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Hitch Reducer 2" to 1-1/4" Trailer Hitch Receiver

Item # HT02

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brophy hitch accessories adapter 2 inch to 1-1/4
brophy hitch accessories reducer fits 2 inch ht02
brophy hitch accessories fits 2 inch to 1-1/4 ht02
brophy hitch accessories adapter 2 inch to 1-1/4 reducer trailer receiver
brophy hitch accessories adapter reducer
brophy hitch accessories adapter fits 2 inch ht02
brophy hitch accessories reducer 2 inch to 1-1/4 ht02
brophy hitch accessories adapter fits 2 inch reducer to 1-1/4 trailer receiver
brophy hitch accessories adapter reducer 2 inch to 1-1/4 trailer receiver

In Use/Installed

hitch accessories brophy adapter reducer 2 inch to 1-1/4 trailer receiver
hitch accessories brophy fits 2 inch to 1-1/4 ht02
hitch accessories brophy adapter reducer in use
hitch accessories brophy adapter 2 inch to 1-1/4 reducer trailer receiver
hitch accessories brophy reducer 2 inch to 1-1/4 ht02

Customer Photos

brophy hitch accessories adapter fits 2 inch ht02
brophy hitch accessories adapter fits 2 inch reducer to 1-1/4 trailer receiver

  • Hitch Adapter
  • Hitch Reducer
  • Fits 2 Inch Hitch
  • 2 Inch to 1-1/4 Inch
  • Brophy
  • 3 Inch Long
  • Steel
Simple design transforms your 2" receiver into a 1-1/4". This lets you use all your 1-1/4" hitch accessories, such as bike racks, cargo carriers, or ballmounts with a 2" hitch. Just pin it, clip it, and go!!! Call 800-298-8924 to order Brophy hitch accessories part number HT02 or order online at Free expert support on all Brophy products. Guaranteed Lowest Price and Fastest Shipping for Hitch Reducer 2" to 1-1/4" Trailer Hitch Receiver. Hitch Accessories reviews from real customers.

Brophy Hitch Accessories - HT02

Simple design transforms your 2" receiver into a 1-1/4". This lets you use all your 1-1/4" hitch accessories, such as bike racks, cargo carriers, or ballmounts with a 2" hitch. Just pin it, clip it, and go!!!

This adapter allows you to use your current hitch accessories in either a 2" or a 1-1/4" receiver hitch.

  • Easily convert a 2" receiver to 1-1/4" (1/2" hitch pin included)
  • Maximum Tongue Weight: 300 lbs
  • Towing capacity: 3,000 lbs or the lowest-rated towing component
  • Sleeve design does not reduce tongue weight capacity
  • Measures 3" from center of pin hole to center of pin hole
  • Powder coated black finish
  • Conveniently includes 1/2" pin and clip to hold 1-1/4" accessories in place
  • 5/8" Hitch pin and clip for 2" receiver are sold separately (PC3)

Premium - This item

Hitch Reducer 2" to 1-1/4" Trailer Hitch Receiver

Hitch Reducer 2" to 1-1/4" Trailer Hitch Receiver
Brophy Hitch Accessories

137 reviews

Code: HT02

Our Price: $50.84

  • Hitch Accessories
  • Hitch Adapter
  • Hitch Reducer
  • 3 Inch Long
  • Steel
  • Fits 2 Inch Hitch
  • 2 Inch to 1-1/4 Inch
  • Brophy

Simple design transforms your 2" receiver into a 1-1/4". This lets you use all your 1-1/4" hitch accessories, such as bike racks, cargo carriers, or ballmounts with a 2" hitch. Just pin it, clip it, and go!!!

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  • 5-1/2 Inch Long
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This adapter sleeve lets you use 2" towing and hitch-mounted accessories with your 2-1/2" hitch receiver. Durable, carbide black powder coat finish.

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Hitch Adapter 1-1/4" to 2" Trailer Hitch Receiver

Hitch Adapter 1-1/4" to 2" Trailer Hitch Receiver
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Code: HTAD


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  • Hitch Expander
  • 7-1/4 Inch Long
  • Fits 1-1/4 Inch Hitch
  • Class I and Class II Compatible
  • 1-1/4 Inch to 2 Inch

Need to put a 2" bike rack or cargo carrier in your 1 1/4" hitch receiver? No worries. Simply insert this adapter and off you go. It cannot get any easier to use and is certainly less expensive than buying another hitch!

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MaxxTow Dual Hitch Extender for 2" Trailer Hitches - 12" Long

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  • Hitch Extender
  • 12 Inch Long
  • 4000 lbs GTW
  • MaxxTow

Extend your trailer hitch receiver opening and get an extra receiver with the same piece. This dual hitch extension gives you (2) 2" receivers so you can tow a trailer and use an accessory at the same time. Powder coated steel resists rust.

