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Fifth Wheel Trailer Hitch

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5th Wheel Hitch with Installation Kit for Ford

Ford fifth wheel hitches from Reese, B&W, Draw-Tite, Husky and Curt are available with custom installation kits to make your install as easy as possible. We offer standard 5th wheel hitches and slider systems custom designed for your Ford.

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I recently placed an order with your company for a fifth wheel hitch. I placed the order on January 12th. I did not expect delivery for at least 10 days. It arrived yesterday after only four days. I just wanted to take a minute to thank you and your company for the very prompt delivery. Efficiently run companies are hard to find now days and I appreciate doing business with one. I just placed a second order with you. You will continue to be my first choice when ordering online. Thanks again and have a great day.


W Sand Lake, NY

Fifth Wheel Trailer Hitches

We offer many styles of top quality fifth wheel trailer hitches, hitch installation kits, tailgates, adapters, and accessories. They come from the best manufacturers like Draw-Tite, Reese, Hidden Hitch, Husky, Curt, Convert-A-Ball, and Colibert. There is also a how-to section of frequently asked questions, fifth-wheel hitch information, and installation tipsmore information.

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Ford F-250 and F-350 Fifth Wheel Questions and Answers

  • Bolts for Truck Bed in the Way of 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch Install on a 1993 Ford F-250 XLT Long Bed
  • That is strange because the Reese universal installation kit # RP30035 that has those L-brackets is listed as a fit for your 1993 Ford F-250. Let's make sure that you have the rails in the right place which will also show us the bracket locations. On your truck you will want to measure from the rear edge of the truck bed forward 32-1/2 inches. This is where the back edge of the rear rail will be. You would then use the hitch to locate the front rail. This would put the center of the hitch app
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  • 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch Recommendation for a 1992 Ford F-350 Flatbed
  • A flatbed truck requires a custom installation. What you have to do is have a 1/2 inch steel plate welded to custom brackets and the brackets welded or bolted to the frame beneath the truck bed. Then you would use the Reese low profile hitch # RP30054 and bolt it through the bed to the steel plate. Because of the welding involved this installation should only be performed by a qualified professional welder. I have included a link to the installation instructions and a link to a video review of t
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  • Compatibility of Pro Series 5th Wheel Hitch and Install Kit with 1996 Ford F-350 with 8 Foot Bed
  • The # PS30132 Pro Series 5th Wheel Hitch w/ install rails you mentioned is compatible with your 1996 F350 long bed. I have linked you to the installation instructions for the rail kit. The instructions that apply to your vehicle are on page # 11. I have also linked you to an FAQ article about 5th wheel hitches.
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  • Will a 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch from a 1993 Ford F-250 Fit a 1999 Ford F-250
  • A 5th wheel trailer hitch is not vehicle specific but the mounting brackets beneath the truck bed can be. For a 1993 Ford F-250 the correct kit is # RP30035. This same installation kit does fit the 1999 Ford F-250 short or long bed. I have included links to the installation instructions and a video showing a typical installation for you. You will not want to reuse the hardware since it is meant for one time use. For a replacement hardware kit use # 58164.
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  • 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch Installation Kit for a Reese 18K Hitch and 1995 Ford F-350
  • It sounds like you need an installation kit and the instructions for it to mount your Reese hitch in your 1995 Ford F-350. The installation kit that will fit is the Reese universal kit # RP30035. I have included a link to the instructions for you. For your truck the instructions start on page 11 in the section labeled FORD F-150 & F-250 THROUGH 96 / 97 F-250 OVER 8500 GVW, F350 THROUGH 97 /1999 & NEWER F-250 / F-350 & F-450 SUPERDUTY PICKUPS (Not Cab-On-Chassis). I have also included a link t
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  • Measurements for the Installation of Reese Fifth Wheel Hitch # RP30047 on a 1996 Ford F-250 Long Bed
  • To install the Reese Fifth Wheel Hitch, part # RP30047 to your 1996 Ford F-250 truck, you will need to use the Reese Universal Base Rails and Installation Kit, part # RP30035. When installing the # RP30035 rails in your vehicle, you will need to measure 32-1/2 inches from the rear edge of the truck bed to the rear edge of the base rail. The king pin center will be approximately 4 inches forward of the axle center. I am including a link to the installation instructions on the Reese base r
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  • Starting the Front Driver Side Bolt in the RP50073-58 5th Wheel Custom Kit on a 2011 Ford F-350
  • We have a video installation of the Reese Quick-Install Custom Base Rails and Installation Kit, item # RP50073-58, on a 2011 F-250, see link,that shows installation of the drivers side front bolt and flag nut. At about 1 minute 50 seconds in the video you will see our installer place the forward bolt through the bracket and vehicle frame and then reach over the frame and gas tank. He held the nut by the flag end and started the bolt into the nut by turning the bolt head. It may take a few tr
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  • Installation Kit Recommendation for a Reese 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch and 1993 Ford F-250
