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Draw-Tite Activator IV Trailer Brake Controller - 1 to 4 Axles - Time Delayed

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draw-tite brake controller electric 360 degrees 5504
draw-tite brake controller time delayed 360 degrees activator iv trailer - 1 to 4 axles
draw-tite brake controller time delayed 360 degrees
draw-tite brake controller time delayed electric
draw-tite brake controller time delayed electric activator iv trailer - 1 to 4 axles
draw-tite brake controller 2 - 8 brakes 360 degrees 5504
draw-tite brake controller time delayed 2 - 8 brakes 5504
draw-tite brake controller electric 2 - 8 brakes

In Use/Installed

2014 chevrolet silverado 1500 brake controller draw-tite electric 2 - 8 brakes in use
2014 chevrolet silverado 1500 brake controller draw-tite time delayed 360 degrees in use
2014 chevrolet silverado 1500 brake controller draw-tite time delayed 2 - 8 brakes activator iv trailer 1 to 4 axles
2014 chevrolet silverado 1500 brake controller draw-tite electric 2 - 8 brakes 5504
2014 chevrolet silverado 1500 brake controller draw-tite time delayed 2 - 8 brakes 5504

Customer Photos

draw-tite brake controller time delayed 2 - 8 brakes 5504

  • Draw-Tite
  • Time Delayed Controller
  • Electric
  • 2 - 8 Brakes
  • Automatic Leveling
  • Digital Display
  • Vehicle Mount
  • 360 Degrees
Palm-size brake controller activates trailer brakes with preset intensity when you apply the brakes in your vehicle. Adjust power output and braking aggressiveness with easily accessible, up-front buttons. Digital display and manual override. Call 800-298-8924 to order Draw-Tite brake controller part number 5504 or order online at Free expert support on all Draw-Tite products. Guaranteed Lowest Price and Fastest Shipping for Draw-Tite Activator IV Trailer Brake Controller - 1 to 4 Axles - Time Delayed. Brake Controller reviews from real customers.

Draw-Tite Brake Controller - 5504

Palm-size brake controller activates trailer brakes with preset intensity when you apply the brakes in your vehicle. Adjust power output and braking aggressiveness with easily accessible, up-front buttons. Digital display and manual override.


  • Brake controller activates trailer brakes with preset intensity
    • Signal is sent to trailer brakes when tow vehicle's brakes are activated
  • Adjustable power output lets you determine the amount of power sent to the trailer's brakes
    • Set to higher output when towing in hilly terrain or with a fully loaded trailer
    • Back off power when towing a lightweight or empty trailer
  • Sync setting lets you adjust the aggressiveness with which the brakes are activated
    • Increasing activation speed gives you full power output faster
    • Supplying power more gradually gives you smoother braking
  • Easy-to-read digital display communicates brake power output, sync setting, and error codes
    • Shows diagnostic codes for overloads and open grounds
  • Short circuit protected
  • Slide-bar manual override
  • Quick and easy installation
    • Can be mounted at any angle in any plane, and in any direction
    • Mounting bracket with hardware included
    • Plug-in, vehicle-specific brake-controller adapter (sold separately) can be used for certain applications to reduce installation time


  • Application: trailers with up to 4 axles (8 brake assemblies)
    • Designed for use with electric brakes only
  • Dimensions: 4-3/16" long x 2-3/4" wide x 1" tall
  • Harness length: 8"
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Time-Delayed Braking

The Activator IV applies your trailer's brakes when the brake pedal in your tow vehicle is engaged. Every time you apply the brakes in your vehicle, a signal is sent - via the brake switch - to the Activator. The controller then sends power out to your trailer brakes to activate them with an intensity set by you, at a rate determined by you. Both the amount of braking power (output) and rate of application (sync) can be adjusted to suit your preference, the road conditions, type of trailer, and size of the load. To determine which levels are best for your application, you must test out your towing setup and choose what feels best.

A time-delay controller is so named because there is a delay between the time that you initially apply the brakes in your tow vehicle and the time that the controller reaches the set maximum power output. Unlike a proportional brake controller, which activates your trailer's brakes based on the deceleration of your tow vehicle, the Activator sends power out in the same way, with the same user-set delay, no matter the braking situation. Although this delay always exists, it can be adjusted by changing the sync setting. The controller will continue to send out power to the trailer brakes as long as your foot is on the brake pedal, even when your truck and trailer have come to a stop.

Built-In Controls on the Activator IV

Built-In Controls on the Activator IV

The diagram above shows the controls and components of the Activator IV electric trailer brake controller.

Power Output Control

The power output control lets you set the maximum amount of power that will be applied to your trailer's brakes. Typically, the power output is only readjusted if you switch from a heavy, loaded trailer to a much lighter, empty trailer - or vice versa. During the initial setup process, use the plus and minus adjustment buttons on the top left of the Activator IV to adjust the output.

Sync Control

The sync setting represents the elapsed time from the point that the brakes are first applied to the point that the set power output reaches its maximum. This setting is responsible for determining the aggressiveness of the braking action.

