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Safety Step Folding Platform Step Review

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Review of the Safety Step Folding Platform Step

Hi, everyone. It's Evangeline here at Etrailer and today we are looking at our Safety Step folding platform step here at Etrailer. So, this is a folding step that will provide you a little extra height if you need to reach hard-to-reach cabinets or drawers or dressers. Or, let's say you're tryin' to change a lightbulb in your RV. This is a good chance to use a step like this since it folds up and it's nice and compact, and it's easy to take out for when you need to use it. The thing about these steps is that many of our customers also use this step for an extra leg up whenever theyre entering or exiting their RV or camper since it gives them a little extra height.

One of the best things about this step is that it is multipurpose. So, let's say you're not using your RV. You're at home. You can still use this step to reach things in your garage, in your kitchen. Hard-to-reach areas in, let's say, your bedroom or your bathroom.

You can also, when you're ready to go back out onto the road, throw this into your RV so any situation you need that little extra height, you can use this. I'm on the short side, which means I use a lot of steps, benches, stools, ladders, just to give myself that little extra reach for hard-to-reach places. So, what I notice is for those different stools, if I step on the edge, I get a little wobble and it's kinda scary. That's not gonna happen with this stool. So, no matter where you step on it, it has that weight distribution which means you're not gonna get that faltering or that wobbling experience.

And when you're ready to store this, that's a simple process. You just flip it over, and then you fold in those legs. So, press that button and then fold them in. Folding in the longer legs creates a shorter leg so you can also use this in the folded-up position and it creates a three inch tall mat. But this also creates an easy-to-store step stool.

At 14.5 inches wide, that makes this the perfect width to just sneak into or slide into small cabinets underneath your sofas, underneath your sinks, or underneath your beds. This also comes in different color options depending on, let's say, you want it to match your RV or your personal preference for colors. So what I have here is aluminum, or gray. Or you can also get it in pink or even yellow. This is useful both inside and outside. So, let's say you need to reach your windows, either to clean it off or to open it or if you need to reach up towards your awning just to bring that down, this gives you that extra height to reach those hard-to-reach places. Our RV floor was nice and even but how does it work on the uneven ground of the outside So, here we have our pavement and we can see how this is torn up in some areas. But even though one end is lower than the other, you still have that stability and that weight distribution. On top you have these non-slip strips. So these feel very gritty and rough to the touch. That means they're gonna be great for adding that grip and that traction to shoes. But if you are using this with your bare feet, just be mindful of those strips. They do feel kinda rough. Underneath your step, you have these double-locking legs. So, that means you have these tabs holding those legs in place in the outward position. And at the end of the feet you have these rubber tips. So, these are designed with grooves to help with that traction on the ground but are also shaped to give that weight distribution. So for dimensions, you have a stool here that is 19 inches long by about 15 inches. With it standing up like this, this stands at 8 inches tall, so that's gonna be from the top of the ground to the top of the stool. Hold it up like this, this is three inches tall. Now, you are gonna be supported by the corners of the stool, so just keep that in mind because you're not gonna have that rubber grip on the bottom. While this stool is only eight pounds heavy, this has a weight capacity of 1,000 pounds. So that means it's great for everyone and every job. If you're using this to lift heavy things from one area to another, you're gonna have a whole 1,000 pound capacity to work for you. What gives it that weight capacity as well as that weight distribution capability are the legs. So the way the legs are designed is they do have that rubber tip on the end, but they are also sitting at a 30 degree angle on each side. My final thoughts about the Safety Step folding step is I really like how lightweight it is but how you can still get an amazing weight capacity of 1,000 pounds. Now, this does depend on your situation. If the measurements or the length and width are good for you, some cabinets are too small to carry this, some are perfectly fine. So with 19 by about 15 inches in terms of measurements. I hope that helps out with figuring out how portable this is for you and your situation. I personally really like that weight distribution effect it has, that non-slip anti-wobble effect I think is awesome. And that was a look here at our Safety Step folding platform step here at Etrailer. My name is Evangeline and I hope you enjoy the journey..

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