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Brake controllers are an essential part of a towing system with electric trailer brakes, and they offer a much-needed emergency braking feature. We offer high quality controllers from manufacturers such as Draw-Tite, Tekonsha, Valley, Hidden Hitch and Hopkins. Featuring both time-delay and proportional models, we have the right controller for any application. Brake controller wiring adapters are available for many vehicles, allowing for simple plug-and-play installation. Hardwire kits are also available to make any installation hassle-free.

Find your custom fit brake controller wiring adapter for a plug-in application by selecting the year of your vehicle to the left. We offer custom fit plug in adapters for many of the most popular vehicles, including Ford, Chevrolet, Dodge, GMC, Nissan, and Toyota.

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Brake Controller Information Videos

Removing and Replacing Trailer Brake Shoes Review

Today we are going to show how to remove the break shoes on a typical electric break axle, this one in particular is a twelve inch drum. We are using that one because it is large and easy to see. This applies to virtually all electric brakes from this size on up and down to the smaller sizes. We will go over how it comes apart and the tools you will need to do it with.

Trailer Brake Controller Wiring Colors

Today we are going to cover a frequently asked question. It really turns up a lot. And actually it is easier than you think. Basically, if you have a pickup and you got a tow package with it and you got one of these wire harnesses that plug underneath the dash and plugs into your brake controller, you might have five or sometimes even more wires coming off of it. And you notice that your brake controller only uses four. We have got one over here, we will show you, that has just the four wires and what do you do with the extra wires? The short answer is do not worry about it, because the brake controller has all that it needs from these four wires.

Trailer Brake Controller Comparison Review

Today we are going to talk about the two main kinds of brake controllers, the proportional and the time delay. The two we have here are the Journey HD and the Draw-Tite Activator II. These are what you call the time delay brake controllers. Basically what happens is that when you hit the brakes, they come on at a certain speed that you set on the brake controller. Like on this one here, we have a sync switch here that controls how fast it comes on and then this knob here controls how much power it takes to stop the trailer. Basically you hit your foot brake and it comes on at the rate you determine and at how much power you have set aside for it, and then it stays there until you completely let off the brake.

Trailer Brake Controller Wire Testing

Today we are going to cover a few notes on testing an electronic brake controller. What we are going to cover here is going to apply to virtually all brake controllers. Basically, if you run into a problem where you think your brake controller is not working, well, it could be a the brake controller or it could be something in the truck itself, in the connector or c it actually could be problems in the trailer. What we are going to show you today is how to look for problems that will either rule out the brake controller or make sure that it is the brake controllers fault. Just like any electronic devices, they seem to have a limited lifespan some will work for years and some will not. But this way you can also verify that it is working good.

Trailer Brake Controller Installation Wiring Kit Review

Today we will show you part number ETBC7 brake controller installation kit. What this kit does is it fills in the blanks between your 4 pole connector and the brake controller. Basically on the instructions of your brake controller, it will show you a link between the foot brake and stop light switch, a battery, and then a line going out to the connector out back. This kit here fills in those missing pieces. We will cover each individual part. First we will start from the rear of the vehicle and work our way forward. This part here is 7 and 4 pole to 4 pole adapter. This will plug into your existing 4 pole that you have on your vehicle. It just plugs in like normal while this white wire gets grounded to the body of the vehicle. You will have a couple extra wires. The black wire will be ran to the battery. This blue wire here gets run to the blue wire on the brake controller.

Diagnosing a Brake Controller Problem

Alright, today on this 2009 Ford F-150 we are going to diagnose a brake controller problem. Now we can use these steps on any brake controller that is on the market to verify if it is working or not. Now our brake controller is already telling us that it has an error message. It is flashing an Er on top. Usually it means an internal problem. We tested our trailer so we know it is good. So, it is not that. So first off we will make sure we have a constant 12 volt power supply. We will check the black wire first. OK, we are good there. Now we will try our red wire for our brake signal. OK, that is good there. Now we will try our blue wire and that will be our output. So we should have output on this wire whenever we hit the foot brake or the manual override. OK, we get nothing on the foot brake and nothing on the manual override. So definitely the error is internal and this brake controller does have to be replaced.

