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Expert Answers about Lionshead

  • Center Cap to Fit Lionshead Wheel with 6 on 5-1/2 Bolt Pattern and 4.29 inch Pilot Hole
  • The center cap to fit the Lionshead Wheel # LHHA312 is # LHCS108. To get the cap with the snap-in plug use # LHCS108-SI60C instead.
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  • Recommended Radial Tires For 15 Inch by 5 Inch Aluminum Wheels
  • All tires are equally effected by storage, road debris, etc., however bias ply tires have a stronger sidewall and radials have a slightly more flexible sidewall. If you will be doing a lot of highway driving, I'd go with the radial tires because they hold up better to the heat, but the bias tires are better for farm or off-road applications. Due to the fact you are looking at nice Aluminum Jaguar Trailer Wheel - 15" x 5" Rim - 5 on 4-1/2 - Gunmetal Gray # LHSJ301G, I recommend you...
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  • Recommended 13 Inch Jaguar Trailer Wheel And Westlake Tire With Nitrogen Gas
  • My recommendation for you is the Westlake ST175/80R13 Radial Tire w 13" Jaguar Aluminum Wheel - 5 on 4-1/2 - LR C - Gray, # LHAXSJ101G. This is a premium quality radial tire with a 6 ply rating and 1360 lb max load at 50 psi. This combination will come filled with nitrogen and ready to install. The aluminum wheel is durable and rustproof. The Jaguar Series split-spoke design with gunmetal gray interior is protected with a clear coat automotive-grade finish. There are steel inserts...
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  • Recommended 14 Inch Wheels And Tires For Trailer
  • The Lionshead Steel Modular Trailer Wheel - 14" x 5-1/2" - 5 on 4-1/2 - White # LHHA201 is a really well made wheel that will fit the 205/70R14 size tire you mention. We don't have that size, but do have 205/75R14 and 215/75R14 tires. My recommendation is the wheel/tire combination you find in the Westlake ST205/75R14 Radial Trailer Tire w/ 14" White Mod Wheel - 5 on 4-1/2 - Load Range C # LHAW142. This combo is balanced and ready to install. It is filled with Nitrogen which maintains...
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  • Can Trailer Rim LHSL211 Handle 80 PSI
  • Yes, the Lionshead Trailer Wheel part # LHSL211 that you referenced can easily handle 80 psi. With wheel setups it's the valve stem that will be the limiting factor for PSI, but trailer wheels easily can handle 80 psi. When you go to have the tires mounted you basically will want to make sure the valve stem that gets installed in the rim can handle the 80 psi since they are typically replaced at tire changes.
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  • What Is PSI Rating For Lionshead Steel Modular Wheel LHHA402
  • The Lionshead Steel Modular Trailer Wheel, part # LHHA402, is rated for 80-psi the way it comes from the manufacturer. Per my contact at Lionshead you can change out the valve stem and increase the psi rating up to 110-psi.
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  • Maximum Tire Pressure for Lions Head Aluminum Jaguar Trailer Wheel LHSJ513B
  • The Lions Head Aluminum Jaguar Trailer Wheel # LHSJ513B will handle 110-psi pressure. When you have your tires mounted the shop that does this will of course need to supply a metal valve stem rated for that same pressure. The radial tires we offer in your size ST235/85-16 are shown on the linked page and these are available in three load ranges. To match the wheel's weight rating I suggest the Load Range G-rated Westlake ST235/85R16 Radial Trailer Tire # LHWL410. This tire carries an...
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  • Is Lionshead Jaguar Wheel LHSJ513B Capable of Handling 110 PSI
  • Yes, the Jaguar Wheel part # LHSJ513B that you ordered is capable of 110 psi. We actually sell a wheel and tire combo that uses this wheel that is rated for 110 psi as well, part # LHAXSJ421.
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  • Wheel, Tire & Bearing Buddy for Trailer with 16-Inch Wheels & ST235-80R16 Tires
  • The linked page displays all pre-mounted trailer wheel/tire products in your ST235-80R16 tire size and 8-on-6-1/2 wheel boot pattern. I also included linked to wheels only and tires only. We do offer Lions Head/Westlake products, both wheels and tires, including the Aluminum Jaguar Trailer Wheel # LHSJ513B. For a Bearing Buddy grease cap to fit your hubs you will need to measure the hub bore using a precision caliper like # PTW80157 and to note whether the bore is threaded or not. Then...
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  • PSI Rating for Jaguar Trailer Wheel - 14" x 5-1/2" Rim - 5 on 4-1/2 - Gunmetal Gray Item # LHSJ211G
  • Lionshead, the manufacturer of Aluminum Jaguar Trailer Wheel - 14" x 5-1/2" Rim - 5 on 4-1/2 - Gunmetal Gray Item # LHSJ211G, does not list a psi rating for the wheel but it is compatible with 14 inch tires which will take either 65 or 50 psi. The limiting factor on any given wheel is actually the valve stem. So technically it is the valve stem that can handle the 65 or 50 psi.
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  • Recommended Wheel Center Cap For Truck
  • For the 4.25 inch pilot hole, we have the Trailer Wheel Center Cap, Chrome, 4.25" Pilot Size # 425EZ. This is the closest option we have for your chrome caps of that size. We don't have just plugs in that size.
