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Roadmaster 4-Diode Universal Wiring Kit Installation - 2010 Jeep Commander

Today on our 2010 Jeep Commander, we're going to be taking a look at the Roadmaster 4 diode universal wiring kit for towed vehicles as part of flat tow setup. There are five main components for a flat tow setup for the 2010 Jeep Commander. You have your baseplate, you have your diode wiring kit, you have your braking system, your tow bar and your safety cables.Here we have Roadmaster's four diode, seven to six wires straight wiring kit. What the diode kit is going to do, it's going to allow you to transfer all of your light signals through to your Jeep Commander while you're flat towing it. Diodes are going to connect to your factory wiring behind your taillights and it's going to protect your factory wiring not only on your Jeep Commander, but also on your RV for any back feed going either way if there's a wiring issue.Now, keep in mind, these diode kits are not vehicle specific. Our customer chose this wiring kit because they have the Roadmaster All Terrain tow bar which has channels in it and it's going to allow that customer or allow the customer to slide this wire through that channel so that our tow bar and our wiring is all combined into one unit.The installation for our diode wiring kit is very simple.

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