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Expert Answers about Jensen

  • Recommended Replacement Stereo for Jensen AWM970
  • For your replacement stereo, I recommend the Jensen Stereo -AM/FM - CD/DVD - USB - Bluetooth # JWM60A. It as rough opening dimensions of 9 inches by 6 inches by 5-1/2 inches and is the best option for a replacement in my opinion. It will be a nice upgrade. Another option is the Drive RV Stereo with Remote # 324-000004. It has rough opening with the dimensions of 9-3/8 inches wide by 6-1/8 inches tall by 5-1/2 inches deep with the overall unit measurements of 10-1/4" wide x 7" tall...
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  • Recommended Jensen JRV9000R Replacement for Jensen JRV215N
  • The Jensen Multimedia Navigation System - 6.2" Touchscreen - Bluetooth - 200 Watt # JRV9000R will be able to cover all the functions of your JRV215N. Unfortunately the manual doesn't give the specific harness configuration but I was able to find out that the wires you splice are easy to connect as they are the same color code as your JRV215N.
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  • Can Jensen RV Navigation System JRV9000R Replace VR209TP
  • Your current Jensen VR209TP is now discontinued, but it was also setup similarly to the Jensen part # JRV9000R you referenced. This would easily install in place of it and all of the camera inputs you have would easily transfer to this head unit.
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  • Jensen RV 3-Zone DVD/Stereo to Replace AWM960
  • To replace your RV's Jensen AWM960 stereo/DVD unit I suggest the item you looked at, the Jensen 3-zone AM/FM-CD/DVD-USB-Bluetooth Stereo head unit # JWM60A which shares the same general design and capabilities. A photo with dimensions is included for you along with the instructions which provide details for a trouble-free installation. This unit can power up to 8 speakers, includes auxiliary audio inputs/outputs and includes a remote control, as described in the linked video.
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  • Replacement Wall Audio System with Radio and CD Player Functions
  • We do have the wall mounted stereo options with radio and cd player. There are many more features to the majority of these options as well for you to compare and contrast. Here are the different options with a few videos to assist: Jensen Stereo - AM/FM - CD/DVD Player - Bluetooth - 12 Volt # JDVD1500 Jensen Stereo -AM/FM - CD/DVD - USB - Bluetooth # JWM60A Jensen RV Stereo - AM/FM - CD/DVD - USB - Auxiliary - Bluetooth - App Ready - 12V # JWM70A Jensen Stereo - AM/FM - CD - iPod/iPhone...
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  • Recommended Jensen Replacement Stereo for 2012 Concertone ZX75
  • The Jensen Stereo -AM/FM - CD/DVD - USB - Bluetooth # JWM60A is compatible as a replacement for your 2012 Concertone ZX75. This will be a really nice upgrade from that system. It requires a rough opening 9 inches wide by 6 inches tall by 5-1/2 inches deep. The overall unit is 10-7/16" wide x 7" tall x 6-1/2" deep.
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  • How To Use Jensen Stereo To Play Videos And Sound On Rv Speakers
  • The simplest way to accomplish getting the speakers all through the rv for the sound on the tv is to use the Jensen Stereo Audio/Composite Video Cable # JCAV50. There should be a white and red audio input on the back of your tv, plug them in. On the rear of the Jensen Stereo Bluetooth # JWM60A plug in the other end of the red and white cables. Change the input option on the Jensen Stereo to AUX or Auxiliary. At this point any sound that plays through your TV should play through the...
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  • Can Jensen Stereo part # JWM60A Replace Jensen # AWM968
  • Yes, the Jensen Stereo part # JWM60A will work great as a replacement for your AWM968 as they are the same dimensions like you mentioned.
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  • Recommended Jensen Stereo to Replace Memorex CDR-1000 RV System
  • The Jensen Stereo # JWM60A will replace a Memorex CDR-1000 in your RV. The cutout for the Memorex from my research is 5" X 8 1/2" and the Jensen is 6" x 9" so you may need to increase the size of your cutout. The Jensen system is really nice and definitely worth the upgrade with the ability to use CD/DVD, USB, and Bluetooth. It has 2 video outputs for your DVDs.