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  • Do Trailer Hub Studs Need to be Longer to Install Aluminum Jaguar Trailer Wheel # LHSJ301G
  • Where the bolts run through on the Aluminum Jaguar Trailer Wheel # LHSJ301G is not as thick as the picture might imply. The actual mounting surface for the wheel is the standard thickness for trailer wheels. It would not be any thicker than what you currently have. These wheels do not require installing longer studs as they are designed to be as easy of a replacement for you current wheels as possible.
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  • Can Arisun 215/35-12 Turf Bias Golf Tire LHAWG100JL12MB Be Used at Highway Speed
  • The Lion's Head Arisun 215/35-12 Turf Bias Golf Tire and Lama Wheel # LHAWG100JL12MB is not suitable for use at highway speeds. This wheel/tire item's tread pattern is optimized for golf course turf. Operating it at highway speeds would be unsafe since the tire would build up heat that could potentially lead to failure. All of our tires in this size are intended for golf cart applications and are not suitable for trailer use at highway speeds. All of our 12-inch special trailer tires...
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  • What is the Back Spacing for Aluminum Lynx 15 x 5 inch Trailer Wheel LHSL301
  • What you are looking for is called back spacing. On trailer wheel # LHSL301 it is approximately 3 inches. The wheel overall width is 6 inches and the wheel has a zero offset meaning the mounting surface is in the dead center of the wheel. So from the mounting surface to the outer edge is 3 inches. The tire itself when on the wheel will bulge out a little further than the wheel does so keep that in mind as well.
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  • What Is The Cold Tire Pressure When The Sidewall Max Pressure Is 50 PSI?
  • Trailer tires should always be run at the listed max psi and filled to that psi while cold. This will keep your tires functioning properly for load, tread wear, and road friction. For your Goodyear Marathon tires with 50 psi max, that is exactly what you want to fill them to cold.
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  • Will A 235/75/15R Tire Work On A 15" X 6" Wheel
  • I called my contact at Lionshead and they informed that you can use a 235/75/15R on the Aluminum Bobcat Trailer Wheel part # LHSO320B. In regards to being compatible with your trailer, generally speaking, it is a good idea to replace your current trailer tires with the same size that came on them from the manufacturer. However, as long as you have the clearance and the load capacity is within reason for your trailers size, i see no reason as to why this new setup would not work on your...
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  • Lionshead Wheels With Pre-Installed Valve Stem PSI Capacity And Compatibility With Tires and Lug Nut
  • I reached out to my contact at Lionshead and the Lionshead Steel Modular Trailer Wheel - 15" x 6" - 6 on 5-1/2 - Silver # LHHA312 has a valve stem pre-installed that is rated at 80 psi. The lug nuts you mention, the Chrome Trailer Wheel Lug Nut - 1/2" (Each) # 12CLN are confirmed to fit the stud hole bevel angle, weight, and strength of this wheel. The ST225/75R15 Load E tires load at 2830 lbs at 80 psi like the Provider ST225/75R15 Radial Trailer Tire - Load Range E # TR225LRE are...
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  • Lug Nuts and Center Cap for Lynx Trailer Wheels
  • The Lynx Trailer Wheel # LHSL513 is a 16" x 6" wheel with an 8 on 6-1/2 bolt pattern and 4.9" pilot diameter. For lug nuts you can use the Lionshead Trailer Wheel Lug Nut # LHLR110, which fit the 9/16" wheel bolts of the wheel, and for center caps, you would use the Lionshead Trailer Wheel Center Cap w/ Snap-In Plug # LHCS109-SI60C. I have added links to video reviews of each of these products for you to take a look at.
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  • What Lug Nuts Should be Used with Aluminum Jaguar Trailer Wheel # LHSJ301G
  • Standard trailer lug nuts would be what you would need to use with the Aluminum Jaguar Trailer Wheel # LHSJ301G. If you have a standard 1/2 inch wheel stud the part # LHLR103 would work well. Or for a wheel lock we have the part # RG01-150. This replaces a lug nut with a locking lug nut that can only be turned with the included adapter.
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  • Higher Rated Version of the Aluminum Jaguar Trailer Wheel # LHSJ301B
  • If you could verify that the weight of your trailer would always stay under 7,280 lbs the wheel part # LHSJ301B would work as 4 of them would equal that capacity. Otherwise if you plan to carry up to 7,500 lbs you'd need a higher rated wheel. The part # TTWALS5156545B is the same style of wheel with the same dimensions yet it has a capacity of 2,540 lbs so it would be a great choice.
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  • What is Max Tire Pressure for Lionshead Steel 8-Spoke Trailer Wheel # LHHA403
  • The Lionshead Steel 8-Spoke Trailer Wheel # LHHA403 that you referenced has a 110 psi limit due to the valve stem that is installed in the wheel. If you needed a higher capacity you would just need to swap out the valve stem.
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  • Center Cap Recommendation for Use with Lionshead Trailer Tire and Wheel LHSO211B
  • The center cap you see in the attached picture of the Wheel and Tire part # LHSO211B that you referenced is actually a # 319EZ-SS which you would need to purchase separately.
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  • Wheel Cap Recommendations for 8 Lug Trailer Wheel with Split Spoke Wheels
  • Those look a lot like the Lynx wheels such as those found in tire and wheel combo # LHAS701. If your wheels have a 4.9 inch center hole diameter you can use # 490EZ-SS, # AM90156C, # LHCS109, or # LHCS109-SI60C. If you have a different size pilot hole let me know and I can make other recommendations. I have linked videos on the listed center caps for you.
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