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TorkLift StableLoad Suspension Upgrade for Upper Overload Springs

TorkLift StableLoad Suspension Upgrade for Upper Overload Springs

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Replace your truck's factory bump stop pads with these thick, durable blocks to get better handling with less sway and body roll. Great Prices for the best vehicle suspension from TorkLift. TorkLift StableLoad Suspension Upgrade for Upper Overload Springs part number TLA7200 can be ordered online at or call 1-800-940-8924 for expert service.
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TorkLift Vehicle Suspension

  • Pads
  • Rear Axle Suspension Enhancement
  • Heavy Duty
  • TorkLift
  • Overload Pads

Replace your truck's factory bump stop pads with these thick, durable blocks to get better handling with less sway and body roll.


  • Dramatically improves handling by pre-activating your vehicle's factory upper overload springs
    • Helps to evenly distribute weight, ensuring that truck stays level for better handling
    • Reduces side-to-side sway and body roll
  • Angled structure maximizes contact surface for more effective support
    • Tapered wedge contacts curved springs better than a flat pad
  • Anti-rotation key tabs help keep pads in place
  • Compatible with aftermarket air bag suspension upgrades
  • Simple, do-it-yourself installation
    • StableLoad units bolt onto each frame-mounted overload bump stop bracket
    • No drilling required
  • Kit includes 4 StableLoad pads and necessary hardware
  • Made in the USA
  • Lifetime warranty

Enhancing Factory Overload Springs

The upper factory overload springs on your truck are designed to help compensate for a large payload. When you are hauling a heavy load, your truck's standard leaf springs can't always counteract the weight of it. As a result, if you hit a bump when your suspension is fully loaded, the leaf springs will give and cause your truck to bottom out. The overload springs help keep this from happening by mounting above the leaf springs to provide initial points of contact for your vehicle's frame, thus removing some of the load from the standard springs.

Upper Overload Spring

These StableLoads are designed to replace the factory bump stop pads that are mounted to your truck's frame. The factory pads are typically quite small and will not contact the overload springs unless your truck is dramatically sagging. By replacing these small pads with the much larger StableLoads, you can fill the gap between your upper overload springs and your frame-mounted bump stop bracket. This pre-activates the overload springs, ensuring that they are engaged from the start instead of engaging only when extreme sagging occurs.

StableLoad Suspension Enhancement and Aftermarket Air Bags

By enhancing your upper overload springs in the way described above, you will notice less sway and body roll. This is due to the pre-loading effect of the StableLoads, which helps to better distribute the weight of your payload over the entirety of your factory suspension. This is the primary difference between StableLoads and many air bag overload systems.

With air bag suspension enhancement, the load in your truck is being taken on by the air bags. Air bags are designed to level your truck, and they operate as intended when they're under a normal load. But if you are hauling or towing a particularly heavy load, this type of suspension enhancement can create some problems. In order to get the correct amount of leveling and to ensure that your suspension won't bottom out, you will likely have to fill the air bags to a very high psi. Doing this effectively removes the load from your factory suspension. As a result, your truck's suspension is no longer able to operate as it was designed. This can lead to handling issues, such as porpoising, sway, or body roll.

Upper Overload StableLoad Installed with Air Bags

If you currently have this problem with your air bag system, you can add StableLoads to your suspension and get the best out of both products. StableLoads are effective on their own, but they've also been tested with aftermarket air bag suspension systems. The two enhancements work particularly well together if you have a heavy payload. By installing StableLoads between your upper overload springs and your truck's frame, you are already adding support to your suspension to help prevent bottoming out, which air bags work to prevent as well. As a result, you won't have to fill the bags nearly as full, which means that they won't take as much of the load off of your factory suspension, thus allowing your suspension to function as designed - only better.

Tested and Proven Winner

TorkLift's StableLoads were tested against vehicles with no suspension enhancement and vehicles with air bags that were inflated to 100 lbs; and the results are clear. By adding StableLoads to your suspension your vehicle will ride smoother, causing less wear and tear on your suspension and tires. The trucks that were tested were loaded with 2,800 lbs. The degree of movement was then recorded, using an inclinometer, when the trucks encountered the 3 most common types of handling problems: side-to-side sway, porpoising, and body roll.

Preventing Side-To-Side Sway

Side-to-side sway is triggered when your vehicle encounters uneven ground, such as a pot hole, and the suspension gives way when it cannot counteract the weight of the heavy load being carried. This creates a side-to-side bouncing motion. As you can see in the graph above, air bags provide an advantage over no suspension upgrades. But the StableLoads offer dramatic improvement over both the standard suspension and the air bag suspension.

Preventing Porpoising

Porpoising is the rising and falling action your vehicle makes when driving over an object like a speed bump. Having too much bounce can make you feel like you're riding in the back of a school bus. As you can see in the graph, there is virtually no difference in porpoising between trucks with standard suspension systems and those with air bags. Only the StableLoad offers improvement for this type of problem.