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  • Setting the Clock on the Drive RV Stereo EEDV06
  • The Drive RV Stereo with Remote 324-000004, to set the clock you will first need to make sure all devices connected to the stereo are shut off. Then do the following: Press the Power button Press the Clock button Hold clock button down for 2 seconds or until hour numbers start to blink Turn volume button to set the hour Click volume button again and the minutes will blink Turn volume button to set minutes When this is completed, click the clock button and the clock will now be...
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  • Will Jensen Stereo JWM60A Replace VR185 in Motorhome
  • I looked up your Jensen VR185 and it's designed to fit the same opening as the # JWM60A that you referenced so this would work well for you. The functions of this are also similar to what your old radio had as well. Here is the full list: Dedicated Bluetooth button (A2DP, AVRCP) - 33' range Three speaker zones Plays CD, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD, DVD+RW, DVD-RW, MP3 Video format supported: DVD-Video, MPEG-4, VCD, JPEC Audio format supported: CD-DA, MP3, WMA, Dolby USB supports MPS/WMA playback Made...
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  • Compatibility Of Jensen XRV10R To Replace Jensen VR187 in 2008 Ford F53 Chassis Motorhome
  • I reached out to my contact at Jensen and the size difference is your biggest issue for swapping out these two Jensen Multimedia units. The VR187 you currently have uses 1.8 din (slots) and the Jensen # XRV10R uses 2 din (slots). This is a difference of 3/4 inch in height where the unit mounts. They cannot confirm that it will be as easy and plug and play, but they did say that it is compatible although direct wiring may be needed. It will work with your current cameras.
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  • Installation of Jensen JWM60A to Replace Jensen AWM970
  • The Jensen Stereo -AM/FM - CD/DVD - USB - Bluetooth # JWM60A is a great replacement for your Jensen AWM970. There is not a wiring harness to match your old harness to the new one, but I have attached the photo from each harness to help you with mating functions so it will be easy to swap out.
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  • Troubleshooting Jensen RV Stereo/DVD player # JWM60A
  • The Jensen Stereo # JWM60A most likely needs to be reset. The connections you mentioned are most likely causing issue if I understand correctly because you will only be able to use one input signal at any given time. If you are using the USB input, then the disc input won't be able to work and vice versa because they are different sources. I've attached the owners manual for you to check out and determine playback function as well as the reset information.
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  • Is Jensen Stereo # JHD1635BTB XM Radio Ready
  • Actually the Jensen Stereo part # JHD1635BTB that you referenced is XM ready as-is. You just have to activate it with a subscription. No additional antenna or hardware required.
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  • Can the Jensen Mini Waterproof Stereo Connect to a Bluetooth Speaker
  • Merry Christmas! Yes, the Jensen Mini Waterproof Stereo # JHD910BT does have the ability to connect to a soundbar wirelessly via Bluetooth like you are asking. This stereo does have the Bluetooth audio out, hardwire audio out, and also has the ability to connect to an external antenna. If you check out the wiring diagram I attached to the page you can see all of your options. I have also linked the review video and the written instructions (where I pulled the diagram from) for you...
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  • RV Stereo Systems that are HDMI Compatible
  • There is not an HDMI input on the Jensen Stereo -AM/FM - CD/DVD - USB - Bluetooth # JWM60A you asked about. However, we do have HDMI compatible stereos. We have the Furrion HDMI Stereo with Bluetooth, NFC, and App Control # DV3300, the Jensen Multimedia system # XRV10R or Jensen Multimedia Navigation system # JRV9000R. Each of these options have the HDMI inputs. I've attached some videos to help further.
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  • Difference Between the Jensen RV TV JTV3217DC and JTV32DC
  • The Jensen RV TV JTV3217DC actually replaced the Jensen RV TV JTV32DC. They are the exact same TV but the previous model has a larger housing; 28.8"W x 17.4"H x 2.9"D (JTV3217DC) vs. 29.1 W x 17.6"H x 3.5"D (JTV32DC). We now carry the newer model but it is still displayed using the old part number. Therefore, if you purchase the Jensen RV TV part # JTV32DC from us you will receive the new updated model which is JTV3217DC.