Trailer Brake Controller Reverse Light Lead Installation

All right what we are going to do on this install is the reverse light lead to our electrical connector. For instance on a 5-pole you can use this on a boat trailer that has a reverse lock out for hydraulic brakes on it. Also you can use on a 7-pole application the trailer may have reverse lights on the back of it. Some RVs have a reverse light hook up on the back of it. I will show you the basic generic steps of how it is installed. 00:22

Brake Controller Videos

Warner Brake Controller 1300-80 Review

Today we're going to review part number 1300-80. This is the Warner electric air or manual utility brake controller. Now this Warner air utility brake controller will work on your truck or your tractor that has air brakes. That's towing a trailer with electric brakes. This will allow the trailer to brake proportionately with the tow vehicle's air brake system. It is designed to work on one to four axles, which is two to eight brake assemblies on the trailer.

Hidden Hitch Brake Controller 80550 Review

Today, we're going to be taking a look at part number 80550. This is the Pilot 2-6 Brake Time Delayed Electronic Brake Controller from Pro Series. It's going to work for 2-6 brakes, which is going to be up to 3 brake axles. One of the main features I want to show you is the large, easy to read dual-digital disk play. I have it connected to our power source. That way, you can just get a really quick look at how easy that display is to see.

Trailer Brake Controller Installation - 2011 Ford Edge

Today on 2011 Ford Edge, we're going to be installing the Tekonsha Prodigy P2 trailer brake controller. This controls 1 to 4 axles, and it is proportional. The part number on it is 90885. To do our install, we're also going to be using part number ETBC7. This is going to be the wiring for our brake controller, and part number 18136, which is going to be a no drill bracket mount. Here's what your brake controller is going to look like once you've got it installed onto your Edge. What these allow us to do is fine tune the amount of braking force that our trailer is going to exert as opposed to some of the older styles that used pressure or friction when you stopped or we're trying to back up to apply the brakes. This gives us a manual override here to where we can apply our trailer brakes before we've even hit our vehicle brakes, and as you'll see her, it's fully adjustable up and down to give us the appropriate braking force.

Trailer Brake Controller Installation - 2003 Ford F-350

Today on our 2003 Ford F350 Super Duty we'll be installing the Tekonsha Prodigy P2 brake controller, part number 90885. We'll be doing this in conjunction with the Tekona Plug-N-Play wiring adapter for the brake controller, part number 3035-P. Let's go ahead and connect the trailer braking. Once connected our display will read or show a C that indicates our trailer wiring is connected. Then on the driver side of the brake controller is our gain, which will allow us to increase or decrease the output and power going to our trailer braking. On the passenger side of the brake controller at the top is our boost mode button. We have three different boost modes that can be adjusted as necessary depending on the trailer's size and weight.

Trailer Brake Controller Installation - 2013 Ford F-150

Today, we're going to show you part number 51110 from Curt. This is the Venturer Trailer Brake Controller. Now also to help us with our install, because our brake controller is going to plug in to the factory tow package port underneath the dash, we'll be using part number C51436. This is the Curt Custom Wiring Adapter for Trailer Brake Controllers. Here's the brake controller we have mounted in our truck. We'll go ahead cover some of the features and controls. First off, this is your manual override on your trailer.

Trailer Brake Controller Installation - 2005 Chevrolet Colorado

Today on our 2005 Chevy Colorado, we'll be installing the Takonsha Primus IQ trailer brake controller, part number TK90160. With this brake controller, we will be using the universal 7-pin wiring kit, part number ETBC7. We'll start at the rear of the vehicle. On this particular vehicle, there was already a 4-way trailer connector installed. We will begin by finding a location to mount he 7-way and 4-way trailer connector. On this particular, we we're able to mount the bracket just under the bumper edge. To mount the 7- and 4-way trailer connector bracket to the bumper, we used 2 self-tapping screws. To make things easier, we will go ahead and make some of our wire connections on the table before we install the 7- and 4-way trailer connector up on the vehicle.