  • It does not sound like you have all of the correct hardware because there should be bolts on both sides of both rails. I am not sure how comfortable I would be with a used installation kit so I would go ahead and pop for a new one. Another reason to replace the install kit is if you are unsure of the brand of rails and they are not the same as the underbed brackets that attach to the frame, we do not recommend using them together. Plus you will get all new parts, installation instructions, a
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  • 5th Wheel Rail and Bracket Install Kit and Hitch for a 1993 Ford F-250 Towing a 25 ft Trailer
  • The correct fifth-wheel installation kit for your 1993 Ford F-250 is the Reese Universal Base Rails and Installation Kit, item # RP30035. This kit works with all Reese fifth-wheel hitches and would work great with the Reese 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch - 16,000 lbs, item # RP30047. Make sure that the hitch you purchase is rated high enough for the gross weight of your trailer loaded and ready to tow. To determine if all of the hardware is present with the install kit that you have found you can us
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  • Rail Kit Recomendation for Use on a Reese Trail Boss hitch for 5th wheel in a 1981 Ford F-250
  • Yes, you could use a Reese Fifth Wheel Installation Kit for the Ford F-250, 1981, part # RP30035. This rail kit will install onto your 1981 Ford F-250 and is compatible with your Reese Trail Boss Fifth Wheel Hitch. I attached installation instructions below as well as an installation video on a similar truck as yours for you to check out also.
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  • Proper Mounting Position of Reese 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch on 2011 Ford F-250
  • When installing a fifth-wheel hitch in the bed of a truck you want to make sure that the jaw of the fifth-wheel sits directly over or slightly in front of the rear axle center. I looked up the instructions for the Reese Fifth Wheel Installation Kit, part # RP50082-58. This installation kit states that the center line of the hitch should be approximately 2-15/16 inches in front of the center line of the axle. Your install kit may be slightly different but should be close to the measurements o
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  • 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch Recommendation for a 2004 F-250 Super Duty Short Bed and Heartland Sundance
  • In this situation I recommend going with the best hitch for the truck rather than for the trailer if for no other reason than you might one day pull a different trailer with your 2004 Ford F-250, and because it is better to error on the side of caution as the saying goes. You can take some measurements to ensure there will be enough clearance. On your truck, the center of the hitch jaw will be 36 inches from the back of the truck cab. Using this information we can plug it into a formula to de
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  • Any Additional Items Needed To Install Curt Q20 Fifth Wheel Hitch, # C16636, On 2002 Ford F250
  • The Curt Q20 Fifth Wheel Hitch, # C16636, is the 20K fifth wheel hitch, the R20 hitch rollers and the universal installation kit with rails. No additional items will be needed. You might want to also look at the Curt Q20 Fifth Wheel Hitch, # C16536, and # C16443-204, which is the same 20K fifth wheel hitch, the same R20 hitch rollers, but it includes the custom installation kit instead of the universal installation kit. If you are planning on doing the installation yourself, I would recom
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  • Do You Carry the Reese Elite 5th Wheel Underbed Mount Kit for a 2011 Ford F-350 Short Box
  • We do have the under bed mount system for the Elite Series Fifth Wheel hitches. The Kit you need for your 2011 Ford F-350 Short Box is part # RP30126. I have added a link to the part and the instructions below. Most orders over $150 ship free of charge, the exception is large, over sized items that have to be shipped via freight. I believe this kit would qualify for the free shipping. I would suggest you call our Customer Service Dept. at 1-800-298-8924. They can tell you whether or not the
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  • Does 2011 Ford F-350 with Factory 5th Wheel Pucks Require an Adapter for a 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch
  • If you have an Elite series 5th Wheel Hitch, like the Reese Elite Series Pre-Assembled 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch, # RP30142, that you have referenced, no adapter is required. There is an adapter kit to adapt the Signature Series 5th Wheel Hitches to the pre-installed pucks on the 2011 Ford F-350 Super Duty. You would need to use the Reese Signature Series Hitch Adapter, # RP58419. This kit allows the Signature Series 5th Wheel Trailer Hitches to fit in the Ford installed pucks. Rails are not re
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  • Will Curt E5 Fifth Wheel Trailer Hitch, Rails and Install Kit, # C16116, Fit a 2000 Ford F-250
  • The installation kit that comes with the Curt E5 Fifth Wheel Trailer Hitch with Rails and Universal Installation Kit, # C16116, includes the rails and will fit your 2000 Ford F-250. For a quicker install time with less drilling, you could add Curt Custom Fifth Wheel Bracket Kit, # C16443, but it is not mandatory. Installation details linked below. Since you have a short bed pickup, you will need to use a slider hitch, like the Curt E5 Fifth Wheel Trailer Hitch with R5 Roller, Rails and Unive
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  • How to Install a 16K Fifth Wheel Hitch # RP30047 In the Bed of a Ford F-350 Long Bed
  • Depending on the model year and design of your F-350 there could be one of several fifth wheel installation kits available. If your vehicle is 1998 or older a universal installation kit, item # RP30035, will be needed. This kit includes brackets that install under the bed of the truck and rails that install in the bed of the truck to accept any of the Reese fifth-wheel hitches, like the Reese 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch - 16,000 lbs, item # RP30047, that you mentioned. If your F-350 is a Super Du
    view full answer...