To adjust the sync, use the plus and minus buttons on the top of the unit. If you want to reach maximum power output faster, press the plus button. To get smoother braking action by supplying power to the trailer brakes more gradually, press the minus button. You can alter the sync setting to suit your driving preferences or to improve handling based on changing road conditions or varied trailer loads.

Digital Display

The Activator IV brake controller features an easy-to-read LED window that displays the power settings as you adjust them. The power output is shown as a number, with 0 indicating minimum output and 10 indicating maximum output. The sync setting is shown as a number followed by the letter "o" to differentiate it from the output reading. The least aggressive sync setting is 0o and the most aggressive is 9o.

While braking, the unit displays the power output. To see or adjust the sync setting, step on your brake pedal and press either the plus or minus button at the same time.

The display will also show trouble codes to alert you to any potential problems, such as short circuits or overloads, or if there is an internal problem with the controller.

Slide-Bar Manual Override

The manual slide lever overrides the preset power output and allows the operator to engage the trailer brakes without using the vehicle's brakes. In addition to being a necessary safety feature, this option helps to control trailer sway by slowing the trailer to put it back solidly behind the tow vehicle.

You can also engage the manual override to help you move a sliding 5th-wheel hitch closer to your truck's tailgate for tight maneuvering during slow speed turns. Just apply the manual override to hold the trailer in place while slowly moving the tow vehicle forward.

Quick, Simple Installation

Because inertia plays no role in the functioning of this controller, you do not have to mount the unit at any particular angle or position it in any particular direction. As a result, mounting options are limitless, so long as you can still easily access the manual override.

Installation of the Activator IV requires that you either purchase a custom wiring adapter designed to plug into the controller or that you hardwire the controller directly into your vehicle. To hardwire the controller, you must remove the plug at the end of the integrated wiring harness.

Installation Accessories

A vehicle-specific, dual-mated wiring adapter is available for most newer trucks and SUVs with tow packages. One end of the custom adapter plugs into your vehicle's brake controller port, and the other end plugs into the controller - no hardwiring required.

A universal wiring harness (20127 - sold separately) that plugs into any Draw-Tite brake controller is also available. The 4 leads on the universal harness can then be hardwired into your vehicle. By splicing the universal adapter into your wiring instead of directly connecting the brake controller to your wiring, you gain the ability to unplug and remove the controller from your vehicle should the need arise.

Note: If a custom brake-control wiring adapter is not available for your vehicle, one of the following will be required:

20-Amp circuit breaker (9506P - sold separately) for 2- to 4-brake applications

30-Amp circuit breaker (38630 - sold separately) for 6- to 8-brake applications

See also's exclusive 7- and 4-way brake-control installation kit (ETBC7 - sold separately) if you don't already have a 7-way plug at the back of your vehicle.

5504 Draw-Tite Act IV Electric Trailer Brake Controller - Time Based

Replaces 5500

5504 Installation InstructionsInstallation Details 5504 Installation instructions

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Video of Draw-Tite Activator IV Trailer Brake Controller - 1 to 4 Axles - Time Delayed

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Draw-Tite Brake Controller 5504 Review

Today we're going to review part number 5504. This is is Draw-Tite Activator IV Time Delayed Trailer Brake Controller. This is designed for trailers from using one to four axles. This brake controller will activate your trailer brakes with a pre-set intensity. The signal is sent to your trailer brakes when your tow vehicle's brakes are activated. This time delayed brake controller is so-named that because there is a delay between the time that you initially apply the brakes on your tow vehicle and the time that the controller reaches the set maximum power output.

Although this delay will already exist, it can be adjusted by just changing your sync setting, right over here. What I am going to do, just so can go through these, is I have an example of a plug here. I'm going to plug this in, so we have power to it. Now that I got it plugged in, turn the power on and I just want to show you, initially if you do not have your trailer connected, when you try to apply the brakes all you will see is that red dot. That just means the trailer is not connected. I'm going to connect the wire to the trailer.

With that wire connected, you'll see, when we apply the brakes, it'll give you the readings. So, what we're going to do now is we're going to talk about it. The sync setting that I had mentioned, you can change that sync setting. This will let you adjust the aggressiveness in which the brakes are activated. Right here it says sync.

These buttons right up here at the top, the plus and minus button, what you'll do is you can increase your activations speed. It will give you full power output a lot faster, just by pushing the plus. Basically, if I go plus, you can see it raises it 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9. Nine is the highest. You go minus, you can see it brings it all the way down to 1, whoop it will go all the way down to 0, I'm sorry.