Trailer Brake Controller Installation - 2005 Volvo XC90

Today, on our 2005 Volvo XC90, we're going to install the Tekonsha Prodigy P2 Brake Controller, part number 90885. Because this vehicle is not equipped with the manufactures 7-pole wiring, we're going to need the etrailer ETBC7 Brake Controller Install Kit. Let's check out brake controller. Here we can see we have the two lights indicating we have power. On the driver's side of the brake controller is the thumb wheel adjustment for adding or reducing power going to the trailer braking. On the passenger side is the push button for changing the boost modes for the aggressiveness of the power going to our trailer braking. Next I'll connect my trailer, then on on the LED display will show a C, showing trailer connection. Then as we press on the vehicles brake pedal, the numbers will go up as necessary. Since we're not moving we don't need any power going to our trailer braking. If in an emergency situation we need to slow down our trailer without using the vehicle brake pedal, we can use the manual sweep at the bottom to send power to the trailer braking only. Once we unhook our trailer electrical from the vehicle, you'll see the LED flash a NC, which stands for no connection. To begin our install, we'll open up the hatch and lower the tailgate, then you're going to pull the cargo liner out of the way, set it aside, open up the rear cargo compartment, unlatch it so that we can remove it. Here we see the 4-pole harness is stored.

Trailer Brake Controller Installation - 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Today on our 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee we're going to be installing the Tekonsha Prodigy P2 brake controller, part number 90885. Note, this vehicle is already equipped with the manufacturer's 7-pole so we'll need to add our brake controller, the 4-pole plug that comes with our brake controller, and the Draw-Tite brake controller install kit, part number 5506. The additional wiring will be used to connect the power and ground for our brake controller. Now let's first go ahead and find the manufacturer's blue wire that will supply brake controller power to the 7-pole connector. on this application it's located above the driver side kick panel taped to the manufacturer's wiring harness. We'll go ahead and locate the blue wire and either cut or pull it free. We can see the blue wire here taped to the manufacturer's wiring and above the driver side foot rest.

Articles about Brake Controller

Brake Controller Questions and Answers

  • Will a Hayes Energize Brake Controller Fit a 2012 GMC Terrain
  • You can install the Hayes Energize brake consoler # HA81745 on a 2012 GMC Terrain or 2012 GMC Sierra 1500. Brake controllers are not vehicle specific. But the installation will not be exactly the same. For your 2012 GMC Terrain you will need the brake controller and wiring harness # HA81789-HBC. You will also need to add a 4-Way trailer connector, # 118494 without factory tow package or # 118264 with factory tow package, unless the vehicle already has a 4-Way. Then you will need to...
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  • Brake Controller Recommendation and Installation for a 2010 Chevy Silverado
  • On your 2010 Chevy Silverado there are 4 blunt cut wires under the dash that are to be used to install a brake controller like the P3 part # 90195. Because of this there isn't an install harness I can recommend for you. To see how to install the P3 check out the install video and help article I attached.
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  • Stop Light Circuit Location for Installing a P2 Brake Controller part # 90885 on a 2010 Cadillac SRX
  • I spoke with my contact at Tekonsha and Tow Ready and I believe that I can help you locate a place to attach the brake controller red wire on your 2010 Cadillac SRX. The vehicle does have a dedicated stop light circuit located in the BCM (body control module). The hardest part is going to be locating the BCM, but once you find it, it should be easy. The BCM is located under the left (driver) side of the dash. You will know it is the correct one because there will be 7 connectors plugged...
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  • Troubleshooting Brake Controller that Isn't Showing Connection After Replacement
  • Since your vehicle is using the factory wiring for the installation of the brake controller the first place I would look is for blown brake controller fuses. On the fuse box diagram there should be a listing for the brake controller circuit. I would suspect a short on your trailer wiring blew this fuse and is now in need of being replaced. You will also want to check the brake output circuit on your trailer to see if there are any obvious signs of a short such as cut or exposed wire and...
    view full answer...