Preventing Body Roll

Body roll occurs when your heavy load transfers unevenly as you navigate a turn, causing one side of your vehicle to lean dramatically. In some cases this can lead to your truck's tires coming off of the ground and it could even cause your vehicle to roll over if it is too top heavy. Again, according to the graph above, air bags offer no help with this problem. It is only with the StableLoads that stability improves.

A7200 Tork Lift Stable Load Suspension Enhancement

Item # TLA7200

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Customer Reviews

TorkLift StableLoad Suspension Upgrade for Upper Overload Springs - TLA7200

Average Customer Rating:  4.7 out of 5 stars   (411 Customer Reviews)

Replace your truck's factory bump stop pads with these thick, durable blocks to get better handling with less sway and body roll.

2021 Ford F-350 Super Duty

Just installed the upper stableLoads on my 2021 F350 dually. It was an easy job. I used long needle nose pliers to wedge underneath the factory bump sticks. Then just leveraged them out. The ride of the truck is a little rougher with no payload. Planning on loading my northern lite 10.2 truck camper on in a few weeks. I believe this will improve the ride.

Nissan Leaf

Adds additional stability in wind. Air bags improved the level and ride, however, the distance from the overload bumpers was increased back to the factory distance. Which means a lot more side to side rocking before the helper leaf springs engaged. The torklift blocks reduced this gap and allowed earlier engagement without affecting unloaded ride.


I installed this simple solution for use with my truck camper on my 2022 F350 SRW. They have provided a ton of stability and engage my overload springs quickly keeping my sag to a minimum.

2016 Ram 3500

Well overall I gave them a 4 rating. Great website complete with installation pictures and video. Shipping and messages regarding orders are always updated daily. The only negative are the tabs on the upper Stableloads tabs are machined wider than the factory bump stops requiring me to press them closer together so that they would pop into place. Thanks for allowing me the opportunity to again do feedback on this product.

Craig S.


After a year they are still doing what they are supposed to do and that is engage the upper overload springs sooner than the factory bump stops allowing the truck to maintain level. Hold up well even in salt and sanded roadways during northern tier winter travels.


Added these to my 2020 Black Widow Super Duty to help with sagging while pulling my work trailer. More level now. Rides a bit rougher but after a day or so I didn’t even notice any more. Removed the old bumpers with a ball joint fork and WD40. The only reason for 4 stars is the price. Expensive for a couple of pieces of rubber and a bit of metal.


I purchased 6/1/22 received 6/7/22 and I’ll give 5 stars for simple and easy installation. Took all of 10-15 minutes to install all 4 pieces including removing OEM stoppers. Only reason for purchasing these is that I purchased the Air Lift 5000 Air springs assist and the Air lift Smartair II DuelCompressor for Ford F-250 2020.
The Smart Air II with Leveling arms has been a nightmare and have had to replace now 2 airbags same side that failed and a compressor that has now failed and quit working. Hopefully these will prevent in the event of an airbag failure from allowing the airbag to drop completely and damaging my truck again with a leveler arm going thru my truck. Will see how new airbags and new compressor system works with these torklift and will put my travel Trailer on and hopefully the torklift will stop the arms from hitting the truck bed.


The biggest problem I had was leveling and jacking up the truck and camper as I
have no flat surface to perform the installation. Once the load was off, the next issue was removing the factory bumps. It was a minor problem not solved by WD40. I broke out a small propane torch and heated and softened the originals and easily removed them. Obviously, make sure there are no brake lines, fuel lines, etc. nearby. It was
then very easy to install the Torklifts.
It was worth it installing them. I noticed reduced "porpoising" and less lean in corners.
In general, with my 3800# camper mounted, the ride is more "crisp" and precise.
I've include pictures of the original and the installed Forklift TLA7200

2010 Ford F-350 Super Duty

I don't really do reviews very often, but these things work extremely well, especially when you consider that they only take a few minutes to install and they are only blocks of rubber that are held in place by one bolt! I sprayed my factory stops down with WD-40 and pulled them out with some long needle-nose pliers wedged on both sides of the stop, between the frame and the rubber. I then glanced at the directions, figured out the stack-up I needed and installed them in less than 10 minutes! I'm not kidding! The best part is they work! They close the gap between the frame stops and the upper helper spring, engaging the spring right off the bat. I have an F350 dually with a Grey Wolf 840 that weighs 2400 ish pounds, and I haul a car trailer with a total weight of 6000 pounds behind that! These worked so well, I was amazed! These are the only suspension enhancement of this truck, too! You might need something more if you are hauling a very large camper or 5th wheel, but for me, this is all I am going to use!