Zero up to nine, so that will . Now, if you decrease that activation speed . In other words, if you have it 5, let's say, and you put minus and go down to 4 or 3, when you're decreasing that activation speed, this will supply the power more gradually and give you a lot smoother braking. Over here is the gain, the power output control, which is also know as the gain. This part will let you determine the amount of power sent to your trailer and brakes. So, the same way as a plus and a minus. If you set it to a higher, you can see it goes up to 8. It goes up by half, all the way up to 10, 9.5, 9. So, if you go higher output, when tow . You'll use that when you're towing in like a hilly terrain or with a fully loaded trailer. If you go minus or back off the power, you'll do that when you're towing a light weight or an empty trailer, so it's going to control the amount of power sent to your trailer's brakes. The manual control slide lever right here, as you can see, this will override the preset power output and allows the operator to engage your trailer brakes without using your vehicles brakes. This will, if you'll notice, when you push this all the way, goes up to 7.5. Seven and a half you'll notice is what the gain setting was, so the gain is what you'll be . Whenever you push this slide lever, it's only going to go up to the maximum gain that you have set on it. It does have this nice, easy to read LED digital display. This will give you your brake power output, the sync setting. It'll also give you air codes. It'll show diagnostic codes for any overloads or open ground and it is short circuit protected. This is a very quick and easy installation, as I'm mentioned, it's a plug and play installation. What we do recommend . This can be mounted at any angle, at any plane, in any direction. Because it's not like a proportional brake controller, it doesn't rely on any inertia or the accelerometer in here. It doesn't rely on any of that, so it can be mounted in any direction. The mounting bracket, right here, and the hardware is included. As you can see, the bracket would just slide in there. You mount it up to the side and then to your vehicle. We do recommend when you do install this, it's possible to use a plug in vehicle specific brake controller adapter, which we do sell separately. Some vehicles will have this adapter plug that you can buy with the end that'll slide into the brake control. The other end can be either wired to your vehicle or it can have a plug that would match the brake controller port in your vehicle. Again, a few specs on this, the application . This is for trailers with up to 4 axles or 8 brake assemblies. It is designed for use with electric brakes only. The harness length off the controller is about 8" and this does come with a limited lifetime warranty. Again, just to show you, you're going to set the sync. You can go high or you can go minus and if you're going to set the gain, you can go up by half inch increments, all the way up to 10 or all the way down to 0. Then again, we have the gain set at 2, when you go apply your manual override, you'll see that it'll only go up to the maximum gain setting. That should do it for the review on part number 5504, the Draw-Tite Activator IV Time Delayed Trailer Brake Controller designed for one to four axles. .

Customer Reviews

Draw-Tite Activator IV Trailer Brake Controller - 1 to 4 Axles - Time Delayed - 5504

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (151 Customer Reviews)

Palm-size brake controller activates trailer brakes with preset intensity when you apply the brakes in your vehicle. Adjust power output and braking aggressiveness with easily accessible, up-front buttons. Digital display and manual override.

- 5504

by: Rick08/09/2014

This break controller and harness installs in a 2014 Silverado with factory wires already installed. If you want to install in the dash where the factory break controller should be ,it fits with some modifications. First be careful when cutting the back of dash board. The factory wires are connected to the back of the plastic that you will cut out. The wires are located top right of the panel. Stay away from this area. You will also need to cut out the back bottom to feed the plug from break controller to drivers side fuse panel and run down under the dash board on top of parking break. Remove the black cover next to break pedal and plug in the wire harness. You will need to cut out a piece of plastic on the side of the cover box next to the plug insert, because the harness is not long enough to route thru the top. The break controller will stick out of the dash about 2 inches. This gives access to top control buttons. I mounted it this way because I like it at eye level and not down by my knee. Also did not want to drill holes in my leather appointed dash. 145442


Control works great no problems

Rick - 08/09/2015


- 5504

by: Allen R.08/26/2014

I had an Activator 3, which I really liked, until it quit on me a few months ago. The controller would recognize that you were connected to a trailer, but would display all 0'set and you couldn't adjust it up. Then I swaped it for my brother's Activator 3 and it did the exact same thing, which is sad because I rarely tow, and my brothers hadn't even been hooked up yet. Both were about 3 years old. Anyway, I was going on a camping trip in the mountains pulling a 5th wheel camper, so I needed a replacement. I like the looks of this unit, it's narrower than the Activator 3, and it's black, which I like because it doesn't stand out in my tan interior, which is something I hated about the Activator 3, it was silver and was gaudy in a tan truck. I like that the manual brake switch is actually a potentiometer, and will vary the braking power depending on how far you move the lever. The Activator 3 is just a switch. I did like the gain adjuster wheel on the Activator 3, over the buttons, but it's no big deal. You usually only adjust by half points anyway, but if you wand to go from 9 to 3 for an example, it's kind of a pain where I have my controller tucked up in. Overall I am happy with it. The only concern I have is that the internals are probably the same as the Activator 3, so hopefully theyou got that fixed and this one doesn't quit on me in 3 years. I know the have a lifetime warranty, but I didn't have time to do a warranty claim on my last unit. 148609

- 5504

by: MelF10/15/2015

Installation was very easy in my Tahoe thanks to the information available on your website. While I didn't need to call for assistance from your team, reading other reviews gave me confidence to place my order. Add to this that your price was very competitive, the quick shipping, and you can count me as a very satisfied customer! 230063


Still the handiest controller I have. I pull it out of the console and plug it up when needed and store it when I dont. Stays out of the way except when needed. Functions beautifully with my car hauler or my camper. I would definitely make the same choice again today.