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Video of Hitch Reducer 2" to 1-1/4" Trailer Hitch Receiver

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Brophy Hitch Accessories HT02 Review

Today we're going to take a look at the Brophy hitch reducer for a two inch to a one and a quarter inch, number HT02. This adapter allows you to use your current hitch accessories on either a two inch hitch or, thanks to this device, a one and a quarter inch receiver hitch. It will easily convert your two inch receiver to a one and a quarter inch receiver. It has a maximum tongue weight of 300 pounds. It has a towing capacity of 3000 pounds, or the lowest rated towing component which means if your hitch or your vehicle has a towing capacity of less than 3000 pounds you need to go with that one to ensure that you're towing safely. The sleeve design does not reduce tongue weight capacity, as an extender would.

It measures three inches from center to pin hole to center to pin hole. Overall it is seven inches long by about two inches tall. It comes with a powder coated black finish. It conveniently comes with a half-inch pin and clip to hold the one and a quarter inch accessories into place. You will use the five-eighths inch pin and clip that should have come with your hitch to attach this to the hitch.

If it did not come with a five-eighths inch hitch pin and clip we do sell those separately, number PC3. Let's bring this in and show you how this is done with our two inch hitch right here. You will take the larger of the two holes, insert that right in here, lining up the holes. Using your five-eighths inch pin and clip slide that through, clip that off and now you're ready to use your one and a quarter inch hitch accessories, say bike rack, cargo carrier, ball mount whatever it is you need to use. You'll slide that right in here, you'll line up the holes and then you just pop that through and clip that off.

There you have it. That was our Brophy hitch reducer two inch to one and a quarter inch, number HT02.

Customer Reviews

Hitch Reducer 2" to 1-1/4" Trailer Hitch Receiver - HT02

Average Customer Rating:  4.7 out of 5 stars   (137 Customer Reviews)

Simple design transforms your 2" receiver into a 1-1/4". This lets you use all your 1-1/4" hitch accessories, such as bike racks, cargo carriers, or ballmounts with a 2" hitch. Just pin it, clip it, and go!!!

- HT02

by: Edward05/06/2017

It's heavy-duty, sure enough. Plenty stout for a 1 1/4 bike rack. However, I've noticed other posts citing the 2" adapter as just a bit small. My hitch is a brand new CURT #13200, so it isn't because of a worn receiver - your product is the first thing in it. If it were small in just one dimension it wouldn't rock side-to-side so badly, but it's small in both height and width by about a sixteenth or so. Just enough for a shim both top (or bottom) and side. That's annoying. The good news is, the 1 1/4 bike rack fits just fine, especially since my Hollywood rack uses a threaded bolt to anchor it in place. The 1/2" hitch pin you supply is redundant. The larger size would have been useful, the one you sent is not. Whatever 1 1/4 item we're adapting to either already comes with a 1/2" pin or your customer was already using one in the first place. Complaints aside, THIS is the ONLY 1 1/4 adapter on the market that works. My other choice is to have one fabricated. About the same cost, and this is a time saver. 377202

- HT02

by: mike o07/01/2013

Bought this hitch reducer for my chevy Traverse to use my 1 1/4" Thule bike rack. Fits the car fine. The spare tire is immediately behind and inline with the trailer hitch. This does not extend beyond the 2" hitch toward the spare tire. My Thule bike rack now fits nicely into the trailer hitch. I use a regular pin to hold the reducer in the hitch. With the bikes attached the reducer "moves" inside the 2" hitch about a 1/16th of an inch. this translates to a full inch or 2 of movement of the bikes back and forth. The Thule 1 1/4" hitch bar has a threaded bolt to secure it to the Hitch/reducer. In a smaller hitch there is no play and the bouncing of the bikes. with the reducer it now takes some getting used to. I am contemplating a steel shim but I would need to make sure it cannot fall out during travel . . . 86951

- HT02

by: Craig G.06/15/2017

The hitch adjuster is solidly constructed and fits easily into my two inch hitch, though it seems a little loose. Some play is, however, probably necessary for normal use. My 1 1/4" bike rack fits well into the internal dimension. I plan to use tie downs to steady the bike rack and minimize side-to-side wobble. Not sure if the dimensions on outer and inner fit could be enlarged just a bit to improve wobble without causing difficulty with assembly and removal. I may be able to add something more about this once I have worked with it under driving conditions. Overall, the product is just what I expected it to be. 394454

- HT02

by: Don P.11/12/2013

I can't say enough good things about the C.S. Brophy company and how they stand behind their products. I bought one of these adapters from etrailer and used it for months but it didn't fit right. I finally discovered the 5/8" hole on one side was off center. etrailer directed me to call Brophy, and Brophy replaced the item as quickly as could be expected, paid for the return shipping, and followed up to make sure the replacement worked correctly. The replacement is a well made piece of hardware that should last many years. I will look first for Brophy products whenever I'm shopping for trailer hardware. 107151