2010 Ford F-250 and F-350 Super Duty

2010 Ford F-250 FX4, 4.5" ICON suspension lift, 6.8 V10
Install is pretty easy, raise truck with a jack to take the load off the springs. WD40 and a screwdriver to pry out the old isolators. The front mounts are easier to install with more access. You can flip the bracket upside down to get more depth out off it which is what I did. However I had to modify the rear ones to mount them. The tab that sticks through the curved bracket on the rear curved mount hits the factory mount and rocks around. I had to grind a 1/4" off of it to make it sit flush. Also some larger washers would have been nice but for sure not a deal breaker.

The truck is definitely a little bit more bouncy, I have a camper shell and about a thousand pounds of tools in it at all times. I commute in the truck about 60 miles a day over some winding mountain roads, it definitely handles the corners WAY better than it used to, you do feel a lot more of the small road bumps more, but once again not a deal-breaker.


I purchased these stable loads for my 2022 F350 when hauling my 2021 wolf creek truck camper. The wolf creek was weighing down the F350 by a few inches and the family and I were going cross country. I considered air bags but didn’t want the potential issues of failure. The stable loads are working great. We are a family of four and did an 18 day cross country trip with the camper and they performed very well! I may still end up with air bags but the stable loads made the trip much safer and added a much desired degree of stablility! The fact they engage the overload springs of the truck make these fantastic for side to side stability. Air bags are not a necessity now. This pic is from the last day with a bunch of Kentucky whiskey and beer and other souvenirs in the rig!


I removed the existing rubber bumpers with ease and had these installed in 15 minutes. They made the ride with my truck camper much better.


They don't fit on my truck 2023 2300 denali. I will be returning them. The picture is the back
Help or Spring The torque lifts are 2 and a 1/2 inches I only have 2 inches in the back inch and a 1/2 in the front


Work as advertised. Engaged the overload springs much quicker to eliminate the rear of my truck from squatting

2008 Ford F-350 Super Duty

Easy insulation and very quality product. I would highly recommend these. Also Top Quality Customer Service Thank you again Tom



They work fabulous! very smooth ride if I had to choose between your product or airbags I would choose your Product.A great innovation in camper suspension. Highly recommended. Thank you Again. Tom

Etrailer Expert

Mike L.


@Thomas Great, we're glad to hear that!


I added this to the rear suspension which already had the Timbren FR250SDE Kit installed and the result was additional stability and load leveling at a reasonable price that did not require a pneumatic pump. When unloaded the truck sits normal. I have a slide in camper and pull a trailered Bronco with a combined wt. of 16k lbs. Ride is unaffected when empty and is comfortable when loaded.

Ron G.


Still pleased with the results.

2018 Dodge Ram Pickup

Awesome ordering process and customer service! Great product, solid and complete with everything you need. Fit perfectly and solved the issue I was having. 2018 Ram 3500 dually, perfect fit and finish. Definitely would order again from etrailer, great company to work with.

2005 Ram 3500

Some one told me about these. I have airbags on the truck already but these made a huge difference. Don't even need the bags really. Dodge 3500 SRW w/ 4000lb. Lance



Been working fantastic. My air bag pump failed from submersion last winter and I havent fixed it yet although I might. Had the camper on without use of airbags and everything went very well


These TorkLift enhancements are as they claim. Along with the TorkLift axel bump stops, these totally have completed the stabilization I was desiring. No more swaying and the leveling of my rig is where I want it with a 5,000# truck camper pulling a load. These would have received a 5-star rating if the prices were not so expensive, but they are supposed to have a lifetime warranty.


Excellent product performance and fitme nt.


Although I have yet to install them on my current truck, I’ve had them on a previous truck and they worked very well. And looking at them, the installation looks to be the same which was easy on the first truck. Shipping was quick! Thanks E-trailer!



So far it has been great! I engages the upper overload spring in such a way that the sag from the weight of the camper is reduced significantly over stock. Takes some of the sway out as well.

2005 Ford F-350 Super Duty

Great website, ordered on Tuesday and did 3 day shipping and received on Thursday. Great quality product, expensive but worth the money. 20min install and very satisfied

2017 Ford F-350 Super Duty

They work great. I did have to modify them to fit my 2017 F350 SRW, like others have mentioned in their reviews, the tabs don't fit. The tabs are too wide to fit in the slots on the truck. I ended up trimming my tabs, so that they still fit in the rubber peice and welded new tabs so that they fit in the slots on the truck. Doing this won't allow either piece to spin. I haul a truck camper and these took some weight off my timbrens and the truck is less tippy side to side. Would be 5 stars if they fit, without modding.

Ram 3500

I had my son-in-law install these on my 2020 Chevy 3500 to help with hauling our 4,000 lb truck camper. The truck was handling the load well, but the addition of these stable loads has definitely helped to reduce porpoising on some uneven highways. The only reason for the 4-star instead of 5 is that they had to be trimmed to fit the truck. It would have been an easier install if that was not necessary.

Ford F-350 Super Duty

Works great at leveling pit my truck and camper, F350 with Arctic Fox 811. Fast delivery, easy install.


Does exactly what it should.

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