MelF - 10/14/2016


- 5504

by: Patrick09/03/2014

everything was exactly as described. fit perfectly on my truck. 149899


Brake controller is working great!! No complaints.

Patrick - 09/03/2015


- 5504

by: Dan09/10/2014

Great products. Fit great in my truck. Very far delivery!! 150562


Working great. No complaints

Dan - 09/10/2015


- 5504

by: Keith P01/13/2013

Easy to install, works great 62851



Keith P - 07/14/2014


- 5504

by: Simon H.02/06/2012

This hand break is exactly what I was looking for. I had one on an old truck that I had sold and wanted to put one in one of my newer trucks. I kind of knew what to expect - what I didn't expect was the exceptional customer service I received from etrailer. I placed my order and the people at etrailer kept me informed on every step of the delivery process up to and including delivery (even what door it was delivered to at my house) Now that's what I call service!! Will definitely use etrailer again!! Thank you 31219

- 5504

by: Rodger G01/30/2016

The draw tite brake controller arrived very quick. I installed it very easy on my 2015. Ram. I called Tekonsa and made sure what plug in wiring adapter need it was the 3024 p. I was told by service tech Tekconsa that they maiddraw tite. Also the guy from etrailer I order from new all the questions, very good at his job. I installed it in about an hour and that was finding the best place. The adapter plug is above the gas peddle. Will from etrailer again. Good Luck you will be satisfied. 236610

- 5504

by: Maribeth R.10/16/2014

This brake controller was remarkably easy to install and worked well right out of the box. I followed the recommendation of etrailer for my make and model of truck, a 2000 Chevy Suburban, and everything was exactly as depicted in the video. After viewing the video I felt as if I had done it before when I went to install my device. I was surprised that it really was as easy as it had appeared in the video. Great job, etrailer! I will definitely be back! 156382

- 5504

by: Ron04/15/2013

Great brake controller. Bought the adapter plug and had it installed and ready to go in the truck in less than 30 mins. Easy to set and adjust. Customer service was great. Needed it shipped to me fast. Called and the lady in customer service made sure it was shipped that day and arrived to me in 2 days. She sent me emails making sure I knew when it shipped. Great company to deal with. Would definitely order from them again. 76020

- 5504

by: Rick E.01/16/2017

My son just bought a Popup camper. So we bought a draw-tite class lll frame hitch receiver pn75073, a draw-tite brake controller pn5504, a universal brake control wiring kit pnETBC7, and a custom fit wire harness pn118329 for his truck. It took us a couple of hours to install. The instructions were spot on. He hooked up the camper to his truck, and drove off. Worked as advertised. (hope I get to see him soon!!) 335704

- 5504

by: Dan M.04/29/2013

Product is simple and strait forward to install. Controls are simple and doesn't take a lot of messing around with to get the hang of. My only gripe is that I wish instead of having self tapping screws to mount to the car, it came with bolts/nuts. That way you don't have a pointy screw protruding out the back of a panel and possibly running through what's behind the panel or rubbing on other wires. 78265

- 5504

by: Bobby02/25/2017

I receive the item exactly when I was expecting it and fit my 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland with very little effort. It was 4 screws and connecting to push in connectors. The cable that came with the breaking system fit perfectly. I saved money on the braking system and with not need a mechanic to put it in. I would recommend this to anyone. 345803

- 5504

by: Lee Roy02/27/2017

To begin, I have to say I was extremely impressed by the fast shipping and friendly emails. The product itself appears to be very well made. The installation video I saw on the website made installation a breeze. Product works like a charm. Had no difficulty finding the right settings when towing my car. Works as it should. 346532

- 5504

by: Brian Z01/27/2015

Got the Activator II by Draw Tite from E Trailer. Ordered and it came in in a week. Opened it up read the instructions and actually had it installed in minutes. The thing that took me the longest was deciding where to mount. The plug and play adapter worked perfectly with my 2006 F150. Works great with my horse trailer. Thanks Etrailer!!! 171442

- 5504

by: Paul V.09/04/2012

Installing this into my 2005 Tahoe was a breeze. If you just follow the directions and check out etrailers videos you should have no problem. I went from a small popup to a bigger hybrid so I had to get the EBC system. This sure beats taking it to the RV or Dealer store and paying retail plus labor. Thanks 53924

- 5504

by: Peet06/29/2016

Nice controller that doesn't take up a lot of space. Installation was so easy that I wonder how places charge $200+ to do this. Found a nice spot to mount bracket, plugged wire harness in, attached controller to bracket & used 3 zip ties to get wires out of the way. Total install time was less than 15 minutes 266211

- 5504

by: James W06/21/2013

Sir, I recieved the brake controller & wiring harness promptly & the unit was well packaged. Yesterday I installed the controller on my 2002 Ford 150 pickup. Everything went well and the harness plugged right in. Iam very well pleased with the unit & the service I recieved from your company. Many thanks, James 85408

- 5504

by: K Maconachy01/30/2012

The Product was easily to find on your site. I was able to browse controllers specifically for my truck. The controller arrived as expecteed. I was kept informed on the order, shipment and delivery, and it came right when you said it would. It installed easily in about 1/2 hour. All the tests we did worked well. 30629

