Bleeding Brakes Demonstration

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Demonstration on Bleeding Brakes

All right today we are going to show you how to bleed hydraulic brakes on a trailer. First off you want to top off your master cylinder, with appropriate fluid. To pump the fluid from the master cylinder out, there is a couple of different ways of doing it. Sometimes it will have the emergency lever the and the safety chain will pull. Okay what you can do is unbolt the plate that holds the lever in place and then use that lever to actuate the master cylinder and force the fluid through. Some of them, you are going to have to go where the ball goes and manually activate it. Pull it in and out. Or like on this model here there might be a little lever underneath here that you could use.

What I am going to do, just take off the cover off of our bleeder valve here and we will go ahead and open it up. Okay here we are just going to take a rubber hose and just slide it onto the bleeder itself. So then, all right we will put our line into a clear container. The reason why we are using a clear container is that when we pump the fluid, we know that until we get no bubbles coming out of the bottom then we know we have got pure fluid in there. No air. We will start on the wheel cylinder that is closest to the T where it splits off between the two. We have four wheel cylinders. We will do the back ones first. When you get clear fluid running out first through your bleeder valve, you can just go ahead and pull it back and hold it there and then shut off the bleeder valve.

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Charlie 07/14/2014

thank you for demenstration very helpfull 5593

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