- HT02

by: Joe G.05/30/2011

It did what is was supposed to, reduce from a 2" to 1 1/4", it work but it is a little loose, bike carrier moves around a lot. 15694

- HT02

by: Barbara F02/06/2016

The folks at eTrailer are the best at answering questions, recommending the right part and following up after the sale. I bought this hitch reducer and then the people who sold me the bike rack remembered that it came with an adapter that they had never used. Meanwhile, the reducer from eTrailer arrived very quickly. I will probably be returning it as I no longer need it. Nevertheless, I will remember the great customer service at eTrailer and will buy future products from them! 237118

- HT02

by: Alan G09/26/2013

I am very pleased with my experience with etrailer. I was searching the web for a hitch reducer and I happened on your site. You had a video of the hitch reducer that I was interested in so I got a very good idea of what I was buying. The product arrived exactly as in your video. Now I'll be able to use my hitch for my bike rack. Thank you very much. I wish all my interrnet purchasing experiences were as good as what I experienced with your company! 101669

- HT02

by: Merrill01/29/2017

What I especially like about this product is it is much shorter and compact compared to other hitch adapters. This allows my bike carrier to be mounted several inches closer to my vehicle, but still has sufficient clearance from the bumper. The shorter design also results in less sway and bounce of the bike carrier. On the downside, I think it's probably the most expensive 2" to 1 1/4" hitch adapter on the market. But hey, you get what you pay for. 336556

- HT02

by: John G.08/10/2016

This is about as short a reducer as I found. Product shipped and arrived in the timeframe expected (maybe faster). On receipt I installed it and tried it with the 1" steel luggage rack we have. Everything fits. I knew the opening of the two inch tow harness was under the bumper a bit, and measured prior to purchase to be sure the rack would not be against the bumper when installed. Wouldn't want it any closer, but it fits. 282357

- HT02

by: Margaret L.03/12/2012

Great product and the customer service is impeccable. I've ordered the trailer hitch from them 1 1/2 weeks after I ordered a grill guard from another online store and my trailer hitch came in faster. It's amazing. I decided to order the adapter from them again and had a couple of questions before I place the order, customer service rep was really courteous and knowledgeable. I received my adapter in 3 days. Amazing store! 33575

- HT02

by: CJ H.06/25/2013

I'm very impressed with the ordering process and the quickness of delivery. The product is very well made. I also thought it was great that there was a video demonstrating the product. Made it very easy for me to see that this is the EXACT product to fit my needs. I will shop for all my RV, auto, trailer, bike needs. I think my local RV dealer will be using you as well. You have great pricing. Thank you!! 86048

- HT02

by: Barbara N.05/29/2017

The hitch reducer does what it says...reduces from a 2" to a 1 1/4" receiver. It was the perfect length to extend past the spare tire on my Jeep. My only complaint is that it has a bit of wiggle in it. I'm ordering a stabilizer to see if that solves the problem. Not sure why so much wiggle is there but I don't want my bikes moving around so much. We will see if the stabilizer fixes the problem. 386383

- HT02

by: Frank G.06/03/2015

I found the design, construction and materials are excellent and the fit was good but looser than I had hoped for. My 1-1/4 cargo rack has two pin holes, as if it was made to fit an adapter. I would like the internal sleeve to extend the full length of the adapter. The option of selecting which pin I want would be nice, too. Overall, this adapter is fine and worth the price. 200085

- HT02

by: Dennis J09/19/2016

I bought this to use a cargo rack that was given to me on my 2013 Murano. My hitch is 2" and the cargo carrier is 1 1/4". This made the transition perfectly. The best part is it's not so long like any of the others that I've found. This being only 7" long, my cargo rack does not stick out so far like it would with a 12" adapter. Fast shipping, great communication from etrailer. 296370


After a year, this is still working perfect. Thanks.

Dennis J - 09/19/2017


- HT02

by: Jim08/21/2014

I needed a hitch reducer to attach my bike rack to our vehicle for my family's upcoming vacation trip. My bike rack had a 1 1/4" hitch and my vehicle has a 2" receiver. I quickly found the right hitch reducer on the website and the product was delivered in-time for my trip and worked as expected. We did plenty of biking.Thank you 147843

- HT02

by: Vish N.06/18/2012

This product worked like a charm. I was trying to find a product to mount my Bell bike rack on a 2" Hitch and reduce it to 1 1/4". My bike rack was quite unstable with the plastic reducer Bell had provided. With this product, my bike rack fits well with no rattle and I drove a long distance carrying 4 bikes during father's day without any problems. 44586