- 5504

by: Shawn H05/14/2013

Break controller works perfect. I also bought a 7 way as my truck didn't have one installed only a 4pole. Ordered the etcb7 kit but didn't wait for it to come went to local hardware store and automotive store and bought the wire and breakers had it all wired in a few hours( weather wouldn't cooperate) 80128

- 5504

by: ed j07/20/2014

Install on my 2014 Frontier could not have been easier. I just plugged in the NIssan wiring adapter and it was working. Only challenge was finding good location for mounting. My solution was to use a couple of strips of stick on velcro to attach it to the console side. Picture attached. 142287

- 5504

by: Royal D.11/08/2013

A high quality brake controller. I like the simplicity of a time delay controller. 106802

- 5504

by: Gary S.06/06/2016

Purchased a trailer electric brake setup. Received promptly and everything in order. A little difficult to install but otherwise A-OK. The brake works great and I would certainly recommend you guys to anyone who needs a brake switch like this. Thanks for your service. 258327

- 5504

by: Norbert05/29/2016

A good product at a good price, delivered QUICKLY! Install was a cinch with a youtube video assist. Placement was a head scratcher. Imagine that with a truck so big. The clear and easy to read display is a real plus. Don't forget the extra harness. 253010

- 5504

by: Chris S.03/23/2012

This is the second Activator II controller I've ordered/installed from e-Trailer. It took considerably less time than you state on your website. My experience with this product has been great and I would recommend it to anyone needing a break controller. 34866

- 5504

by: Brad M08/05/2014

E-Trailer, Product arrived in great condition. It also came through the postal service faster than I expected. I haven't had time to install the product yet but if everything works as good as it looks it will be just fine. Thanks, Brad 144427

- 5504

by: Tim S.06/18/2012

If you desire a simplistic brake controller with no frills, this is it. It is a good value for the money. The installation instructions are very limited, would not recommend this to be installed by someone needing a lot of instruction help. 44619

- 5504

by: Jim P01/03/2015

Ease of installation and adjustment was very good.having run both types of brake controllers in the past,being able to make all adjustments as to amount and duty cycle time works out better for me.great product at a great price... 167628

- 5504

by: Kory05/18/2012

My 2004 Chevy was equipped with trailer towing, so I ordered this controller with the harness made for my pickup. I could not believe how simple it was to install! I put it to use with my camper and it works flawlessly. 40899

- 5504

by: Dano08/12/2014

This controller works, but this review should be about there service was incredible. Very friendly and true to there word. Will be ordering and purchasing from etrailer for years to come. Thank you! 146187

- 5504

by: Sisto A.12/24/2014

etrailer provided all the info I needed to research the product that I needed and was reasonably priced plus free shipping. My order was processed and sent immediately. I will purchase from them again for sure. 166798

- 5504

by: Joseph R.02/12/2012

Easy installation; easy to use and understand; works great with my Chevy Tahoe and Fleetwood Mallard Trailer...I would highly recommend this product and for quick, easy shipment at a fair price. 31657

- 5504

by: Tommy G.04/02/2017

I have just recently received this brake controller and have not used it yet but it looks like a very nice unit. The quality looks very good, size is nice and handy and controls feel of good quality. 361675

- 5504

by: Cecil11/18/2013

plug n play made it easy make sure to order harness to fit your auto 20 minutes a d I was pulling trailer to test controller out worked perfect shipping fast AAA service and product very satisfied 107764

- 5504

by: jimmer06/21/2009

Love the digital display! Digital display is now a requirement when I order a brake controller. It is amazing how much better brake control I have knowing before hand how much brake will be applied. 2017

- 5504

by: Andy02/01/2015

Purchased the draw-tire activator IV trailer brake controller.... Very fast shipping and easy installation! Had it installed and working less than 30min! Wiring adapter made made it so easy! 172045

- 5504

by: Terry09/26/2012

Top notch products,Service and Customer service help line. You guys know your stuff. Thank you so much for the help everything went flawless and works perfect. Thank you so much. Terry 55847

- 5504

by: Jon06/03/2017

Haven't had a chance to put it to use, but etrailer was very easy to work with fast shipping and above and beyond with communications (shipped, tracking and links for installation videos) 388113

- 5504

by: Rich G01/18/2017

Installation was easy and the brake controller works great. When pulling my travel trailer, my truck stops almost like it wasn't towing anything. Very satisfied. Thank you, eTrailer! 333474

- 5504

by: max.c07/19/2012

ordered on a monday afternoon, received my order on wed after 3 pm...everything was in good condition..these are really good people...thank you so much for the fast service......max 48479

- 5504

by: Bob09/30/2009

Nice product, easy to use Easy to use an upgrade from my Activator I unit. Has the same manual brake control that failed on the Activator I unit. Hopefully this one does not fail. 2438

- 5504

by: Tim Boyer11/20/2016

Hopefully b - control is correct one. Wish I would have known I needed conversion wiring , seeing all others sold with control when applicable !! Only cost me a week waiting..... 318334

