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How to Choose a High-Low Adapter

Choosing a Tow Bar Adapter for Flat Towing Behind an RV

To flat tow your vehicle behind your RV, you will most likely require a tow bar adapter to raise or lower the height of the tow bar to the "Safe Zone". The "Safe Zone" for a motor-home-mounted tow bar ranges from 3" above level to 3" below level. Car-mounted tow bars must be completely level. A tow bar adapter will provide the necessary rise or drop to get into the "Safe Zone".
High-Low Adapter for Tow Bar

How to Measure for a Tow Bar Adapter

Tow Bar Safe Zone
Measure Hitch Height

Step 1: Measure the hitch height

With the RV parked on level ground, measure from the ground up to the center of the trailer hitch receiver opening as shown.

Step 2: Measure the tab or base plate height

Park the dinghy or toad on level ground and measure as shown from the ground up to the center point of the tabs/base plates where the tow bar attaches.
Measure Base Plate Height
Measure Base Plate Height

Step 3: Subtract to find the difference

If the trailer hitch on the RV is higher, then the difference in the measurements is the amount of drop you need. And if the tabs/base plates are higher, the difference is the amount of rise you need.
Rise and Drop Measurements

Step 4: Select an adapter with the rise/drop needed to put your rig into the "Safe Zone"

Tow Bar adapters are measured from the center of the shank that fits in the receiver to the center of the receiver opening at the other end of the adapter. Once you determine the right rise or drop needed you can select the right adapter!

Consider an Anti-Rattle Device

To get the best performance out of your towing setup, consider using an anti-rattle device. These devices help prevent movement of a ballmount or other hitch-mounted accessory in a receiver hitch. Not only does an anti-rattle device keep hitch-mounted accessories quiet, it will help your towed vehicle track better behind your RV by preventing looseness in your towing setup. Be sure when shopping for an anti-rattle device that it is made for towing use. Some anti-rattle devices are designed only for use with hitch-mounted accessories like bike racks.
Anti-Rattle Device
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Questions and Comments about this Article

Dewey S.

I have a handicap scooter & a rack for it to ride on in rear my rack that i transport my scooter on the hitch sits to high which causes the ramp that i use to push scooter on slopes to much i have SUV i need a hitch extender to lower the rack so scooter ramp is not sloped sloped like it almost straight down instead of slopping will the Dual hitch adapter work for this problem

Etrailer Expert
Reply from Jon G.

A dual hitch adapter like what you find in this article will cut the weight rating of your hitch in half and will add extra play in your setup. For your application I recommend checking out a Gen-Y shank like part # 325-GH-304 which won't cut your tongue weight rating in half and can be useful for a variety of applications.



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