- HT02

by: Roger H.03/08/2012

The adapter slid right in to the factory hitch on our 2012 Volvo XC60. This is a big deal since we had to return a different brand of adapter because the corner radii did not match up and it would not go in. There's a little bit of play, but the locking/snugging kit we also got will take care of that. Great solution for my 1 1/4" tongue bike rack! 33221

- HT02

by: Joe Saldana11/14/2014

I was searching for a solution to a rear mounted spare tire jack and fuel can mount. This mount uses a 2 inch mount, but the center wheel opening is 11/2 so I needed an adapter to downsize. I was not aware that adapters were available, until I can across your site and there is was. I purchased it and it work just as your site stated it would. 160928

- HT02

by: David S05/29/2017

Product is solid, easy to connect just as advertised. Delivery was fast and good notification as it progressed. My bike rack came with an anti-wobble bolt that tightens it to the receiver. Without it, this unit would wobble using just the pin that came with this product. But they all seem to have this problem to some degree. 386258

- HT02

by: The Texas R.A.T.02/18/2015

I am very pleased with the quality of the product. This hitch reducer is 100% quality, and while I could have gotten one for $13 shipped to my house from eBay their's are of poor quality. And that is why I decided to buy from being they sell the best quality stuff. As the old saying goes "you get what you pay for". 175237

- HT02

by: Tony A.10/06/2016

I had great trouble finding this item anywhere else but my sales rep. at etrailer knew exactly what I was looking for. I had a 1 1/4 receiver on my Malibu and several 1 1/4 hitch bars with different sized balls, but my new vehicle has a 2in receiver and I didn't want to buy new hitches. The reducer solved my problem simply. 303784

- HT02

by: Donna M07/07/2016

Still not quite the snug fit I was hoping for - but it certainly accomplishes the goal of being able to insert the Kuat rack. For further security, I added a lock that keeps the rack from swaying as much. The line up of the hitch, the insert, and the bike rack was challenging but improved the overall install. 268852

- HT02

by: Phil L.05/26/2015

Your web site was very helpful. I wasn't sure if I needed just a reducer or a extension. Just a reducer worked fine. It's heavy duty so it should hold up well. The video was very helpful showing how the reducer fit. I didn't know I needed a 5/8" pin which the video mentioned so I ordered that also. Thanks! 196944

- HT02

by: James in New Orleans04/01/2013

It does exactly what it was advertised to do- adapt my current 4" hitch so I could attach my bike rack. There's some wiggle room, (literally) but I knew that before I bought it. The bike rack actually fits more snugly than it did in an old vehicle I once had with a hitch. 73746

- HT02

by: Doug D.03/31/2011

There is a fair amount of play between this adapter and a 2" receiver so any attachments used (bike rack or cargo rack) will rock back and forth more than expected. I used small pieces of aluminum to shim between the adapter and the receiver the minimize the movement. 10858

- HT02

by: Mike S06/20/2013

Very satisfied, easy ordering online with fast delivery. This adapter installs in a few seconds with no tools required. It is a little lose fitting but can be removed just as easily as installing. Wish it came with a 5/8 pin as i already have the smaller one. 85357

- HT02

by: Chris12/18/2014

Came faster than promised and was just the right fit. The company actually FOLLOWED though until the order arrived, then sent an email to follow up that it did indeed make it. Very pleased and will use again if the need arises. Chris (Delaware) 166018

- HT02

by: Glenn08/13/2015

Recieved my order a day before schedule. This is a great company to deal with. Prompt and good quality items. Tried it out on my hitch and it works just as I hoped. Now I have another option for pulling my small tent trailer. Happy Camper! 218867

- HT02

by: Gary R.08/19/2014

I was actually surprised to find this. My local hardware stores and farm stores didn't have a hitch reducer. One guy told me he thought that they didn't make them. I received this one in good condition and without delay. 147337

- HT02

by: Wayne H06/04/2015

Great fit; easy to use; just what reviews described. Particularly liked the available videos and the research that etrailer guys do to answer customer questions. Etrailer has been added to my Go-To bookmarks. 200483

- HT02

by: Michael W09/05/2012

Got this adapter so I could use my bike rack that's for a 1 1/4 size hitch. It's a straight forward adapter. The fit is a little on the loose side so I would recommend an anti rattle device to go with it. 53991

- HT02

by: Thrashley11/21/2012

E-trailer website made it easy to find what I needed and compare. Best priceI found, and the pin was included. Products I ordered were shipped and delivered promptly. The hitch adaptor works great 59881

- HT02

by: JImmy M.05/16/2012

I wanted a reducer that extend a little bit my hitch and It's perfect. My bike rack is now more solid and it does not touch my bumper. fast shipping to canada via USPS (thank god it's not UPS) 40658