- 5504

by: Dan W08/15/2016

This controller was easy to install and worked well on my pop-up and just as well on our new 25 foot camper. Very pleased with the performance of this controller, thank you Dan 283851

- 5504

by: William J06/29/2013

EASY installation, functions perfectly so far, and like the ability to fine tune brakes depending upon load. Service from etrailer excellent, as has always been my experience. 86734

- 5504

by: Darrell F.04/25/2012

Great Product, VERY Easy to install. The only thing I would change is the length of the pig tail. The short length of the pigtail limits your options of product placement. 38289

- 5504

by: Faris B.06/22/2017

Product is easy to install. My 2009 F-150 was already wired with the tow package. The videos provided on the website made finding the connector very easy. Thank you. 397387

- 5504

by: RZ12/06/2013

Great product. Easy to research and compare to other products on Easy to buy, prompt shipping, easy to install. Works as advertised. A+++ experience. 109450

- 5504

by: RK08/22/2017

I have always been satisfied with buying from etrailer. Top notch products to fit a variety of budgets and needs. I bought this for a friend to install in his truck. 423856

- 5504

by: Jordan08/06/2017

Outstanding product. Worked just as advertised and the tutorials on the site were very helpful. This was my first experience with etrailer but it won't be my last. 416891

- 5504

by: Ken03/22/2011

The item appears to be well made and as expected. I'm having some difficulties, but with my camper, not with the unit. Probably not a really useful review. 10133

