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  • How to Set the Clock on the Jensen RV Stereo # JWM6A
  • I have linked the installation instructions for the Jensen RV Stereo # JWM6A for you to reference. The "Clock Setup" procedure can be found on page 6 and involves the following: Press and hold the MODE DISPLAY button (5) for 2 seconds to enter to clock mode. Press and hold ALARM ON/OFF button (22) for 2 seconds and the clock displayed on the LCD will be flashing. Then, press the |<< button (15) to adjust the hour or press the >>| button (16) to adjust the minute. Continue adjusting...
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  • Compatibility Of Jensen XRV10R To Replace Jensen VR187 in 2008 Ford F53 Chassis Motorhome
  • I reached out to my contact at Jensen and the size difference is your biggest issue for swapping out these two Jensen Multimedia units. The VR187 you currently have uses 1.8 din (slots) and the Jensen # XRV10R uses 2 din (slots). This is a difference of 3/4 inch in height where the unit mounts. They cannot confirm that it will be as easy and plug and play, but they did say that it is compatible although direct wiring may be needed. It will work with your current cameras.
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  • Compatibility of Jensen LED Television with DVD Player
  • You can absolutely connect a DVD player to the Jensen LED Television - 12V - 40" Screen # JTV4015DC. The DVD player can be either 12V or 110V without causing any problem for the TV. There is an adapter for the TV to convert to 110V if you desire using the AC/DC Power Adapter for Jensen Television # ACDC3212. For a DVD player we have the Insignia DVD Player # 292-101060 for 110V or the Jensen DVD Player - 12 Volt # DVDB01M. If you choose, you can use a power inverter like the Wagan...
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  • What is the Amperage Draw for Jensen DC Powered TV for RVs and Trailers
  • I did some checking on the Jensen DC powered TV # JTV32DC. At idle it consumes approximately 20 milliamps and when on it can draw a maximum of 3.17 amps. One item I recommend to ensure you will have the power is to have a Goal Zero Yeti generator # 287-22004 charged and ready to go. This generator is electric so it doesn't make any noise and would be perfect for emergency situations or if the regular batteries start running low.
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  • Does Jensen LED Television # JTV32DC Come With A Plug For Cigarrette Lighter
  • The Jensen LED Television # JTV32DC does not come with a cigarette style plug included, but we have just what you need. I recommend part # A-200. This will be hardwired to the power cord for the TV and plug right into a cigarette lighter.
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  • Face Dimensions for Jensen Stereo # JWM60A
  • I went out to our warehouse to take a look at the Jensen Stereo # JWM60A referenced in your question. I measured an overall length of the face of right at 10-7/16 inches and an overall height of 7 inches. I have attached an image with these and a couple additional dimensions labeled that you can also take a look at. This is a really nice, sleek looking stereo that features a dedicated Bluetooth button, three speaker zones and multiple video and audio supported formats. A remote control...
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  • Will Jensen Stereo JWM60A Replace VR185 in Motorhome
  • I looked up your Jensen VR185 and it's designed to fit the same opening as the # JWM60A that you referenced so this would work well for you. The functions of this are also similar to what your old radio had as well. Here is the full list: Dedicated Bluetooth button (A2DP, AVRCP) - 33' range Three speaker zones Plays CD, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD, DVD+RW, DVD-RW, MP3 Video format supported: DVD-Video, MPEG-4, VCD, JPEC Audio format supported: CD-DA, MP3, WMA, Dolby USB supports MPS/WMA playback Made...
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  • Can Jensen RV Navigation System JRV9000R Replace VR209TP
  • Your current Jensen VR209TP is now discontinued, but it was also setup similarly to the Jensen part # JRV9000R you referenced. This would easily install in place of it and all of the camera inputs you have would easily transfer to this head unit.
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  • Recommended Wall Mount For Furrion 24 Inch HD LED Television
  • We do offer the wall mounting bracket that will work with the 24 inch Furrion HD LED TV # FEHS24T8A. You can use the Jensen Wall Mounting Bracket # MAF50. This wall bracket will work with 13 to 27 inch tvs and it has a weight capacity of 40 lbs. This mount has 2 pivot points that allow you to move the tv side-to-side and up-and-down. This is made of aluminum and weghs less than 6 lbs. You just need to type the product part number in the search box on our website and you can then...