  • How to Find Brake Switch Wire on a 2003 Chevy S10 for Brake Controller Install
  • In order to determine which of the wires coming from the stoplight switch of your 2003 Chevy S10 should be used to install a brake controller you will need to use a circuit tester like part # 3808 to test the wires till you find one that sees voltage when the brakes are applied and none when they are released. We don't have specific wire color info for your vehicle, but testing the wires will be pretty easy and will tell you which one to use.
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  • Brake Controller Recommendation and Installation for a 2004 Dodge Ram 1500
  • Yes, the Tekonsha Primus IQ brake controller part # TK90160 that you referenced has been confirmed to fit your 2004 Dodge Ram 1500. All you would need to install this controller in your truck would be the correct install harness, part # 3020-P. I attached an install video that shows a similar brake controller being installed in a Dodge truck just like yours.
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  • Hayes Genesis Brake Controller Stays In Standby Mode When Truck is Turned Off
  • Brake controllers such as the Hayes Genesis # HA81790 will go into a power saving mode after about 15 minutes of inactivity (sensing no movement). It may have an indicator light on showing that the controller is receiving power but this light draws only a few milliamps of power and it would take several months of it all just sitting there, not driving the truck at all, for it to drain the battery. There are some situations in which the brake controller can stay on. A dirty or corroded...
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  • Installing Brake Controller on 2007 Jeep Liberty and Life Span of Car Tie Down Kit # 08504-05
  • When it comes to installing the Tekonsha Prodigy P3 Trailer Brake Controller, # 90195, in your 2007 Jeep Liberty, you will need to do a little bit of hardwiring even though it is equipped with the tow package. You'll first want to start out by locating a light blue wire that is taped to the wiring harness behind the driver's kick panel. This is where you will connect the blue wire on the brake controller. Next, the white wire on the controller is the ground and will need to go to the...
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  • Verifying Correct Function of Voyager Trailer Brake Controller # 39510 with Manual Override Lever
  • Yes, you can test for correct brake controller output on a proportional-type unit like the Voyager # 39510 by pressing the manual override lever. This sends output for the electric trailer brakes even if you are standing still. When this button is pressed you should be able to detect the brake signal when you apply a circuit tester like # 40376 to your 7-way. Please refer to the linked photo which shows a 7-way vehicle socket. Apply the grounded tester to the pin at the 5-o-clock position...
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  • Power Level Display on Curt Triflex Brake Controller # C51140 Varies When Going Over Road Bumps
  • You do not indicate whether the brakes seem to be engaging properly when you are going over these small road surface irregularities. It could be that just the display itself is at fault, reacting to these bumps, at that the controller is still otherwise operating properly. It may also be simply that your truck-to-trailer wiring is briefly losing its connection; this would cause the controller to see a changing electrical resistance and hence show a different output. Check to make sure...
    view full answer...

  • Why Does the Light of a Tekonsha Powertrac Go From Green to Orange When Brakes Applied
  • The Tekonsha Brake Controller part # 39523 has a green light that indicates that the brake controller is connected to the brakes of a trailer. As the brake controller begins to apply the trailer brakes that light changes from green to orange and then to red as the output increases. It sounds like your brake controller is working properly, but I attached a review video for this controller plus a help article on troubleshooting brake controllers.
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  • Curt TriFlex Brake Controller Output Numbers Jump when Going Over Bumpy Roads
  • The Curt Triflex # C51140 does not have a pendulum. That is an older technology that is not used that much any more. But it still could have been caused by the truck bouncing on the road if it was severe enough. It could also have been an electrical anomaly caused by flex between the truck and trailer connectors or the wiring on the brake magnets moving more than normal from the bouncy road conditions. Make sure the truck and trailer side connectors are clean and free of corrosion inside...
    view full answer...