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  • Wiring a Brake Controller on a 1995 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 LS
  • Yes, you will be able to install the Draw-Tite Activator IV Brake Controller, item # 5504, on your 1995 Chevrolet 2500 Silverado LS. You will not need the Universal Brake Control Wiring Adapter 1999-02 Chevrolet, GMC, Cadillac, item # 3025-S, on the 1995 model because there is no factory port under the dash to plug the adapter in to. Chevrolet did not start putting the brake controller wiring port under the dash until 1999 so you will need to hard wire the brake controller on your 1995...
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  • What Color is the Brake Switch Wire to Use to Install a Draw Tite Activator Brake Controller
  • The wire you will want to use on your 1999 Ford Explorer should be a solid green wire. I would double-check with a circuit tester like the # 3808 to be sure. The 12 volt power source that runs to the 7-way is for auxiliary circuits like a winch or lights like you mentioned. In order for your brake controller to activate the brakes on your trailer you will not need to have this circuit wired up.
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  • What Does The Code OL Mean on Draw-Tite Activator Brake Controller # 5504
  • If the display on your Draw-Tite Activator Brake Controller, part # 5504, shows the letters OL,or Overload Code, that is an indication that there is a short in the Blue wire circuit. The Blue wire supplies power from the controller back to the trailer connector and to the brakes. You will want to inspect the Blue wire connection at the brake controller and at the back of the 7-way on the back of your vehicle. You will also want to inspect the inside of the vehicle side connector and...
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  • Which is Best Digital Brake Controller at the Lowest Cost for a 2000 Chevrolet C1500
  • Brake controllers are divided into two categories, time delayed like the Draw-Tite Activator IV Electric Trailer Brake Controller, item # 5504, that you mentioned, and proportional like the Tekonsha PRIMUS IQ Electronic Brake Controller, item # TK90160, which has a digital display. These are the two lowest cost digital readout controllers in each category. A time delayed brake controller sends a predetermined amount of braking power to the trailer and then there is a delay as the unit...
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  • Troubleshooting OL Code on the Draw-Tite Activator IV Brake Controller
  • The OL code on the Draw-Tite Activator IV Brake Controller, # 5504, indicates a short on the brake controller output circuit somewhere between the brake controller and the brake assemblies on the trailer. This is the blue wire coming from the brake controller. A common situation that causes this is a damaged or corroded trailer connector. Carefully examine the metal pins on the trailer plug and vehicle socket for corrosion. It is possible that the corrosion might have spread to the...
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  • Gain Control And Sync Settings On Draw-Tite Brake Controller
  • According to the instructions for the Draw-Tite Brake Controller, part # 5504, you will need to adjust the Sync and Gain controls when you have the trailer loaded. There is no scale available that tells you what the best number is for a particular weight as the road conditions and loads will vary. The Sync Control adjusts the brake aggressiveness and should be changed to the driver preference. The Gain Control should be set up during the initial setup and it controls the amount...
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  • Which Plug Under The Dash Is The Factory Brake Controller Plug On A 2001 Ford F250 Super Duty
  • On your 2001 Ford F250 Super Duty with the towing package the brake controller plug connector is located under the dash, near the steering column. You will be looking for a 6 prong rectangular plug. The location for the plug should be under the steering column toward the left. If you have the factory brake controller adapter it will plug into the plug under the dash and the bare wires will be attached to the brake controller color to color. If you need a brake controller wiring adapter...
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  • Troubleshooting OL Error Code On a Draw-Tite Activator IV Brake Controller # 5504
  • On the Draw-Tite Activator III Brake Controller, part # 5504, the OL designation on the display will mean overload. The cause of this is most likely a bad ground or a short to the blue brake out put wire. I am including a link to the instructions on the Draw-Tite brake controller. The first thing I would check is the connector on the back of your vehicle. Any dirt or corrosion can be causing a bad ground or a short to the brake output pin. The solution is to clean out the connector and...
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  • Why is my Brake Controller Reading Overload and How Can I Find Where the Problem is?
  • If your controller, item # 5504, is reading overload without the trailer connected then that means there is a short in the blue trailer feed wire on the vehicle. If the controller is reading overload only when the trailer is connected then there is a short or overload in the trailer wiring or breaks. Use a circuit tester, item # 3808 if you need one, to test the wiring to find out where the short is. If it is on the trailer end and you cannot find a wiring problem then the problem...
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  • Electric Brakes Pulsating On Travel Trailer When Stopping
  • There could be many possibilities that are causing the pulsating of your brakes on your 2008 Ford E350. A few possibilities to start with would be to use a circuit tester like the Quickee Tester, part # 3808, and check the connection of your stoplight wire from the brake controller to your stoplight switch. This wire needs to be connected to the cold side of the stoplight switch, which will only show power when the brake pedal is applied. You will also want to check all the connections...
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  • Installing a Brake Controller on a 2012 Harley Davidson Motorcycle for Towing a Aspen Sentry Trailer
  • I spoke with Aspen trailer to get some details for you, they recommend a time delayed brake controller for their trailers with electric brakes. The representative there said that many of their customers have excellent performance from the Activator IV electric trailer brake controller by Draw-Tite, # 5504. The advantage of a time delayed brake controller on a motorcycle is that it can be positioned in any way, so you can easily find a mounting location that is out of the way but still...
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  • Troubleshooting ER Code on a Draw-Tite Activator IV Brake Controller
  • I wish I had better news for you, but the ER code means the controller is broken and needs to be replaced. If you check out the installation instructions I attached you will see that in the troubleshooting chart the ER code means internal problem and the only solution is to replace the controller. Before you replace the controller I would go over the wiring of your trailer and trailer connectors looking for anything that could have caused a short such as corrosion or exposed wire and...
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  • Troubleshooting No Power to Wire Harness for Trailer Brakes
  • There are a few things you will need to do under the hood of your 2004 Chevy Silverado before you will have power at the wiring harness. You will need to remove the bracket in the corner closest to the driver (see pic step A on the link below that I attached). Next, you will need to remove the top cover of the Accessory Fuse Block. Next, remove the lower cover to the fuses. Next, you will want to locate the blue and red wires that are normally located next to the fuse block on the...
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  • Installing A Brake Controller In A 2016 Infinity QX80
  • If you have a factory 7-way on your 2016 Infinity QX80, then you will only need the Tekonsha Plug-In Wiring Adapter for Electric Brake Controllers - Nissan and Infiniti # 3050-P to get your Draw-Tite Activator IV Trailer Brake Controller - 1 to 4 Axles - Time Delayed brake controller # 5504 to function correctly. If you do not have the factory 7-way, then you will need to start with a 4 way connection. If you don't already have one, I recommend using the ZCI Circuit Protected Vehicle...
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  • Draw Tite Activator IV Displays Decimal or Dot and Does Nothing When Manual Switch is Activated