- HT02

by: Mike O.08/05/2012

The product works as advertised; however, mine was not shipped with the pin. I am sure that e-trailer will ship one to me, as I plan to contact them via e-mail once I am done with this review. 50603

- HT02

by: Steve C09/15/2017

Kinda pricey, but quality is worth it. Perfect size except for pin hole for 1.25, needs to be 2/16 further out board. Cannot use socket to tighten my Thule hitch bike rack to hitch extender 432787

- HT02

by: ES03/30/2011

Product fits exactly as described. I will use this to hold a bike rack bought for a 1 1/4" receiver on my 2" receiver car. Shipping was supper fast. Ordered on a Sunday, had item by Tuesday. 10716

- HT02

by: Javadavy04/06/2012

I have purchased three trailer hitches for.various vehicles over the last several years and have always been very pleased with the product and especially with the installation instructions. 36345

- HT02

by: john boy05/03/2011

I used this to reduce my 2" hitch to 1 1/4" for my bike rack that I have. It works great. I also bought the anti rattle pin and lock and it also works great. I would recommend this product. 12813

- HT02

by: Dave01/25/2013

Once again the service and prompt delivery of our order by etrailer was superb. The extension is just the right size and solidly made. I have no fears using it to carry our bike rack. 64103

- HT02

by: Jim M07/04/2014

Downsizes the hitch receiver from 2 inches to 1.25 inches. I purchased the HT02 hitch reducer to accommodate a mountain bike carrier. Very satisfied with the product. Works great. 139309

- HT02

by: CAH06/21/2016

This Brophy hitch reducer makes it easy to mount our 1 1/4 bike carrier in a Curtis 2' hitch. Well made in the USA it is a great buy and works well. Thanks Nick K for the help. 263468

- HT02

by: Walter K.04/23/2012

Heavy duty, simple conversion from 2" to 1 1/4". Works as advertised and is fairly unobtrusive. It does not stick as far out from the 2" receiver as some other adaptors. 38152

- HT02

by: Gart08/08/2007

If correct - you rock!!! Not every Customer Service rep understands what you are ordering....I believe your reps are the exception. We'll know for sure when it arrives. 343

- HT02

by: Jaynie T.12/24/2014

The receiver reducer was exactly what I needed for my bike rack, without causing it to extend out too far. It was shipped quickly and in excellent condition. 166863

- HT02

by: Pete A.07/30/2014

The product arrived a few days after I ordered it. It looks great and is exactly what I needed. The parts are very solid and fit perfectly on my Honda Pilot. 143404

- HT02

by: SethPeterW08/18/2017

I bought this part to adapt a Class 3 Hitch with 2" receiver to work with a bike rack that fits a 1 1/4" receiver. It fits perfectly and works great! 422169

- HT02

by: Freddie C.06/12/2011

The hitch to my new truck was very easy to put on and the delivery was very quick. Highly recommend etrailer for your trailer needs. Thanks Guys!! 16771

- HT02

by: Cile H02/24/2011

Just exactly what I needed to take my bikes behind my RV-- easy to install and strong. Was delivered in just two days. Will use etrailer again. 7792

- HT02

by: G Saikaly05/14/2013

I bought this reducer for a bicycle rack, which, even with a stabilizing strap, slops around too much. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks 80159

- HT02

by: Don P.04/08/2012

Holes were well placed to allow good fit for all planned attachments. Fit well with little wiggle, even without wobble eliminators installed. 36546

