Lionshead Trailer Wheel Center Cap Review

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Review of the Lionshead Trailer Wheel Center Cap

Today we're going to be taking a look at the Lionshead center caps for the trailer wheel. Now these caps are designed to improve the appearance of your trailer, and also keep the end of your hubs clean, so they're easier to maintain. Now, these are designed in three different sizes. These small one is LHCS102, that's going to be for the pilot hole, or the rim opening hole of 3.19 inches. The middle size, LHCS108, that works for the 4-1/4 inch pilot hole rims. And then for the larger size, we're going to have part number LHCS109, this is for the 4.88 up to 4.9 inch pilot holes. Now for the small center cap to fit inside, all of them are going to use the same size.

That part number is LHSI60C. Now, each of our center caps are designed to slide into the respective rim size, with a small flange around the back side that keeps it from passing through. Now, there are also four little raised edges here, as we tighten our rim down, those get compressed slightly, and that will keep this from moving around, rattling around, or rotating. You'll see, without the center cap installed, still going to give us a nice, clean look, and easy access into our easy lube hubs, or even barring buddies. The center cap is just going to be a pressure fit. There's a small notch in it, that you'll want to orient so you can find it.

Pop that on. It's going to give us a more clean look, kind of finishes that up. It's going to keep dirt and debris and stuff like that from getting in our cap. But then, just with a small, flat blade screw driver, we go to that little notch, you can see we can pop them off fairly easily there to gain access. Now, the center cap itself, and the cover are available as a kit, if you want to get them at the same time. You'll just use the part number for the cap size you need, which will be LHCS102, 108, or 109.

Then you'll put a dash behind that, and add SI60C, that will give you the cap and cover that will work for your rim. Then, not only is that stainless steel finish going to give us a nice look, but this is also a very corrosion resistant material, so we shouldn't have to worry about any corrosion. And we'll be able to clean them up nicely each time. And that will complete our look at the Lionshead line of center caps. Available with cover.

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