  • According to the instructions, when you have a decimal or dot displayed, it signals that there is no trailer connected. Without a trailer connected, there is no complete brake circuit so pressing the manual switch will do nothing. Try connecting a trailer first and following the setup portion of the instructions. In case you do not have your instructions, I have included a link to them below. I attached an FAQ page on brake controllers that you might find informative to the right.
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  • Electric Brake Controller Installation Instructions for a 1991 GMC C/K Series Pickup
  • Brake controller wiring Colors are as follows. White = ground, negative battery terminal Blue = trailer brake feed, output to 7-Way trailer connector Red = stop light, 12 volts when brake pedal is pressed Black = 12 volt power, constant If the red wire going to the Draw-Tite Brake Controller, # 5504, has constant 12 volt power it is attached to the wrong circuit. You will need to attach the red wire from the brake controller to the brake pedal switch wire that is hot only when...
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  • Troubleshooting Reese Brake Controller Digital Display With No Trailer Connected
  • I believe the Reese Brakeman Brake Controller you mention is the same controller as the Activator IV Brake Controller, part # 5504. You will want to make sure your controller is wired correctly. If you take a look at the attached instructions for the # 5520, you will see that it states that you will have the dot displayed when the trailer is not connected. When you hook the trailer up you will see the digital displays. Under the CONTROLS section it states that the Output setting...
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  • How to Install a Reese Brakeman Brake Controller in a 2014 Chevy Silverado 1500
  • The Reese Brakeman you have is the same thing as the Draw Tite Brake Controller part # 5504, and all that is required to install the # 5504 in your vehicle is the brake controller install harness part # 3016. Which I attached installation instructions and an install video for the harness in a link to the right for you to check out. This adapter plugs into the 4-pin connector in your vehicle's junction box. The box is located underneath the dash, to the left of the steering column, just...
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  • Parts Needed for Brake Controller Installation on a 1990 Chevy 1500 and 2003 Chevy Silverado 1500
  • You can certainly use the Activator IV Brake Controller, # 5504, on both your 1990 Chevy and the 2003 model. For the 1990, you will need the brake controller, 4-Way wiring harness # 118312 (unless the truck already has it), and a 4 and 7 Way Installation Kit, # ETBC7. You will first install the 4-Way wiring harness. I have included a link to the installation instructions for you to view. You will then install the ETBC7. I have included a link to an FAQ article and video that explain...
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  • Troubleshooting a Draw Tite Activator Brake Controller part # 5504 that Only Displays a Dot
  • Sounds like the problem lies somewhere in the brake output circuit. When a trailer is connected to the Draw Tite Activator Brake Controller part # 5504 and all that is displayed is a decimal point it means that the controller is not sensing a trailer being connected. Typically the problem lies in the trailer connectors. Usually there is corrosion on this circuit that prevents the circuit from being completed. Check both the inside and outside of the connector for corrosion or exposed...
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  • Brake Controller Not Working on 2006 Dodge Ram 3500 When Trailer Is Connected
  • If your 2006 Dodge Ram was not equipped with a factory 7-way connector, the brake output and 12-volt accessory circuits are not ran to the rear of the truck. You will need to run a length of 10 gauge wire, like the part # 10-1-1, from the blue lead of the 7-Way connector, under the vehicle, to the engine compartment. Make sure to avoid any moving parts like the suspension and steering components and anything hot like the exhaust. In the engine compartment behind the drivers side wheel...
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  • Troubleshooting Poor Brakes on a Triple Axle Trailer with One Wheel Locking Up
  • Wire size, brake shoes, hubs or magnets could be the problem here. You will need to inspect the trailer brakes to see what is causing your situation. We have a video (see link) that will help you to determine the problem and I will outline how to check things for you. If the brakes on one or more axles are worn significantly more than on other axles you may need to replace the brakes. In this situation I would replace all of the brake shoes at the same time to ensure even braking (see...
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  • Troubleshooting 2016 Dodge Ram 1500 Brake Controller Problem With Draw-Tite Activator II
  • The Draw-Tite Activator II Brake Controller will not work properly with your 2016 Ram 1500. There is something in the wiring of the newer vehicles that doesn't give the voltage needed for some of the older model brake controllers, so you will need to upgrade. I've linked the page to all of our brake controllers compatible with your truck. You will still be able to use the # 3024-P wiring harness adapter for brake controller if you already have that. My recommendation for a brake...
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  • Where Is Factory Brake Controller Plug Located On 2010 Ford Explorer Sport Trac
  • On your 2010 Ford Explorer Sport Trac the factory plug for your brake controller will be located under the dash, on the left side of the steering wheel, just above your left leg. The wiring adapter you will need to connect the Draw-Tite Brake Controller # 5504 to your vehicle is the Draw-Tite Brake Control Wiring Adapter # 3035-S. This adapter will have a 6-pin plug that will connect to your factory brake controller plug and the 4 wires on the other end will be butt-connected to the...
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  • Trailer Brake Controller Shows 12 volts on Blue Wire All of the Time
  • Based on what you have said here the brake controller is faulty and it will need to be replaced. There should not be power output on the blue wire behind the controller all the time. This indicates a problem with the internal circuitry of the brake controller but there are no user-serviceable parts inside so you will need a new one. I recommend the Tekonsha P2, # 90885. This is a proportional brake controller and one of our top sellers because it is easy to set up and use. I have included...
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  • Short Circuit in Trailer Connector Melted Wiring and Causes Trailer Brakes to Lock Up
  • On a 7-Way trailer connector there should not be a 24 volt wire. But wires could come loose and make contact with other wires inside the connector and cause a short which is what sounds like happened. I recommend replacing the trailer side 7-Way with # H20043 which also has a 4-foot lead of wires in case the problem exists further back in the wiring. On this harness the white wire is ground, red is left turn signal/brake light, brown is right turn/brake light, green is tail lights, blue...
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  • Er or E1 Error Message on Trailer Brake Controller
  • If you have the Activator brake controller 5500 then the error you are seeing should be Er (though on the display it might look like E1). This indicates an internal problem with the controller and it will likely need to be replaced. It would have to be sent back to Draw-Tite to determine what is even causing that particular message. When a brake controller shows that a trailer is connected even though there is no trailer connected it is almost always caused by a short. And the short...
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  • Installation of Draw-Tite Activator IV Brake Controller # 5504 on 2005 Chevrolet Silverado
  • On your 2005 Chevrolet Silverado the factory brake controller wiring harness does not attach to the brake controller wires color for color. It would wire as follows: the red wire on the factory harness connects to the black wire on the controller, the light blue wire on the harness connects to the red wire on the controller, the dark blue harness wire connects to the blue wire on the controller and the black wire on the harness attaches to the white wire on the controller. If your factory...
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