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  • Using a Dual Hitch Adapter to Carry a Bike Rack and a Cargo Carrier
  • Due to the lower tongue weight capacities of trailer hitches that have 1-1/4 inch receivers, there are no dual hitch adapters available for a 1-1/4 inch trailer hitch receivers. The adapters are only available for 2 inch trailer hitch receivers. If you have a 2 inch trailer hitch and a bike rack or cargo carrier with a 1-1/4 inch shank, you could use a hitch reducer like part # HT02 to allow you to use your hitch mounted accessory with the dual hitch adapter. Please note, the dual hitch...
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  • How to Calculate Tongue Weight Capacity Reduction When Using A Hitch Extender On Toyota Rav 4
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  • How to Use a Kuat NV for a 1-1/4 inch Hitch in a 2 inch Hitch
  • Kuat does not offer hitch adapters for the NV bike racks, but there are some alternatives. If you are needing an adapter to use the Kuat NV, # N102, that you referenced in a 2 inch receiver, then I would recommend looking into a hitch reducer like the Brophy 2 Inch to 1-1/4 Inch Reducer, # HT02. This will insert into your 2 inch receiver and provide a 1-1/4 inch receiver for your bike rack. Due to the design of your bike rack shank there really isn't a way to use an anti-rattle device...
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  • Hitch Reducer Sleeve to Allow Use of 2-Inch Weight Distribution Shank in 2-1/2-Inch Hitch Receiver
  • To convert your truck's 2-1/2-inch Class V hitch to a 2-inch opening for use with a 2-inch weight distribution shank you can use Reese part # 58102. This reducer sleeve is fully compatible with weight distribution systems and other 2-inch hitch-mounted accessories. You can click on the two linked videos for more information. You will also want to check your hitch's safety ticker to confirm it is rated for use with weight distribution.
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  • Can a 1-1/4 Inch Bike Rack be Used in a 2 Inch Trailer Hitch Receiver
  • You can still use your 1-1/4 inch bike rack with a 2 inch trailer hitch receiver. The first thing I would check is to see if there is an adapter sleeve or alternate shank that is designed specifically for your bike rack in order to use it in a 2 inch hitch. This would be the most ideal way to adapt the bike rack to fit the new hitch. If a specific adapter is not available, you can use a reducer sleeve to convert the 2 inch hitch to a 1-1/4 inch for times when you want to use the bike...
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  • If I Use Hitch Adapter HT02 to Convert Yakima Holdup to Work in a 2 inch Hitch is Capacity Reduced
  • If you use the # HT02 adapter to convert a Yakima Holdup 2 Bike Rack # Y02445 designed for 1-1/4 inch hitches so that it can be used in a 2 inch hitch you would not reduce the capacity of the rack. You would be able to carry 2 bikes with the setup still.
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  • Will The Yakima Replacement 2 Inch Hitch Adapter, # Y8890174, Fit A Older Yakima 4 Bike Rack
  • The Yakima Replacement 2 Inch Hitch Adapter, # Y8890174, is designed for use on the Yakima Flipside, StickUp, and the DoubleDown models. Since I do not know what model Yakima bike rack you have it will be hard to determine if this adapter will work on your bike rack. I do have the Brophy Hitch Adapter 2 Inch to 1-1/4 inch, # HT02, which will reduce your 2 inch receiver down to 1-1/4 inch receiver. It will work with 1-1/4 inch hitch accessories. I am sending a video link on the...
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  • Kuat NV 2.0 Bike Rack Adapter for 1-1/4
  • I have the perfect solution for you if you have a Kuat NV 2.0 Bike Rack, like part # NV12G, with a 1-1/4 inch shank to fit the Draw-Tite Max-Frame 2 inch Receiver # 75699 on your 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee. The people at Kuat thought these kind of scenarios through and have made an Adapter # D101 for situations just like yours. This will allow you to carry your Kuat bike rack with a 1-1/4 inch shank in your 2 inch trailer hitch receiver. If you don't have the 2.0 version of the NV then...
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  • How to Get a Thule T2 for 1-1/4 Inch Hitches to Fit a 2 Inch Trailer Hitch Receiver
  • I do have a solution for you but adapter # 853-7489 does not fit the T2, # TH9045. What you can use (and what is basically the same thing only it doesn't attach to the bike carrier) is a reducer sleeve, # HT02. Pin the reducer into the hitch receiver and then you can place the 1-1/4 inch shank from the T2 in and you'd be good to go.
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  • Parts Needed to Convert an Older Yakima HoldUp 2 inch Bike Rack to a 1-1/4 inch Class II Hitch Setup
  • I spoke with my contact at Yakima and there is a replacement shank for your older Yakima Holdup 2 Bike rack , item # Y02433. The 1-1/4 inch Hitch Adapter for Yakima HoldUp 2 Bike Carrier, item # Y80126, can be used to convert your rack to a Class II hitch mounted bike rack. You will need to check the hitch on your Acura RDX to be sure it can accept Class II accessories. There is not an adapter available for the HoldUp that will fit in a Class I hitch. If you would like to retain the...
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  • Can the Hollywood Racks Sport Rider Se Platform Bike Rack be Separated into Two Racks