  • Differences Between Signature and Elite Series 5th Wheel Trailer Hitches on a 2011 Ford F-350
  • The Select Plus series of 5th wheels will not work on your 2011 Ford F-350 if you have the factory installed 5th wheel prep package, but either the Signature Series, or the Elite Series will. If you have a Signature Series Fifth Wheel Trailer Hitch, you will need to add Fifth Wheel Adapter Kit - Ford OEM Rails to Signature Series Fifth Wheel, # 58419 in order to fit the Signature Series hitch in the factory installed pucks on the 2011 Ford. I have included instructions linked below. The R
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  • What Size Truck is Recommended for Towing a 16,000 Pound 5th Wheel Trailer
  • While there is not a specific truck size required, to maximize towing capacity and minimize wear and tear on the drive train of the truck, I would recommend a full size, 3/4 ton truck like the Ford F-250, Chevy or GMC 2500, or Dodge Ram 2500 Series. I would recommend a truck with the 8 foot bed if possible, which would eliminate the need for a sliding hitch or a replacement pin box for the fifth wheel. That is not to say that other trucks are incapable so you will need to check the towing ca
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  • Will 2010 Ford F-250 Use Same Fifth Wheel Install Kit as 2003 Chevy Silverado
  • Unless you have used a universal install kit like part # RP30035, the install kit you used for your Chevy will not work on your F250. The Custom Install Kits use bracketry that typically match up with most existing holes in the truck frame. For the 2010 Ford F250, your best installation option would be the Custom Install Kit, part # RP50082-58 which is custom designed for your truck. The custom kit can reduce installation time by up to 50 percent.
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  • Gooseneck Trailer Hitch for a 2004 Ford F-350 Pulling a 2005 Challenger 5th Wheel Trailer
  • The most economical setup for your 2004 Ford F-350 pulling a 2005 34 foot Challenger 5th wheel trailer is to use your gooseneck adapter and a gooseneck hitch. I would go with the Hide-A-Goose Gooseneck Trailer Hitch with Installation Kit, # 9460-48, and use the gooseneck adapter you already have. This gooseneck hitch comes with the installation kit. The ball can be folded down and out of the way to allow you complete access to the floor of your bed. Just make sure that your gooseneck adapter
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