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  • What are the Dimensions of the Jensen LED Television # JTV32DC
  • The Jensen LED Television, # JTV32DC has a 32 inch diagonally measured screen. The overall dimensions are 29 inches wide x 17-5/8 inches tall x 3-1/2 inches deep. This TV is 12-volt DC powered and includes an integrated HDTV tuner to capture over the air HD programing.
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  • Can Universal Remote be Programmed to Jensen RV Stereo
  • Jensen doesn't make it easy to program a universal remote to their stereos and TVs. Here's their official response on the matter. "Universal" remote controls are pre-programmed from the remote manufacturer. These remote manufacturers need to gather the IR coding information from the electronics manufacturer and include that information in their database. Most "universal" remote controls will not be compatible with our TVs/stereos. The reason is that the "universal" remote manufacturers...
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  • Can Jensen RV Stereo # JWM60A Replace AWM910
  • The harness of the Jensen stereo part # JWM60A that you referenced is not the same as what's on your AWM910. If you are okay with splicing the wiring though you'd be fine as the wires are all labelled and it would be just a matter of matching the correct wiring by function.
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  • Availability of 14 inch Long Flexible Jensen Radio Antenna
  • We do have a 14 inch tall antenna, part # 1181039. It has a 90 degree adjustable base which allows for top or side mounting.
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  • Wiring Diagram for the Jensen Stereo Part # JWM60A
  • The red wire on the Jensen Stereo part # JWM60A is for 12 volt DC power. I have attached the wiring diagram of this stero for you as well.
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  • Could Jensen RV Stereo # JWM60A Replace Jensen # AWM965
  • Yes, the Jensen RV wall mount style of stereo part # JWM60A that you referenced will replace your AWM965 as they are both wall-mounted, RV style stereos.
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  • Face Dimensions for Jensen Stereo # JWM60A
  • I went out to our warehouse to take a look at the Jensen Stereo # JWM60A referenced in your question. I measured an overall length of the face of right at 10-7/16 inches and an overall height of 7 inches. I have attached an image with these and a couple additional dimensions labeled that you can also take a look at. This is a really nice, sleek looking stereo that features a dedicated Bluetooth button, three speaker zones and multiple video and audio supported formats. A remote control...
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  • Could Jensen Multimedia System # XRV10R Replace Jensen JRV212T
  • The face and screen of the Jensen Multimedia System # XRV10R is going to be larger than the JRV212T but the rest of the unit is the same so it would fit in it's place as long as you have room for a larger face plate.
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  • Replacement for Jensen VR185 Radio in Fleetwood Motorhome
  • I spoke with my contact at Jensen regarding your VR185 stereo that you have installed in your Fleetwood Motorhome. She stated that they do not currently have a replacement stereo available that requires the same 3.7 inch tall x 7.2 inch wide cutout that the VR185 uses. The closest option available is the Jensen Stereo # JWM60A, which has mounting dimensions of 9 inches wide, 6 inches tall, and 5-1/2 inches deep.
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  • Does Jensen Multimedia Navigation System # JRV9000R Come with Navigation Antenna
  • The Jensen Multimedia Navigation System # JRV9000R has a built in navigation system. There is an included GPS antenna that comes with this. It's an external antenna and is not built into the system itself.
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  • 12 Volt Jensen JTV24DC TV Compatibility with AC Power Adapter
  • The Jensen TV JTV24DC is compatible with the AC/DC Power Adapter for Jensen Television # ACDC1911. I reached out to my tech contact at Jensen to confirm this.
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  • How are Install Holes of Jensen Stereo # JWM60A Accessed
  • There is a trim piece that goes around the sides of the face plate of the Jensen Stereo # JWM60A that you referenced. With it removed you'd have access to the mounting hardware for the stereo. In the attached picture you can see the plates removed and the install holes accessible.
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