  • I have solution for you, but the Hollywood Racks Sport Rider SE Platform 4 Bike Rack, # HR1400-85, can either be a 2 bike rack or a 4 bike rack. The unit cannot be separated into two separate 2 bike racks. We do carry the Pro Series Q-Slot Platform-Style 2-Bike and 4-Bike Rack, # PS63138. This bike rack has both a stand alone 2 bike rack that fits a 2 inch hitch and a stand alone bike rack that will fit a 1-1/4 inch hitch. This rack will fit together as a 4 bike rack that will fit a...
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  • Will a Thule Apex 4 Bike Rack Work on a 2011 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon with 255/75R17 Tire
  • If the hitch on your 2011 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon has a 2 inch receiver opening then the Thule Apex Swing Away Bike Rack, # TH9027, will fit in the hitch. The problem will come in with the spare on the back of the Jeep. I did the math and your 255/75R17 tire and wheel combination works out to be 10.04 inches wide, which will not allow the Thule Apex to be inserted fully into the hitch. Your Jeep also has a spare tire carrier between the spare and the back of the vehicle increasing...
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  • How to Attach a 1-1/4 Inch Hitch Bike Rack to a RV Bumper Hitch
  • I would recommend to use the Brophy Hitch Reducer, part # HT02. This reducer will insert into a 2 inch hitch receiver on your RV and allow you use your 1-1/4 inch hitch bike rack. It will extend out from the original hitch pin hole an extra 3 inches. Hopefully, an extra 3 inches would not cause you any problems. It comes with a 1/2 inch pin and clip for the hitch accessory, but you will also need a Hidden Hitch 5/8 Inch Pin and Clip, part # PC3 to attach the reducer to the hitch. There...
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  • Using the Thule T2 # TH917XTR on a 2 Inch Receiver
  • The Thule T2 you mention, part # TH917XTR is compatible with the 1-1/4 inch receiver only. Thule does not offer an adapter that is compatible with the T2, like with other of their racks. In order to use the T2 on a 2 inch receiver, a Hitch Reducer sleeve, like part # HTO2 would be your best option. The locking hitch pin included with the T2 will work with the reducer, but an additional hitch pin like part # PC3 or lock like part # 40107 will be needed to retain the reducer into the...
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  • Why are There Two Different Size Holes on the Draw-Tite Class III Hitch for 2009 Honda CR-V
  • The Draw-Tite Class III Trailer Hitch, # 75547, that you have on your 2009 Honda CR-V will use the 5/8 inch hole to secure hitch mounted accessories or ball mounts to the trailer hitch. The smaller hole is designed for the J-Pin Stabilization Pin, # 63201, and is not intended to be a hitch pin hole. If you have a hitch mounted accessory with a 1/2 inch hole, then it is probably intended to be used with a 1-1/4 inch trailer hitch receiver, rather than a 2 inch receiver. If this is the...
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  • 2 inch to 1-1/4 inch Trailer Hitch Receiver Adapter for Use with a Cargo Carrier
  • We do offer an adapter that will take your 2 inch hitch receiver down to the 1-1/4 inch receiver size, to accept your cargo carrier. It is the Hitch Adapter 2 to 1-1/4 Trailer Hitch Receiver, part # HT02.
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  • Is Replacement Hitch Adapter 853-7489 A Generic Fit For All 1-1/4 Inch Racks
  • The Replacement 2 inch Hitch Adapter, part # 853-7489, you asked about is an adapter, that Thule says will fit TH9028, TH9029, TH9030, TH9031 and TH934XTR bike carriers. They have the threaded hole in the shank that aligns with the hole on the adapter. If your bike carrier is one of those listed, this adapter would work for you. If you do have one of the bike carriers listed then this adapter will allow you to use a 1-1/4 inch shank bike rack with a hitch that has a 2 inch receiver without...
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  • Trailer Hitch and Weight Distribution Recommendations for a 2009 Lexus GX470
  • For your 2009 Lexus GX470 I recommend Draw-Tite trailer hitch # 75155. This hitch has a 2 inch receiver and is rated for 600 pounds tongue weight (limited to the tongue weight capacity of the vehicle if lower). This hitch is a great option for use with a cargo carrier. If your cargo carrier fits a 2 inch hitch receiver you won't need anything else. But if it fits a 1-1/4 inch hitch then you would need to use a reducer sleeve, # HT02. When using this reducer the tongue weight is limited...
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  • Replacement Shank for a Thule Expressway Bike Rack to Fit in a 2 Inch Trailer Hitch Receiver
  • The shank for the Expressway bike racks has an L-shape with the vertical part welded to the horizontal part. Replacement shank # 853-7292 will not work as a replacement because of the original design of the Expressway. You would have to use a reducer to use the 1-1/4 inch shank in the 2 inch receiver. You can use # HT02. The use of this adapter does not reduce the tongue weight capacity of the hitch and it comes with a pin for the part that fits in the 2 inch receiver. A 1/2 inch diameter...
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  • Dual Hitch Adapter Recommendation with 1-1/4 inch Hitch on Top
  • I have a solution for you. If you like the part # MT70070 but want to use the top hitch opening for a 1-1/4 inch accessory you would want the part # HT02.
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  • Can I Use the Aluminum Shank Adapter # 853-7292 with My Thule 937 Hitching Post Pro