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  • Does the Jensen Multimedia Navigation System Include RV Specific Navigation Software
  • After researching the Jensen Multimedia Navigation System, # JRV9000R, I found that the unit is programmable for the bus profile of the RV. At the time of set-up during installation, the system will allow you to enter your coach's profile information. The bus profile info will let the GPS navigation system know what streets or other areas are accessible for you RV. Unfortunately, the unit does not have an application that will allow you to access repair, towing, camp ground, or other...
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  • What are the Dimensions of the Jensen LED Television # JTV32DC
  • The Jensen LED Television, # JTV32DC has a 32 inch diagonally measured screen. The overall dimensions are 29 inches wide x 17-5/8 inches tall x 3-1/2 inches deep. This TV is 12-volt DC powered and includes an integrated HDTV tuner to capture over the air HD programing.
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  • Will Camera VCMS10B Fit Monitor of Voyager Camera WVOS43
  • Yes, if you wanted to use a hardwired camera with the part # WVOS43 the part # VCMS17B would plug right into the monitor as the connectors are the same.
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  • Opening Size Needed for Installing Jensen Stereo Head Unit # AWM968
  • When installing the Jensen Head Unit part # JWM6A the size cut out required is 9.3 inches by 6.11 inches.
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  • Table Stand Recommendation for Jensen Television JE3215
  • Yes, the # STDJE3217 is the correct table stand to use with the JE3215 Jensen television that you mentioned.
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  • Can RV DVD Players Also Play Blue Ray Discs
  • DVD and Blue Ray video disc players do use different processing for the data they read from the disc. DVDs have much less overall data than Blue Ray discs. You can play a DVD on a Blue Ray player but you cannot play a Blue Ray disc on a player made only to show DVDs. In the same way a DVD player can play a music CD, but a CD player cannot play a DVD. Video technology usually has this backwards-compatibility. For instance, Jensen DVD player # DVDB01M can play DVDs, CDs and other lower-data-size...
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  • Power Consumption of Jensen LED Television with DVD Player # JTV1917DVDC
  • According to the manual for the Jensen LED Television with DVD Player # JTV1917DVDC, which I have sent to you, the power consumption is 28 watts. This LED television is 19 inches, HD ready, and comes with a tabletop stand and wireless remote control. It also has a VESA 75mm x 75mm mounting pattern if you want to mount it on your wall.
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  • Recommended Jensen Stereo to Replace Memorex CDR-1000 RV System
  • The Jensen Stereo # JWM60A will replace a Memorex CDR-1000 in your RV. The cutout for the Memorex from my research is 5" X 8 1/2" and the Jensen is 6" x 9" so you may need to increase the size of your cutout. The Jensen system is really nice and definitely worth the upgrade with the ability to use CD/DVD, USB, and Bluetooth. It has 2 video outputs for your DVDs.
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  • Could Jensen Multimedia System # XRV10R Replace Jensen JRV212T
  • The face and screen of the Jensen Multimedia System # XRV10R is going to be larger than the JRV212T but the rest of the unit is the same so it would fit in it's place as long as you have room for a larger face plate.
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  • Compatibility of Blu Ray Player and RV Systems
  • The Jensen RV Stereo - AM/FM - CD/DVD - USB - Auxiliary - Bluetooth - App Ready - 12V # JWM6A will play DVD/CD-R/RW and MP3. There are not many RV systems that have Blu Ray and we don't currently carry any. RV systems seem a little behind as the only inputs on many of these systems are RCA connections, so even if you use a separate Blu Ray player, you will need RCA outputs unless connecting directly to the TV in most cases. I've attached links to similar product pages to assist.
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  • Recommended Stereo for Coachmen Catalina 32bhs
  • For your Coachmen Catalina 32bhs, I recommend the Jensen Multimedia System - 10.1" Touchscreen - AM/FM - iPod/iPhone/SiriusXM Ready - Bluetooth # XRV10R. This system has AM/FM and will allow you to play audio off CDs, DVDs, and USB-connected devices. It is Bluetooth compatible and is also compatible with MP, WMA, MP3, MP4, and AVI file formats. It also has the RCA line output and built in camera inputs and signal triggers for those cameras. Let me know if you have further questions.