  • P3 Brake Controller Will Not Turn On and It Shuts Off Dash Lights When Plugged into 2011 Ford F-150
  • We need to make sure you are using the correct brake controller wiring harness for your 2011 Ford F-150 and that the red wire is in the right location in the plug that plugs into the vehicle. You should be using # 22292. I have included a picture that shows the truck end plug and where all the wires should be in it. Make sure yours matches. If you happened to use a Ford factory brake controller harness and if you wired in the P3 wires color for color, that could also be the problem....
    view full answer...

  • Where is Brake Controller Connection Port on 2013 Ford Explorer With Factory Tow Package
  • If your 2013 Ford Explorer has a factory-installed 7-way trailer socket, rather than a 4-pole flat type connector, there will also be a factory-installed under-dash connection port for installation of a brake controller like the Tekonsha Prodigy P3 # 90195. If the Explorer has only a factory 4-pole connector there may not be a port, but usually there will be even in this case. Often the brake controller connection port will be tucked up behind and/or taped to other wiring harnesses to...
    view full answer...

  • Pilot Brake Controller #80550 Installation in a 2004 Toyota Tacoma
  • I attached an install video that shows a similar brake controller being installed in a similar Toyota Tacoma as yours for you to check out. This should give you a great idea on how the controller would install with the # ETBC7 kit and 4-way part # 118379 that would be required as well. If you already have a 4-way you would not need the # 118379. I also attached a couple other help links that should be helpful.
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  • Troubleshooting Flashing 00 On a Pilot Brake Controller When Brake is Applied
  • According to Pilot the problem you described is due to a power connection on the brake output circuit. 9 times out of 10 this problem is related to corrosion built up in the trailer connector. Check the connectors and even if they look clean try scuffing them up with fine grit sandpaper to see if that solves the problem. Aside from that you can check to make sure the blue wire of the controller is making a solid connection to the vehicle's wiring. Testing the brake controller is fairly...
    view full answer...

  • Trailer Brake Controller Causes Brake Lights on 1994 Chevy Truck to Come On with Truck Off
  • If you disconnect the red wire from where it is connected to the truck and the problem stops then that indicates a problem along that red wire. The red wire tells the brake controller you are stepping on the brakes but when you use the manual override without the brake pedal it sends voltage on the red wire to light up the brake lights on the truck. If there is a short inside the brake controller that could be why this is happening. You would have to replace the brake controller in that...
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  • Will a Prodigy RF Brake Controller Work on a 2014 Ford F-150 with Factory Integrated Brake Control
  • I spoke with my contact over at Tekonsha about the Prodigy RF brake controller # 90250. He said that you can use it on a truck that has a factory integrated brake controller. Basically, the connector that plugs into the vehicle from the RF has a pin for the brake output circuit on the 7-Way but it dead ends inside the connector so no harm will come to the RF or the factory controller.
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  • What is the AUX Power Pin for on a 7-Way Trailer Connector
  • Some trailers may need an auxiliary power source to power additional 12 volt items on the trailer but this isn't as common as you might think. Now instead of aux power reverse lights are more common on vehicle side trailer connectors (and still not used by all that many trailers). If your trailer does not need aux power and you don't want that circuit live at the connector you could remove that wire from the back of the 7-Way and cap it off with a wire nut, tape it up with electrical...
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  • Will Brake Controller Wiring Harness # 3016 Work with a Sentinel Brake Controller
  • I believe you have the old Sentinel brake controller. I spoke with my contact over at Tekonsha and he said that since the Sentinel had blunt cut wires coming out of it you would need harness # 20275 and not the 2-plug version # 3016. It will wire up color for color. White is ground, black is 12 volt power in, red is input from the brake switch, and blue is output to the trailer brakes.
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