  • To be able to use your Thule Hitching Post Pro 937 in the 2 inch hitch on your truck you will need to use the Brophy Trailer Hitch Adapter, item # HT02, see video link. Along with this adapter you will also need an Anti Rattle device for the 2 inch receiver to help keep the bike rack from bouncing. The anti-rattle hitch pin, item # 63232, would be a good choice for this application. I spoke with my contact at Thule on your behalf and found that the Thule Replacement Aluminum Shank Adapter...
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  • Will the SportRack Adapter Sleeve fit a Schwinn Hitch Bike Rack
  • I have a solution for you, but the SportRack 2-inch sleeve # 05001300000 you referenced was specifically designed for certain bike racks, so I wouldn't be able to say yes with certainty. Going with a hitch reducer like # HT02 and what I recommend won't reduce your tongue weight capacity and will transform your 2-inch receiver into a 1-1/4 inch receiver. Another option is a hitch adapter like # MT70033. This will allow you to use your 1-1/4 hitch mount accessories with your 2-inch...
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  • Hitch Reducer and Extender for a Thule T2 and 2015 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon
  • The Thule T2, # TH9045, extends out a good distance by itself (18 inches from the center of the hitch pin hole to the nearest bike carrier rail) but if that is not enough you could use an extender. However, the use of an extender and reducer will decrease the tongue weight capacity of the trailer hitch by 50 percent. Using just a reducer sleeve, such as # HT02, will provide you with just 3 inches extension but since it is not a true extension it will not reduce the tongue weight capacity...
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  • Can the Rola Enclosed Cargo Carrier for 1-1/4 Inch Be Adapted to a 2 Inch Hitch
  • Yes, you can use an adapter, but I would recommend purchasing the Rola Carrier that is fitted for 2 inch hitches, part # 59110. If you already have the 59108 carrier or need the ability to use the carrier with both 1-1/4 and 2 inch, then the adapter is the way to go. I would recommend the Brophy Adapter Sleeve, part # HT02 as it has the highest capacity of the 2 to 1-1/4 adapters. It has a tongue weight capacity of 300 pounds. The 59108 cargo carrier weights about 85 pounds, so that...
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  • Availability of Hitch Adapter That Allows Thule # TH957 Parkway to Be Used in 2 Inch Hitch Receiver
  • The adapters Thule manufactures aren't compatible with the Thule # TH957 Parkway, but you can always use a reducer sleeve like part # HT02. The adapter sleeve would work perfectly for you.
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  • Will Thule Parkway TH957 Bike Rack Work with Thule Replacement Aluminum Shank Adapter, # 853-7292
  • We can offer you a solution, however the Thule aluminum adapter # 853-7292 will not work with your Parkway # TH957 bike rack. This part is intended for use specifically with Thule rack models # TH912, # TH914 and # TH954. My contact at Thule confirms this. In order to use your Thule Parkway TH957 rack that has a 1-1/4 inch shank with a 2-inch hitch receiver, you can instead use a hitch reducer sleeve such as the Brophy # HT02. This steel reducer slides into your 2-inch hitch receiver...
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  • Available Trailer Hitches for a 2011 Ford Edge
  • There are 3 trailer hitch available for your 2011 Ford Edge, I have included a link to them below, but the 36447 hitch that you have referenced will only fit a 2007 model Ford Edge. Of the available trailer hitches that will fit, all but one of them are Class III trailer hitches with 2 inch receivers. You will actually have more accessory options with a Class III trailer hitch than you would with a smaller Class II or Class I hitch. If a Class II, 1-1/4 inch hitch is required, you can...
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  • Adapter Needed To Use the Thule Hitching Post Pro in a 2 inch Trailer Hitch Receiver
  • I spoke with my contact at Thule to be absolutely sure, and she said that the Hitching Post Pro is not adaptable to a 2 inch hitch with any of the adapters that Thule produces, and that there is not a replacement 2 inch shank available for this rack. You would need to use an aftermarket 2 inch to 1-1/4 inch adapter like the Brophy hitch reducer, # HT02, to be able to install this rack in the 2 inch hitch on your Tundra. With this adapter you will need a 5/8 inch pin and clip for your...
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  • Recommended Hitch With Adapter For 2014 Mazda CX9 With 1.25 Thule T2 Bike Rack
  • I spoke with my contact at Curt and they told me that the distance from the center of the hitch pin hole on the Curt Trailer Hitch part # C12112, to the outer edge of the bumper on your 2014 Mazda CX-9 is 3-1/2 inches. I checked the dimensions on the Thule T2 Platform-Style 2 Bike Carrier, part # ETTHT2C-1, and found that the distance from the center of the hitch pin hole to the closest edge of the bike rack when folded up is 3-1/2 inches. That would put the bike carrier so close to...
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  • Using a 1-1/4 Inch Bike Rack in a 2 Inch Trailer Hitch
  • You will not want to drill holes in the bike rack shank because that could lead to a weakened shank and loss of rack! I have a great solution for you though. Since you need to install a 1-1/4 inch rack into a 2 inch shank you can use reducer sleeve # HT02. It would only extend the rack 3 inches and it is the safest way to use the rack with a 2 inch hitch. The adapter, # SP323, is threaded because the screw has to hold both halves of the adapter together.
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