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  • What are the Mounting Dimensions of Jensen Stereo # JWM60A
  • The Jensen Stereo # JWM60A does not come with a backing plate; it has mounting dimensions of 9" x 6" x 5-1/2" as you can see in the accompanying photo. I took a look at each of the stereos we carry and none of them have mounting dimensions of 10" x 10" though you could certainly modify the wall opening with only a trip to the hardware store in order to fit the dimensions of the stereo you want to upgrade to. I've attached a link to our entire selection of stereos for you to take a look at.
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  • Is Jensen Subwoofer JXA8BA2 Compatible with Jensen Stereo AWM968
  • Jensen 8" Amplified Subwoofer with Enclosure - 150 Watt - 12 Volt Item # JXA8BA2 is not specific to any stereo so it can be used with Jensen Stereo - AM/FM - CD/DVD - USB - Bluetooth AWM968!
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  • Availability of 14 inch Long Flexible Jensen Radio Antenna
  • We do have a 14 inch tall antenna, part # 1181039. It has a 90 degree adjustable base which allows for top or side mounting.
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  • Where to Ground the Jensen Top/Side Mount Antenna Part # 44US01R
  • I spoke to my Jensen representative about the Jensen Top/Side Mount Antenna part # 44US01R and they informed me that the ground wire coming from the antenna can be attached to either the trailer frame or radio but the trailer frame is the preferred method.
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  • Replacement Wall Audio System with Radio and CD Player Functions
  • We do have the wall mounted stereo options with radio and cd player. There are many more features to the majority of these options as well for you to compare and contrast. Here are the different options with a few videos to assist: Jensen RV Stereo - AM/FM - CD/DVD - USB - Auxiliary - Bluetooth # JWM6A Jensen Stereo - AM/FM - CD/DVD Player - Bluetooth - 12 Volt # JDVD1500 Furrion Stereo with Bluetooth - 320 Watts - 3 Zone # DV1100 Jensen Stereo -AM/FM - CD/DVD - USB - Bluetooth #...
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  • What Size Opning Does Jensen Head Unit # XRV10R Fit
  • The size opening that the Jensen Head Unit # XRV10R is designed to fit is referred to as "DIN and a half" which means the depth is 105 mm, the height is 99 mm, and the width is 178 mm all measured where the head unit slides into the opening. The face plate is a bit bigger. If you have the correct size opening for this you'll use the included brackets that come with this to attach to the opening that you currently have.
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  • GPS Map Update Capability of Jensen Multimedia Navigation System JRV9000R
  • I reached out to my contact at Jensen and the Jensen Multimedia Navigation System - 6.2" Touchscreen - Bluetooth - 200 Watt # JRV9000R does come with the most up to date US maps. There is a way to update the maps in the future using naviextras website. You have to have a login to see the costs, so unfortunately I can't help with the cost of the update.
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  • We Need Stereo With Needs of FM/CD/Bluetooth and Budget for RV
  • Per the manufacturer: To replace the VR185 you would still need to do some modification to the hole as the VR185 was produced in a time where the 1.8 DIN size was in demand, since then we see only demand for single DIN and double DIN radios. The replacement unit will be taller, but not by too much. To be honest if you plan on making a filler/ overlay to fit the radio, then we should go back to the # JWM60A. When it comes to budget while having all of the features that you need, in regards...
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  • Where Does Metal Plate for Installing Jensen Antenna # AN519 Install
  • When installing the Jensen Antenna # AN519 the metal plate would go on the inside of the roof so that when you torque down the install hardware the force gets spread out enough that the hardware doesn't pull through the roof.
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  • Recessed Dimensions of the Jensen Stereo # JWM60A
  • The part of the Jensen Stereo # JWM60A that you referenced that recesses in the wall/opening measures 9" x 6" x 5-1/2" as you can see form the attached photo. The lip on the stereo measures about 1" as well.
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