add a weight distribution system I recommend the...
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  • Recommended Sway Control for a Trailer With a Small tongue Pulled by a 2010 Ford E-350 Super Duty
    The best way to keep your towing setup level and to prevent sway would be to use a weight distribution system, but if your trailer tongue space is limited then a weight distribution system might not be the best option for you. You might be able to use a weight distribution system that uses the chains, like the Reese Strait-Line # RP66084, along with some chain hangers, part # RP58305, which will allow you to install this system on the side of your trailer tongue. Please keep in mind...
    view full answer...
  • What is Real Difference Between Using Hayes Sway Master Sway Control and Tuson Sway Control
    Since the Tuson Electronic Sway Control System # 335TSC-1000 will activate either side of the trailer brakes as needed to stop sway and the Hayes Sway Master # HA81775 instead applies them both at the same time and does a better job sensing and stopping sway the Tuson is a more advanced setup. If you are wanting the absolute best, don't want to feel sway at all, don't mind paying for it, and having a slightly more involved install the Tuson is the way to go. The Hayes installs incredibly...
    view full answer...
  • Comparing the Hayes, Tuson, and Lippert Electric Trailer Sway Control Systems
    The Hayes Sway Master # HA81775 is definitely more of a plug and play system than either the Lippert Sway Command # LC380605 or the Tuson Electronic Sway Control System # 335TSC-1000. To help narrow down the decision much quicker the Lippert has restrictions on its use so we can cut that one out of the running (it is only compatible with up to 2 axles and won't work with 2014 or newer GM trucks and SUVs equipped with an integrated trailer brake control module). The biggest difference...
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  • Sway Control System for Pace American Journey V Nose Trailer
    For your Pace American Journey V-nose trailer it makes sense why you are asking for help. The v-nose makes the ability to use standard weight distribution systems more difficult as they simply don't have nearly enough exposed frame. My recommendation is to use the Curt Short-Arm Weight Distribution System with Sway Control - Trunnion Bar - 15K GTW, 1.5K TW # C17422 which is a fit for total tongue weight between 1,000 lbs and 1,500 lbs. This system requires brackets that are installed...
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  • Recommended Weight Distribution for 5300 lb Apex Nano Camper
    If the as-towed weight of your camper is 5300 lbs, and we know a trailer's tongue weight is typically 10-15% of its loaded weight, your tongue weight almost certainly sits at a minimum of around 550 lbs to 800 lbs at the most. You can confirm this by checking out the linked article. Since you're planning on using the # 335TSC-1000 Tuson sway control, you can simply use a chain suspended weight distribution system like the Reese # 49570 which is effective on trailers with tongue weights...
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  • Recommended Sway Control Without Weight Distribution
    In my opinion you have the best sway control utilizing your current system, so I personally would stick with what you have. The dual cam with spring bars keeps the trailer in line by actively fighting sway. It does require more setup but based on the photo you have that done well. There are other options you can consider if you simply don't want to utilize the weight distribution system. You can use two of the Reese Friction Sway Control Kit # 83660. This uses an adjustable friction...
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  • Sway Control Options for a Forest River Wolf Pup Towed by a 2017 Ford F-150
    We do have options for you to add just sway control to your setup but there are a few things to note. One of the most effective methods to fighting sway control is making sure your trailer is loaded properly. This means that the loaded tongue weight (TW) of your trailer is 10-15% of your loaded trailer. You can use a scale like # 5780 to help you accomplish this. When your trailer is properly loaded then adding a sway control unit is your next step up to help control your trailer. One...
    view full answer...
  • Sway Control Kit Compatible with 20K Curt Adjustable 2-Ball Mount for 2-1/2 inch Trailer Hitches
    We do have some sway control kits that can be used with the 20K Curt Adjustable 2-Ball Mount # C45902 for a 2-1/2" trailer hitch, but they are electronic sway controls as there are no mechanical sway controls that will fit with that specific ball mount. Our selection is comprised of the Hayes Sway Master # HA81775, Lippert Sway Command # LC380605, and the Tuson Electronic Sway Control System # 335TSC-1000. The Hayes option is the simplest to setup but the Lippert and Tuson options install...
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  • Fighting Sway From Wind With Light Weight Enclosed Cargo Trailer
    It seems like you've got a pretty good grasp on this! I will make one slight change or clarification to you- approximately 10-15% of the total loaded weight of the trailer is what you want as your tongue weight. It won't actually change the 60% that you want forward of the axle, and it's something that you'll likely want to purchase a tongue weight scale to make sure that you're not under/overloaded at the tongue. For this, I recommend using a ball mount scale like the Weigh Safe # WSUN-1...
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  • Weight Distribution Hitch with Sway Control Compatibility with Pole Tongue Enclosed Trailer
    For your 24 foot enclosed trailer, the photo shows only a pole tongue and not an a-frame. If this is correct, you can use the Pole-Tongue Adapter for Equal-i-zer Weight Distribution Systems - 14,000 lbs GTW, 1,400 lbs TW # EQ95-01-5950 with an Equal-i-zer weight distribution system. Another option is the Reese Pole-Tongue Adapter for Weight Distribution Systems - 7,500 lbs GTW, 750 lbs TW # RP3280 which is compatible with many different systems that have sway control integrated. When...
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